Remember Episode 20 Recap (Final)

It’s the final confrontation between Team Good and Team Evil. Who wins?

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 20 Recap (Final)

Gyoo Man, who is fleeing the country, arrives at the airstrip and heads to the helicopter. Jin Woo arrives (his green car is darling). Gyoo Man dares him to catch him. The helicopter flies away! Awesome, love the smug smile wiped off Gyoo Man’s face! Gyoo Man yells at the helicoper. Il A and the police arrive. Gotcha Gyoo Man! 

Il A meets with Gyoo Man. She’s all business. She shows him the forensics report proving wine opener has his finger prints.

Dong Ho tells Gyoo Man’s assistant if he turns himself in, they’ll request leniency. The assistant wants to see Gyoo Man one more time.

Gyoo Man’s father visits his son in prison, along with the former prosecutor, and tells his son he told the helicopter to leave without him. Interpol would have caught him in China and deported him. Team Evil hopes they can win this 3rd and final trial. They will be calling in all favors owed them.

Team Good – Prosecutor Tak, Dong Ho, Il A, and Jin Woo – plan to expose all Gyoo Man’s crimes.

rem_ep20_1b rem_ep20_1a
Yeo Kyung shows she has a spine and tells her father she told the police about Gyoo Man’s flight plans. She maintains he should be punished for killing someone. Father is not happy. She leaves the house to a sputtering and angry father.

Jin Woo and Il A go over all the details of Gyoo Man’s illegal activities. They discuss getting another witness besides Gyoo Man’s assistant.

Jin Woo asks party planner to testify to ensure Gyoo Man goes to prison.

Gyoo Man’s father meets with the minister. Unfortunately the minster can’t sweep Gyoo Man’s crimes under the rug. Gyoo Man’s father mentions the bribe the minister took. The minister decides to talk to the chief justice.

Gyoo Man’s assistant visits Gyoo Man in prison. Gyoo Man asks him to reverse his previous testimony for $1B. The assistant tells Gyoo Man the game is over. He’s turning himself in. Accept it Gyoo Man, your life has spun in a different direction, you no longer have the power. He tells Gyoo Man to be a good person in prison and wishes him well.

The former prosecutor shares that the minister has secured a new judge for the trial.

Protesters are outside the courtroom. Gyoo Man relishes the attention but loses his cool when they start throwing eggs. He lunges at the crowd the police pull him away.

rem_ep20_2Outside the courtroom, Jin Woo thanks Il A for fighting for him in the courtroom. She’s happy to do it and wants to help him. She promises to do her best.

In the courtroom, the new judge takes his place. Il An and jIn Woo are not happy but the former prosecutor smiles smugly. Gyoo Man smiles smugly.

Il A calls Gyoo Man’s assistant to testify. The prosecutor objects citing the assistant has a grudge against Gyoo Man since he was recently fired. The judge decides in Gyoo Man’s favor. Il A is stunned and argues against the decision. The judge is firm, argue with me and you will be removed from the courtroom. More smug smiles from Gyoo Man and the former prosecutor. This isn’t starting well.

In a sidebar room, Il A asks the judge to call the assistant. The judge tells her no. She stalks away.

Jin Woo meets the judge and asks to speak with him. Hmm, what does that mean?

rem_ep20_3arem_ep20_3brem_ep20_3crem_ep20_3erem_ep20_3d  In the courtroom, Il A asks to call another witness. The judge looks at Jin Woo. He decides to allow this witness. Now Gyoo Man and former prosecutor are stunned. Il A smiles at Jin Woo.

We see that Jin Woo told the judge that it was recorded that he met with the minister last night. He tells the judge the minister is under investigation for taking bribes. He offers the new report to prove the truth. Jin Woo tells the judge, the same could happen to him.

Il A questions the police detective. He confirms his crimes for Gyoo Man and apologizes for his crimes.  Il A present additional evidence, provided by the party planner, of additional crimes. The former prosecutor objects. The judge allows it. Adding to the pile is the doctor’s confession that Gyoo Man bribed him to stated Jin Woo’s father did not have Alzheimer’s. Il A calls Jin Woo. The former prosecutor objects due to Jin Woo’s Alzheimer’s. Il A argues that there a temporary lapses not permanent. The judge allows Jin Woo to testify.

rem_ep20_4brem_ep20_4arem_ep20_4crem_ep20_4d   Jin Woo effectively calmly enumerates Gyoo Man’s crimes. He stares at Gyoo Man has his lists all his crimes. When Jin Woo tells the court that Gyoo Man believes himself above the law, Gyoo Man rises in anger. The former prosecutor pulls Gyoo Man down and urges him to be calm. The paper evidence against Gyoo Man is thick and heavy.

rem_ep20_5arem_ep20_5b The verdict is quick – guilty. The sentence – death. Gyoo Man tells the judge he is evil. Gyoo Man punches the former prosecutor. He rushes Jin Woo. He froths and screams he’ll kill Jin Woo. The guards drag him away.

