Come Back Mister Episode 6 Recap

Gi Tak saves Yi Yeon from a major embarrassment in a seriously cool way.

Episode 6 Recap:

Kim Young Soo (Rain) spits out that if Young Soo’s wife (Lee Min Jung) thinks her husband could have committed suicide, she didn’t know him very well. He states her lack of faith makes him hate her. His wife agrees maybe she didn’t know her husband completely. Young Soo spots his wife waiting at the bus station and hands her his trash to throw away. The trash are the snacks her husband used to consume. She stares as Young Soo drives away. I like the sneaky hint.

Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) is nervous waiting for his ex-girlfriend Song Yi Yeon’s son.

At the press conference for the upcoming movie, Song Yi Yeon (Lee Ha Nui), is introduced as the female lead of the movie. She’s nervous. Gi Tak brings child. But what the original female lead arrives taking the spotlight from Yi Yeon. The press demand answers – didn’t she know her part was recast? Na Suk Chul (former attacker and holder of her contract) grins at her humiliation. That is a low blow! As the lead grabs Yi Yeon for photos, she stumbles. The audience throws items at her. Do folks travel with this stuff?  Gi Tak tells her son this is planned and now she’s going to save his mother.  She hands the boy off to Seung Jae. She makes her way to the stage with difficulty. Yep, it’s over the top (literally but cool).  She tells Yi Yeon they are filming an action scene. They jump from the stage. Yi Yeon’s child tells her she’s cool. Yi Yeon laughs through her tears.

Young Soo waits in his car for his wife to return home. He gets a call the video from his suicide was recovered.

cbm_ep6_2b cbm_ep6_2a
Young Soo’s wife is visiting Manager Baek’s (aka rice cakes) mother. He denies involvement. She surmises that Manager Baek gave and took the rice cakes. She begs Manager Baek to explain her husband’s involvement.  He won’t and leaves. She’s totally bummed walking home.

The camera is ruined, on purpose, and video cannot be retrieved. Young Soo remembers the Department Store President (the chairman’s son) warning him to stop the investigation. He decides to confront him.

cbm_ep6_3b cbm_ep6_3a
Gi Tak decides to confront the director. The Department Store President arrives. Gi Tak overhears the director saying he was never going to use Yi Yeon as the lead. She pulls open the door and sees the director and Suk Chul laughing together. She ducks in to the room next to them and eavesdrops. The other door opens on the room and Suk Chul is taken aback to see the Department Store President who is not happy the Suk Chul’s actions did not have his approval. He knocks Suk Chul into a table. He warns him not to touch Yi Yeon. He leaves. Suk Chul laughs, Yi Yeon is still useful as a method to hurt the Department Store President. Hmm, interesting that the chain of power isn’t absolute and everyone has an agenda.

Young Soo drives to the department store. He walks down the deserted hallway remembering that he used do this often. His wife hears the alarm go off on her husband’s cell phone. She sees the candy wrappers. She cries. Young Soo leaves.

Yi Yeon cries alone in her bedroom. Gi Tak lets her cry in peace.

cbm_ep6_4b cbm_ep6_4a
Gi Tak tells Young Soo they need to team up to beat the culprit. They see a customer yelling at his wife. Section Chief Jung tries to interfere but it does no good. When she kneels in front of the customer, Young Soo pulls her to her feet livid that she knelt. Just as Young Soo admits he is her husband Gi Tak kisses him and it isn’t pretty. The original leads swap in. The leads swap back in. Gi Tak takes Young Soo away. Section Chief Jung calls the police. It’s revealed the customers are shop lifters and they are taken away by the police. Young Soo can’t believe Section Chief Jung is the hero of the moment. Young Soo is upset Gi Tak kissed him. She had to stop him from admitting the truth and violating the guardian’s rules.

Young Soo sees his father in the store. They share a meal. He thanks Young Soo for helping.

cbm_ep6_5b cbm_ep6_5a
Young Soo’s wife thanks Section Chief Jung for saving the day. She tells him that rice cakes manager refused to admit to any involvement with Young Soo’s death. They review the video of Young Soo buying the necklace. Later they share a meal. Section Chief Jung promises to help her find answers.

cbm_ep6_6b cbm_ep6_6cYoung Soo meets with the Chairman (his body’s father). Gi Tak shows up and Young Soo introduces her to his father (and secretary). The chairman swirls the walnuts in his hand. They can’t get their stories straight how they know each other.  They claim a business only relationship. They state they should be models in the upcoming fashion show. The secretary tells them the Chairman agrees, the fashion show is now their project. The President wonders why Young Soo wants the fashion show. Young Soo wonders why the President wants his death to be a suicide. Nothing better than two characters that are suspicious of each other’s motives! Gi Tak’s glare is a surprise.

Young Soo is not happy his wife went out to lunch with Section Chief Jung. He wants her to be an independent woman. She asks if he’s interested in her. He denies this. She leaves.

Gi Tak asks Yi Yeon how to steal a man’s heart.  Yi Yeon  flips her hair and we enter a cute montage them goofing around. Yi Yeon notices that Gi Tak’s heart beats wildly when she’s around.

