Come Back Mister Episode 8 Recap

The left behind ladies have an opportunity to take a quick cash settlement – who takes it and who rejects it?

Episode 8 Recap:

Kim Young Soo (Rain) catches up with his wife (Lee Min Jung) who is livid at being blind sided by the video. He asks if it helps that it wasn’t suicide. She can’t believe him. She lost her husband…that’s the primary pain…that has not lessened. She gathers herself and returns to work.

Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) tells Young Soo that the confession of the actor confirming it was a fabricated scandal with Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui). Department Store President (the chairman’s son and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband) is not happy to be named as the mastermind.

Yi Yeon watches Gi Tak strut congratulating herself, Seung Jae and the restaurant employee. The actor is their captive. Na Suk Chul calls Seung Jae. Gi Tak puts ointment on his back and sides. Seung Jae watches Gi Tak administer to him. Seung Jae seems underutilized. I want more of him.

Young Soo is baffled that his wife is angry with him. Gi Tak has no clue. They both are baffled by women.

Young Soo goes to visit his family and finds them honoring him. Young Soo asks to speak with his wife.

Suk Chul and Seung Jae talk. Suk Chul isn’t exactly happy with the current situation. He wonders if Gi Tak really is Seung Jae’s sister.

cbm_ep8_2b cbm_ep8_2a
Young Soo’s wife tells her daughter that daddy overworked and got sick but he loved them both. Young Soo tells his father that Young Soo did not commit suicide. His father still misses him and cries at the memorial. His daughter still misses him and demands that Young Soo bring her father back.  Young Soo watches his grieving family.

Gi Tak and Yi Yeon visit his memorial. Yi Yeon whispers her thanks for Gi Tak sending her sister. The employee arrives with beef stew. Seung Jae arrives. They gather around the beef stew and tell Gi Tak to enjoy it as they all remember him. Gi Tak realizes he really had people that loved him. Gi Tak samples the stew.

Young Soo stares at the department store. The guardian stares next to him. The original actor swaps in. She tells him this is not an easy path he’s walking. Rain swaps back in. The guardian recommends they return to heaven. When Young Soo’s wife walks into the department store, he runs after her. He watches her light a memorial candle. She tells her husband that she’s sorry for not understanding his situation fully. She sobs her pain at his choice to fix the banner and lose his life. She admits she’s keeps wondering if she’d been open with him, would he have driven himself like that? She vows to release him now…here. She’s stunned to find Young Soo there. He grabs her and demands to know why she was lonely and unhappy in her marriage. Time is frozen. The original actor finds himself at his house watching Section Chief Jung be the husband. Then his father disappears. What’s happening? He and his father disappear from the picture. Young Soo freaks out. The guardian tells him that he broke the rules, and now his existence has been eradicated. Young Soo screams no and finds himself back (with Rain swapped back in) at the Department store with his wife. Time is unfrozen. His wife sweeps past him and leaves. He falls to his knees grabbing her hair barrette. The guardian warns him to straighten up or what he just saw will become real. Now that was an interesting scene. Let’s have more of this.

Gi Tak sends Yi Yeon into his apartment admonishing her to lock up. Yi Yeon invites him to sleep over. Gi Tak is tounge tied as Yi Yeon gets comfortable and heads to the bathroom for a shower. He admonishes himself to get a grip. He boxes, he does push ups, situps, to distract his mind and body from Yi Yeon.

Young Soo calls Gi Tak and they talk outside the apartment.  Young Soo explains how he saw an alternate future and it freaked him out. He can’t believe his wife was unhappy but never told him. Yi Yeon suggests that his wife tried to tell him but he did not understand her. Young Soo proves her point by not understanding. Yi Yeon says Young Soo is acting like an obsessed man, not a man in love. Gi Tak and Young Soo don’t like that. Yi Yeon calls Young Soo pathetic and goes back inside. Young Soo wonders if he needs to seduce his own wife. The guardian says if he seducing her for revenge, that is against the rules. They argue they are only trying to determine if his wife truly loved him.  The guardian can’t decide if she approves of this.

