The Merchant Gaekju Episode 41 (Final) Recap

Bong Sam faces death in this final episode. Is his life snuffed out or does he beat the odds?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 41 (Final) Recap 

Let’s do this…

mg_ep41_1amg_ep41_1b Bong Sam tells the Merchant that are on the edge of revolt that they need to stop. He willing turned himself in. He encourages them to continue and help each other during this difficult time. He claims he’s not sad, scared, or upset at being screwed by those he once trusted. He asks they put down their weapons. Man Chi leads the way and everyone follows suit. Bong Sam declares the merchants association is closed. Gom Bae won’t agree with that. Man Chi says they will send him off to the prison (aka walk your leader to his death). At the prison Bong Sam bids them farewell and asks them to leave. Man Chi has tears! Bong Sam disappears with Sun Dol and the Nephew.

Bong Sam tells the Nephew he must be the only merchant arrested, the merchants must be given free choice, and Gol Dae must be freed. Bong Sam tells Sun Dol that Gol Dae needs urgent care. Sun Dol agrees to help.

The doctor tends Gol Dae. He tells Sun Dol he’s too late. Gol Dae asks what the doctor said. Sun Dol lies and says he’s fine. Gol Dae says he wants to be buried next to Bong Sam. He knows with the bullet still in his body that he’s doomed to die from complications. Gol Dae, my dear loving lug, once again you are smarter than you look. He asks Sun Dol to lie to Bong Sam.

Bong Sam is convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. Sun Dol is outraged. The Nephew tells Sun Dol he knew this would be the outcome. Stoically Bong Sam walks away to his fate.

mg_ep41_2amg_ep41_2b Gol Dae asks Bong Sam the outcome. He can’t believe Bong Sam is in trouble for something he didn’t do. Gol Dae cries. Drat him! That gets me! Heavy sigh from Bong Sam.

A distraught Mae Wol is told the same thing as Sun Dol, she knew this would happen. Man Chi is angry at Sun Dol for his betrayal. Gom Bae wants to kill him. Sun Dol claims he feels awful about this turn of events. Cry me a river Sun Dol, cry me a river. Where are those bandits when you need them?

Mae Wol pleads with the Queen to save Bong Sam. The Queen won’t reverse the judgement and leaves.

Sun Dol gets drunk. Mae Wol accuses him of starting this mess. Sun Dol agrees it’s his fault and he is hurting. Mae Wol doesn’t care about his pain. She wants to save Bong Sam. She suggest they trade their lives for Bong Sam.

Sun Dol visits Gol Dae and Bong Sam. He tells Gol Dae the doctor is waiting. Bong Sam sends him out. Gol Dae does not want to leave Bong Sam.

mg_ep41_3amg_ep41_3b Gol Dae meets with Sun Dol and Mae Wol. She suggests that if someone offers their life for Bong Sam, he could be saved. She suggests a switch, so everyone thinks Bong Sam is the one being hung. As expected Gol Dae offers his life for Bong. Drat him! His passion is overflowing and it gets me!

In prison Bong Sam waits for his death. He is sad he’ll never see his son grow up, get married, etc. Gol Dae tells Bong Sam to cry for the loss. Bong Sam realizes his father must have felt the same as he does before his death. Drat him! He gets me!

mg_ep41_4Wol brings the baby to see Bong Sam. He tells his son to grow up to be healthy. Wol brings Bong Sam’s outfit.  Gol Dae has tears watching his friend.

Wol has tears walking away from Bong Sam.

The officials tell Gol Dae he’s been released. He says good bye to his friend. He tells Bong Sam he’s life turned fun once they met. They laugh, they cry, and they celebrate their friendship. Bong Sam tells Gol Dae thank you. Drat them! Will the tears end?

Gol Dae has his last meal with Sun Dol. He wonders why Gol Dae doesn’t hate him. Gol Dae remembers the good times. Sun Dol apologizes.

mg_ep41_5b mg_ep41_5aIn prison Mae offers Bong Sam drink. He tells her that he owes her but hates her too. He’s about to see So Sa so he tells her he’ll let go of the hate with the drink she offered.  Mae Wol wonders if she ever had a chance at his heart. Bong Sam says he’ll always remember all he owes her. He tells her to be a good person. He says it would never have worked between them. He tells So Sa he’s ready to come to her. He falls over, drugged by the drink. Mae Wol apologizes for what she’s doing. She cries and ask for his forgivness.

