Come Back Mister Episode 4 Recap

Our leads decide to work together to help each other right the wrongs their death caused those they love. It isn’t easy.

Episode 4 Recap:

Young Soo’s daughter, Kim Han Na, pleads with the store’s President to help prove her father didn’t commit suicide. Fed up with her pleas, the President pushes Han Na to the floor. Kim Young Soo (Rain) watches his daughter on the floor and is livid at the President’s mistreatment. Rain is popping the veins in his neck!  At a higher vantage, stuck in a woman’s body, Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) dials the mystery number and learns it is the President’s assistant’s phone. Young Soo reminds Han Na her father would want her to rise, she stares at him. The President stares at his ex-wife Song Yi Yeon (and Gi Tak’s former girlfriend). She waves and leaves the store.

cbm_ep4_1a cbm_ep4_1b cbm_ep4_1c
Han Na explains to Young Soo how the necklace and the anniversary dinner proves her father did not commit suicide. Han Na confides her father would never leave her. Young Soo recommends Han Na keep the necklace for now. Young Soo’s wife arrives upset that Han Na left school. They cry and hug upset by their behavior. Young Soo can barely watch his wife and child sob together. He cries too, silently. Nice scene that drives home two points  1. Young Soo’s wife and child are grieving, 2. everyone grieves differently and you irritate each other in the process.

cbm_ep4_2a cbm_ep4_2b
As Young Soo stares at the night Gi Tak is thrilled to have a lead on who is manipulating Yi Yeon. She’s impressed that Young Soo’s position at the department store. Young Soo shares this is the spot he died. Gi Tak is sensitive to the his pain. Nice switch to the original actors. They commiserate over his last moments. Young Soo wants to make it so his wife and child never cry again. Nice switch to the lead actors. This is a brilliant choice by the writer to weave the original actors into scenes. It strengthens the motivation of both lead characters. Frankly I like the original Young Soo much more now than I did in the first episode.

Young Soo’s wife and her daughter arrive home. Young Soo carries his daughter into the house. His wife can’t help but notice the careful way he has with Han Na. As Young Soo leaves he asks his wife if she believes her husband committed suicide. She’ll never know, she counters.

Gi Tak tells Seung Jae she knows his secrets and her brother was positive Seung Jae would always have his back.

cbm_ep4_3a cbm_ep4_3b cbm_ep4_3c
Na Suk Chul (who attacked Yi Yeon back in the day and now holds her contract) berates her for the bad press for the department store incident. He calls her a washed up actress. He says his boss is sick of her antics. Gi Tak stops short seeing his former rival and an obviously upset Yi Yeon. Seung Jae apologizes for her behavior. Gi Tak can’t believe he’s a president and offers to make him coffee so she can eavesdrop. Suk Chul leaves. Yi Yeon sags at the effort of being poised during the encounter. Gi Tak tries to stop her from drinking and tells her she needs a sharp brain. Yi Yeon asks her name. Gi Tak calls herself Han Hong Nan. Yi Yeon tells her they shouldn’t meet again. She needs to forget about Gi Tak, erradicate him from her brain. She demands Gi Tak leave by throwing a bottle against a wall. That act makes the point. Gi Tak walks away and comments Yi Yeon could never repay Gi Tak for what he did for her. Yi Yeon sobs. Outside Gi Tak cries. She tells Seung Jae should have never come back. She leaves.

The department store President is angry that Young Soo upset with him and Yi Yeon laughed at him.

cbm_ep4_4a cbm_ep4_4b cbm_ep4_4c
Young Soo bows to his father and apologizes to his brother, the President. The secretary barks that he must increase sales and ASAP. Love this clever communication method created by the writer. The President warns Young Soo that their father will never acknowledge him. He says increasing sales is a lost cause. Young Soo states he’ll give it go anyhow and leaves. Nice!

Gi Tak is bummed that Yi Yeon wants to forget him. Switch to the original actor. He asks why he’s here, no one wants him. Switch to the lead actor. She’s hungry and considers calling the guardian who calls and asks if she wants to return to heaven. The guardian says she’s merely monitoring Gi Tak.

cbm_ep4_5a cbm_ep4_5b
She returns to her old home and remembers the good times with her buddies. She can’t get over Yi Yeon’s words. Oh no, someone arrives home. She dashes into the closet and can’t believe Suk Chul is living in her apartment. He notices the lights are on. The lights go off. He thinks Gi Tak is a ghost and faints. Gi Tak leaves but is dragged away by Seung Jae who has been watching her since she left Yi Yeon’s house. He tells her she needs to get a grip. She taunts him like her used to. They leaves together. I’m loving the subtle and direct support Seung Jae is giving Gi Tak.

Seung Jae takes her to Gi Tak’s grave. She’s struck by the reality of the situation, she’s dead to her friends. She tells Seung Jae she’s glad he is ok. Seung Jae admits he’s looking for the chance to find the truth and get revenge. Gi Tak is scared for her friend.

Young Soo’s home is impressive to say the least. He’s blown away. While the house is fabulous he’s lonely. Gi Tak calls and he invites her over to stay. Gi Tak complains the Yi Yeon wants to forget him. Then Gi Tak is happy that Seung Jae called him family. She cries. Young Soo wipes away her tears. She passes out on the floor. The next morning Young Soo wakes still impressed at how good looking he is. He’s stunned to find a bra in his bed. While he sips tea downstairs, Gi Tak comes down naked. The tea dribbles out of Young Soo’s mouth and Gi Tak realizes he’s not a naked man, he’s a naked woman! That made me laugh!

