Descendants of the Sun Episode 7 Recap

The after effects of the natural disaster on Urk forces admissions between our couples.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 7 Recap

At the power plant Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) stops to tie Kang Mo Yeon’s (Song Hye Kyo) boots. Nice touch that the boots are too big. Shi Jin does it for her. That’s the poster picture folks. She stares at him tying her boot. He looks at her. They stare. Shi Jin is happy she’s ok. He regrets leaving without seeing her. Shi Jin tells her he can’t be by her side and to take care of herself. She returns the sentiment. He walks away. She walks away. Once again these two caring people go in opposite directions. 

The Manager gives Shi Jin, Dae Young (Jin Goo) and the troops complaints about not being able to get into his office (recall he has diamonds stashed there). They hear the tapping of the impaled worker and the other worker under the rubble. Shi Jim and Dae Young formulate a plan. The manager tries to persuade them to get him into his office. Shi Jin won’t hear of it and throws the annoying manager off the site.

Meanwhile the medical team gets Walkie Talkies courtesy of Daniel, the hardware store manager and all around can-do guy. Shi Jin listens to Mo Yeon authorize treatment for a wounded patient. He likes her moxy. I like her moxy too.

dos_ep7_2ados_ep7_2b Back at operation lift rocks rescue…the annoying manager is back telling them the plan won’t work. Duck tape that man’s mouth! The rocks are lifted and some soldiers enter. Many men are exit. I thought it was just the impaled guy and rock guy, my bad. Mo Yeon begins treating the wounded. She watches Shi Jin enter the area. Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) is tending a patient when Mo Yeon arrives just as the man has a heart issue. Mo Yeon decides they must operate locally as the base is 30 minutes away and medical cube is full. Myeong Joo has reservations but agrees.

Thief from episode 1, now solider Kim Ki Bum, wants to help the medical team but is limited due to his immobile arm.  An injured woman manages to communicate her pregnancy and avoid anesthetics. The doctor has to treat her and pain is involved. I think the show is doing a good job creating a disaster zone, the chaos, the dirt, the danger, etc.

Two news reporters show up. Ki Bum struggles to find someone to talk to them. They end up taking a doctor to the medical cube.

dos_ep7_3ados_ep7_3c dos_ep7_3b The outside surgery is underway.  Shi Jin interrupts and asks for a doctor. Mo Yeon goes with him and finds the man under the rubble. Bad news, his legs are crushed. Mo Yeon then tends the impaled man. Bad news, he must stay still or he may die. Shi Jin asks to speak with Mo Yeon privately. He tells her if the rubble is lifted from one man, the other man will move and die. They can only save the man she deems has the best chance to survive. That blows. Mo Yeon walks away to decide. The annoying manager bothers Shi Jin. I select mute. Shi Jin reminds him that lives are more important than papers. He tells the man to leave. Rats! Rocks fall on the manager and Shi Jin. They are okay but it only underscores the urgency of choice and exiting. Rats!Shi Jin is injured in his shoulder. Rubble man realizes that only one of them can be saved. He’s gracious to Mo Yeon as she cries with the weight of the choice. Impaled man is her next assessment.

Myeong Joo continues the outdoor surgery. Kim Bum flirts while giving blood during the surgery. The newspaper guys want to interview Daniel. His finance finds this frustrating.

dos_ep7_4b dos_ep7_4aBack at operation lift rocks rescue…Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon she must decide. Mo Yeon says rubble man legs are in bad shape but impaled man won’t survive surgery. She asks Shi Jin what he thinks. He is firm. This is her choice. Tears in her eyes, Mo Yeon picks impaled man. That choice surprised me.

At the medicube she and the other doctors try to save the man in surgery.

The soldiers lay out the dead. Shi Jin looks the photo of rubble man’s family. He salutes as the man is zipped up in the body bag.

Myeong Joo completes the outdoor surgery.

dos_ep7_5The commander arrives with fresh troops and orders Shi Jin and his team to return to base to rest. In the truck Myeong Joo looks at her bloody hands. Dae Young watches her.

Shi Jin’s father General Yoo Dae Young (Jin Goo) is relieved to hear their children are safe from Myeong Joo’s father Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il). I totally see why Shi Jin was chosen for Myeong Joo considering their father’s military background.

The home medical team is relieved to hear those in Urk are safe.