It’s execution day. The prisoner, Gol Dae, is ready to be hung. The police ask his name. Gol Dae says he’s Bong Sam. The police take him to the noose. Gol Dae stares at Sun Dol. Drat him! Our big lug makes the ultimate sacrifice.The noose is put around Gol Dae’s neck and he is hung, never uttering a word of protest of betraying his dearest friend Bong Sam. What a brave kind soul! Sun Dol cries and I don’t care. Though it was an agonized cry with the realization his decisions lead to murder.

mg_ep41_6amg_ep41_6b mg_ep41_6cBong Sam is taken from prison as Gol Dae, who supposedly died from complications to the gun shot wound. Sun Dol and Mae Wol escort the body. The Nephew appears and Mae Wol sends the body on. The Nephew can’t believe they switched the men. Mae Wol says his choice is simple – kill her or save her. She leaves. Sun Dol follows. The Nephew looks torn over his choice.

mg_ep41_7b mg_ep41_7aBong Sam wakes. He gathers his wits, surprised to be alive. He calls out. He heads outside. He calls out. Man Chi, Wol, and Gom Bae come. They tell him Mae Wol sent them. Bong Sam asks about Gol Dae. They don’t answer. Bong Sam realizes what happened. No, no, no! The tears come. Drat him! Man, I buy his grief. He calls for Gol Dae.

Bong Sam remembers the good times with Gol Dae. He yells to Gol Dae in heaven. He falls on his knees and cries.

15 year time jump….

mg_ep41_9b mg_ep41_9aMerchants talk to Sun Dol and his assistants. Holy smokes, everyone has western hair and the one assistant sports a tiny mustache. I feel like I’ve time jumped more than 15 years.  Sun Dol says they need to find who owns the land they want to build the railroad on.

mg_ep41_10b mg_ep41_10aHis assistants led him to the owner. Oh yes, it is Mae Wol. She and Sun Dol are shocked to see each other. Mae Wol is surprised that she still owns the land the Queen gave her. She’s living simply now. Sun Dol urges her to sell the land and continue her simple life. She tells him she owes him for saving Bong Sam so she’ll give it to him.

mg_ep41_11c mg_ep41_11bmg_ep41_11a No, a voice declares. I know that voice and you know that voice. I’m thrilled to hear that voice. Bong Sam, Man Chi, Gom Bae approach. They all chuckle. Bong Sam says hello Mae Wol and asks how she is. Sun Dol asks if Bong Sam is the land buyer. He confirms it. Mae Wol urges the two men to come inside.

Sun Dol urges Bong Sam to realize that the railroad will help the county. Bong Sam agrees but says the timing is not right. He argues that their resources will sold and scattered. Sun Dol says he can’t stop progress. Bong Sam worries about the merchants and their way of life. Bong Sam wants more time to prepare the merchants for the new world. Sun Dol says they must change now. Bong Sam says Sun Dol is still so far from his philosophy. Sun Dol stalks away.

Sun Dol tells his assistants they’ll have to find another way to build the railroad without Mae Wol’s land. His assistants don’t think that is possible.

mg_ep41_12b mg_ep41_12aBong Sam asks Mae Wol is she likes living quitely. She does. She coughs. Bong Sam offers drink. Mae Wol says she’ll die by spring. But her spirit will be reborn in the spring. Bong Sam asks that Mae Wol not give the land to Sun Dol as a favor to him. She asks to see his son so she can see how well he has grown. Bong Sam is pleased she’s at peace, just like when they first met. I like that he calls her Gae Dong, the woman that was his friend. He leaves. She smiles.

mg_ep41_13amg_ep41_13b Mae Wol eats lunch with Bong Sam’s son and Wol. Mae Wol gives Wol her land for schools. Yu Su wants to bow but Mae Wol won’t let him. She coughs. Yu Su and Wol rejoin Bong Sam. He looks back briefly. Mae Wol watches the trio leave. She thanks him for letting her love him and says goodbye.

It’s ribbon cutting time. The Nephew wonders where Sun Dol is. He knows the country will change when the railroads are built. The merchants especially will get a rude shock.

