Descendants of the Sun Episode 9 Recap

Three words…worth the wait.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 9 Recap

dos_ep9_1b dos_ep9_1aDaniel has fixed the camp’s communication system. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) selects a song from her phone that everyone enjoys in the camp enjoys. Then Mo Yeon hears her confession to Shi Jin she recorded when she thought she would die as her car teetered on the cliff’s edge. In the message she admits he’s amazing, that she liked his kiss, and she cares for him. She hears the message, the camp hears the message and of course, Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) hears the message. Shi Jin’s satisfied smile is a wonderful sight to behold. Mo Yeon runs and rips her phone from the communication system.  She stares at Shi Jin but doesn’t slow her exit. Ah, the humiliation for our leading lady. I feel her pain. I did like that she did NOT stop and say anything to Shi Jin. She got out of there as fast as she entered. Shi Jn takes off after her – dramatically he exits through the window. Swoon, awesome! He surprises her when he opens the door on the ground floor. Their banter is superb.

  • Mo Yeon – How dare you listen to a private confession. Shi Jin – I didn’t listen I heard the broadcast.
  • Shi Jin – why are you running from me? Near death you confess but you lived, so you change your mind? Mo Yeon – I didn’t confess. This isn’t my cell phone.
  • Shi Jin – It’s an honor to be in your will. Mo Yeon – Now you know.
  • Mo Yeon – let go of me and we’ll talk about it. Shi Jin – really? Mo Yeon – really, we’ll talk. He releases her and she runs. Cute! Shi Jin’s smile…fabulous!

The doctor and nurse banter about the zip file on his computer.

The soldiers wonder if they should call Dr. Kang sister in law.

Mo Yeon tries to act nonchalant in front of the medical team but the doctor brings up her confession straight away. Every enjoys the joke on her.

The last survivor is rude to the young doctor that left him in the rubble who is nervous and ashamed. The doctor won’t let him switch out.

dos_ep9_2b dos_ep9_2aMo Yeon tries to avoid the soldiers and runs into Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) who immediately ascertains that Mo Yeon is avoiding people because she’s embarrassed about the confession. Myeong Joo quips Mo Yeon is brave to date Shi Jin. Mo Yeon takes the opportunity to ask if Myeong Joo worries about Dae Young getting hurt, disappearing, or worse. I like that Mo Yeon addresses her greatest fears of caring for Shi Jin with someone that knows first hand. Myeong Joo says it isn’t what Dae Young does, it’s the possibility of being separated that makes her afraid. As long as they exit under the same sky, she’s good. I like Myeon Joo’s matter of fact response. It seemed genuine and on point.

dos_ep9_3ados_ep9_3bdos_ep9_3c Shi Jin stares at the rock from the beach and flips it in the air. Myeong Joo catches the rock and watches him stew. Shi Jin asks her the same question Mo Yeon asks. She tells him to talk to Mo Yeon. She tells him Mo Yeon just asked the same question. How did you answer is Shi Jin’s next question. Talk to Mo Yeon and find out for yourself is Myeon Joo’s response. She backs away from Shi Jin when he wants the rock back. She backs into Dae Young (Jin Goo). They begin to bicker about talking to others, obviously an extension of the previous encounter. Shi Jin enjoys it. Myeong Joo complains that Dae Young only briefly holds her hand but doesn’t keep it long term. She tells Shi Jin that Dae Young is an idiot. She presses the rock in the Shi Jin’s hand and leaves glaring at Dae Young. Shi Jin jokes that Dae Young is an idiot. They banter a minute. Excellent scene! The comradely and banter was terrific!
    dos_ep9_4ados_ep9_4bdos_ep9_4cdos_ep9_4edos_ep9_4dShirtless jogging is enjoyed by the medical ladies. The nurse pretends to see Shi Jin. Mo Yeon runs away. She stops, out of breath, under the window that Shi Jin is looking out of. Cute! She’s startled. She realizes she was tricked. He offers a ride to the meeting. She declines. He tries to ease the tension. He suggests that she forget about the confession or he’ll like her more. He tells her she’s pretty. She likes that. Dae Young watches them. Shi Jin tells her he’ll meet her at the gate in 10 minutes to take her to the meeting. Mo Yeon closes the window shutters. Myeong Joo watches her. She opens the window shutters and finds Dae Young looking at her. She shuts the shutters in his face and leaves. Cute scene! More good banter!

Daniel’s fiancee is doing acupuncture on solider Kim Ki Bum.