The chairman’s secretary tells the Department Store President that his father is not doing well health wise. They argue. His father bursts into the room and orders his son out. He rages his self induced silence was to cope with his idiot son!

Young Soo’s wife and father decide they need to sell the house to raise money to live. They agree they will stick together. It’s a nice moment. 

Meanwhile Gi Tak can’t sleep at Yi Yeon’s house. She covers Yi Yeon and watches her sleep, stroking her hair, and then Yi Yeon grabs her.

Young Soo wakes in the dog house…literally. I’m not sure why. Young Soo’s family are stunned when he walks into the house and joins them for breakfast.  His wife demands to know how he knew the pass-code. They both get phone calls to head to the Department Store President’s office.

There Section Chief Jung tells her that her husband’s name has been cleared in the embezzlement. She’s relieved. Young Soo can’t believe what he’s hearing. Then the Department Store President gets to the point. He rejects Young Soo’s death was caused by working too hard. It was caused by falling from the ledge, nothing more. Young Soo argues that he was on the ledge because of work. The President counters that no one directed Young Soo to fix the banner. That was decision was made solely by Young Soo, therefore it cannot be attributed to his job.  The President urges Young Soo’s wife to drop the case. He does offer 60% of Young Soo’s pension as compensation. He pushes the agreement to her for signature.

Yi Yeon picks up her son at his Grandfather’s house. Yi Yeon watches happy to see Yi Yeon holding her son. Yi Yeon meets with the Chairman. He asks her for custody of the child. He offers a cash settlement.

Young Soo’s wife declares the agreement is insufficient and leaves. Young Soo follows. The President tells Section Chief Jung to get her to sign the agreement.

Young Soo demands to know why his wife said it wasn’t enough money. She admits she needs money. The insurance money, the money from the Department store, to pay back the loan her husband took with him, etc. could generate enough to live on. BUT she won’t accept money for her husband’s life. Young Soo asks why she doesn’t think she has a right to the money.  He tells her if she loved her husband, she’d take the money. She assures him that even if she has to sell the house, she’ll repay her debt to him. She strides away. Young Soo asks Section Chief Jung if he plans to force her to settle. Section Chief Jung says it would end the money worry for the family.

Yi Yeon comments the custody settlement would allow her to live comfortably. But she doesn’t want her son to know leisure without work and the chains of wealth. She wants her son to know how to make it in this world outside of this house. When Yi Yeon exits she tells Gi Tak she just rejected an offer that would have changed her life. The Department Store President asks to speak with Yi Yeon and Gi Tak. He tells her that in return for the actor’s audio file post and accusation, he is countering with his own accusation – that they get along fine. Yi Yeon plays it cool. He throws down the photos of Yi Yeon and Gi Tak hugging on that fateful night. He declares that will be the next scandal he’ll embroil her in. Gi Tak sacrificed for her and she only wanted to marry a rich heir (him). Gi Tak tells the President to use the pictures. Yi Yeon begs him to spare a dead man’s reputation. Yi Yeon wonders if the President thinks her child is Gi Tak’s, which she laughs at. She tells him…I hate you. He warns her not to provoke him. Gi Tak pushes him away from Yi Yeon. She tells the President he can’t accept the blame, the truth of the matter, he’s not man enough. She promises to kill him if he bothers Yi Yeon again. He tells the President to use the photos. She takes Yi Yeon to lead her out. Yi Yeon tells the President to stop being jealous of Gi Tak. She says the President couldn’t share anything that mattered the way Gi Tak shared everything he loved. Now Yi Yeon leads Gi Tak out of the room. The President rages behind them.

Section Chief Jung urges Young Soo’s wife to take the offered settlement. He only wants her future secured. She comments that in their past he chose his ambitions over their relationship which is why they broke up. Only Young Soo supported her.  She tells him, not accepting the settlement or his desire for a renewed relationship is strictly her choice and non reversible. He begs for another chance. She walks away.