Sun Dol is wondering about Mae Wol’s land. Was it given to Bong Sam? An ex team Bong Sam men raises a gun to Sun Dol and shoot him – twice! They run. They are chased.

mg_ep41_14Bong Sam is stunned that Sun Dol was shot. Is it good news or bad news that he’ll live? Wol arrives and asks Bong Sam to join her and the children. Bong Sam is teaching the children merchants the new word. He shares stories of his father, and the multi generational wood. Bong Sam urges them to have spirit and use their business to benefit citizens. They pledge to follow the merchants rules.

mg_ep41_15amg_ep41_15bmg_ep41_15cmg_ep41_15d  We end the show with Bong Sam taking the young merchants to an overlook. He breathes deep. He remember leaving on the expedition with his father. He smiles. He teaches them the cheer “Let’s Go!” He flips his fan with style and leads the next generation forward!

My Thoughts

It’s been a journey folks! We did it. It didn’t end horribly. It didn’t end murky. There was hope at the end! For all of you that followed this show, thank you for sharing along the way. What I love about the community of viewers is our mutual passion for these shows. Your comments and insights enriched my viewing experience by pointing out things I’d missed and offering different perspectives. Thank you! Till we meet again when I blog a show you watch or the next Jang Hyuk drama comes around (’cause I always blog JH dramas).

What worked for me in the final episode:
1. Gol Dae sacrificing himself for Bong Sam. It was exactly who that character was. My term “the big lug” was affectionate and I felt it for this character. I said in my last recap that Bong Sam assumed that others saw friendship and loyalty like he did but he was disappointed time and again by his friends. Gol Dae, however, was a true friend, a loving friend, an honorable friend.
2. Bong Sam teaching the next generation and raising his son. How fitting that Bong Sam built the schools on the land Mae Wol gave him and taught the next generation of merchants about living in the changing world in front of them.
3. The ending scene of Bong Sam and the next generation of merchants on the overlook and charging forward together to meet the challenges ahead. “Let’s Go!” they yelled. I especially loved Jang Hyuk’s fan flick – he’s got flare!

* Bong Sam lived and helped others. Fitting end to this character.

* Mae Wol found a simple quiet life. I liked that she gave the land to Bong Sam though he didn’t ask her to do so. She finally came to grips with her obsession.

How did I do on my wish list for the final episode?
* Bong Sam doesn’t die – Granted. A triumph for a historical when the hero doesn’t die.

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48 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 41 (Final) Recap
  1. A.D.DO! says:

    This last episode was so emotional, I cried all the way through it. Fine piece of acting by GolDae, bravo!
    JANG HYUK was masterly at the end..I was filled with such pride for him and also his character Bong Sam. OK, I even shed a tear for Mae Wol believe it or not.
    Feel so sad having to say goodbye to everyone. I hope we meet up again in the future and will look bor your blogs KJTamuser, can’t tell you how much they amused me!
    Good luck to all!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Appreciate your insights throughout this series. Till we meet again!


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Despite Gol Dae being slow witted, he was frequently the one who understood people and their intentions quickly. He knew he was a goner since his bullet was not removed. When Sun Dol yanks him up by his injured side getting him out of jail, he was quick to react with being in pain. His tears when BS says goodbye to Yu Su. Gol Dae was the epitome of loyalty to the end.

      Sun Dol claimed to be in as much pain as Gom Bae for Bong Sam’s death sentence, yet his actions started the thing. Gol Dae was denied medical care early on…would prompt medical care have saved his life? We won’t know because he was denied. DIShonorable mama tells Sun Dol they could give up their lives to save Bong Sam, but do they even try? No–they bait the ever loyal Gol Dae, who being denied bullet removal will likely die from lead poisoning, to take the rap the Japanese merchant’s death, which Sun Dol and the Nephew instigated. I am disgusted with Sun Dol in particular for not taking responsibility for what he instigated especially for the “friend” who saved his life at the beginning of the series–SD literally destroyed his friendship with BS, when he burned BS’s shirt a few episodes ago. At least SD and MW saved BS and appeared to have remorse at GD’s death.

      The actor who played Gol Dae (Lee Dal Hyung) was amazing. While at times I was annoyed at how loud he was, but his acting chops were possibly as good as JH. I enjoyed LDH’s acting so much I’m going to watch something with hi in it soon.


