Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap

Our leads come together and then decide they need a break. But the mythical country of Urk in the Balkans looms in their future.

Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap

We start the episode with the date interrupted when Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki) being picked up by helicopter on the hospital rooftop. That is an impressive exit! Doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) watches Shin Jin and he pauses to look at her before the helicopter whisks him away. How many times have you had a date end with the other person jumping into a helicopter to head off for parts unknown? Yep, zero for me too.

dos_ep2_1Joining the UN forces in Afghanistan the special forces first assignment is to retrieve 2 hostages, in 90 seconds! Ah it was just a drill and one of Shi Jin’s men set off a bobby trap. The other forces are not understanding. Shin Jin and the American Team lead get into a fight. It is an ok fight, the chair and shovel the American use are kinda tacky. I found it weird guns were drawn to stop the fight. Egad, the American accents grate.

In a parallel point, Mo Yeon and another female doctor, Kim Eun Ji, spar over a job interview, qualification and surgery skills. Looks like they are both vying for the same position at the hospital.

During surgery Eun Ji gets into trouble. Mo Yeon has to help. Weirdly there is an overlay of more special forces training. This time Shi Jin forces reach the hostages first then stop the Americans from setting off a bobby trap. That juxtaposition doesn’t work for me. 


dos_ep2_2bMo Yeon watches a co-worker find his couple ring, the other half of the couple is pregnant. Mo Yeon is missing Shi Jin. LOL, she stares at his xray at it is the only picture she has.

dos_ep2_3a dos_ep2_3b dos_ep2_3cOn Mo Yeon’s day off she is surprised to find Shi Jin outside the hospital when she strolls out in her sweats. He’s 2 hours early! She’s a bit embarrassed at her ragged appearance. Shi Jin declares she’s beautiful and offers to drive her home so she can change for their date. Shi Jin orders take out. The water goes off while Mo Yeon is washing her hair. Bottled water to the rescue puts a smile on Shi Jin’s face. He asks if she thought about him. She confirms it. He confirms he thought about her. At the movie theater they banter. Gosh they are cute with darling smiles. He likes it when she calls him oppa. Oh no, Shi Jin gets a call and has to go. He expects her to go with him but she stays to watch the movie. I kinda like her decision not to let his job spoil the movie for her.

Then Mo Yeon gets a call from the hospital. She’s lost the job to Eun Ji. She asks her boss how she the better surgeon was passed over for the 3rd time to a candidate that had more money and connections. Eun Ji passes off an assignment to Mo Yeon. They call each other names and pull each other’s hair.

Alone Mo Yeon cries while she tries to prepare herself for the assignment Eun Ji gave her.

dos_ep2_4bdos_ep2_4a  dos_ep2_4cAlpha team, which Shi Jin leads and Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo) is a member of, returns from their mission. Lieutenant General Yoon (Kang Shin Il), who just happens to be Officer Yoon Myeong Joo’s father gives the team an 8 month break to hang out with their girlfriends and wives. He gives Dae Young the eye has he makes the announcement. That’s a long break!

Shi Jin heads to the hospital to catch up with Mo Yeon. She in the process of doing a broadcast and Shi Jin enjoys watching her professional demeanor.

dos_ep2_5bdos_ep2_5a When Mo Yeon arrives home, Shi Jin is there. At a coffee shop, he apologizes for leaving but can’t tell her the details where he went. She admits she was having a hard day and she’d thought about him. She guesses that he carries a gun for his job. She contrasts her job which saves lives through medicine while he saves lives through his work. He admits he’s a soldier. It’s not always easy, he’s lost friends and comrades. But he believes he helps create a peaceful world. She can’t accept his job. He wishes her well and goodbye. She leaves. Hmm, that surprised me. I figured they were crazy for each other and that was all that matters. I liked the nod to a similar scene in Gentleman’s Dignity when Mo Yeon crossed in front of Shi Jin (she was outside the coffee shop and he was inside). 

dos_ep2_6bdos_ep2_6a Broody shower scene for Shi Jin is enhanced when Dae Young joins him. They bemoan their love lives, or lack there of.

Their next assignment is Urk, which is warm allowing the team to jog shirtless. I’m ok with that! Hey our leads are wearing shirts!