Yi Yeon brings her son to Gi Tak’s house. They will live there now. Yi Yeon tells Gi Tak that she killed him her friend Gi Tak twice, long ago with the marriage scandal and recently. Gi Tak grabs her shoulder and tells her to buck up and live strong, for her sake and her son’s.  Yi Yeon asks if Gi Tak will help out.

Gi Tak sees the post that Yi Yeon and the Department Store President get along fine. She wonders what she’s accomplished by returning to earth. When Yi Yeon exits the bathroom clad in a white robe she’s taken aback.

On the drama set Yi Yeon demands the lead actress repay her debt. She tells the actress she’ll need to include her in promoting her within the company. Gi Tak implies physical harm.

Young Soo reads the newspaper article stating the his death was accidental and the embezzlement charges have been cleared.

When Young Soo arrives at his house, he’s stunned to see the for sale sign and two men wanting to view the house. He shoos the men away. When he enters the house he finds his daughter upset that the house is being sold. He adds his anger and declares the house will never be sold. When his wife returns home she finds a mess and Young Soo in casual attire. He berates her for selling the house. Father says maybe they shouldn’t sell the house. She tries to kick him out. He says they should all live together. She’s gobsmacked.

My Thoughts
* Young Soo’s name is cleared. What’s next? Blocking his wife from selling the house is the next battle. Young Soo’s confusion about his wife’s unhappiness then subsequent doubt that his wife never loved him made Young Soo seem clueless and simple. Is that the point? To establish that the relationship he thought he had with his wife had issues that he didn’t even know about? I did enjoy it when Yi Yeon told Young Soo that his wife tried to tell him she wasn’t happy but he didn’t hear her. Young Soo proved Yi Yoen’s point when he didn’t understand Yi Yeon’s explanation.
* Gi Tak support Yi Yeon. When he asked what he was doing on earth, I had to agree that I was wondering that too. What is the point of this? What is he trying to achieve? I did enjoy it when Seung Jae, the restaurant employee and Yi Yeon gather at Gi Tak’s memorial marker. Gi Tak saw clearly he had people that cared for him. Nice moment.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, rejected the settlement. She’s a character that can be weak but then be strong. As a mother she couldn’t be bought by money. Good for her. When the Department Store President threatened Gi Tak’s reputation she didn’t want her dead friend’s reputation sullied.
* Young Soo’s wife rejected the settlement. She rejected the settlement and Section Chief Jung’s pleas for another chance. What does she get as her reward? The loan shark, Young Soo, blocks the sale of the house and demands to live with the family.

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4 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 8 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    kjtamuser, I was hoping your recap would answer two questions that I have but I’m still at a loss: Just what “marriage scandal” are Yi Yeon & Gi Tak talking about?

    And what debt does the meanie starlet owe Yi Yeon (aside from having been a horrible person to Yi Yeon – what has changed for her to comply with Yi Yeon’s demand? Yes, it was proven that Yi Yeon was innocent but I don’t see how that would change this starlet’s behavior since Yi Yeon does not have her star power back yet and that is, in fact, what Yi Yeon is pestering the starlet about – to help promote Yi Yeon.

    On a another note: I hate to say it but I totally agree with sh*thead about Yoon Soo’s senseless death.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I think the debt might possibly be that Yi Yeon may have helped the starlet out when the starlet was a fledgling actress.

    Like Beez, I grudgingly concur with that Yoon Soo’s death was senseless. Why would he risk his life to fix a banner? Especially since his wife was waiting…report it to the store so the people with the proper safety equipment can take care of it.

    The Chairman speaks!!! 😛 It has been humorous to see secretary “read his mind”–there were times I wondered if she was speaking her own thoughts. It is even sweeter that the self imposed silence is the chairman’s way of coping the his son, who is a doppelganger for excrement.

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