Descendants of the Sun Episode 6 Recap

Our couples face the possibility of losing each other when a natural disaster affects those on Urk.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 6  Recap

dos_ep6_1ados_ep6_1bYoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) asks Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) if he should confess or ask forgiveness for the stolen kiss. Mo Yeon responds that he’s too dangerous. His smile draws her in but his job pushes her away. Mo Yeon admits she’s a war with herself. Should she become a girlfriend of an amazing man? Or should she say no to a man that consistently leaves her because of his job? She feels like a fool for vacillating. She tells him to apologize for the kiss. Shi Jin sees the door slam in his face. He apologizes and wishes her good health. He walks away. Nicely written and acted scene. You cannot fault Mo Yeon for not wanting to be left behind. You cannot fault Mo Yeon for seeing the Shi Jin is kinda awesome. It’s her right to decide she wants her man present in her life and willing to put her first or at least have a job that doesn’t whisk him away to parts unknown at a moment’s notice. Both actors delivered in this quiet moment scene.
Alone in their tents they both think of each other.

Mo Yeon enjoys another look at the shirtless joggers and runs into the thief from episode 1, Kim Ki Bum, who tells her Shi Jin left Urk. She’s shakes her head. He left her again.

Shi Jin meets his father General Yoo and they discuss being soldiers and their pride in each other. Father and son take a picture with Mom’s photo.

dos_ep6_2bdos_ep6_2aDae Young (Jin Goo) is a tough trainer. He showcases Shi Jin, who shows the trainees who to use a zip line property and repel face first from a building. You have to smile when Shi Jin dangles in front of Dae Young asking when he finishes work so they can grab a drink together.

As they grab a drink a couple of soldier come in that Dae Young trained. Dae Young hopes they don’t recognize him. The soldiers recognize him. They want to fight Dae Young. Shi Jin tries to defuse the situation. But in the end, they elect to flee dodging a hoard of soldiers while perky music plays in the background. Boys will be boys. They dash through the streets with a gaggle of soldiers behind them. They manage to elude them. Dae Young asks if Shi Jin drank the wine he left him in Urk alone. Shi Jin says he drank it with Mo Yeon but it didn’t go as well as he’d hoped. Shi Jin won’t give up hope. He notes Dae Young won’t give love a try. Dae Young heads home leaving a sputtering Shi Jin to sort out a place to sleep. Really these two are my favorite couple. The easy comradery, the bantering, they are fun to watch.
dos_ep6_3bdos_ep6_3aDae Young answers the phone call from Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won). He says nothing but she tells him about her stay on Urk. She tells him she knows that he loves her. Flashbacks of them being cute and loving. Dae Young has a nice smile. Dae Young never speaks. Ok, my first reaction is that it’s sad Meyong Joo is happy he answered the phone. My second reaction is that Dae Young doesn’t give her much to go on, but if he loves her, then his treatment of her is less than stellar. Job first, love second, seems to be theme among our couples.

Mo Yeon regrets not holding onto Shi Jin.

Shi Jin and Dae Young are wearing the same shirt. Too cute! Myeong Joo looks at the pictures on Ki Bum’s phone longingly.

dos_ep6_5Shi Jin thinks about Mo Yeon. Bored he calls Dae Young who hangs up on him…twice. Shi Jin looks at the rock from the beach he visited with Mo Yeon. Lots of longing this episode!
Mo Yeon stares at the beach she visited with Shi Jin. She bids adieu to the owner of the hardware store, Daniel. She wishes his finacee well too.

dos_ep6_6ados_ep6_6bMyeong Joo asks Mo Yeon if she likes Shi Jin. Her non-answer is an answer. Shi Jin calls Myeong Joo. She asks if Mo Yeon likes him. Shi Jin tells her not to bother Mo Yeon. He smiles when Meyong Joo says Mo Yeon likes her. Mo Yeon smiles when she says Shi Jin likes her.

The medical team poses for their going away picture. The troops thank them for their service. The first part of the medical team, including Mo Yeon, leave the island smiling.
Looks like an earthquake! The island is thrown into chaos.

dos_ep6_7Shi Jin sees the news that Urk has been hit by a earthquake. The hospital sees the news that Urk has been hit by a earthquake. Decent effects for the earthquake.

Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il) gets a report on the earthquake and learns that status of his daughter Myeong Joo is unknown. He’s off to Urk.

The first medical team wants to return to Urk.

The politicians wants the medical team rescued from Urk. Lieutenant General Yoon says the special task force, including Dae Young and Shi Jin will be there in 10 hours to control the situation.

The first medical team rejoins the others and are relieved no one was seriously hurt.

dos_ep6_9ados_ep6_9bBut things aren’t so good at the development center. They find building collapsed and chaos. They stare stunned at the sight. They put on their medical vests and perform triage. The manager and another trapped under rocks or impaled (ick!). It’s hard on the medical team to see some under their care die.

