Descendants of the Sun Episode 8 Recap

Our couples take steps forward and steps back in their relationship quest…but feelings are revealed.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 8 Recap

Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) admits he missed Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and can’t stop thinking about her, no matter what has has tried. She says nothing. He stands and tells her he’s heading back to the base to make a report. She asks for a ride, she wants to make a phone call.

dos_ep8_1b dos_ep8_1a
Mo Yeon stares at the phone. She finally makes the phone call. She calls rubble man’s wife to relay his final words. It really is touching, he’s acceptance, his concern for his family. Mo Yeon cries when she tell’s the widow not to be alone too long. Shi Jin watches her make the call. Beautifully played scene by Hye Kyo, subtle and strong.

Daniel avoid the interviews his financee promised the reporters in exchange for the blood. Turns out he’s rich and and wants to give of his time to others.

Mo Yeon cries after the call. Shi Jin gently jokes with her meriting a smile. He’s kind. She cries. He points to the beautifully starry sky. She thanks him for coming back and supporting her today. He suggests if she ever wants to flee, they should do it together. They both smile. Another lovely moment for our lead couple. 

Mr. Bad puts some physical pain on the annoying Manager demanding the diamonds. He’s got until tomorrow to retrieve and deliver the diamonds. Recall they are in the rubble of the earthquake office.

Another worker is trapped and undiscovered in the rubble.

The next day the troops work near the office. But it’s only to clear a new path to search for survivors. The manager complains. Dae Young (Jin Goo) ignores him and tells everyone finding survivors is the focus. They search for survivors. The young doctor finds the worker but an aftershock hits. The doctor cannot lift the man. His hand is injured and rubble collapses in on him. He runs away. When he gets to the top, he tells the solider there’s a worker trapped inside. He’s shaken up.

Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) tends Dae Young. The soldiers call to the survivor. He returns their calls. Shi Jin arrives. Mo Yeon suggests they get the man together. Dae Young works to extract the man. Mo Yeon writes directions on the medical pack she gives Shi Jin. Annoyed and amused he leaves to join the rescue team. Shi Jin calls and reports the man’s vitals. Even the man wonders about his medical skills. Dae Young leaves them. The man asks about the number of dead. Shi Jin notes he’s a survivor. The man complains of itching. Mo Yeon gives Dae Young the pills to counter the condition. Good grief, annoying manager is drilling to get to the office putting Shi Jin and the survivor in jeopardy. The rocks falls. Radio contact is lost. Dae Young orders the manager tied down. Dae Young salutes Myeon Joo as he heads into the dangerous situation. Now we’ve got the classic, women waiting on ground level while the action is below.

Shi Jin and the survivor aren’t dead but Shi Jin’s wrist is injured. The survivor notices the entrance is now blocked with rubble. No one answers Shi Jin’s radio call. Shi Jin tells the man he likes the doctor on the ground level but she only rejects him.

Myeong Joo calls Shi Jin but no answer. She tells Mo Yeon everything will be ok. Mo Yeon ties her shoes recalling Shi Jin doing that for her. They are worried about each other.

Shi Jin tends the man. His throat swells as Mo Yeon predicted. Good news, Dae Young breaks through the rubble and tosses the medicine to Shi Jin.

On the ground Mo Yeon tends the man. She sees the writing of vital on the man’s arm, just like in Episode 1 when Shi Jin wrote on the thief’s arm (now solider Kim Ki Bum). The man is grateful for Shi Jin’s efforts to save him. Shi Jin arrives. Mo Yeon sends the man to the medicube. Mo Yeon and Shi Jin stare at each other. He calls for a stretcher. Myeong Joo makes sure Mo Yoen is the one to treat Shi Jin.

The annoying manager complains. Dae Young decks him. Thank you Dae Young…for all the viewers I thank you! Shi Jin gives Dae Young a thumbs up.

Shi Jin calls Mo Yeon a cold woman. She tends his wounds. She notes he almost died. She was scared. She wonders why he always puts his life on the line. Shi Jin is straightforward, it’s his job.  Lt. Col informs Shi Jin the medical team will leave in 2 days. That pesky manager shows up. He complains that Dae Young hit him. He demands justice. The Lt. Col notes that they will bring the manager up on military charges for reckless behavior and not following orders. He gives Dae Young, Shi Jin, and the other soldier 100 laps as punishment.  I had to laugh when Shi Jin thought he was excused because of the IV but Lt. Col doubled the lap count to 200. That got Shi Jin on his feet!

dos_ep8_6c dos_ep8_6b
As they jog they banter – bromance! Myeong Joo taunts that Dae Young should have beaten the manager so he couldn’t become a tattle tail. Mo Yeon sees them jogging. Shi Jin heads to her.  She’s not impressed that he’s stuck jogging even though he did nothing wrong. You can see her stiffen not understanding the military way of unity in success and punishment. She hands him medicine to be taken after a meal. He thanks her for saving her. She states the order of evacuation of the medical team will be decided next in a meeting. He grabs her wrist and asks if she’ll be on the list. She states this time she’ll have the opportunity to leave him behind. That hits a nerve with Shi Jin. I totally understand that for once, she can be the one walking away, giving him a taste of what being left behind feels like.  Shi Jin releases her wrist. She walks away.

At the medical team meeting Mo Yeon tells the team they can leave now or stay until the next plane whose date is unknown. Several nurses offer their seats to patients. Most of the remaining team decides to leave. Mo Yeon notices the young male doctor isn’t at the meeting. He’s in the medicube watching the patients. The patient he left in the rubble confronts him. Shame covers his face. Mo Yeon tells the doctor that he’ll be returning to Korea since his wife is pregnant and due soon. She notices his injured hand. When the patient realizes his boss died, he sobs, and the young doctor sobs too. This was another well done scene.

