Come Back Mister Episodes 1-2 Recap

Our leads hooked me right away in the second episode. This series looks like it will be a fun ride!

cbm_possterEpisode 1 Nutshell:

Kim Young Soo is a department store chief who is not valued and overworked. Because of that, Young Soo constantly breaks promises to his wife and adorable daughter. He dies trying to fix a banner on the side of the department store building.

Han Gi Tak is a chief but was formerly put in prison after saving his girlfriend Song Yi Yeon from attack. One night Yi Yeon asks Gi Tak to save her again. He does but it all goes wrong and he ends up dying in a car crash.

Young Soo and Gi Tak meet on the train to heaven. Young Soo decides he must go back to earth. Gi Tak joins him. They jump from the train. When they wake, one is a good looking man and one is a good looking woman. Who is who?

Episode 2 Recap:

The guardian to heaven offers Kim Young Soo and Han Gi Tak the chance to return to earth. They both take the offer even with the warning it could be difficult.

cbm_ep1_1a cbm_ep1_1bcbm_ep1_1cKim Young Soo wakes as a hot man (Rain)! Wow! Bare chested shot in the first scene. This show is gonna work for me! He is stoked to have a hot body.

cbm_ep1_2bcbm_ep1_2a Han Gi Tak wakes as a hot woman (Oh Yeon Seo)! He is not stoked.

The guardian gives them rules: 1. Keep their identify a secret. 2. They cannot use their body as revenge. 3. They cannot interfere with the living. They have a cell phone to contact her in emergencies.

Kim Young Soo thanks the gods in heaven for his hot body. Other women think he’s hot. He struts. I love the physical humor. Rain is rocking these scenes. 

Han Gi Tak cannot walk in the killer heels the guardian left in the closet.  She struggles to walk. I love the low voice and irritation at being a man. Yeon Seo handles the physical humor deftly.

They run into each other in lobby but of course don’t realize how each other is.

She doesn’t adopt a lady like pose on the subway and overhears gossip about the incident that got him killed. When a man ogles her body, she toys with him, then delivers a swift kick to the groin. Girl power! 

The guardian chastises her for creating trouble via the cell. She complains about the shoes. The guardian hangs up.

Gi Tak heads back to restaurant. She asks for people by name but no one recognizes her.  She finds thugs in the office. This isn’t going as expected.

cbm_ep1_4a cbm_ep1_4bYoung Soo has 2 months. He heads to the department store. He is angry to learn that everyone thinks he committed suicide and his boss accuses him of accepting bribes and being timid. He resolves to tackle his problems one at a time. He walks through the store and is happy to see everyone though they think he’s a hot guy being friendly. He literally runs into his wife. She doesn’t recognize him. Holy smokes – she’s working at the store! He remembers his broken promises to her. He feels dreadful she must work.

cbm_ep1_5The gangsters laugh at her. She imagines giving them smack down but she no longer has the physical strength. More laughter. They toss her out. She sees one of her employees and calls to them. He doesn’t recognize her. The employee copes a feel while hugging her. She pushes him away. She learns that her protege, Choi Seung Jae, has left to join a rival gang.

cbm_ep1_6a cbm_ep1_6bGi Tak’s former girlfriend, Song Yi Yeon,  joins an entertainment company. To her horror she realizes the president is the man that attacked her in her youth. She tries to retrieve the contract but he takes it from her. He’s thrilled to have her in his clutches. Later she weeps for Gi Tak and misses him. Gi Tak’s protege Seung Jae guards Yi Yeon and listens to her sobs.

cbm_ep1_7a cbm_ep1_7bYoung Soo watches his wife work. When a fire department goes off he engage pulls his wife aside. He covers this up but all the store workers comment on his odd behavior.

