Come Back Mister Episode 3 Recap

Our leads realize a crucial truth. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Episode 3 Recap:

Kim Young Soo (Rain) learns from the guardian that someone on the planet looks just like him. This isn’t supposed to happen, but it has. Recall that Young Soo looks just like the chairman’s illegitimate son who is en route to Korea to become the new department store manager.  Young Soo’s former boss reports that Young Soo is undercover (he chairman’s son believes Young Soo is the illegitimate son).  The chairman’s son decides he must handle Young Soo personally. When Young Soo realizes he looks just like the chairman’s son, he’s gobsmacked.

cbm_ep3_1a cbm_ep3_1bStuck in a woman’s body, Han Gi Tak (Oh Yeon Seo) tells his former girlfriend, Song Yi Yeon, that Gi Tak confided in her (his sister) just before he died. Yi Yeon says Gi Tak complicated her life. Gi Tak suggests that Yi Yeon walked into a trap set by someone else. Gi Tak tells Yi Yeon she doesn’t hold a grudge. That upsets Yi Yeon who wants to know why Gi Tak’s sister is there. Gi Tak claims that her brother’s last request was to help Yi Yeon out of the trap.   Gi Tak tells his former protege Seung Jae that Gi Tak never broke his word to remain a law abiding citizen. Seung Jae doesn’t exactly believe him. He states the big boss is deathly ill.

cbm_ep3_2a cbm_ep3_2bYoung Soo’s daughter, Kim Han Na, spots her mother and Young Soo. He is thrilled to see Han Na but she’s thrilled to see her mother. They walk to their home and Young Soo is left on the outside looking in. Young Soo’s father wants to know why he is lurking outside the gate. He releases the dog but the dog recognizes Young Soo and licks not attacks him. He apologizes to the family. Now Young Soo’s wife recognizes him from the store. She calls the police. Young Soo claims Young Soo took a private loan from him. He demands they repay the loan or give him the house.

cbm_ep3_3He enters the house and remembers the happy times. I believe Young Soo’s pain at the loss of his family. But now he stares at three unhappy people. He pays respect to himself. He realizes his family thinks he’s dead. They are moving on…without him. He sobs. Rain does the ugly cry. 

cbm_ep3_4a cbm_ep3_4bGi Tak visits the big boss who is in a coma. He recalls the big boss wishing he’d take over the organization. Rival Ma Sang Sik (who attacked Yi Yeon back in the day) was there too. Gi Tak urges the big boss to get well.  She doesn’t see him flick his foot. I like the utilization of the original actor Kim Su Ro for Gi Tak, it add more weight to the scene.

cbm_ep3_5a cbm_ep3_5bYoung Soo eats with gusto. The family can’t believe how informal and well he eats. When he asks about the life insurance, Han Na is sent to her room. Father leaves the room too. Young Soo’s wife says the insurance hasn’t paid because suicide  might be why Young Soo died. Young Soo’s wife thinks Ha Na doesn’t know about her father’s death and the rumors, but of course she does, and it hurts. Young Soo’s father and daughter can’t give up the items his wife wanted to give away. She refuses declares they have to get rid of the items.

cbm_ep3_6a cbm_ep3_6bLOL watching Gi Tak straddle and drink. She warns interested men to leave her alone. She remembers Yi Yeon’s lack of confidence and her question…how can you help me? These two actors have excellent chemistry.

cbm_ep3_7bcbm_ep3_7a Young Soo comes to the same drinking establishment and cries. Gi Tak isn’t understanding. Really Young Soo’s weeping and the tears turns me off too! Oops, neither of them have much money in their wallets to pay the bill. Gi Tak yells to the guardian but no money is forthcoming. They decide to run. The guardian covers the expenses.  Gi Tak wishes Young Soo well and leaves.

cbm_ep3_8a cbm_ep3_8bIn the hotel elevator they finally remember they ran into each other that morning. Young Soo wonders if they meet before then. He considers Gi Tak’s manly walk, speech and stares into those eyes. Gi Tak can’t believe’s he’s affected by Young Soo’s intense stare. He’s a guy, but he’s attracted to Young Soo. Just as Gi Tak is about to give into what he believes are Young Soo’s advances, Gi Tak kisses him first. Young Soo is taken aback. Supposedly all that close perusal was to determine who Gi Tak was. They both realize they have identical watch. They both realize who each other is. They both realize they are two guys that just kissed. They freak out. Then they are thrilled to see each other. They aren’t alone grappling with their new reality.