Ok, we are only 20 minutes into the episode and the trial is done. What’s left to happen? Why am I nervous for Jin Woo?

The ethical judge visits the assistant who tells him he’s not happy that Gyoo Man was sentenced to death. The judge admits he’s not happy either.

The woman accuser brings Jin Woo and Il A stuffed animals and asks them to see her perform on stage.

Gyoo Man sees the doctor in prison and demands drugs. The doctor refuses and throws him out.  The police detective prisoner tells Gyoo Man he needs to repent. Gyoo Man does not like that and threatens to kill him. LOL when he says “Amen”.

rem_ep20_6b rem_ep20_6aJin Woo visits Gyoo Man. Jin Woo tells him this is his last visit. Gyoo Man says it will be because he won’t remember him because of his Alzheimer’s . Jin Woo tells Gyoo Man it is now his turn to experience a bad fate. Gyoo Man says he’ll get out and not to forget about him because he’ll pay him back. Jin Woo tells him he’s pitiful and leaves.

Jin Woo admits he’s not thrilled but he’s calm with the outcome. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo he needs to take care of himself now. Jin Woo tells him if he forgets him, pretend they don’t know each other. Jin Woo asks Dong Ho to keep their contract open.

Gyoo Man’s father visits Gyoo Man in prison. Gyoo Man asks him to get him out of prison. Father isn’t happy, the company is falling apart because he picked Gyoo Man as his successor. He can’t save the company. Gyoo Man asks if the company is more important than him. Father says the company is his life’s work that Gyoo man destroyed. He disowns Gyoo Man. He tells his son, that one thing is a constant – when you outlive your usefulness, you must be cast aside. Gyoo Man is stunned and watches his father walk away. He cries and calls for his father.  That is cold! I don’t think Gyoo Man’s father knows what love is. 

The stock price is dropping and Gyoo Man’s father is livid. The former prosecutor suggests a solution.

rem_ep20_7c rem_ep20_7arem_ep20_7b The former prosecutor meets with Dong Ho and Prosecutor Tak. He offers solid evidence that will help convict Gyoo Man’s father. They tells him they don’t need his evidence. He states he wants to make a contribution.

Prosecutor Tak doubt the former prosecutor sincerity. Dong Ho tells him to use him.

Prosecutor Tak serves Gyoo Man’s father with a search and seizure warrant. They raid the house. Dong Ho shows and taunts Gyoo Man’s father he’ll join his son in prison soon. Gyoo Man’s father says it won’t be easy to destroy him.

rem_ep20_8Gyoo Man thinks back to the moment his father named him president. He thinks back to Dong Ho telling him his father would cast him aside. Gyoo Man considers suicide. He hangs himself.

Gyoo Man’s father gets the news, his son is dead. He cries.

Team good isn’t happy that Gyoo Man is dead. Jin Woo stares at the wall in his secret room. Il A joins him. Gyoo Man’s picture has an S.

The former prosecutor joins another law firm.

Prosecutor Tak arrests Gyoo Man’s father. He tells him this is all a result of his excess ambition.

Prosecutor Tak and Dong Ho celebrate the night before the trial.

rem_ep20_11brem_ep20_11arem_ep20_11c  Jin Woo and Il A walk together. Jin Woo tells her he’s done with being a lawyer. He needs to rest now. He remembers her returning his necklace, their ludicrous escape on the moving dump truck, and says they have good memories. Il A says they have more memories to make. They walk smiling together.

Il A returns home. Her mother worries about her relationship with Jin Woo. Father is happy to see mother and daughter joking.

rem_ep20_12arem_ep20_12b Il A arrests the former prosecutor at his workplace. His new boss is not happy. The former prosecutor is gobsmacked. She tells him he’s a disgrace to the legal profession and will now way for his crimes. We see Prosecutor Tak gave her the materials on the former prosecutor. Ok, that was satisfying. 

Jin Woo visits his father’s memorial. He wishes they could have been happier longer. Dong Ho visits his father’s memorial.  He says hello to Jin Woo who doesn’t remember him. Then Jin Woo remembers him from a long time ago, without their shared history. Dong Ho does as he promised, he tells Jin Woo they have a strange fate but doesn’t try to get him to remember. Jin Woo tells him he thought “please defend me” when he saw him. Dong Ho cries as Jin Woo leaves. He’s friend is gone.

