Come Back Mister Episode 7 Recap

Young Soo finds the proof he’s been searching for. Will his wife appreciate it?

Episode 7 Recap:


Kim Young Soo (Rain) sees a shadow of a man approaching the locker with the payoff money. The man opens the locker. Young Soo stops the man…it is Section Chief Jung! We learn that Section Chief Jung is not friend to Young Soo but foe. He’s destroyed and suppressed evidence that would help prove Young Soo did not commit suicide. Young Soo is livid at his calm revelation. Section Chief Jung counters that Young Soo is only using the death as part of his battle with his brother. He sneers that Young Soo only brought down his wife and his death and abandonment was cruel. Stunned Young Soo backs away and watches Section Chief Jung leave with the money.  I like the reveal, it makes sense Section Chief Jung was not a Young Soo fan.

Photographers take pictures of Song Yi Yeon’s (Lee Ha Nui) son. She begs them not to use her son in their scandal mongering. When Yi Yeon drops him off her ex-husband, the department store president is there. He’s not happy with her press conference antics. He threatens her not to work against him. “the run, I won’t ever let you go” line he leaves her with is creepy.  She decides to walk leaving Seung Jae to drive solo. She ends up at Gi Tak’s old apartment remembering him.  She imagines him understanding her need to be there.  We see their first meeting when they were young. She eats ramen in his apartment and cries that he’s gone. Outside the apartment Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) listens to her cry and cries herself. She walks away. She waves to Seung Jae as she walks past his waiting van.

cbm_ep7_3a cbm_ep7_3bGi Tak finds the guardian admiring the soaking Young Soo. They agree to take down the Department Store President. The guardian protests they cannot get revenge. They ignore her and promise to work together. The guardian is not happy.

Na Suk Chul returns to Gi Tak’s apartment (recall he’s living there now) and finds the lights out. He smells Yi Yeon’s perfume and assumes it is a ghost. When he turns and sees Yi Yeon he freaks out and faints. Yi Yeon turns on the lights. They talk.

cbm_ep7_4aYoung Soo and Gi Tak practice their model walking skills. At the show they both gawk at the female models in the dressing room. The guardian is watching them. Everyone readies for the fashion show.  Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) asks Section Chief Jung how his face got hurt. As she touches his hurt lip, Young Soo and Gi Tak see it. He tells her that her hopes about her husband’s innocence may be all for naught.  The guardian disrupts the rehearsal, though no one can see her but Gi Tak. When Young Soo takes the stage for his test walk, his wife watches him. They stare at each other. Lights flash. Young Soo flashes back to the fireworks the night he died. He remembers a drone taping him. That struck me as weird. He tells Gi Tak who wonders if his death was also taped by the drone.

They decide to watch the fireworks footage.

The chairman’s secretary tells the Department Store President (the chairman’s son) that Gi Tak is Yi Yeon’s manager. He knows that he retorts. She counters that she knows about his bribery too. She declares she’s enjoying watching him and Young Soo fight for the Presidency. She knows that Young Soo is trying to reinvigorate the store through the fashion show. She wonders what his plan is.

Yi Yeon has Seung Jae move Gi Tak’s items into the apartment.

Gi Tak flirts with the actor that Yi Yeon had the scandal with. He remembers her from their first meeting in the department store. She remembers threatening him as Gi Tak.

Yi Yeon arrives. Gi Tak asks why she came. Yi Yeon asks why Gi Tak has taken recent actions. Who will be targeted next?  Her ex-husband. Gi Tak admits that her ex-husband is indeed the target. Yi Yeon yells that Gi Tak did not die because of her. They stare at each other. The tense moment in broken the makeup artist arrives.

Young Soo has the fireworks video reviewed.

The actor and the ex-husband meet. Turns out the Department Store President is not happy at the actor’s extortion attempt. He implicitly threatens the actor who leaves in haste. Gi Tak’s waiter employee reports the incident.

Gi Tak looks fabulous in a pink gown. Young Soo is no where to be found. They suggest the the Department Store President take his place.

cbm_ep7_7b cbm_ep7_7aGi Tak flirts with the actor on the runway but poses with the Department Store President at the end of the runway. Seung Jae is surprised at how pretty Gi Tak is. Yi Yeon tells him flatly that Gi Tak is there for revenge. She asks Seung Jae to make sure that Gi Tak doesn’t get her in her quest. She trips the President and strides off the stage when she sees Suk Chul.

Later the actor flirts with Gi Tak. Suk Chul arrives to give the actor the President’s reply to his financial demands. The actors runs. Gi Tak follows. Seung Jae sees Suk Chul and his men giving chase. He runs after all of them.

Meanwhile Young Soo is stuck watching video tape after video tape. They finally find the video tape with Young Soo. He’s thrilled.

The actor and Gi Tak flee in the car. Gi Tak thinks the puppet master was Suk Chul all along. I think that’s too simplistic. 

The actor and Gi Tak are taken from their van.

cbm_ep7_8acbm_ep7_8b Young Soo’s wife is left to clean the fashion show by herself. Section Chief Jung apologizes but he’s never gotten over her. He wants to start over. She’s surprised. He tells her it’s only because her husband died that he’s admitting this. Bad timing with the declaration! She tries to brush past him but he stops her. Young Soo arrives and removes Section Chief Jung’s hand from his wife. He reminds her that he promised to prove her husband’s death was not suicide. He asks her to leave with him. She does, angering Section Chief Jung.