Eight month time jump…

The team searches for land mines and Dae Young chides Shi Jin for napping. They gets a call about a suspicious explosive. Shi Jin decides to leave the army alone and tackle it themselves.

dos_ep2_7The commander is not happy with the “do it yourself” approach and yells at Dae Young and Shi Jin. Cleverly Shi Jin throws Dae Young under the bus for not finishing the proper documentation. Flustered the commander throws them both out. Their penance is running with their gear on. Shi Jin jokes it’s better to pay back their bodies than write reports. I like the comradely between these two guys. They are darling!

dos_ep2_8Mo Yeon has her own TV health segment. She’s popular. She handles the VIP patients with practiced ease. After giving up surgery she’s the director for the VIP floor. Eun Ji snipes at her, jealous of her success. Too bad, not sad.

Mo Yeon can’t get Shi Jin out of her mind. On the rooftop, she remembers their first date in her apartment. Meanwhile Shi Jin gets hurt demonstrating how to shovels. LOL as he’d told Mo Yeon that all he did was shovel.

dos_ep2_9At the bar the waitress flirts with Shi Jin and Dae Young. Oddly, a woman picks up a gun from the waitress. She points the weapon at Shi Jin who snatches the gun, unloads it, and asks who she is. He takes the gun apart. The woman claims she bought the gun to protect herself and hurries away. Ok, that was awkward and slightly weird.

The hospital staff talks about a power station being built in Urk. There are volunteer opportunities. Mo Yeon receives a command date from the Chairman. Her co-workers discuss the merits of the man.

The date is at his apartment. Mo Yeon is taken aback. He suggests showers in preparation for the end game. She hits him. Love it!

dos_ep2_10bdos_ep2_10a Mo Yeon is worried about the consequences of her actions. At a staff meeting, the Chairman volunteers Mo Yeon to go to Urk. Everyone claps. She’s stunned but knows she can’t fight it. I’m all for this so our cute couple can reunite. They can’t forget out each other. They need to explore their relationship.

dos_ep2_11bdos_ep2_11a Dae Young asks Shi Jin if Mo Yeon knows he’s in Urk. It must be fate Shi Jin thinks.

dos_ep2_12a dos_ep2_12bAt the airport, the medical team is hot and tired waiting outside in the heat after the long plane trip. The Chairman calls telling Mo Yeon she has only to say the word and he’ll bring her back to Korea. She calls him scum and petty. She declares she’ll resign when she returns to Korea. Her co-workers can’t believe her bold words. Love it!

dos_ep2_13b dos_ep2_13c dos_ep2_13dThe UN helicopter arrives. Mo Yeon is shocked to see Shi Jin looking suave in his shades. Dae Young looks good too. Shi Jin passes her by to speak with the others in the medical team. She stares as he passes.

My Thoughts
* This episode did not crackle like the first episode. In many ways, this was the second setup episode. Three of our foursome are all in Urk. I don’t know where Officer Yoon Myeong Joo is because we did not see her this episode. At this point the lead couple is the one that is getting the screen time. Mo Yeon and Shi Jin have obvious chemistry. They banter well. Her “I can’t accept your job” statement at the coffee shop seemed a bit forced but it was all part of the setup – attraction, fight, separation, then forced proximity.
* I now understand the excitement of Song Joong Ki returning to dramas after his army stint. He’s good looking and appealing. You like this guy. You want to hang with this guy. Yes, this is my first drama watching Joong Ki.
* I liked the Mo Yeon became a success after Eun Ji got the position she wanted. Mo Yeon was clearly the better qualified candidate. The Chairman’s date order and subsequent assumption they’d sleep together seemed a bit forced but that was the plot point that jettisoned her to Urk. Did the entire medical team get assigned to Urk? That was quite a cadre of medical professions.
* Give me more Dae Young. I like him. He is strong, quiet, and has his own appeal.
* Finally the foreign roles and aspects of this story are ok. Certainly not the worst I’ve seen.

