Descendants of the Sun Episode 3 Recap

Will our leading couple restart or stay in cold storage? Will our second couple get a chance to restart?

Descendants of the Sun Episode 3 Recap

Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and her medical team watching the helicopter land. Their escorts emerge. She sees Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) suave in his shades. Dae Young (Jin Goo) looks good too. Shi Jin passes her by to speak with the others in the medical team. He introduces he and his team as their escorts. They are shocked when a single duffle is handed to each of them. That’s all they can take. Shi Jin hands Mo Yeon the scarf she dropped.

The troops offer a cute welcome complete with flower lei for the ladies. Mo Yeon unpacks and a solider welcomes her. Hey it is the thief,  Kim Ki Bum, from episode 1 took Dae Young’s advice and joined the army to get away from the gang. Good to see him. I liked him in the first episode. She’s impressed with his reformation. 


dos_ep3_1bMo Yeon watches Shi Jin enter a building pretending not to see her. She’s a bit nonplussed but strides on.

dos_ep3_2Now my favorite couple, Dae Young and Shi Jin banter about the box he just received. The box has items for everyone, except Shi Jin. LOL when Dae Young gives Shi Jin the empty box. The letter to Dae Young tells him his ex-girlfriend Officer Yoon Myeong Joo (Kim Ji Won) is coming to Urk. Excellent. More screen time for Dae Young. Myeong Joo tells her father,  Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il), she’s off to Urk. They both know why she’s going there.  She tells her father, she won’t lose Dae Young, she loves him. She’s frank, stop me and you’ll lose me. I like a determined woman!

dos_ep3_3a dos_ep3_3bMo Yeon offers a candy bar to local child but doesn’t have more when other cluster around her. Shi Jin chides her for not having enough for everyone. He scolds her for entering a restricted area. He tells the children to go to a party. She strides away and steps on something that makes a noise. Shi Jin says she’s stepped on a mine. She freaks out and implores him to help. Dramatically he hesitates and teases her. He moves onto the spot and moves her off. He says he’ll die for her.  She pushes him off and he pulls her down when they fall. No explosion, no mine. Mo Yeon doesn’t find it funny. She strides away in anger. Shi Jin shakes his head in frustration.

Dae Young asks Shi Jin why she’s upset. He admits he misbehaved.

Shi Jin apologizes to Mo Yeon for his joke that was in bad taste. When the flag is raised everyone salutes. Shi Jin turns Mo Yeon to the flag. To her back he tells her it’s good to see her. Nicely done, I’d forgive him.

That night in the tent Mo Yeon can’t help but think of Shi Jin. She smiles.

dos_ep3_4a dos_ep3_4bThe next day Mo Yeon watches the soldiers jog shirtless. All the ladies admire the view. Shi Jin, in uniform, asks what her schedule is. Mo Yeon, shoos him to the side, he’s blocking the splendid view. A girl can look and dream. As the soldiers head out of sight, she smirks at him, and he smiles. Gosh I love Shi Jin’s smile. 

The soldiers come in for a blood draw. Mo Yeon takes care of Shi Jin. She pretends not to find the vein. He tells her not to be angry over yesterday. He plunges the needle into himself. That startled me. Did he hit his own vein?

An accident on a mountain road sends out a team of soldiers. They find an overturned UN truck. As they approach they find the driver dead. The passenger is not hurt and pulls gun. He is quickly neutralized. The cargo in the truck is guns. They hand the criminal over to the local police.

dos_ep3_5a dos_ep3_5bWhen they return Mo Yeon asks if everything is ok. Shi Jin and Dae Young say it was only a car accident. When Mo Yeon asks for the WiFi password Dae Young is unable to provide it but suggests Shi Jin can take Mo Yeon to the town’s cafe that has WiFi. Ah, our little match maker Dae Young. 

dos_ep3_6a dos_ep3_6bShi Jin and Mo Yeon drive to the town. Mo Yeon tells him she’s quitting the hospital and starting her own clinic. He asks if that is because of the chairman. She’s surprised he’s heard of the man. The grip at each other a bit. In town he takes her a stpre. The lady that got the gun at the bar comes out. She’s the sole owner now that her partner, that Shi Jin knew has been banned from the country. Must be quite a guy if he’s banned from a country!  She’s cold to Shi Jin but interested in Mo Yeon. She guesses she’s a doctor. Shi Jin tells Mo Yeon the woman is a nurse and works part time in the hardware store. Shi Jin asks about the WiFi. He leaves Mo Yeon after whispering the woman owns a gun.

Shi Jin reports to his superior about the car incident who worries that bad guys are getting bolder.