Jin Woo burns his memory books.

rem_ep20_13arem_ep20_13b Il A goes to the office and Jin Woo isn’t there. She chekcs the secret room. It’s empty save the stuffed animals the woman accuser left, his mother’s necklace, and an video message where he tells her that he is losing too many memories. He doesn’t want her to be burdened. He knows she won’t leave him. So he has to leave her. He can’t let her suffer. He wishes her happiness. She cries, I cry too. He promises to remember he forever. Gosh, that is ripping me up.

Dong Ho and the ethical judge respect each other. Il A shows up. Dong Ho notes that Jin Woo’s disappearance is over 1 year old.

Team Dong Ho celebrates his victory. I like that he’s taken over Jin Woo’s practice to defend those that cannot afford it.  As Jin Woo wished. Gosh, that rips me up. 

Jin Woo visits the wishing tree. Il A comes too. He doesn’t recognize her and walks past her. She stops him. He asks who she is. He apologizes if they know each other. She tells him he similar to someone she used to know. He walks away. She cries.

Jin Woo walks in the sunshine.

Il A looks his wish. He asks her to keep his memories forever and he wishes for her happiness. She smiles, cries, and runs after him.

rem_ep20_16a rem_ep20_16c rem_ep20_16brem_ep20_16d He turns. She stares. She approaches. She asks him if he recognizes his mother’s necklace/ring. Nice that she tried to jar his memory with the necklace/ring just like Jin Woo would use the necklace/ring to jar his father’s memory. He says he doesn’t. He turns and walks away. She cries and follows him.  Jin Woo thinks “I used to remember everything.” We see his last message to Team Jin Woo. Jin Woo thinks “Although my memories are gone, my existence won’t disappear. ”

My Thoughts
* When the trial wrapped up so quickly, the show switched gears tying up loose ends. Frankly I could have used more time on Gyoo Man’s trial. 19 episodes were spent gathering evidence to bring him to trial. Out of the 1 hour final episode, justice only took 20 minutes.
* Jin Woo saw Gyoo Man sentenced and put in prison. The Alzheimer’s was a big factor this episode. I knew they had to wrap and deal with it, and there wasn’t a miracle cure. I liked that he turned over the law practice to Dong Ho. I liked that he walked away from Il A. What can you say, this was going to be bittersweet.
* Il A prosecuted Gyoo Man and got the conviction.  I wish that she hadn’t seen him at the end. Yes,  it is nice that she knows he’s alive. But still, her heart was wrapped up around Jin Woo. Seeing him again tightened that grip. So everyone gets to move on but Il A?
* Dong Ho took over Jin Woo’s practice. Dong Ho finally saw Gyoo Man’s father arrested.
* Gyoo Man finally got justice. There wasn’t anything redeeming in this character.
* Yeo Kyung left home. She told her father she told the police her brother was fleeing the country and left. Atta girl!
* How did my final episode wish list go?
* Il A rocks prosecuting Gyoo Man – Granted. Jin Woo’s private chat with the judge helped but she effectively prosecuted Gyoo Man and was all business during the trial.
* Gyoo Man goes to prison – Granted. He was rejected by his father and hung himself.
* Gyoo Man’s father goes to prison – Probably. We never saw him in prison but he was arrested.
* I don’t think Jin Woo’s memory loss will be averted but I hope we don’t end the series with Il A tending Jin Woo who no longer knows who she is. – This is almost what happened. Il A saw Jin Woo and in the final scenes after a 1 year separation. She loves him. He doesn’t know who she is. It’s sad.

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  2. Beez says:

    Namgung Min made this even more interesting (and fun towards the end). I first started to turn my attitude around about him in The Girl Who Sees Smells, but now he’s joining my list of biases.


  3. Jane Tilly says:


    IRRELEVANT/UNDER-UTILIZED MAIN CAST CHARACTER – Yeo Kyung was absent for many episodes and only had a few moments of relevance to this story, which really didn’t need a “main cast member” to portray: • Served as jury foreman in original Jung Ah murder trial • Let Gyu Man oppa escape from the drug party at the club • Lends a hand in Gyu Man’s capture and touts that fact to their evil dad blaming him for how the son turned out, which really was the truth!