During their jeep ride to the meeting, Shi Jin asks Mo Yeon how many boyfriends she’s had. She complains all men ask that. The jeep rolls over something and they go off the road. Shi Jin tests for a landmine. Bingo! Shi Jin guesses the earthquake shifted the buried land mines. Radio and cell phone communication doesn’t work. Shi Jin tells her they need to get out of there. She agrees to follow his steps. Carefully he picks his way through. She follows his directions. He puts a flag to mark each land mine he uncovers. He tells her to watch his cute behind while he works. She comments his jokes help break the tension. He tells her he isn’t joking. Ha! They slowly make their way through, finding and identifying mines until they make it to the road. She’s relieved. He tells her she did well. He suggests they ruin her lipstick. Nope, not for kissing but for making a sign marking the mine field. Gamely she adds a skull and cross bones to the sign for those that can’t read English. She puts the lipstick on as she walks away. Nice!

dos_ep9_kiss1dos_ep9_kiss2 As they walk back to the base, Shi Jin suggests they hold hands now that she outed them as a couple. Mo Yeon denies the confession. He jokes that she’s different morning and afternoon. She wonders if he’s dated loads of women. He complains all women ask that. A truck comes their way, but the truck won’t stop when Mo Yeon attempts to flag the vehicle down. A pickup driver gives them a ride. Mo Yeon thanks Shi Jin for saving her. He tells saving to have her date another man, will not make him happy. He asks what Myeong Joo said about Dae Young’s work. Mo Yeon tells him that it was the separation that Myeong Joo disliked more than the work. Shi Jin asks if she’s returning to Korea on the next flight. She tells him she’s not going. He does not think she is staying because of him. She tells him she is staying because of him. She smiles. He stares. She tells him she just confessed. He kisses her. They break apart. She kisses him back. Super! Love it! Worth the wait!

At the base they both return to duty – with straw in the hair from the pickup truck bed. Cute! The doctor and nurse banter. Cute!

Annoying manager meets Mr. Bad and his goons. The manager offers his backpack with the lock box. The lock is broken. Mr. Bad doesn’t like the delay. The Manager pleads for his life. Mr. Bad has plans for him so he doesn’t kill him. Oops, the lock box doesn’t have the diamonds. Mr. Bad is not happy.

dos_ep9_7ados_ep9_7b The manager complains about neck pain at the medicube. Myeon Joo and the nurse tell him to be quiet. The manager demands that he be put on the plane to Korea ASAP. He lifts his hand to strike Myeong Joo. Dae Young escorts him outside. Dae Young pushes him to the ground. Dae Young asks if he wants to be hurt for real. He gives him quick examples of what he can do. The Manager backs down and apologizes. Surprisingly, the young doctor offers the manager his seat on the plane to Korea.

The manager remembers swallowing the diamonds and breaking the lock. He grabs his stomach as he waits on the bus heading to the airport. The bus pulls away from the camp. No one can understand why the young doctor gave his seat to the manager.

The doctor asks the young doctor what is between him and the hostile patient. The young doctor won’t tell him, right now.

The manager avoids Mr. Bad’s goons at the airport. Mr. Bad is not happy.

dos_ep9_8ados_ep9_8b dos_ep9_8cShi Jin sights Mo Yeon with his tactical gun while she washes her face. He smiles watching her. Folks, this does not happen in Call of Duty. Dae Young catches him. Shi Jin is a bit chagrined. Dae Young gets a message that Myeong Joo’s father will arrives at the base tomorrow.

dos_ep9_9ados_ep9_9b dos_ep9_9cShi Jin learns he is to bring Mo Yeon to the airfield. Everyone waits for Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il) to arrive. He shakes hands with the troops when he arrives. He asks to see our foursome privately. Lt. Gen Yoon compliments Mo Yeon on her surgery of the Arab President. He sends her away. He asks the threesome if they are friend or foe to him. Shi Jin declares the Myeong Joo is not a romantic interest. He sends him away.

dos_ep9_10ados_ep9_10b Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon he was fired as potential son in law to Lt. Gen Yoon. Shi Jin declares the love triangle is over. He asks if Mo Yeon is ok with his past. She smiles. She wonders what is happening to Myeong Joo and Dae Young.

dos_ep9_11a dos_ep9_11b dos_ep9_11cLt. Gen Yoon asks Myeong Joo if she still likes Dae Young. She confirms this. Lt. Gen Yoon asks Dae Young what his stance is. Dae Young confirms this. Lt. Gen Yoon is surprised. He asks Dae Young again. Myeong Joo declares it doesn’t matter because she won’t leave Dae Young. Calmly Dae Young takes Myeong Joo’s hand thereby declaring his intentions. He states he’ll only hold her hand. He confirms no matter where he is assigned, he won’t let go of her hand. Lt. Gen Yoon sends Myeong Joo away. Lt. Gen Yoon tells Dae Young he can date and marry Myeong Joo. Dae Young is surprised. Lt. Gen Yoon tells Dae Young to quit the army and join the family business. He tells Dae Young to think about it seriously. This is his compromise for them to date.

dos_ep9_12aMo Yeon wonders why Shi Jin didn’t date Myeong Joo. He tells her on paper compatibility doesn’t mean romantic compatibility. He gives her a quick kiss. She tries to talk. Then he kisses her again. A shop lifter child exits the store. Mo Yeon tells Shi Jin they must take the child to his village. It appears he has a fever and red spots.

dos_ep9_13ados_ep9_13b Dae Young reports he can date Myeong Joo. She is stoked. She runs off to confirm it. If it were me, I would give Dae Young a hug, kiss, then repeat before I scampered away.