The local police officer tells the lead of the bad guys, in a dreadful accident, that his team cannot fake being UN workers. Mr. Bad Guy claims he is well connected. He throws money at the police officer then shoots him. Really? He tells the police officer he’s the leader now. Best thing you can say for that scene is Mr. Bad Guy had a decent English accent.

Shi Jin’s superior finishes telling him the bad guys should be avoided. He reminds Shi Jin he’s almost done with his tour. Dae Young gets a transfer assignment. He recalls when Lt. General Yoon asked if he was dating his daughter. He recalls her father asking him to put his daughter’s career first. Dae Young didn’t like the request but must have complied. Dae Young looks at letter from Myeong Joo. Is he thinking about restarting their relationship?

dos_ep3_7a dos_ep3_7bShi Jin shares that Dae Young is going back to Korea. Shi Jin notes the request is from a father not a commander. Mo Yeon realizes this is about Myeong Joo. She asks how they met. In a flashback we see Myeong Joo notices Dae Young’s kindness to another solider. Myeong Joo orders Dae Young to receive medical care but he refuses. That peaked them both. Sweetly Shi Jin takes Mo Yeong to the beach. He hooks her with a bit more about Dae Young taking Myeong Joo to his ex-girlfriend’s wedding.

dos_ep3_8a dos_ep3_8bMore flashback. Myeong Joo jumps Dae Young’s car and suggests if she attend the wedding with him, his ex-girlfriend will be jealous. She changes in the backseat. Yep, she peaks his interest. She asks that he pretend to date her so the guy her father wants her to date (who happens to be Shi Jin) will lose interest. LOL when Myeong Joo says the guy (Shi Jin) looks like a girl. You must admit Shi Jin isn’t super macho. They agree to help each other. Yep, she peaks his interest. What a cute flashback!

dos_ep3_9Mo Yeon wants to know if Dae Young, Myeong Joo, and Shi Jin are in a love triangle. He confirms this. He wonders why she’s curious about a man she recently dumped. He helps her on a boat. They eye each other.

dos_ep3_10b dos_ep3_10cThey enjoy a ride along the shore. He takes her to a deserted beach with a wrecked ship. She likes the beach. He tells her to return again. He tells her a pebble from the beach means she’ll be able to return. He offers her a pebble. Sweet! She explores the ship. He admits he’s been bewitched by her. They stare. He flirts. She shoots him down. She’ll go back to Korea soon. She holds the pebble.

dos_ep3_11a dos_ep3_11bA child startles a doctor and asks for food. The child gets sick and passes out. He carries the child into the medical unit just as Mo Yeon and Shi Jin drive up. Mo Yeon recalls the children sucking on lead. That combined with malnutrition has created a toxic situation. Shi Jin says he’ll leave. Mo Yeon says the medical team will take is from here. Shi Jin notes that the Mo Yeon he used to know has evolved. He chides her for not knowing about lead poisoning in this part of the world. He notes she was too busy being on TV to study before she came. Ouch! They stare at each other. He leaves.

When he gets back to the barracks the alarm goes off. The medical unit is under alert status. A VIP patient is coming in. It’s a Arab President. Shi Jin provides the patients medical information to Mo Yeon. Much of the information is redacted. But Mo Yeon, an expert with VIPs understands the privacy these patients require.

dos_ep3_12a dos_ep3_12b    The patient arrives. As they discuss what to do, the President’s henchman offers nitrogycerin. Mo Yeon accepts it. His blood pressure drops. She notices his abdomin is puffy. She decides to do surgery. The henchman tries to stop her. Terrible accent this guy. He tells the medical team to stop. Mo Yeon says she must operate of the President will die. The henchman draws his gun. Good grief, seems to be a theme in the show, when in doubt, make your point with a gun. Shi Jin puts his hand on his weapon. Mo Yeon says bluntly without her help, he will die. Shi Jin’s superior tells him to cooperate. Dae Young and Shi Jin nod to each other.

dos_ep3_12cdos_ep3_12edos_ep3_12fdos_ep3_12gShi Jin asks Mo Yeon if she can save the man. She hedges. He demands an absolute answer. She stares at him and declares she can save him. Shi Jin turns off his communication device. Everyone draw their guns. It’s a standoff!