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7 comments on “Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap
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  2. Beez says:

    I’m here for Song Joon-ki but I’m liking that Song Hye kyo is making me believe that Mo Yeon could be as dorky and non-popular with men as she is. Not that there’s anything wrong with the character, it’s just that it proves SHK’s acting chops that I believe this character is not SHK nor has SHK’s beauty (although I know the character is considered pretty,just not SHK level of drop dead gorgeous). I’m probably not explaining what I’m really trying to say. *sigh* You guys usually understand me anyway though. 😀

    @kjtamuser You just HAVE to watch SungKwankyun Scandal! I probably spelled it wrong but…YOU HAVE TO YOU HAVE TO YOU HAVE TO!

    A lot of people talk about Innocent Man aka Nice Guy, but that wasn’t my cup of tea. Probably because I don’t like the female lead. And while I didn’t care for most of the show, I loved the ending but everybody else hated the ending. lol

    But I’ve never heard of anyone not loving S-Scandal. Joong-ki is so great, I only wish his role had been the lead (except then we wouldn’t have had all his special winks and moments that his character gave us).

    • kjtamuser says:

      I liked SHK’s ability to play off of SJK in scenes. I enjoy watching the give and take between good actors.
      I will put Sungkyunkwan Scandal on the watch list. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I just finished my “for fun” series and so I should slide Sungkyunkwan Scandal into that viewing slot.
      Glad you are watching this series!

      • Beez says:

        Glad you’re recapping!

        And a “fun” slot is exactly the right slot for Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The first ep is a little bit hard to get thru. It was about my third or fourth kdrama ever and, of course, first or second Sageuk. (It was either this or Dr. Jin as my first Saeguek.) I didn’t know back then that you have to give kdramas at least until the third epidode. lol

        Anyway, it took me a while before I tuned in for the second episode and I was so glad I kept watching. You feel Yoochan’s lack of acting experience at first (it’s his first or second acting role) but it’s okay because his role is supposed to be uptight and stilted.

        If you can forget all the tons of hidden female gender dramas you’ve seen already, and just go with it that Park Min Young’s frame could never be mistaken for a guy, not even for a very young dude (I used to think Korean men were small but she made them look like macho giants and it changed my narrow way of looking)…and just go with it…it’s a thousand times better than Boys Over Flowers (although everything’s better with a dash of LMO).

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    How about the ab-fest? This drama is shaping up to be full of eye candy! 💋 Mo Yeon just might be able to get past Jin Goo’s job once she sees him in action! I can’t wait to see them reunite! Let the sparks fly💋

    I thought it was humorous that Jin Goo actually injured himself shoveling. Did you notice the private with the shovel was the kid who stole the scooter in episode 1. His hair was so different (shorter and darker) it took me a moment to recognize him.

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal was my introduction to Song Ki Joon and I liked him so much that I endured Innocent Man—what a dreary drama. I agree with Beez that Sungkyunkwan Scandal was entertaining and worth watching. I liked the trio of Song Ki Joon, Mickey Yoochun and Yoo Ah In-another cutie! DOST seems to really fit Song Ki Joon—I’m so happy to see him in a drama again! Try not to get a sugar overload watching all this eye candy! 💋

    • kjtamuser says:

      I really liked that the thief from episode 1 was tied into the rest of the series. Good job by the writer. Dae Young payed it forward by telling the thief, Kim Bum, how he escaped his gang.

      Sungkyunkwan Scandal is next on my list.

      Song Ki Joon is appealing on so many levels – looks, acting ability (he delivers comedic and serious moments with ease), likability, etc.

    • Beez says:

      @Jane Tilly – Finally! Someone who isn’t gushing about Innocent Man. I loved Song Joon Ki and Lee Kwang Soo, and the evil woman was pretty goods in her role too. But I did not like the main actress’ character. The actress did a good job, but I found the romance and the way the storyline played out tedious. AND, the one thing I did like is the ending whereas most people love the show and hate the ending.

      Oh well, back to DOTS.

      Oh wait – you mentioned Yoochan – if you guys haven’t seen The Girl Who Sees Smells, I recommend it as lightweight but delightful. (Never thought I would call anything “delightful” but… it… just… is.) And I may as well round out the entire Sungkyunkwan Scandal cast by mentioning Healer (Park Min Young and for anyone who hasn’t discovered Ji Chang Wook yet – show gets 10 star rating from me) and Rooftop Prince (Yoochun again).

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