Shi Jin thanks his team and medical team for their hard work. The annoying manager declares he now controls the plant. The siren goes off and Shi Jin states when the siren goes off they should all observe a moment of silence for the victims. Another well done scene.

The medical team is stoked when the cell phone signal returns. Mo Yeon tells her best friend that she gave seats to patients. Her friend tells her to return ASAP.  The young doctor cries and doesn’t answer his phone. Daniel draws admiration from the nurses. I like him too ladies! He tells them he can fix people, machines but not a woman’s hearts. The doctor pulls his nurse away.

dos_ep8_8bdos_ep8_8c  dos_ep8_8a
Myeong Joo enters the room where Shi Jin and Dae Young are bantering saying her father wants to speak with “his son-in-law”, Shi Jin. When she sees Dae Young, she hangs up on her father. Shi Jin can’t believe she did that. Dae Young remarks on the son-in-law statement. The three of them banter. Shi Jin feigns hurt and leaves. Dae Young is miffed she entered a man’s room without knocking. She teases that if he’s jealous, she’ll give him a big reward.

dos_ep8_9b dos_ep8_9a
Daniel has fixed the camp’s communication system. Mo Yeon selects a song from her phone that everyone enjoys during a nice montage.

Myeong Joo suggests the song creates a romantic mood. She steps closer to Dae Young. He steps back, salutes and leaves.

dos_ep8_11a dos_ep8_11b dos_ep8_11d dos_ep8_11e
Shi Jin finds Daniel and asks what the next song is. Turns out it is Mo Yeon’s message to Shi Jin when she thought she would die as her car teetered on the cliff’s edge. In the message she admits he’s amazing, that she liked his kiss, and she cares for him. Shi Jin smiles at her admission. Meanwhile Mo Yeon is running to rip her phone from the communication system to stop the confession from being broadcast to the entire camp. Too late honey! Shi Jin’s satisfied smile is a wonderful sight to behold.

My Thoughts
* The balance of the characters in the story is solid. The medical team, the patients, and then our leads all get reasonable screen time and I’m liking all of them, even characters I don’t know their names (like the traumatized young doctor), but I care about what’s happening to them. Sometimes the secondary characters don’t add up to much in a series, but this disaster and the medical and soldiers response had them gel. Well done writer, director, and actors!
* Song Joong Ki’s darling smile as Shi Jin heard Mo Yeon confession was a highlight. His patience and respect for Mo Yeon’s feelings has been almost super human and finally he learned what he hoped was true, the raw truth from her own confession that she cared for him. I’m pleased for Shi Jin. He deserves it. By the way, Joong Ki is seriously cute!
* Mo Yeon can’t accept his job. Shi Jin is in a dangerous profession that takes him away from his love without warning. When they inch closer through shared experiences, the job is always a divider. Mo Yeon got her back up when Shi Jin had to jog with his buddies even though he wasn’t involved in punching the manager. You could see her pull away. I loved it when her own words and feelings were broadcast for all to hear. I don’t disrespect her stance, but the forced honesty was a positive. I wish she’d see that she is her true self with him.
* Dae Young was jealous but wouldn’t admit it. I was a bit surprised when Dae Young left Myeong Joo alone in the room after she joked she’d reward him if he were jealous. Was he upset about her father calling Shi Jin son-in-law or did he just need distance not ready to continue to deepen his involvement with Myeong Joo?
* Myeon Joo got left behind by Dae Young. She approached him, gave him a leading question about jealousy, and much to her surprise, he left. She probably hoped they were past that kind of reaction. I also enjoyed the moments where they were comrades without romance. They both love the military, they both are good soldiers, that’s a positive.
* The sixth song of the OST is out. Check out the upbeat pop tune “Say it! What are you doing” by K. Will via the link or the embedded video below.

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4 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 8 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    I thought it was pretty mean that the two guys did not cut off the loud speaker as soon as they heard her speaking (especially Shin jin) (and especially since it was a death confession (not meaning Korean love confession which it was that too)). The show could’ve had just the first bit over the loud speaker, Daniel cut it off, but she would still come running knowing that Daniel — scratch that. I just realized, she wouldn’t know Shin jin heard it if it hadn’t played in full to everyone. Haha That had been bothering me since it aired but typing it out made me realize there was no other way they could’ve done it. Ok, now I love the cliffhanger.

    lol at myself.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I love that the reporters got roped into helping, instead of getting in the way trying to get their scoop!

    Poor Chi Hun is traumatized by the aftershock or by running away. I think he did the right thing by running out and getting help to rescue the injured dude—Chi Hun couldn’t do the rescue by himself—I think he has now had enough of his Albert Schweitzer adventure. But wait, it was not really an aftershock, but the greedy annoying plant manager trying to remove rubble so he can get those dirty conflict diamonds. Luckily our heroes come to the rescue again—injured dude is saved!

    While Mo Yeon may be embarrassed, but I <3love<3 that the cat is out of the bag! We get another killer smile from Shi Jin ;)…I have always liked him, but his is truly in his element in the drama! 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      I felt sorry for young doctor. He didn’t leave the guy to die, he went and got help after freaking out and realizing he couldn’t handle it solo.

      I love that Mo Yeon’s own words broadcast to the entire camp, eliminate her denial that she cared.

      You are so right, Shi Jin has a killer smile. He is awesome in this series! ☻

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