Come Back Mister Episode 5 Recap

One lead comes to the wrong conclusion about his love interest and it clouds his judgement.

Episode 5 Recap:

As Kim Young Soo (Rain) argues his death was not suicide the department store President (who is the chairman’s son) wants to know why Young Soo’s wife is working at the very department store responsible for his death. Everyone twists the facts into theories that imply suicide. Young Soo’s wife runs from the room in tears. The President adjourns the meeting with a smile on his face.

cbm_ep5_1b cbm_ep5_1aSection Chief Jung soothes Young Soo’s wife while Young Soo can only watch another man tend his wife. The President enjoying needling Young Soo as he passes.

Song Yi Yeon isn’t happy that she’s not the lead actress. But she puts on a smile. It’s an acting job, she’ll take it.

Young Soo’s wife tells him not to seek her out again.

cbm_ep5_2b cbm_ep5_2aYi Yeon tells the lead actress that she’s trash after a belittling scene. She heads to the bathroom and takes a swig of alcohol and cries. Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) finds her. She sings while Yi Yeon sobs.  Gi Tak tells her to buck up in the belittling scene. Yi Yeon takes whatever the lead actress gives in the scene without complaining. Atta girl! Gi Tak grabs the lead actress’s chair and tends her Yi Yeon. She’s not exactly gentle. Nice move by Yeon Seo being a bit overpowering, she’s selling that she’s a man trapped in a woman’s body.

cbm_ep5_3acbm_ep5_3b Young Soo’s wife runs from Young Soo and ends up on the roof. Young Soo drags her to the spot he died. She cries not understanding why her husband died. Young Soo apologizes and offers his wife the anniversary necklace. He asks her to wait a bit. If I were Young Soo’s wife I’d be totally confused by this man that is desperate to prove my dead husband did not commit suicide. Why does he care? What’s his angle? These would be my questions. 

Oustide Gi Tak’s restaurant, Seung Jae returns to be berated for leaving but really missed. When the employee spots Yi Yeon and Gi Tak, he pushes Seung Jae aside to make pasta. It’s bad pasta. Gi Tak marches into the kitchen and show him how it is done. It’s delicious. The employee claims it’s just like the boss used to make. Gi Tak has a flashback about the anniversary necklace that Young Soo wanted hidden. He remembers looking at the happy couple. Gi Tak can’t believe that Young Soo and his wife had their anniversary dinner at his restaurant. I’m digging the strong silent Seung Jae.

Young Soo’s wife cries when she reads the card he wrote and tucked into the necklace box. We see Young Soo writing the note and crying.

Young Soo gives his wife luxury goods which she takes reluctantly. She tells him she found the note in the necklace box from her husband. He hugs her and cries. She cries. Nope, that is just his fantasy. Instead his wife refuses the luxury goods and sends him on his way.

cbm_ep5_5b cbm_ep5_5aThe employee clearly remembers Young Soo’s wife waiting for Young Soo. A man arrive while she waited for her husband. Gi Tak calls Young Soo and asks if he intended to give the necklace to his wife at his restaurant. Just as she tells him another man came to the restaurant on that fateful night, Section Chief Jung arrives. Young Soo can’t believe Section Chief Jung has driven to his wife’s home. Ah, when Gi Tak looks at the photos we see Section Chief Jung met his wife on that fateful night. Furious Young Soo interrupts his wife and Section Chief Jung and punches him. His wife pushes him away. Young Soo yells that they betrayed him. Nope, that is just his fantasy. Instead he watches his wife and Section Chief Jung hug. I’m fooled every fantasy scene!