    UNREALISTIC DISEASE – *RANT ALERT* From second hand knowledge of Alzheimer’s it seems that dementia is a huge part of the symptoms. I can see patients would get confused, like Jin Woo’s dad not remembering what happened or Jin Woo losing track of a train of thought and bringing up the past as if it were the present, but as the disease progresses patients are not able to take care of themselves or even be coherent, regardless of memories. For most patients, the last things they forget are the things they are most familiar with. It was a departure from reality to think Jin Woo could be perfectly groomed walking around by himself with the purpose of visiting the wishing tree without a memory of the people who meant something to him. Hyperthymesia patients have a larger and more active amygdala, where as Alzheimer’s patients have a damaged less active amydala. I don’t see how these two conditions could coexist. *RANT OVER*

    COATS – Jin Woo, In Ah and Dong Ho ALL had an amazing 😦 Nam Goong Min did a great job of this character.

    GOTCHA – Gyu Man a.k.a. Psycho Crap watching his escape helicopter leave without him!

    JUSTICE/VERDICT – FINALLY Psycho Crap is finally convicted, incarcerated and waiting for the death penalty. While this justice may be too late for Jin Woo’s dad, at least his name was cleared and Jin Woo accomplished his goal…oh and a psycho with family willing to cover up his crimes is now off the mean streets of Seoul!

    CONFUSING LEGALITIES – I kept waiting to hear about the Ha Young rape trial, it seemed like it disappeared over the last episode or two, despite all the evidence against Gyu Man. How can they combine another case of rape/murder with an ongoing rape trial? In the U.S.A. these would be separate charges with separate trials. Does this really happen in Korea or just in Dramaland?

    STEP UP – Dong Ho taking over the law practice—I like the law firm’s staff of quirky characters, which apparently now includes felon Soo Beom. It seems they are keeping the spirit of the firm as Jin Woo intended. ❤

    REPENTENCE – Could be a tie with Detective Scumbag and Dong Ho. Since Detective Scumbag had more evil intent and actions to begin with, I think he is the winner…can I get an “Amen”?

    COLD SHOULDER – Gyu Man’s dad disowning him; we can certainly see that the excrement (Gyu Man) doesn’t fall far from the orifice (daddy dearest). No wonder the son turned out to be such a poor excuse of a human being. This disownment seemed especially cruel since his daddy’s approval seemed to be the ONLY thing to motivate this character to do something other than whatever he wanted. This character had NO redeeming character traits. I was gob smacked at my own feelings—I felt sorry for Gyu Man in that moment and could understand his despair and reasoning to commit suicide. Jin Woo was right—when comes to the things in life that really count, Gyu Man truly was pitiable! 😦

    PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP – Jin Woo and In Ah. At first I wanted there to be a 💋romantic💋 relationship between them until we found out about his Alzheimer’s…it was going to be a love that would be short lived as a reciprocating relationship. This was such a sad ending for two people who cared about each other. That darn noble idiocy–even though I cannot totally disagree with it, in this situation!

    Overall I liked this drama, even though I found the ending a bit unsatisfactory due to Jin Woo's condition. What else could they do? I think all the relevant main characters really did a great job with their parts!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur with your on point statement – “This character had NO redeeming character traits. I was gob smacked at my own feelings—I felt sorry for Gyu Man in that moment and could understand his despair and reasoning to commit suicide. Jin Woo was right—when comes to the things in life that really count, Gyu Man truly was pitiable!”

      The ending was the saddest for In Ha. She remembered her love for Jin Woo but to no avail. She could only watch him from afar.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Wow, I must have stepped on my coat and a couple of other sections:

    COATS – Jin Woo, In Ah and Dong Ho ALL had an amazing 😦 Nam Goong Min did a great job of this character.


  5. Jane Tilly says:

    Third time is the charm?

    COATS – Jin Woo, In Ah and Dong Ho ALL had an amazing assortment of outerwear, particularly of the wool variety. Did you notice when Jin Woo popped up the collar on his coats that several of the undersides of the collars were a different color of fabric, nice pops of color. In Ah might have had the most varied assortment of outerwear, Dong Ho had best variety of coat fabrics as to variety of color, pattern and texture. I know this was a winter time drama, but it seems like the costumer was obsessed with coats, which I love! °

    SNAPPY DRESSER – there were a few contenders, but I think Dong Ho wins! His look seems to have a 1930s gangster, who discovered color, vibe. At times he seemed cartoonish (orange overcoat with HUGE revers/lapels) and reminded of the look Jim Carey had, sans the green face, in “The Mask”. At one point he was even wearing two-tone (black with white) patent leather shoes…all he needed was a fedora.