Young Soo’s former boss learns that he must increase sales. To that end a new manager has been selected. The son of the chairman wants to sell the store. The new manager flies to Korea from the states. He looks like Young Soo!

cbm_ep1_8bcbm_ep1_8a Young Soo stares at his former boss and blocks his path. Young Soo demands to see the president at the slight of being ignored. His former boss bows his apology.  The guardian calls him to tone it down. He assures he no one knows who he is. He leaves. The employees wonder if he was the new manager.

The chairman’s son isn’t happy to hear his illegitimate brother will return to the family fold. His young son runs up to him with his cute dog.

cbm_ep1_9a cbm_ep1_9bYi Yeon calls the chairman’s son but he doesn’t pick up. Yi Yeon is given the pictures of her and Gi Tak that imply scandal. Now the chairman’s son accepts the call and says she may be his former wife but he will keep her away from their son. He threatens to release the photos and create a scandal. He tells her she’ll see his son when says so. They definitely hate each other. She hits Gi Tak’s protege Seung Jae and berates him for working for scum. He counters that if she hadn’t approached Gi Tak, he wouldn’t be dead. Gi Tak interrupts the conversation. She asks them to stop arguing. They are both mystified who she is.

cbm_ep1_10a cbm_ep1_10bGi Tak spins a story about being Gi Tak’s long lost sister. Have to laugh when the guardian calls as she comes to close to revealing who she is. They don’t believe her. But she does have knowledge of Gi Tak. She claims she’s just back from the states. They see through that. But she strikes a nerve when she asks about the photos of Gi Tak and Yi Yeon.

cbm_ep1_11Young Soo’s wife is noticed by the new Section Chief Jung (he filled Young Soo’s position). She remembers moments with Young Soo. She misses him. Section Chief Jung offers her a drink while she’s on break.

cbm_ep1_12Young Soo pulls her out of the way when a stack of boxes start to topples on her. They stare into each other’s eyes.

The guardian freaks out when she sees the new store manager looks exactly like Young Soo. Houston – we have a problem! 

cbm_ep1_13Young Soo and his wife are still staring. He wishes he’d hugged his wife more, said he loved her more, etc. She pushes away from him. They both apologize to each other. Cute exchange when they dust each other off. Section Chief Jung arrives concerned for their safety.

Young Soo gets a call from the guardian. He leaves.

Section Chief Jung wonders if the rumors are true, could he be the new store manager?

The guardian tells Young Soo there has been a complication….

cbm_ep1_14bcbm_ep1_14a Yi Yeon demands Gi Tak tell her about the photos. Gi Tak says her now dead brother called her that night just before he died and she knows everything. She says she’s there to help Yi Yeon.

cbm_ep1_15a cbm_ep1_15bThe guardian explains the new store manager looks like Young Soo. Ah! We see the new store manager is the chairman’s illegitimate son. Young Soo is gobsmacked the he looks like the Chairman’s son.

The plane carrying the new store manager / chairman’s illegitimate son has turbulence thanks to the guardian.

My Thoughts

* Cleverly written, well acted, and with a dose of physical comedy in the second episode as our reborn leads get used to their new bodies. Gi Tak’s story is not as compelling to me as Young Soo’s. Young Soo left a wife and daughter. Gi Tak left his employee family and loyalty to the woman from his past. Young Soo’s emotional ties are stronger.
* Episode one was setup. Frankly I didn’t love the overworked Young Soo. I found his cause of death, trying to straighten the store banner of the ledge of the building ridiculous. I found Gi Tak’s willingness to help Yi Yeon a stretch considering she’d abandoned him years ago. Love is blind.
* Young Soo reborn as a hot guy – loved it. Rain was superb with the physical comedy and delivered on point scenes. Good chemistry with the other character especially liked the soft side with his wife and the funny side with the guardian. What can I say…I’m a fan. The fact that Rain has double roles, yep, more to love.
* Gi Tak reborn as a hot girl – loved it. Oh Yeon Seo was superb with the physical comedy and delivered on point scenes. She was excellent in Shine or Go Crazy as the leading lady to Jang Hyuk and rival of Lee Ha Nui.
* Gi Tak’s former girlfriend, Yi Yeon, is lovely and has a bit of an edge portrayed by Lee Ha Nui. I’m not sure I like her. She had superb moments in Shine or Go Crazy as the rival to the leading lady Oh Yeon So.
* Young Soo’s wife did not have an easy husband in Young Soo and is now forced to work in the same store as her husband to make ends meet. Lee Min Jung bring the right mix of sadness and resolve to this character. I like her and want her to find happiness again.
* My two favorite side characters:
1. Love the guardian from heaven. Her interactions interject comedic moments.
2. Love the chairman’s secretary that barks out the chairman’s thoughts while he placidly munches on steamed buns.