Yi Yeon and Gi Tak meet and old director Yi Yeon’s used to work with.  He offers her a lead role in his new drama.  Gi Tak calls him a liar. The director counters he’s determined Yi Yeon will be his lead. He tells her to have faith in him. Gi Tak knees and thanks the director for wanting Yi Yeon.  The director says this will be a secret until he works the contractual details out.

cbm_ep5_6acbm_ep5_6b Gi Tak meets Young Soo who is staring at the river. He considers jumping but Gi Tak stops him. Distraught Young Soo declares his wife had a clandestine relationship with Section Chief Jung. Gi Tak tells him he must be wrong. Young Soo tries to jump. Gi Tak stops him.  The guardian shows up. She asks if they want to return to heaven. Gi Tak shoos the guardian away. She reminds them they cannot reveal their identity or get revenge. Young Soo yells he will get revenge. Gi Tak tries to grab her but she vanishes.  I love they way Gi Tak calls Young Soo hubby and honey.

cbm_ep5_7b cbm_ep5_7aYoung Soo weeps remembering how lucky he was to snag his beautiful wife. Rain does the ugly cry! Gi Tak wonders if Young Soo’s wife preferred Section Chief Jung. Their food and drink start to disappear. Yep, it’s the guardian.

Young Soo’s wife reads his calendar where he clearly marked the anniversary. In flashback we she her speaking her hopes that her husband did not kill himself to Section Chief Jung.

cbm_ep5_8acbm_ep5_8b At the department store the employees greet the President and Young Soo. His wife nods to Section Chief Jung and it irks Young Soo who elbows his way past the President and berates his wife for wearing ankle stockings. She’s mortified. He feels terrible.  He remembers the President doing the same type of thing to him and shudders that he stooped that low.

In a meeting Young Soo seethes listening to Chief Section Jung. Everyone likes what he has to say, expect Young Soo. He tries to cover his outburst. The chairman leaves everything in Young Soo’s hands which irritates the President. Recall the Chairman has two sons – the legitimate President and the illegitimate one (who look alike body Young Soo is occupying). That’s twisted when you write it out!

Young Soo can’t focus on Section Chief Jung’s words. He can only wonder if / when his wife starting dating Section Chief Jung. Section Chief Jung asks why Young Soo left her gifts. Young Soo asks if he thinks her husband committed suicide. Young Soo accuses Section Chief Jung of having an affiar with his wife which lead to Young Soo’s death. Section Chief Jung is calm cool and collected and doesn’t get upset when Young Soo foams with accusations. Section Chief Jung admits he had a connection to Young Soo’s wife but it’s not what it seems. When Young Soo’s former boss arrives he tells him to take over for Section Chief Jang.

Yi Yeon gloats to Ma Sang Sik (who attacked Yi Yeon back in the day and hold her current contract) that she’s secured a new lead role. She warns him to back off and give her her fair share of the money. He doesn’t believe it will work out, laughs and leaves. Gi Tak asks for room and board as payment for being manager.

Young Soo literally runs into his wife. He tells Section Chief Jung to make sure only good things touch him. He barks to Section Chief Jung to walk with him when he exits. Young Soo’s wife cleans out his locker. She remembers nagging him to eat better during the day. This character has little to do but cry this episode. 

Section Chief Jung and Young Soo check the CCTVs, The night he died the footage is gone. They spot his wife sitting and she gets disciplined for it.

Young Soo tries to block his wife from using the revolving door. It’s a bit silly. Does he see his wife as a person or a possession?

cbm_ep5_11Meanwhile Yi Yeon declares every item her ex-husband owns is to be returned to him, including Seung Jae. Gi Tak intervenes. Seung Jae tells Yi Yeon that he’s not quitting. They stare at each other.  Yi Yeon declares Gi Take will job with him. The bouncing breasts bother him. The lack of physical strength bothers him. The lack of flexibility bothers him. Gi Tak impresses with his knife skills.

Meanwhile Young Soo and Section Chief Jung try and solve the puzzle of proving Young Soo’s death was not a suicide. Kinda gross when Young Soo ate the food from Section Chief Jung’s mouth. At a meeting Young Soo asks Section Chief Jung his likes stealing other people possessions.

Gi Tak is not happy to be hungry and in a house with only cucumbers and water. He complains he didn’t have to starve himself like this when he was in training. Yi Yeon startles him and asks, it is you? She approaches Gi Tak who is unnerved. She touches Gi Tak’s face. She leans into kiss her. She abrubtly stops and declares that she can’t kiss a girl even for a script. She walks away.

Gi Tak complains to Young Soo about Yi Yeon. Young Soo complains about his situation.  Gi Tak yells at him to be nicer to his employees.