A man taunts the actor and Gi Tak. She assumes it is Suk Chul. His men grab her. Seung Jae arrives. The actor screams for Seung Jae to save them. Seung Jae takes out the men. He walks to the mystery man and falls to his knees and asks for forgiveness. Someone hits Seung Jae in the back and he falls to the ground. Gi Tak screams. A picture falls in Gi Tak’s apartment and the glass shatter. Yi Yeon is startled.

cbm_ep7_9b cbm_ep7_9acbm_ep7_9c
Young Soo and his wife walk together. He tells her he’ll be able to prove everything in a couple of days. When Section Chief Jung calls she ignores the call. She goes into her house. She turns and sees Young Soo wave just like her husband did. I always like seeing the original actor. It adds depth to a scene.

cbm_ep7_10acbm_ep7_10b The actor begs for his life. Turns out this was all a sting operation by Gi Tak, Seung Jae and her former waiter employee. That surprised me too. To what end was this done? What did they gain? I liked the cool vibe as the 3 of them left together. 

Section Chief Jung reports on the fashion results. A video plays in the conference room. You clearly see Young Soo on the ledge reaching for the flag. Young Soo reveals himself. The Department Store President demands to know why Young Soo is doing this. Young Soo tuants his former boss and others at their bribery and lies that they turned to pin on Young Soo. He shouts that Young Soo was trying to fix a banner not die.

cbm_ep7_11bcbm_ep7_11c cbm_ep7_11aYoung Soo’s wife is called to the conference room. She’s surprised by the video on the screen and cries to see her husband reach for the banner, slip, lose his grip then fall. Young Soo demands the men in the room make restitution. He yells that money won’t be enough. She runs from the conference room. I’d have a phobia about being called to a conference room if I were her. He asks if they should ask Young Soo’s spirit to return. The Department Store President tells him to calm down. He’ll offer restitution. Young Soo leaves the room.

cbm_ep7_12b cbm_ep7_12aYoung Soo catches up with his wife who is livid at being blind sided by the video. He asks if it helps that it wasn’t suicide. She can’t believe him. She lost her husband, that’s the primary pain. that has’t lessened.

Epilogue: The guardian apologizes to heaven for allowing Gi Tak and Young Soo to pursue revenge. We also see the illegitimate son and the pilot try to survive on the island.

My Thoughts
* Revenge is the name of the game. Young Soo and Gi Tak team up against the Department Store President. I wish I loved this story but it seems lacking.
* Young Soo found the videotape of his death. The tape did prove he didn’t commit suicide. I still think maneuvering on a ledge to unfurl a banner was a silly plot point to have Young Soo died in episode 1. What worked this episode with Young Soo was his interactions with Gi Tak. Their chemistry is good even is the plot isn’t the strongest. Finding out that Section Chief Jung was not a friend (as he suspected) was forward movement.
* Gi Tak fooled the actor with a sting operation. Not sure what this buys him. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo have good chemistry. I wish there was more substance versus silly for them to work with.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, hung out at Gi Tak’s apartment. She was sad he was gone and mourned him. This surprised me a bit, she hasn’t seemed overly upset that Gi Tak was dead before. I liked the flashback to the initial meeting, the young actors pulled that scene off. I liked when she told Seung Jae to take care of Gi Tak. The Department Store President was creepy when he told her he’d never let her go.
* Young Soo’s wife knows the truth about her husband’s death. Young Soo kept his promise but the reveal timing wasn’t his choosing. Young Soo’s wife did not welcome her former boyfriend, Section Chief Jung, declared interest.
* We got an epilogue. We saw the guardian apologize for allowing revenge to be pursued and we saw the illegitimate doppelganger who is stranded on the island with the copilot struggle to find food once their supplies were exhausted.
* The fourth song of the OST, “Because It’s Love” by Ailee, is a soft pop ballad. View via the link or the embedded video below:

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11 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 7 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    kjtamuser, I don’t know about anyone else, but my emails from you skipped this recap. I got an email for Ep. 6 and just recently for Ep. 8.

    Just letting you know in case there was a glitch and nobody received Ep. 7’s recap.

  3. Beez says:

    I don’t know what the show is going to do about all these relationships!

    This episode, I was like “Seung Jae is and Gi Tak need to get together” because they get along and have an emotional connection. But then I realize, Gi Tak is just using a female body temporarily and even if they give Gi Tak’s body a real doppleganger he/she was modeled after (similar to Young Soo’s), Seung Jae wouldn’t know that person so any transfer of his feelings wouldn’t be real. *sigh* I just probably want to see Seung Jae in a relationship and although he sometimes looks longingly at Yi Yeon, I don’t want him with her.

    Anyway,I’m really enjoying not knowing where the relationships are going because usually, we all know who the OTP is and will be from beginning to end. It’s nice not knowing.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree it is difficult to discern where exactly the writer will take us.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I would like to see Seung Jae end up happy–I would not mind if it is Yi Yeon, despite the age difference. I guess we have to wait and see where the writer takes us… ❤

      YS/HJ is working so hard to clear his name for the sake of Da Hye, but he seems so clueless about how she feels and what she wants. How sad that after 10 years of marriage, it seems that he really did not know her…

  4. Beez says:

    Oh, and i meant to comment on the bird/drone Young Soo remembered when the lights blew on the runway – I think I remember one of Maya’s feathers caused the light to blow, jogging Young Soo’s memory. And the subs I watched had Maya apologizing to her Boss and saying she just “gave a hint”. So you’re not the first person to comment on how weird it seemed but for me, it fit in with the whole weird premise of the entire show so I was okay with

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