Mo Yeon’s best friend wonders if she’s alive or dead.

The medical team works long hours helping the victims of the earthquake.

dos_ep6_10bdos_ep6_10aThe special task force arrives. This time in the dark of night Mo yeon watches Shi Jin walk towards her. They stare at each other until she’s pulled away to help a patient. He watches her go, relieved she’s alive. Dae Young and Shi Jin see Ki Bum’s arm is in a sling. Shi Jin tells his team they will go to the power plant restore order. Dae Young looks for Myeong Joo. She runs up to him. They stare at each other. He tells her he’s glad she’s safe. He walks away. She stops him when she orders him not to get hurt. He salutes his concurrence. She returns the salute. Shi Jin is like her knight in shining armor come to the rescue. That is swoon worthy!
dos_ep6_11ados_ep6_11bdos_ep6_11cAt the power plant Mo Yeon stops to tie her boots. Shi Jin does it for her. That’s the poster picture folks. She stares at him tying her boot. He looks at her. They stare. Shi JIn is happy she’s ok. He regret leaving without seeing her. He tells her to take care of herself. She returns the sentiment. He walks away. She walks away. Too people going in opposite directions. Will they ever sync up?

My Thoughts
* This was the “longing episode”. Shi Jin longs for Mo Yeon. He regrets leaving Urk without saying goodbye. Mo Yoen longs for Shi Jin. She regrets rejecting his feelings. Dae Young misses and longs for Myeong Joo. He doesn’t show his regrets. Myeong Joo misses and longs for Dae Young. She has to be satisfied with a one sided phone call.
* This director LOVES the walk past or walk away from each other shots. This series has been peppered with them from the start.
* Song Joong Ki subtly makes Shi Jin more appealing each episode. He saves the girl, people, and makes the world a safer place, all while being a good guy. Yes, that is an attractive package. He told Mo Yeon that he’d accept her decision about their relatiionship. When she rejected him, he accepted it and left. This couple doesn’t yell at each other and flail wildly with surging emotions. But the feelings are there.
* Mo Yeon rejected Shi Jin’s feelings. She articulated her concerns perfectly in the opening scene. She cares for him BUT his work comes first and that means getting left behind. She doesn’t want to live like that. I can see the logic and accept that while her emotions surge around Shi Jin, she’s got to see the life of loneliness and fear she’d live when they were apart. Is it worth the risk? Can the happy times outweigh the separation? Mo Yeon isn’t willing to accept it. I can see her point. Love doesn’t conquer all when you are alone and fearing for your partner’s well being.
* Dae Young isn’t much of a conversationalist with Myeon Joo. The one-sided phone call was a little sad. Dae Young just won’t cross the line to give her hope and the response she longs for. I’ll say it again, Dae Young and Shi Jin are the best couple on this show. Bromance Rules!
* Myeon Joo did all the talking when she called Dae Young. She was stoked he answered her phone call. This actress doesn’t have much to work with. But Myeon Joo is not wrong that he cares for her. It’s evident. But he won’t cross the line of improper behavior. Saluting each other after she ordered him to stay safe was a nice scene. I’m not sure how emotionally mature Myeong Joo is.

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6 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 6 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    A+++ on summing up MooYeon’s POV. I’ve seen many people criticizing her choice to opt out of huge hurt before she gets in any deeper.

    The actor playing Dae Young must be really good. Why? Because I even notice him when there’s Song Joon ki! I’ll have to check out what else Mr. Smexy has starred in.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    This really was the “longing episode”. I agree with Beez you did a great job of summing up Mo Yeon’s POV—I’m having a hard time grasping it! It was good to see the bromance rekindled after their relatively short separation. Myeong Joo’s dad needs to get out of her love life—I’m feeling bad for her and Mr. Smexy.

    ☻The earthquake allows the military and medical teams a chance to shine and is an opportunity for our couples to reunite! ❤ We get our “swoon worthy” 💋 moments of our knights in shining armor returning to rescue. What a rare moment that we actually see our iconic poster moment in the actual drama ❤ as Shi Jin stops to tie the laces of Mo Yeon’s borrowed boots. 💋 I wonder what else will “shake out” before this natural disaster is over???

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – SALT!

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist but you’ll see what I mean in Ep12.

      *I’m swooning over salt*

    • kjtamuser says:

      This series of earthquake episodes are my favorite of the Urk part of this series. You put it well, it gave the military and medical teams a chance to shine. Plus both team will see they need each other to get through the crisis.

      I liked seeing the iconic poster moment too. An obvious thing to do but not many shows do this. I’m assuming this is because publicity shots are done separately from the live production process.

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