My Thoughts
* I knew inherantly there would be issues with the foreign location, bad actors/accents, and potential silly plot points. Yes, there is some of that, but it doesn’t overwhelm the episode. The episode was about Shi Jin’s faith in Mo Yeon even though she pushed him away. The episode was about the backstory of Dae Young and Myeong Joo. We got to see them sparkle in first moments of their relationship. This episode ended with the trust Dae Young and Shi Jin have in each other and the trust Shi Jin was willing to put in Mo Yeon’s rusty surgical skills. Folks, that’s a decent episode!
* Song Joong Ki gives Shi Jin a vulnerable cool vibe. He’s not perfect, he makes mistakes, and he apologies. Not everyone does that latter but Shi Jin does. He kept trying to open the door with Mo Yeon even though she shut down every attempt. He was sad to have Dae Young reassigned to Korea and lose his buddy. I didn’t like that each, I love their bromance! His faith in Mo Yeon, his willingness to counter orders (a big deal) based on his faith in her abilities and the belief saving the President was more important than who could get blamed, made me like Shi Jin that much more.
* Mo Yeon cracked but did not break around Shi Jin. She’s drawn to him but pulled away every time it got too close for her comfort. She’s determined not to involve herself with Shi Jin. She’s willing to deny what she wants because he doesn’t fit into her plans. She needs a rebirth and Urk and this patient may be the time and place for it.
* We got more Dae Young! I love this guy. I’m a sucker for the strong and somewhat silent types. When he talks it matters. I enjoyed the backstory with Myeong Joo. We got a glimpse of their chemistry. It made me want to see more.

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7 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 3 Recap
  1. […] Episode 03   Episode 02   Episode 01 […]

  2. Lee Poh Yoke says:

    Shi Jin and Mo Yeon are both leaders to their teams and experts in their own fields.

    It seems that Shi Jin can be dangerous and unpredictable and can get his team into trouble. In the case of the showdown, the logic and maths don’t work out( at least to me) i.e. he is ready to sacrifice 10 men, including his own life, start a big diplomatic crisis and who knows what, from the Arab world( doesn’t he read the papers?), because his leader told him to put the blame on the doctor(Mo Yeon) if the patient dies. But really, surely with so many witnesses ( plus recordings on phones) on the orders of the Arabs not wanting a woman/infidel to operate on their leader, Mo Yeon may not necessarily be implicated. The scene is cool but strange for a leader to decide that way. However, maybe we are all a bit like Shi Jin sometimes..irrational , emotional and short sighted, although we don’t play with guns.

    I think that ,perhaps, Mo Yeon went with the team to this place angry and bitter after all that happened to her and being ‘punished’. ‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick..’ Proverbs 13:12a. Hence, she was not prepared and neither did she prepare her team for the place and what may be expected there. Her team mates,(especially the role by Onew?) seems naive and even silly due to this lack of preparation. ( not professional of her but perhaps understandable). She now wants her place in the sun and whilst Shi Jin is very tempting, it seems like ‘wrong place and wrong time’ to her. Maybe she is a bit torn inside about Shi Jin. Most red blooded women would not be torn that way..but maybe this makes the chase more exciting for Shi Jin. It may become tiring for the viewer (we all seem to have 20/20 vision about viewing other people’s lives) but again, maybe we have been there too ..where life seems to be heading no where, our emotions like a yo-yo and we keep making the same mistakes in our relationships.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with your thoughts that for Mo Yeon she views a relationship with
      Shi Jin as ‘wrong place and wrong time’. The viewers see a hot guy and think ‘grab him’, but she must think of herself, her career, and consider what is best for her.
      I like your thought on Shi Jin’s choice to side with Mo Yeon and turn his back on his superior’s orders. Shi Jin does have an edge, heart, and the combination can create that type of decision. Thanks for the insights!

      • pohyoke says:

        Mo yeon and Shi Jin do have moments where they bicker the way husbands and wives do. I laughed at the way he answered her that he wasn’t angry, on the way for internet.

        It is also very interesting to me, to see the way men talk to each other ( you can’t get more ‘manly’ than in the army) and how different they are when they interact with women. Unfortunately the camaraderie that the men show here is not shown amongst the women.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Mo Yeon seemed to be irritated with Shi Jin for dissing her at the beginning of the episode, once he apologizes she returns the favor to a lesser degree. For some reason we are still at “wrong place and wrong time” for these two.

    It seems kinda rotten that Myeong Joo’s pop manages to transfer Dae Young to keep these two from reconnecting and breaking up the bromance! Parents: quit trying to manipulate you adult children!

    Loving the eye candy including soldiers running bare chested and black market villain hottie played by David McInnis—Mmm I feel a sugar rush coming on from all this eye candy! 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      The push/pull of this couple is in their relationship DNA.

      I like the shirtless joggers too. This was carried throughout the Urk episodes, so good consistency by the writer.

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