I love this model instructor. The instructor takes Young Soo and Gi Tak and tries to teach them how to pose.

Young Soo gets his wife to measure him. She also helps Gi Tak dress. Manager Jung wants her working on the floor. Gi Tak and Young Soo’s wife exit in lovely dresses. Both Young Soo and Manager Jung are gobsmacked how lovely she is.

Gi Tak finds a producer that wants to use Yi Yeon’s experience for his show. Yi Yeon doesn’t want to expose that part of her life. Seung Jae throws him out. Yi Yeon is firm. She doesn’t want to be pitied any more.

Young Soo meets with the actor that Yi Yeon was involved with in the recent scandal. He gets him to sign a contract. Gi Tak shows off her seduction skills. They need a bit of work.  Young Soo helps her get into the skinny pants. His wife thinks they are getting friendly. He follows her into the elevator. He takes a bandage off her leg and covers the CCTV camera. That was a smart move. He tells her that he’s not involved with Gi Tak. Cute memory of a former elevator ride. His wife comments he is nice and mean to her that it is confusing. She comments she didn’t fully know her husband either. She mentions that she found a text on her husbands phone about the rice cakes. Young Soo is stoked and hugs her.

cbm_ep6_10b cbm_ep6_10a
Young Soo goes to the driving range. A payoff is made. The payoff is in the locker. He watches the manager and sees he’s happy by the contents of the locker. Young Soo is about to leave when he sees a shadow of a man approaching the locker. The man opens the locker. Young Soo stops the man…it is Section Chief Jung!

My Thoughts
* What are the leads working towards? Is Young Soo focused on clearing the claim of suicide from his death? If so, then wondering why the Department Store President blocks this is a good question. Is Gi Tak focused on learning who is behind the manipulation of Yi Yeon? If so, then seeing that the Department Store President got angry at Suk Chul for hurting Yi Yeon was an interesting revelation.
* Young Soo inched closer to his wife. That moment on the elevator was the first time I saw chemistry between our current Young Soo and our former Young Soo and his wife. The physical comedy between Young Soo and Gi Tak – both the kiss and the zipping the pants up – didn’t do much for me this episode.
* Gi Tak saved Yi Yeon in a pretty cool way. He interrupted the press conference which had turned out to be a nightmare when Yi Yeon learned she was NOT the lead, the lead tripped, and she got pummeled by the reporters. Swinging from the light amazed Yi Yeon, her son and Seung Jae. Gi Tak was just cool as a woman as he was as a man.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, lost the lead role. She was humiliated and Gi Tak saved the day. Yi Yeon as a character doesn’t elicit my empathy.
* Young Soo’s wife showed she had chemistry with both Young Soo. Young Soo’s wife is nice but seemed a one note character – sad wife and mother. The elevator scene made her more than a sad woman. It made her a woman that had a romance with Young Soo, and it’s this woman that Young Soo wants to help.
* Am I the only one that misses the epilogues?  What’s happening with the illegitimate doppelganger who is stranded on the island with the copilot?
* The third song of the OST, “Moon Light” by Son Ho Young, is a breezy pop tune. View via the link or the embedded video below:

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6 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 6 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    I thought the lip bite kiss was hilarious, especially when it flicks to the inner souls. haha!

    It used to irk me catching gender switch characters not being the gender they’re pretending to be. Now I just enjoy catching the “miss” by the director/writers. In this case, Rain’s character would’ve said something about GiTak in the cramped dressing room helping his wife get into that red dress.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You are spot on with that miss! I love when the scenes morph to what I call the original leads but your term inner souls is perfect.

      • Beez says:

        Mainly I’m guilty of being unable to remember Korean actors’ names no matter how hard I try so when I’m commenting I’m trying to find a way to describe who I’m talking about wiyhout being disrespectful. lol

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    “Do folks travel with this stuff?” is my sentiment exactly—do adults REALLY throw stuff at other people in Korea? I know I have felt like it at times, but the only time I have done it was as a teenager to my pesky little brother. You would think that GT/HN rescue of Yi Yeon would have directors looking to cast her in an action role. It was so sweet and tender how the humiliation was turned into an adventure for Yi Yeon’s son. 😛

    Suk Chul is a nasty piece of work! I was surprised that Yi Yeon’s ex (President Cha) was angry about her being ambushed. GT/HN got to observe the viciousness of Pres. Cha in action. The bromance kiss 💋 to mitigate identity disclosure was hilarious, but awkward—due to the inner souls—it made me laugh!

    I had the same thought on the “miss”, that YS/HJ would have been lived about GT/HN assisting Da Hye in changing clothes. I’ve been a little surprised at the sexuality in this drama, they are usually fairly clean on public channels—I believe SBS is NOT a cable channel: • Lots of skin (nudity with strategically placed items) • YS/HJ using the car to simulate what he thinks Da Hye and Jung have been doing—in his wild imagination • YS/HJ assisting with GT/HN’s leather pants and subsequent top removal to “cool off”.

    Section Chief Jung is a mystery…is he a good guy or bad? Goodness is not promising at this point in time, but the jury is still out.

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