      • kjtamuser says:

        Well said. Gol Dae was one of the few, or perhaps the one person, in Bong Sam’s life that lived by the same ethical code of friendship Bong Sam had.


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  3. KawaiiestPunkFemale says:

    I remember stumbling on this drama by accident. I started watching from Episode 25,but I quickly got the concept/problem without watching the previous episodes. The tears I shed for this Drama…Bang-geum,Jo So-sa,
    Shin Suk-Joo,Choi Dol and possibly Sun-Dol death…Bang-geum didn’t deserve to die…Poor Lady. Although Shin Suk-Joo was a pain in the butt,he realize his errors and try making amends. I honestly was mad when It took Cheon Bong-sam 9 episodes to find out it was Mae Witch who plotted the murder. I was bitter when I found out he was going to have a new partner,but I’m now glad Wol-yi is by his side. I don’t know if she has feelings for him,but I ship her second with Bong-sam. I love her loyalty to her Lady SoSa,taking care of YuSu as he was her biological song and kept seeking justice for her deceased Lady. I have mix feelings about Choi Dol’s Sacrifice…I’m happy because YuSu won’t be fatherless and his strong loyalty/friendship to his Chief and the Peddler’s Gulid,but sad that a life had to taken away in order to please the Japanese and he was just a great guy/friend who didn’t deserve death…I was hoping Sun-Dol would of change. I now have love-hate for him…I love him when he was a peddler,but I now hate his ambitious nobleman. I wish
    Mae Witch was executed,but I guess Bong-sam leaving her and her linger feelings was close to execution. This drama was full of sorrow. I wonder if the other nobles?Like the one who got his tongue rip off. That guy was annoying. Episode 41 hasn’t air yet (California),but I couldn’t wait any longer. Damn,Bong-Sam was dropping some wisdom/lessons and teaching the children. I love how he was Walking the Children In Nature (Tammie Brown? Drag Race,anyone?No? Okay.) and teaching/leading the new generation to not rewrite history and grow up to be honest merchants. That “Let’s Go” preview I saw had me in tears and the ending credits with BTS photos from the cast showing. No matter how much I got angry at the drama,I will sure miss it. I was close to throwing my remote control at the plasma tv…SM sure knews how to get a b***h worked up,but love it. Thank you for your honest thoughts and recaps. I wish the cast and production luck on their future projects. Damn…it’s hitting me hard knowing this is the finale…


    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you enjoyed the series. You articulated many of the pluses and minuses. Thanks for commenting!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        High body counts are very typical for Sageuk dramas–I have shed tears as well…

        I watched this episode again with captions this time. When facing death, I appreciated how Bong Sam came to terms with his dad’s sacrifice by doing the same for his merchant buddies. BS’s anguish at learning GD paid the ultimate price for him was very poignant.

        I am pleased that Wol ended up with BS. I wish BS would have denied DIShonorable mama from seeing Yu Su. She may have paid some penance, but was it enough…God only knows if it was enough.

        As they moved into the Japanese occupation (post 1910), the Western costumes looked like mid 1910’s, pre-WWI, but Wol’s Western hairdo looked more late 1920’s early 1930’s–I can’t figure out the time period. I found it ironic that it appears more of the older generation embraced Western haircuts than the younger generation–it’s usually the other way around. Tongueless Goo Bum’s interpreter’s Hitler mustache cracked me up as did the wicker mannequins with boobs at MW;s house–why were the mannequins there?

        I loved the ending withe speech, flip of the fan and “Let’s go” charge. Until we blog again, which will be soon since I started FTLY for the fourth time and Oh My Venus with my unni. See you soon!


  4. Prettysup says:

    In another forum, we were discussing whether Bong Sam and Wol get married in that 15 years jump? Coz when MW commented that Yusu looked like his father, he replied that people said he looked like his mum instead and he looked at Wol when he said that. So I would say BS and Wol did get married and they are now a happy family with Yusu.


  5. prettysup says:

    Oh yah and thank everyone for the wonderful Gaekju journey we had together! I will probably be hanging around the soompi forum where I actually first created an account for this drama initially. Hope Jang Hyuk will be back for another K drama soon after his Chinese one ends, and we can read more recaps here!