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13 comments on “Come Back Mister Episodes 1-2 Recap
  1. LadyBunny says:

    Such a great recap! thanks! love this drama so much

  2. Beez says:

    @ktjamuser – I agree with everything you put in your summing it all up section.

    As to Oh Yeon Seo she (and the director) are killin’it! While I liked her in Shine Or Go Crazy, her mannerisms were too feminine but here she’s nailed it. (Yune Eun Hye is the only actress until now who committed fully to no vanity and convinced me she was believable hiding her female identity.)

    Rain is either my number 1 or 2 bias (It changes depending on which of my two favorites had an ongoing project.) But…can I say I hate the type of foundation and ESPECIALLY the lipstick when they show him in close up? He is uber attractive but the too bright pink lipstick just looks like clown make up. I love the natural color of his lips. I hope after viewing this episode he, or his makeup person, realizes and changes this pronto! (I also like his hair darker. The orange clashes with the too pink lipstick.)

    Other than that, because I love to see him looking his handsome self, I’m really liking this show and hope it keeps up the good mix of comedy and melo.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I had the exact same thoughts about Rain’s lipstick and hair color! You would think the stylist and make artist would rectify these less than flattering choices.
      I agree Yeon Seo is hitting the mark as a man in a woman’s body. I whole heartedly agree that Eun Hye is the best example to date.
      I was pleasantly surprised by the 2nd episode and hope from more of the same too.

      • Beez says:

        In your screencaps, the lipstick doesn’t look too bad. On my tv is was sooo VERY bright pink and his ears were a little red like they were cold so all combined, it was quite shocking to see.

        • kjtamuser says:

          You aren’t alone. I thought the same. Let’s see if it is adjusted as the series continues.

          • Beez says:

            Thanks ktja. I was worried other Rain lovers would think I’m bashing him. Far from it. I am so glad RAIN IS BACK!

            And in something that, even if the remaining episodes aren’t as good, it makes up for that whole Lovely Girl thingee. Just watching his perfect comic timing while I oogling his pecs & abs was enough. I think he’s in even better shape than when he made Ninja Assassin. He was a tad too thin. This time he’s ripped but still has meat in his bones!

            • kjtamuser says:

              One of the best things about Rain is low key and kinda cool way he has about him. His body looked top notch in those opening scenes…oh yeah, his comedic timing was super too.

  3. Beez says:

    Dang it! I typoed your name again. Sorry kjta.

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I finally got around to starting this drama. Ditto on Young Soo, he is not so likeable, and his death, a bit farfetched, in episode 1.

    HOLY SMOKES! Does Rain have a hot body or what? ❤ His abs are so unbelievable that I hardly noticed his hair and lips. 💋 Young Soo hit the jackpot in coming back!

    Oh Yeon Seo is sooo fabulous playing Gi Tak coming back as a woman, her walking in heels was HILARIOUS and believable! Poor Gi Tak, he no longer has his best asset–fists of steel!

    I’m looking forward to more episodes!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Rain is a good sport which the 2nd episode clearly demonstrates. And yes, he has enviable abs.

      Oh Yeon Seo’s shock at having different parts was perfection.

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