Descendants of the Sun Episode 5 Recap

Our lead couple inches closer together. Will they make a lasting connection?

Descendants of the Sun Episode 5 Recap

Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) offers a drink. Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) counters with a kiss. Mo Yeon is shocked and doesn’t respond. Gently Shi Jin presses his lips on hers until she closes her eyes. He pulls away and stares at her. She looks up at him. When he tries to kiss her again, she turns her head. She grabs the wine and leaves. That was a nicely executed kiss from Shi Jin. He was close, intense, and appealing. The Director framed the kiss well.

Later they think about each other.

The hardware store clerk is startled when her man, Daniel, returns home.

The solar plant construction is in full swing at Urk.  The medical team visits the site. The manager has a bit of an attitude.

Mo Yeon learns her young lead poisoning patient has left the hospital. He’s left a map. Shi Jin reads the map and identities the boy’s village. Mo Yeon and Shi Jin look for the boy.

Road trip! Mo Yeon admits she’s confused by her feelings for Shi Jin. He isn’t confused at all. They find the child. Mo Yeon provides medicine.

dos_ep5_3c dos_ep5_3ados_ep5_3b Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) speaks with the commander who is a bit uncomfortable she’s there (because of her father). LOL, Myeong Joo has an informant reporting all of Dae Young’s movements. When Dae Young (Jin Goo) overhears the his co-worker reporting on him, he calmly tells him to hang up. Myeong Joo smiles happy to hear Dae Young’s voice. Cute scene!

At the bar, the waitress flirts with Shi Jin. Mo Yeon asks why he became a solider. Somebody has to do it is Shi Jin’s response. He explains his concept of patriotism. He asks if he weren’t a soldier, would their relationship be easier? Mo Yeon says that would be boring.

dos_ep5_4b dos_ep5_4aShi Jin recognizes the “UN” worker smuggling the guns. He asks Mo Yeon to head to the hardware store. She agrees. She’s startled when Dr. Daniel is there.  Shi Jin returns to the “UN” worker and puts a gun to his head. He shots a tire in their car. They all pull guns. Mr. Bad and his boys exit. Mr. Bad pulls off his sunglasses. Shi Jin recognizes his former UN comrade. Mo Yeon asks Dr. Daniel if he knows what Shi Jin really does. Flashback to Shi Jin being tortured then rescued. Mr. Bad was rescued too. Shi Jin can’t believe that Mr. Bad is now a gang leader. Mr. Bad warns Shi Jin to not interfere with the gangs. They posture a bit with each other. Steely stares all around. Dr. Daniel asks Mo Yeon if she knows the truth will she be drawn to or away from Shi Jin.

dos_ep5_5c dos_ep5_5b dos_ep5_5a
Holy smokes!
Mo Yeon drives to the edge of a cliff and the car teeters towards the ocean. Shi Jin calls and she manages to explain her precarious position. He leaves to rescue her. She freaks out. The water is a lovely blue. Mo Yeon records a farewell message for her mother. Shi Jin enters from the back of the car. He comes to front and locks them in. He’s going to send the car into the sea. She can’t believe. He promises he’ll save her. The car goes over the cliff and into the sea. He saves her. They wash up on the beach. He administers to her. She calls him crazy as she sputters and checks her racing pulse. He laughs knowing she’s ok if she is hitting him. He’s really cute! Loving his smile!

dos_ep5_6ados_ep5_6b dos_ep5_6cWhen they arrive at the base, Shi Jin offers his jacket. He tells her other can see through her clothes. Mo Yeon is stunned he didn’t tell her earlier. Shi Jin counters he enjoyed the view but doesn’t want others too.  She yells at him but he strides away smiling. That made me laugh!

The plant manager has dealings with Mr. Bad. Looks like smuggled diamonds. Mr. Bad gives the plant manager the cash and a warning the next shipment of diamonds needs to be in one week.

At the solar plant, the plant manager arrives telling his workers to return to their work. One of them notices blood on his pants.

dos_ep5_7b dos_ep5_7aMo Yeon sits by her drying clothes. She remembers the gun shot from the afternoon. Shi Jin offers coffee. He asks about her black underwear. She counters it was navy. She offers sedatives. He’s touched by her caring. She thanks him for saving her. She asks if he’s saved others too. Shi Jin flashes back to saving Mr. Bad and losing a comrade. He tells Mo Yeon he saved someone but he regretted that today. She asks if sending her away was to protect her. She asks if the gunshots she heard came from him. He doesn’t confirm this. She doesn’t like it when he isn’t forthcoming. The power goes out. She thanks him for saving him. They both smile. The power goes on. They still stare. He asks if she can’t pulls her eyes from him. They banter. Cute!