The impaled man survived surgery. Egad, annoying manager is at the medicube which is full of patients in pain. He complains about dizziness. The nurse does a terrific job of shaming him. That guy is a jerk.

dos_ep7_6The local restaurant brings food for 100. Shi Jin and Dae Young are grateful. Arm around his buddy’s shoulder, Shi Jin declares that Dae Young will buy 100 drinks in return. Love this bromance! I think they have more skinship with each other than their ladies. The soldiers enjoy the food. Shi Jin tells his men to rest and forget hardships of the day.

dos_ep7_7ados_ep7_7b Myeong Joo blots Dae Young’s just washed face. She asks if he returned to Urk because of her father. He confirms that. She asks how he would have felt if she wasn’t safe. He admits that he would have regretted all the times he ran away from her. She asks why he’s standing there. He grabs her in a big hug. She hugs him back, tears in her eyes. Finally she’s getting some love from Dae Young.

Had to laugh when the doctor told the nurse to delete his porn stash.

It’s nice to the medical team has gelled and become better people. Mo Yeon returns the boots to the man. Another nice moment.

dos_ep7_8bdos_ep7_8c Mo Yeon stands at the memorial to the dead and injured. Shi Jin watches Mo Yeon walk away. She imagines she’s back at the power plant. Rescue efforts are still underway. She imagines all the dead and injured still alive. That was a surprisingly effective scene. She cries. Shi Jin watches. A medic notices Shi Jin’s injury. He’s about to offer care when Mo Yeon tells him she’ll take care of Shi Jin. He is grateful that Mo Yeon was there fighting the rescue fight with him today. He apologizes for being firm with her earlier. Mo Yeon understands. He wants her safe and happy. She asks for a joke. He tells her she’s pretty. She’s always pretty. She tells him not to be serious. He says it was a joke. Then he admits he missed her, can’t stop thinking about her, no matter what he’s tried. She swallows hard. She stares at his back.

My Thoughts
* The earthquake aftermath felt real. That’s a tall order for a 16 episode drama to deliver a decent natural disaster rendering and results. I don’t think a live action shoot could have done this well. But it was more than the effects, it was the feel of the scenes, the quick cuts to the scenes of all the various characters helping, or waiting for help, to get through the day. The director and photography team did their jobs well.
* Couldn’t stand the plant manager. This character was annoying enough that limited scenes would have been sufficient versus the practical showcase he got. Give me double the scenes with Daniel. I like this guy!
* The music is more integrated now. The first episode the love songs hit us over the head repeatedly and it was too much, too soon. Now the songs are used so they enhance a scene.
* Song Joong Ki delivered a tough, patient, and tender Shi Jin. He’s a strong and fair leader. He doesn’t suffer fools. He longs for Mo Yeon. He tells her he misses her. His honesty is wonderful. And of course, he puts his arm around Dae Young for a sweet bromantic moment that every episode of the series needs.
* Mo Yeon is a strong woman. I said last recap I understand her point of view. Shi Jin is in a dangerous profession that takes him away from his love without warning. She relies on herself to get through life. Song Hye Kyo lets us see her pain, her loss, in pushing Shi Jin away. These two are like magnets that pull each other together. What I enjoy about this pairing is their mutual respect for each other’s opinions about their relationship. He doesn’t belittle her for not wanting to risk all to love him. She doesn’t belittle him for openingly caring for her. You may not like the slow pace of this couple, but with the issue the writer has placed between them, it is a process to get there. I’m enjoying the journey with them.
* Dae Young finally admitted he’d have regrets if Myeon Joo had been hurt. I felt relieved for both of them when Dae Young shrugged off the yoke of silence and admitted what he felt.
* Myeon Joo got a moment of truth from Dae Young. She approached him, gave him a leading question, and much to her surprise he told her how he felt. I love her line “why are you standing over there?” that forced him to cross to her. But she was shocked by the hug and it took a moment to respond. I was also pleasantly surprised by her skills in the disaster zone. She was calm and collected during that outdoor surgery.
The fifth song of the OST is out. Check out “Once Again” by Kim Na Young via the link or the embedded video below.

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5 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 7 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I concur that it difficult for such a short drama to pull off such a realistic natural disaster. Our leads (SJK & SHK) were both strong and bold on doing their jobs! It was a difficult decision she had to make in deciding who would get the chance to recover.

    Meanwhile it looks like it is Dae Young and Myeong Joo who are moving forward in their ❤ relationship ❤ You gotta 💋 loved 💋 Shi Jin’s tenacity as he continuously confesses and gets rejected–I think I would have given into that killer smile by now! 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      I liked how Shi Jin did not baby Mo Yeon when he asked for her choice on which man to save. He wasn’t going to tell her what to do, he demanded she make the tough choice. I thought that showed respect for her role and ability.

      I would have thrown myself at Shi Jin by now! ❤

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    No kidding, I would have too 💋 ❤ 💋 I think both of these lead males should be in your next would I date him? It could be a comparison!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Absolutely. I’ve already titled the article “Should I Date Them?” I won’t write it until the series is done which isn’t too far away.

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