  6. Beez says:

    While I do believe in forgiveness, I like to see characters on tv shows get their just rewards so Mae Wol being at peace makes me want to throw up a bit in my mouth. ugh!

    Allowing her [his mother’s murderer] to see Yusu and serve him anything to eat/drink – double ugh!

    Now that I’ve rinsed my mouth from that –

    We didn’t get to see Hyukie decked out in the silk duds he had on in the preview poster which, since we were led to believe he would become The Head Merchant, is why I try to ignore previews with their misleading expectations. BUT I’m not disappointed this time because seeing Bong Sam teaching and imparting the values he learned from his father to the next generation was a really great ending.

    I enjoyed this so much and now that I’ve subscribed directly to ktjamuser’s page, (hopefully she’ll recap Comeback Ahjusshi and Descendants of the Sun *hint hint*) I’ll see you guys around.

    @prettysup,I’ve seen you here and there over at Dramabeans so I’ll catch you later for sure (oh, and I’ll check you out on Soompi at the link you posted last episode but I have to remember my password over there first).

    Catch you guys on the next oneď


    • kjtamuser says:

      I thought I wouldn’t like Mae Wol’s ending but I did. She didn’t have long to live and she saw that Bong Sam and his son were living a good life. That gave her peace. Then she was able to give Bong Sam the land that allowed his vision for the merchants to continue.
      Even though Bong Sam never became Head Merchant, he was the lighting rod for all the Head Merchants. Since all the Head Merchants ended up morally bankrupt, it is good Bong Sam did not go that route.
      I too loved Bong Sam teaching the next generation of merchants, pondering his father’s legacy, and paying it forward. Lovely, simply lovely.
      I will be recapping Comeback Ahjusshi. I love my Rain. I’m not sure about Descendants of the Sun, the writer is hit or miss with me. Loved Secret Garden, Gentleman’s Dignity was fine, but Heirs was inane.
      Till we meet again!


    • prettysup says:

      JH’s agency Sidus HQ has released news of his new Chinese drama. I have translated it in the link below, anyone who is interested can take a look there:

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Prettysup says:

    Oh btw HD subbed version of JH’s movie Inside or Outside is out


  8. Drama Fan says:

    Loved the last episode. So emotional. I felt it the most! Maybe because Gol Dae was certainly the most pure character so there was no other option but to love him. Therefore his death, and in such a manner, hit me hard. My favorite Bongsam scene in this ep was when he thought he’d die and leave his son. At that point I already suspected he would be saved by Gol Dae but I still felt his pain. That moment he completely understood what his father went through. It was a subtle beautiful scene.

    @kjtamuser I’m so grateful for your recaps. Let’s hope the next JH drama is great! I’ll definitely plan to meet you there.

    All other Hyukies, I invite you to visit my blog Stuck on Hyuk. I promise to re- activate it soon so we can spazz endlessly :p

    The rest of Drama Fans, I hope to see you around on Twitter, tumblr, Soompi, etc

    Take care everyone. Until next time 🙂


    • prettysup says:

      Yeah yeah pls active the stuckonhyuk blog haha.. I found this site via your blog. There are so many new Hyuk news you need to update !!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Drama Fan says:

        I totally want to @prettysup I swear it’s not lack of desire but yeah Hyukie is so active! Its hard to keep up! But I’m not complaining. He keeps us fans very busy, entertained and happy 😀


    • prettysup says:

      And about the soompi JH thread admin, I dont mind doing it! But what does an admin got to do?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Drama Fan says:

        @prettysup Nothing too different from what you did on the Gaekju forum. Bring news, interact with other fans and keep it active (I haven’t done a very good job at the JH Soompi thread. I’m ashamed to admit it)


      • Prettysup says:

        Haha ok so I just keep updating Hyuk news there will do? But it is kind of quiet there nowadays

        Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      So nice to see the series end on a strong episode. JH is the best, no doubt. I count all you and all the JH super fans to keep me informed on all the JH news. Till the next drama where we cross paths…

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Beez says:

    @prettysup I already watched the first video you posted. Zany. And while I felt the same way that I did while watching “…Elephant” (baffled), I laughed throughout. But unlike “Elephant” (which I watched 3 times to figure out what was going on and to figure out whether I liked it or not), I would never watch this again – but only because there’s not enough Hyuk screen time in this for me. Also, I felt like I was watching two different films because while everything else was zany,JH’s character seemed like he was in a serious film noir. I get that his was a supposed to be serious and that’s ok, but none of the zanyness of anyone else happened around his character nor did the zany characters interact with him (oh, I forgot about the clown, but I didn’t understand that part anyway). lol

    Thank you though because I never would have known about this film cause I tend to check only AsianWiki and they’re not always up to date, especially with non-Korean films.