At the child’s village, Shi Jin reports his position before exting the car. Mo Yeon finds multiple children are sick. Mo Yeon decides it is measles. One girl speaks to them. She tells them they have a doomed life. Gang for the guys or prostitution for the girls.

Meanwhile Daniel tells Dae Young et al that the orphans in the village are usually in gangs or involved in prostitution.

dos_ep9_14ados_ep9_14bdos_ep9_14cDae Young reports what Daniels said to Shi Jin. He sees Mr. Bad driving to the village. When Mr. Bad arrives the boys run. Mo Yeon approaches him. She reports the children have measles. Mr. Bad tells her she’s too pretty to be here. Shi Jin puts himself between her and Mr. Bad. He orders Mo Yeon behind him. Mr. Bad offers his hand. Shi Jin just looks at the hand. Mo Yeon asks Shi Jin who he is. Shi Jin says it is Private Ryan. Mr. Bad recognizes Mo Yeon from the airport memorial service for the fallen soldier. Mr. Bad tells Shi Jin he has the advantage in this situation. The girl shoots Mr. Bad. That’s a surprise. Mr. Bad’s goons rush up with their guns drawn. Shi Jin has his gun drawn. The girl tells Shi Jin to let Mr. Bad die. Bleeding, Mr. Bad demands that Mo Yeon give him medical treatment. Mo Yeon declares she doesn’t think she should save Mr. Bad That’s a surprise. Shi Jin tells her to save Mr. Bad. He’ll kill Mr. Bad should the situation arise it is necessary. What will Mo Yeon do?

My Thoughts
* I loved this episode. The romance advanced in both of our couples. The banter between our couples, our foursome of leads, the threesome of soldiers, all good and fun to watch.
* Frankly I’m concerned about the next story plot with Mr. Bad. He and his goons are thugs without redeeming qualities. The acting is sub par with this group. I’m been pleasantly surprised that the story has worked this well so far. But Mr. Bad makes me worried. Let’s see if our writers (Kim Eun Sook, Kim Won Suk) can keep the story solid even if the goon actors are sub par.
* Song Joong Ki delivers an adorable (but manly) Shi Jin. Finally Shi Jin and Mo Yeon got on the same page. I loved the banter with Mo Yeon. I loved the banter with Dae Young. I loved the banter with Myeon Joo. Here’s the other part of Shi Jin that works for me…he is honorable and ethical. You might think that would be boring but in Shi Jin, it isn’t. Then I go back to how cute he is…his smile, his confidence, his determination…yep, I love this character.
* Mo Yeon admitted her feelings to Shi Jin. The aired confession was just the right catalyst for Mo Yeon. She tried denial but Shi Jin gently but firmly wouldn’t let her off the hook. When he led her through the land mines and got her to safety, she had to admit the truth. She cares for him. I liked her simple and effective confession. I loved it when she stared and him then initiated the second round of kisses. Yep, I like this character a lot. She’s strong, she’s determined, she’s decided to take a risk for love.
* Dae Young declared he wanted to date Myeong Joo to her father. This was a big moment for this character. Previously he had acquiesced to Myeong Joo’s father and walked away. But this time, he didn’t. He decided to take a risk for love. I like this character a lot. He is strong, determined, and with a quick wit.
* Myeon Joo got picked by Dae Young. She must have thought she was dreaming when Dae Young took her hand and told her father they would be dating. She’s stood alone in that declaration in the past. Today Dae Young took her hand and confirmed he wants wants to date her. Myeon Joo’s straight forward explanation to Mo Yeon about loving a solider who has a dangerous job was effective. Reminded me of words of Alfred Lord Tennyson: ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all.
* The seventh song of the OST is out. Check out the pretty ballad “With You” by LYn via the link or the embedded video below.

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  2. Beez says:

    good recap. Thanks

  3. mutya says:

    Pls tell me what is the title of the song selected by kang mo yeon in her cellphone..i really like it. Thanks in advance.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m pleased Myeon Joo’s dad relented a bit, but he needs to get out of Myeon Joo and Dae Young’s relationship! ❤

    Oh—Mo Yeon’s face to face confession and the 💋kissing💋 in truck—so worth the wait…as they drive off making out into the beautiful sunset!!! How intense did their roll in the hay get? I love that part of the medical team noticed the straw in their hair! ❤

    Now I find that Mr. Bad does have 1 redeeming quality—he is a hottie! 💋 Unfortunately, that does not overcome his evilness. 😦

    • kjtamuser says:

      I loved their kiss had participation from both of them – She confessed. He kissed her. She stared. She kissed him upping the intensity – yes, yes, yes!

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