Interesting scene which I didn’t totally buy into until the moment that the original actors were cut into the scene and realized they kissed, then were stoked to see each other again. 

cbm_ep3_9Gi Tak is impressed with Young Soo’s slamming body. Young Soo tells Gi Tak he’s kinda hot and he’s a bit jealous of the breasts.  Over beers they bemoan that they don’t have total control over their new bodies. I like that aspect of the story. All kinds of fun things can happen when they can’t control the urges of the bodies they inhabit. 

Ha Na misses her father and cries. Young Soo’s wife misses him. Young Soo’s father misses him.

Having survived the turbulence, the chairman’s illegitimate son reports to his father (through the secretary) that the plane landed in Japan. His father (through the secretary) orders him to get to Korea ASAP. The illegitimate son resolves to make his father respect him.

Ha Na tries to recover the necklace her father was going to give her month at their anniversary dinner. The waiter promises to retrieve it. He succeeds but has to take it from an unhappy waitress that pocketed the necklace.

cbm_ep3_9=10Young Soo resolves to make it known he did not commit suicide. When he walks into the department store, the staff is assembled and greets him. His former boss welcomes him as the new store manager. He is stunned unaware they think he’s the new the store manager. Young Soo calls the guardian and tells him she’s working hard to resolve the situation but it isn’t easy.

The illegitimate son flies to Korea with a drunk pilot in a small plane. Ah, the guardian pushes the plane off course and disappears from the tower.

cbm_ep3_10a cbm_ep3_10bMeanwhile Young Soo still can’t used to his former boss calling him branch manager. He does enjoy his former boss escorting him about the store. He needles his boss for not recognizing him yesterday. He has his boss declare his position in front of his wife. Young Soo preens at his new title.

Ha Na brings the necklace to the store. New Section Chief Jung interacts with her.

cbm_ep3_11a cbm_ep3_11bYi Yeon arrives at the department store interrupting the autograph session of the actor that accused her of loving and leaving him. He tries to avoid her but to no avail. She asks why he sold her out and lied. He doesn’t answer. She starts to walk away. A store managers asks her to leave. Scandal ridden women don’t help business. Gi Tak walks by her and gives her hand a squeeze of support. Gosh, the director loves the walk by scene, it is done every episode. Yi Yeon recovers herself and calmly states she’s a customer too.

cbm_ep3_12b cbm_ep3_12aYoung Soo’s wife asks Young Soo if he knew her husband why her husband never mentioned him. Young Soo states her husband was discreet. She asks to see the IOU her husband gave him. He tells her he doesn’t carry the IOU and orders her to return to work.

cbm_ep3_13The actor passes Young Soo by loudly complaining about his unwanted interaction with Yi Yeon. Gi Tak runs into him and he drops his cell phone. Gi Tak switches cell phone with him.  As Gi Tak walks away the actor realizes the cell phones were switched. Gi Tak switches the phone back. He’s memorized the number of the person the actor was complaining too. It’s all part of operation “determine who is trying to ruin Yi Yeon”.  Seung Jae asks what is going on.

cbm_ep3_14a cbm_ep3_14bThe president, who is the chairman’s son’s (and Yi Yeon’s ex-husband), arrives at the department store. He orders Yi Yeon banned from the store. Yi Yeon declares she’ll have to be dragged out of the store. When the manager urges her to leave in 5 minutes Young Soo inserts himself, unhappy that a valued customer is being treated in this manner. Young Soo sees Yi Yeon to the door, apologizes again, and catches Gi Tak’s eye who is happy with Young Soo’s efforts.