    • Prettysup says:

      @Beez I haven’t watched Elephant yet, I was worried it’s too erotic for me lol…


      • Beez says:

        Amazon is streaming Elephant and they’ve cut short the erotica scenes (it’s still pretty riskè but less than the full scenes are there) and you won’t find it searching the title. It’s called “Penthouse Playboys” which has NOTHING to do with the story, and the posters you’ll see on Amazon are posed photoshoots because those scenes were never in the movie and the movie has NOTHING to do with prostitutes in hotel rooms as the prayers depict). It does tell a heck of a story but the bizarro-ness comes in because JH’s character smokes so much weed he hallucinates a lot. Now,I don’t smoke weed but I grew up with people who did – A LOT – it does not make people hallucinate like that but just go along with the movie saying it does. JH also seeks unofficial psychiatric help so that would seem to be the real reason for the hallucinations. I know that S. Korea depicts marijuana the same way 1960s high school health films did so that’s kinda sweet and naive. 🙂

        I recommend you watch Elephant and close your eyes during the brief almost explicit scenes with the one actor. Hyukie’s love/bed scene is very discrete. The actors seem to be nude because their shoulders are shown bare but it’s a really tender love scene with no erotic parts just sweet lips and nose kisses but they are lying on the bed and you just know what happens. 😉

        I’d be interested to see what others think because it took me viewing it on 3 separate occasions to decide I liked it.


      • Prettysup says:

        @Beez ok u get me interested now.. Perhaps I will give it a try


    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez I believe JHs character hallucinated because he was schizophrenic and not because he smoked weed. I wrote my comments (I wouldn’t call it a review since I also wasn’t sure I “understood” the movie) on this movie on SOH. I think you should check it out mostly because the comments on that post were pretty interesting and enlightening.


      • Beez says:

        @DramaFan lololol I’ve read your review (although it was a while ago so my memory…) But what always stands out in my mind despite my bad memory is your line “What did I just watch?” because I felt the same way. lol

        I may as well re-read the review as long as I’ll be checking out the comments section now.

        I only recently realized that these WordPress sites have comments sections because usually after a blog, the links to other related stories appear so I never knew to scroll beyond them in the past. I’d see some other interesting post and click the link never knowing the comments were there.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. A.D.DO! says:

    @Prettysup. Thank you, thank you for the Soompi Forum thread on DREAM NOT DREAM. I was thrilled to get information on that…it sounds interesting (romance!), but oh no, not another brain disease! Am I the only one out there who wants to see our hero live a long life?? I keep telling myself, ” it’s only a movie”, but it still always makes me sad to see HYUKIE under the curse of death.
    But yes, yes, yes, keep the Soompi Forum thread coming! Is there any way to blog you back on that? I feel you are my lifeline to JH and don’t want to lose you!
    And @DRAMAFAN ..get your butt in gear and reactivate StuckonHyuk!! We’re dying out here!


  11. Suguna says:

    Good ending. So many emotions everywhere in this drama. Proud to be a Jang Hyuk fan 😍 He nails every character he portrays. Followed the drama only for him though its not my fav genre. Cheers to all the hyukians. Lets again stuck on hyuk😉.


  12. oge says:

    I’m Benny
    .fr Nigeria
    .I really enjoyed d movie..the merchant( gaekju) funny enough i long to visit korea even though i cant afford the flight ticket.I’ll love to feature in these korea movies cox I’m sure it will be interesting. The only person i hated was sundol. i cant forgive not only d role he played,but his personality..I’m inlove with Bongsam hung
    who died after the revolt. He had a grudge for bongsam’s father but never hated him To d extent of wanting to kill him.I also like d role he played in faith..Kim beam or whatever,he was incharge of tax,,he was really something else.. kudos to u guys…..mwaaah!!!!!!


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