The store workers are stoked by Young Soo’s appearance. He enjoys posing for the ladies. His former boss brings him coffee. Young Soo orders the newest fashions be brought to him. He tells his former boss that plastic surgery might be beneficial. He asks for iced coffee instead. Gi Tak arrives and they hug each other.

The former boss scurries and tells the department store President that Young Soo has a woman visitor. He believes they are involved.

Young Soo and Gi Tak shop. She’s attracted to masculine attire. Young Soo drags her to his wife for help. Gi Tak tells Young Soo she understands why Young Soo returned to earth. Clad in a short black dress, Gi Tak complains about the wedgie her underwear gives her. Young Soo buys many clothes for Young Soo but is astonished at the cost.

cbm_ep4_9b cbm_ep4_9a
Gi Tak swaggers while he walks. Young Soo gives Gi Tak tips to walk and act more feminine. Nice switch to the original actors. Watching two guys pose like girls was amusing. Switch back to the leads. Gi Tak wonders where she saw his wife previously.

Yi Yeon is kept waiting for her appointment. The casting agent comes out “thrilled” to see her. A younger woman exits his office. Yi Yeon realizes that’s how it is. She grabs his lapel and begs for a part, any part. He tells her the investors are blocking her from getting roles. He’s not happy. She’s livid and cries. She’s thrilled when a director calls.

Young Soo’s former boss comments that he’s odd. The department store President thinks he’ll be able to cut him down to size. At the board meeting, Young Soo acts Manager Jung is Young Soo was planning a date with his wife that evening. The President is interested that Young Soo is interested of eradicating the suicide assumption. Young Soo declares he’ll find out why Young Soo died at the company. The President agrees to hear Young Soo’s evidence that he did not commit suicide.

On the department store roof, Gi Tak sees the CC camera lens was broken.

Young Soo’s wife entrees the boardroom.

cbm_ep4_10b cbm_ep4_10f
Young Soo continues his evidence that he did not commit suicide. When his wife drops a glass her hands shaking, Young Soo realizes to his horror that she’s overheard. Undeterred he continues his assertion that Young Soo did not commit suicide. He cites his ill health and long hours as proof that company bears some of the blame. He demands the company makes things right with the family. He stares at his wife during his plea. The President asks why Young Soo’s wife is willing to work for the very company that killed her husband. Drats, that puts her in a bad position. She glares at Young Soo.

Epilogue: A shirtless illegitimate son and worries the pilot are still stranded on a deserted island. He worries the pilot may be suffering from hypothermia and removes his shirt and rubs his chest. When the pilot wakes doesn’t recognize him.

My Thoughts

* Both leads try to help those left behind but it isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. Gi Tak and Young Soo want to help but instead make things harder. I adore how the writer is weaving in the original actors into scene then cutting by to our leads. Well done!
* Young Soo valiantly tried to prove he didn’t commit suicide. Trying to prove without absolute proof makes this goal difficult to achieve. Rain’s strength is in the comedic scenes. Shirtless, shocked, etc. he relishes the situations of those scenes and brings it home. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo continue to have excellent chemistry.
* Gi Tak was pained by Yi Yeon’s rejection. He wants to help but she doesn’t want to be helped by or to remember the past. Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Ha Nui play off each other beautifully in their scenes. Gi Tak seemed to have a momentary attraction to Seung Jae who seems unnerved by him too. As I said last episode, I love the idea that the souls cannot control the impulses their bodies have. If Gi Tak’s body is attracted to Seung Jae, that makes things more interesting.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, decided Gi Tak’s help was more trouble than it was worth. She asked Gi Tak to leave her alone. She wanted to forget the past and Gi Tak.
* Young Soo’s wife seemed secondary again this episode. She was puzzled by Young Soo’s tender care of her daughter. She was surprised that he sought her out to sell to Gi Tak. She was stunned to hear Gi Tak declaring that her husband did not commit suicide.
* I like the brief epilogues that let us know that the illegitimate doppelganger is still stranded but alive.
* The first song of the OST is a lovely ballad. Check out “Alone” by Noel via the link or the embedded video below:

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5 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 4 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    Yay, Rain!
    Yay, Oh Yeon-Seo and her gap-legged walk!

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    The physical comedy is magnificent! I can’t wait to find out how villain Suk Chul has usurped Gi Tak’s life. YEAH! So glad Gi Tak’s former right hand man (now Yi Yeon’s bodyguard) is not a traitor and even protected Hong Nan. ❤

    While in many ways YS/HJ has become more likeable, I do not like how YS/HJ kept bulldozing his anti-suicide agenda in the company meeting despite Da Hye showed up in the room. Ji Hoon seems to be more sensitive to Da Hye’s needs. Wasn’t he the one who reminded YS/HJ of his anniversary in the first episode?

    The epilogues with the real Han Joon simply add another layer to the story.

    • Beez says:

      I get that Yong Soo is somewhat insensitive to Dae Hye’s reaction but if I were in her shoes, I would want someone to prove my husband didn’t willingly leave us and would welcome someone trying to clear his name of the lies the moneybigwigs are conveniently scapegoating him with. So I understood the subject being difficult for Dae Hye to hear, but I didn’t understand her antagonistic reaction to YongSoo/Hae Joon.

    • kjtamuser says:

      The physical comedy was excellent in these opening episodes.

      The epilogues were the perfect way to keep tabs on the illegitimate son.

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