Young Soo’s wife takes the Young Soo’s cell phone from her sleeping daughter’s hand and stares at the screen saver image of their family.

Young Soo stares at the CCTV.

Young Soo’s wife stares at the screen saver image and her husband’s last text. But wait a minute, there are texts sent AFTER her husband’s death.

Young Soo and Section Chief Jung arrive at the CCTV repository. Section  Chief Jung demands the footage and gets it. Young Soo sends it to be processed.

cbm_ep5_13acbm_ep5_13b Young Soo’s wife stares at the texts sent after her husband’s death. A coworker berates her. Young Soo enters the fray and yells at Young Soo. Feed up she snaps at Young Soo. Atta girl!

Young Soo’s wife looks at the cell phone. Co workers talk about whether Young Soo’s ghost haunts the department store.

Young Soo yells at his wife. She yells at him. His behavior is not the help he promised. Young Soo spits out that if she thinks her husband could have committed suicide, she didn’t know him very well. He states her lack of faith makes him hate her. They do the glare and stare.

My Thoughts
* Both leads are dismayed that the ones they left behind may not need them or may have secrets of their own. This was not the best episode for Young Soo who was a bit of jerk while he was mired in jealousy. Gi Tak was less dominant as Yi Yeon was the more dominant character. I like the joint scenes between Young Soo and Gi Tak. The writer needs to weave more of those scenes into the story. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo hit the mark when they have joint scenes. Their physical comedy does not seem over the top in these scenes. I missed the Chairman’s secretary barking an order during his single scene of the episode. I liked the guardian visiting and coaxing our leads to return, but Gi Tak snuffed out that possibility. I missed the joint scenes between our leads that shifted to the original leads then shifted back to our leads, that the last episode was perfectly peppered with.
* Young Soo became obsessed with the idea his wife was in a relationship with Section Chief Jung before his death. That logic and this plot point seemed a bit forced. Hard to believe Young Soo would belittle his wife on multiple occasions. Young Soo’s overt suspicions of Section Chief Jung seemed over the top. They say anger is the wind that blows out the candle of your mind. Young Soo’s fantasy scenes were fun and fooled me every time.
* Gi Tak supported Yi Yeon and Young Soo. He made lunch, exercised with Yi Yeon, and realized Young Soo and his wife dined at his restaurant that fateful night. I like that Oh Yeon Seo adds a harder edge to her back pats, make up job, etc giving a manly vibe to her actions.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, landed a lead role. She asked Gi Tak to be her assistant for room and board. That is convenient to allow for more intimate scenes to occur like the almost kiss. I couldn’t believe the Yi Yeon might have guess that Gi Tak was there. She didn’t but it was another gotcha moment the writer is fond of.
* Young Soo’s wife was meek  this episode…until she wasn’t. What’s her connection to Section Chief Jung?
* No epilogue so no update on the illegitimate doppelganger who is stranded with the copilot.
* The second song of the OST is fun. Check this video of “Feel Alive” by Topp Dogg. The video is interspersed with scenes of the artist and our leads with the highlight moments being Oh Yeon Seo’s manly ways View via the link or the embedded video below:

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  2. Waseeta says:

    Do U know the song that plays in the scene where yi yeon gets absorbed in her role and almost kisses gi tak?

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m loving GI TAK/HONG NAN’s antics with the gender switch, actress Yeon Seo is doing such a great job! 😦 like how he is treating his wife, as if she doesn’t have enough on her plate thanks to him. The writer does like to draw us in and fool us. The guardian keeps giving us comedic relief. Thanks for the link to “Feel Alive” it is a great video!

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Hmm this site seem to disappear text in between a heart and angry face emoticons.

    I’m loving GT/HN’s antics with the gender switch, actress Yeon Seo is doing such a ❤ great job! YS/HJ is busy breaking his neck jumping to conclusions. I do NOT like how he is treating his wife, as if she doesn’t have enough on her plate thanks to him. The writer does like to draw us in and fool us. The guardian keeps giving us comedic relief. Thanks for the link to “Feel Alive” it is a great video!

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