Seung Jae isn’t happy that Yi Yeon and Gi Tak plotted today’s visit to the department store. Gi Tak tells him that she guessed Yi Yeon’s ex-husband would freak out if she came to the store. She wants to find out who is the mastermind.

cbm_ep3_15a cbm_ep3_15b cbm_ep3_15cHa Na implores the president that her father did not commit suicide. I like that the father and daughter are trying to do the same thing, clear his name of suicide.  Section Chief Jung intervenes as the president is not happy with the scene the little girl is making. Ha Na offers the necklace her father bought her mother for their anniversary dinner as proof her father did not commit suicide. The president pushes Ha Na to the floor and the necklace falls out of her hand. She crawls to retrieve the necklace which is in front of man, Young Soo who is livid at the treatment his daughter has endured. He stares daggers at the president. If looks could kill.

cbm_ep3_16Epilogue: The illegitimate son and the pilot are stranded on a deserted island. Will he ever get to Korea?


My Thoughts

* Not as strong as the second episode but there were moments. Gi Tak and Young Soo realizing who each other was the highlight of the show. Their banding together to help each other out on their quests to right the wrongs to those they care for is a good plot point. Weaving in the original actors into multiple scenes strengthened those scenes.
* Young Soo got emotional this episode. Rain seemed a bit excessive with his emotional outbursts. But his interaction with the guardian was comedic. His righteous indignation had the president’s mistreatment of his daughter was spot on. Rain and Oh Yeon Seo were top notch in their joint scenes. It’s more interesting now that they know who the other is.
* Gi Tak interested me more this episode. Oh Yeon Seo had the spotlight this episode with several excellent scenes. She had good interactions with Lee Ha Nui which allowed me to be more vested in Gi Tak’s decision to help Yi Yeon and find out who is working against her. The relief and joy that she wasn’t alone when she realized who Young Soo was, was fun to watch.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, was desperate enough to accept Gi Tak’s support. Lee Ha Nui sold me that her character had reservations but was willing to accept Gi Tak’s help. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
* Young Soo’s wife was ready to release the material affects of Young Soo but his father and daughter weren’t ready. This character wasn’t as front and center this episode.
* We only got short scenes with the two fun side characters:
1. Guardian from heaven. Her main scene was with Young Soo when she informed him his double was looming. I could have used more guardian comments or interactions, I missed her wit. You would have thought when Young Soo and Gi Tak realizes who the other was, that would have been the perfect opportunity for the guardian interject herself in the scene.Her efforts to stop the illegitimate son from getting to Korea worked…for now.
2. The chairman’s secretary barked out the chairman’s thoughts to his illegitimate son to get to Korea ASAP while the chairman handled walnuts.

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2 comments on “Come Back Mister Episode 3 Recap
  1. […] Episode 03   Episodes 01 & 02 […]

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    YOUNG SOO/HAN JOON – Trouble looms as the new Young Soo has a doppelganger! You weren’t kidding that Young Soo cries ugly! If they just had him take off his shirt, it would be easy to overlook. I don’t like that we see him treating his former boss the way that boss treated him.

    GI TAK/HONG NAN – I also like that the original characters are occasionally in the scenes, it is a powerful reminder of who they are and how they feel. This is a different variety of bromance, due to the new bodies! Their initial attraction to each other, their kiss and then the realization of each other’s identity was priceless! 💋

    DA HYE – This woman is suffering the most as a result of these deaths. Seung Jae’s (Yi Yeon’s ex) undermining her at every turn and then behavior towards little Ha Na is disgraceful! I swear the daggers were about to fly from Young Soo/Han Joon’s eyes.

    YI YEON – signing a talent contract with villain Sang Sik, not knowing it was him—her former attacker! Wasn’t the model that lied about an affair with Yi Yeon the scummy lawyer in Fated to Love You? Did they type cast this guy?

    I have to agree with your comments on the last episode that side characters of the guardian and the chairman’s secretary continue to be great comedic relief and add to the cast of characters. ❤ This is a great comedy!

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