The soaking car is returned to Dr. Daniel to fix. He stares at it while everything falls off the car. Dr. Daniel provides them two way radios which are a more reliable communication method. They review the workings of the radios. The practice using the radio. Shi Jin is “big boss”. They try and determine her handle.

dos_ep5_8b dos_ep5_8ados_ep5_8cTheir laughter is interrupted when Myeong Joo enters and declares she’s there to marry Shi Jin.  She enjoys the joke. She reports for duty. As Mo Yeon leaves Myeong Joo suggests they let bygones be bygones. Mo Yeon leaves without agreeing. They banter. Cute! Mo Yeon listens at the door. Cute!

Shi Jin says he’s ordered to keep her safe. Myeong Joo notes his father retirement ceremony will be done. They joke about marriage. Myeong Joo complains that Dae Young doesn’t answer her phone calls.

Dae Young is the trainer for the special forces troops. He boldly walks among their bullets. I would not do that!

dos_ep5_9b dos_ep5_9aDae Young reports on the training to Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il)  (recall he is Myeong Joo’s father). Dae Young respects his concerns for his daughter.

Dae Young thinks about Myeong Joo, misses her, and knows they never seem to connect. He doesn’t answer her phone call. The longing on his face is evident but duty ranks higher to guide him.

Mo Yeon and Myeong Joo banter a bit. Yep, they aren’t best friends but they aren’t enemies either. More like bickering buddies. 

dos_ep5_10b dos_ep5_10aThe medical team meets and Shi Jin watches Mo Yeon use her 2 way radio with the handle he suggested “Pretty One”. He asks to speak with her and everyone leaves. She’s embarrassed. She leaves saying she can’t talk to him when he’s supposed to marry Myeong Joo.

Dr. Daniel works on the car. His fiancee calls to him to wrap it up. He gets the car to start.

Shi Jin listens to the medical team’s banter using the two way radios. They are like little kids. Shi Jini finds the rock from the beach. He listens to Shi Jin sing on the radio. It’s not the three little bears song.

dos_ep5_11ados_ep5_11c dos_ep5_11b The next day Mo Yeon learns that Shi Jin is leaving Urk. She’s surprised he didn’t tell her himself. She talks to the radio. He asks to meet her. He tells her he’s leaving tomorrow. She tells him she expected him to tell her. He tells her he tried but she didn’t give him a chance. He asks if her feelings are sad that he’s leaving. She doesn’t answer. He asks about their kiss…should he apologize or confess?

My Thoughts
* Shi Jin and Mo Yeon spend quality time together. She hesitates around him. She likes him but she holds herself back. Shi Jin, to his credit, doesn’t force the issue but enjoys the moments they have together hoping they will click. That was a decent first kiss. This couple has chemistry. This couple is worth watching.
* Song Joong Ki gives Shi Jin a tender but intense edge. He openly cares for Mo Yeon. He looks at her like he could swallow her whole sometimes, that’s the intensity I’m referencing. The car off the cliff, then resuscitating her, yep, that’s a man that puts it on the line for the woman he cares about. I love banter and this show delivers a good amount of it. I enjoyed Shi Jin’s banter with Mo Yoen and Myeon Joo.
* Mo Yeon was grateful that Shi Jin saved her life. She can’t let herself act on her feelings with Shi Jin. He scares her. Or should I say his profession scares her. I can understand why she hesitates. Shi Jin, no matter how cute he is, has a dangerous job and could be gone in a blink of an eye. Mo Yeon refuses to ignore this fact. Loved Mo Yeon’s horror when Shi Jin told her that her wet tshirt made her bra visible. Her shock, outrage and his smile when he walked away – a highlight moment in the episode.
* Dae Young respects Myeon Joo’s father’s wishes. He doesn’t agree with them, but he respects them. Another flashback showed a cute moment between them. Will we ever see them bring the cute in present day? Does it surprise you that he’s tough when he trains the troops? It doesn’t surprise me either.
* Myeon Joo had a co-worker report on Dae Young’s comings and going. She was discovered when Dae Young caught his coworkers reporting on his activities. That was a highlight moment for this episode – cute!
* The fourth song of the OST has been released. “You are My Everything” by Gummi is a ballad. The songs of the Descendants of the Sun OST are popular, as noted in this article and this article too. Check out the song via the link or the embedded video below:

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5 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 5 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    “Holy Smokes!” is right–who would have believed saving the day means going over the cliff?!? That Shi Jin is a bit of a scamp laughing as he walks away from Mo Yeon after letting her know her shirt was see-through LOL 💋

    Mo Yeon ❤ likes 💋 that scamp more than she wants to admit–especially after seeing him with Myeong Joo–Mo Yeon is seeing green. I wish she would have let him confess–I'm sure she will have regrets on that on…*SIGH*

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like the slow build of this couple. Mo Yeon keeps the control by denying her feelings due to her fear of his job and committing to a man disappear or die in a flash.

      Shi Jin continually lets her know where he stands. His patience is crucial if he hopes to win Mo Yeon.

  3. Sandra Ponce says:

    Hey I am trying to find the name of the song that the Dr. sang in the radio and I can’t find it. Can anyone plz tell me the name

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