Oh My Venus Review

posterOh My Venus Review

Nutshell Summary
Oh My Venus is a 2015/2016 sixteen episode Korean drama that tells the story an overweight lawyer who convinces a famous but secretive trainer to help her get back in shape. Along the way, they find an attraction and acceptance in each other. He has two sidekicks that add to the fun.

Nutshell Pluses:

omv_ep2_9eomv_ep16_8bomv_ep16_12c omv_ep12_9b
1. While weight loss was a major plot point, this series was more about finding your family. Family can include blood relatives and family can include friends.
 The bonding was immediate. Our leads clicked. They gelled with his two sidekicks and her friend to form a support unit that saw each other through the ups and downs of this series.
2. Our leads had fabulous chemistry. Our male lead was appealing. He teased, cajoled, and supported our female lead into finding her mojo again. Our female lead was appealing too. She accepted him, his friends, and never blinked at supporting his needs even when it meant separation. There was little doubt that our couple was right for each other. Once they realized it, they were all in. The typical obstacles were not thrown our couple’s way allowing them to find happiness early. This couple was enjoyable and fun to watch. They made the texting scenes fun! Their banter was superb. I’m a sucker for fun banter between a couple, and they had many wonderful moments. They had a playful aspect to their relationship that was created and sustained throughout the series by the lead actors.
3. Supporting characters contributed. I adored our male sidekicks. They were funny, cute, caring, and I wanted more story for them.
4. This series was centered in likable characters.  Our leads were sweet, the sidekicks were sweet, and their story provided soft, fun, vibe.

Nutshell Minuses:
omv_ep16_9f omv_ep12_7a
1. The series ran out of story and offered two victory laps for our couple.
 The writer wove a decent story until it thinned out when her health was good and our couple was an official couple. What to do? The writer elected to utilize noble idiocy, a common practice, but irksome. Our leads handled it better than I did. Thankfully this detour was only 1 episode. Then with the two victory laps, this series content was reduced.
2. His story never hooked me. While I loved his character, his family, his backstory, wasn’t as engaging I hoped.

The Characters that worked for me:
1. Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) was appealing and sexy.
Dramas don’t always have their male lead declare themselves sexy…but he did and he was. Confident and caring, he was an appealing combination that drew our female lead to him. Add a dash of knight in shining armor who rescued our female whenever she needed it (and she needed it often initially) and you’ve got a sexy prince charming on your hands. Then you add his open caring for his sidekicks, and he’s almost too good to be true. The chemistry between the lead actors, So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, was superb.

2. Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) found her groove became the perfect partner for our lead. 
Once she had the weight in hand, she realized that she cared for Young Ho. She accepted him and he accepted her. She both had an underlying calm and sweet way with each other that produced a quiet love but they were not boring. Their interchanges weren’t overly dramatic. You got the feeling this couple could be real.
omv_ep16_7b omv_ep3_1f
3. Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon),
was the boxer than Young Ho was training for the big fight. He was sweet and desperately wanted to reconnect with his mother. Both Joo Eun and Young Ho played a role in making the re-connection work. He had an actress that was a huge fan and he wasn’t sure he liked that. Also he supported our couple and became part of their family. I could have used more story and screen time for this character.
omv_ep6_5a omv_ep8_5
4. Kim Ji Wong (Henry),
was the Joon Sung’s manager and a delight to watch. He was the overt comic relief of this series and Henry delivered every funny line with zest. He supported our couple and Joon Sung. I could have used an individual story for this character, I wanted to know more about this cutie.
omv_ep2_6a omv_ep9_13b
5. Manager Min (Choi Jin Ho)
was Young Ho’s surrogate father. Good thing because Young Ho’s real father was cold and not very likable. When Manager Min interacted with Young Ho there was almost always humor and there was always caring.

The Characters that did nothing for me:
1. Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) and Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young)
were Joo Eun’s ex-boyfriend and Joo Eun’s ex-friend.
Soo Jin was jealous of Woo Sik’s lingering feelings for Joo Eun. She was not pleasant to Joo Eun. I found these two throw away characters. What they did does not interest me.

Do I recommend this series?
If you want a fun and flirty romantic comedy with appealing leads, cute secondary characters and a fluffy fun story, then this series would hit the mark for you. Our couple evolved to equals. Sure, losing weight and getting healthy was a major plot point, but Young Ho summed it perfectly when he told Joo Eun that while he liked her slimmed down shell, it was her internal health that was important to him. Sweet!


The OST has 9 tracks. See drama wiki for details. My favorite is song is It’s Me by MIII. The playlist of the 9 songs is embedded below or check it out via the link.

1. Beautiful Lady by Kim Jong Hyun
2. Darling U by Kim Tae Woo featuring Ben
3. That Person (Duet Version) by LYn featuring Shin Yong Jae
4. It’s Me by MIII
5. I’ll Be There by Tei
6. Oh My Venusby Snuper
7. Love Moves On by Kei of Lovelyz
8. That Person (Woman Version) by LYn
9. That Person (Man Version) by Shin Yong Jae

Episode 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | Series

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2 comments on “Oh My Venus Review
  1. Beez says:

    kjtamuser- you hit every single nail smack dab on its head! I just want to pound one completely through the wall though – the writers set up a brilliant story and then somehow missed it themselves… instead of going with the truck if doom/re-injured/noble idiocy/time-jump,they had already created the perfect story that we haven’t seen in dramaland before (at least I haven’t) – having him trying to push her away when he’s going thru his phantom pain and her finally pushing through his pushing her away during an attack and helping him the way she did at the award banquet (or whatever event that was) until he learned he could trust her during his pain and maybe (or maybe not) finally being healed of the (possibly) psychological aspect of that pain but relying on each other whatever the outcome. IT WAS THERE! IT WAS THEIR IDEA! HOW DID THEY FUMBLE THIS?


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