    VILLIAN – Gyu Man. He was an evil loser with anger issues that seemed to never stop. His sense of entitlement and incredulity that he should take the punishment for what he had done—unbelievable! When he walked into the courtroom in his red suit with red/white pinstripe shirt and red tie, my first thought was…hmmm where is your horns and pitchfork? Nam Goong Min did a great job of this character. 😡


  6. kjtamuser says:

    Love your comment on Dong Ho “His look seems to have a 1930s gangster, who discovered color, vibe.” I really was disappointed this character didn’t reemerge like a phoenix from the ashes to get his groove back during the trial. But then that gave In Ah the well deserved opportunity to shine in the final trial.

    Another spot on comment “where is your horns and pitchfork? Nam Goong Min did a great job of this character”.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      *VILLIAN RANT ALERT* I am not a fan of spoilers (although I appreciate the “spoiler” notification), so I chose to move my episode 8 rant to the final episode in case anyone else wanted to comment, it will avoid further spoilers for such an early episode.

      This rant concurs with Mary Beth’s comments in episode 8 about how many “overlook NGM’s sin just because fans were overwhelmed by his weekly exposed of abs and charismatic smile” What kind of logic do these fans have thinking the death sentence is too harsh? We know he personally killed Jung Ah, contracted the killing of Joo Il and his deceit lead to Jin Woo’s dad increased suffering in prison being denied treatment for Alzheimer’s—Jin Woo was cheated out of time he could have spent with his dad, whose symptoms would have at the very least been delayed. How many other people were killed or lives destroyed by Gyu Man? You illogical fans want to excuse Gyu Man because he has great abs and charm? I feel his death sentence was a just punishment, however even when justice prevails, there may is still room for pity–see my comments above.

      Scholar Who Walks the Night’s evil master vampire Gwi was another horrific villain, who I felt deserved his demise (although no pity on my part this time), I was so disgusted with many fan comments on Viki decrying his demise due to his hot body and good looks–Gwi murdered hundreds if not thousands of people. In the real world did anyone decry the execution of handsome serial killer Ted Bundy? Let’s root for these hot actors when their characters are not poor excuses for a human being or extraordinary monsters in the case of Gwi. RANT OVER


      • kjtamuser says:

        I’m with you and Mary Beth. These are characters and an actor’s looks can add or detract to the physical look of a character, it is the character’s actions and intent that matter. Evil deserves punishment.


      • Beez says:

        I TOTALLY agree, Jane Tilly. I can still gush over the actor, and even the character but still recognize evil needs to DIE!

        I can’t tell you how many times I’ll watch a show and because Mr.NeedsToDieRightNow has a scene where he is nice to his mother or nice to his kids, and other posters start feeling sympathy for the character. EVERYBODY (almost) is nice to their own mother. Give me a break!


  7. Beez says:

    My only dissatisfaction with this show’s ending is – what can I assume happens to him? He has no ability to make a living. He’s had no opportunity to put away any savings. Does he end up homeless, depending on his friends (whom he won’t even know are his friends) by getting handouts and sleeping in their guest rooms when they can convince him that he really does know them? What if he wanders/travels out of Seoul and his friends can’t locate him to continue helping him?

    I just got depressed all over again thinking any this character’s future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      The writers showed Jin Woo burning the diary with the bad memories, but left him contemplating what to do with the diary of good memories–we don’t know if he destroyed that too. I understand Jin Woo not wanting to become a burden to those he loved, is this thought process part of “Asian guilt”? Regardless, I think everyone of the Outskirts law firm would have gladly been there for Jin Woo. With all those people to support him, it would have spread out the burden. This situation is particularly cruel for the budding romance between Jin Woo and In Ah.

      I concur that this ending was very sad—since Jin Woo abandoned his friends and loved ones how will he continue to take care of himself? The writers unrealistically depict Jin Woo—at least from my second hand knowledge of Alzheimer’s, when patients get to the point they don’t recognize their loved ones, they are not capable to care for themselves. Jin Woo is depicted as self-sufficient person who happens to not remember his loved ones. Beez – maybe Jin Woo got a huge settlement for his father being unlawfully incarcerated (from the government, since Il Ho Group went bankrupt). But even if that were the case, how could he manage his money without a memory or not be scammed out of it. On the plus side, it looks like In Ah was going to follow him and maybe she will make sure he is okay.

      Liked by 1 person

      • kjtamuser says:

        Yes, I don’t want to think of Jin Woo truly alone either.


      • Beez says:

        I know I’m such a downer, but she can’t follow him 24/7. And I don’t think any of his friends had the money to not work so they could care for/follow him around all day;nor the money to pay somebody to do it.

        I know you’re trying to fix it up for me, JT, but I can’t see a silver lining anywhere in how that played out. SMH

        Liked by 1 person

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