Remember Episode 19 Recap

Team Good has a good day. Team Evil tries to slither away. 

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 19 Recap

The door slides open revealing Il A. She bows to Gyoo Man’s father and the former prosecutor. They stare at her confused. She introduces herself as Prosecutor Lee. Father is dumbstruck. The former prosecutor looks at Prosecutor Tak who offers a “gotcha” smile. That’s what I call a meaningful entrance.  Il A sits at the table. Prosecutor Tak introduces Il A to Gyoo Man’s father.  the former prosecutor asks why Il A is there. Il A states she will make sure it is a fair trial. Gyoo Man’s father demands to know what is going on. Il A says Prosecutor Tak’s business trip to his company is over.  Prosecutor Tak says he’s relieved. The former prosecutor asks how he could do this to them?

Gyoo Man stomps on the computer on the floor. Jin Woo walks in the office with a big smile. Jin Woo asks if Gyoo Man got his video gift. Gyoo Man tells him he will die for that. Jin Woo smiles that Gyoo Man enjoyed the video as he intended. Gyoo Man stamps on his computer and looks at Jin Woo with hatred. He demands to know why Jin Woo released a video that has no impact on the trial. Jin Woo says the court of public opinion is important too. Gyoo Man says the law is his toy. Jin Woo counters that Gyoo Man is not above the law. Gyoo Man tells Jin Woo with or without his memory, he is nothing. Jin Woo counters that with or without his memory, he’ll never forget what happened to his father. Jin Woo tells Gyoo Man he’ll see him in court. Gyoo Man has a hissy fit.

Gyoo Man’s father tells Prosecutor Tak he may have deceived him but this won’t break him. Il A says this will expose his tactics to use money to circumvent the law. Il A tells them it is over. Gyoo Man’s father and Il A do the glare and stare.

Prosecutor Tak chuckles at Dong Ho’s outrage at his undercover tactics.

rem_ep19_1arem_ep19_1b Il A is thrilled to become a prosecutor again. What’s the best way to celebrate? Have a sweet drink with the man you love…at McDonald’s! Il A gets cream on her face and Jin Woo wipes it off. Classic! Jin Woo encourages Il A to spread her wings and fly.

Gyoo Man’s father order the former prosecutor to switch the judge and prosecutor ASAP. No can do says the former prosecutor. He notes they have to address the bad public opinion due to the video. He suggests Gyoo Man’s father step up.

Gyoo Man overhears folks talking about the President being a murderer. Gyoo Man tells the employee he is a murderer so one more won’t hurt. He beats the employee in the open. Cell phones video tape the incident. What part of banning Gyoo Man from business was adhered to?

Team Jin Woo talk about the trial. Jin Woo wants Gyoo Man’s assistant to testify.

Il A speaks with the judge about the trial. She asks if the judge would persuade Gyoo Man’s assistant to testify. He promises to try. But he gets no answer. Why? The assistant is tied to a chair in a storage locker.

rem_ep19_2arem_ep19_2b Gyoo Man watches his newest video hit of him beating his employee. the former prosecutor says the video went viral. At least the employee won’t suit due to a settlement payment. The former prosecutor warns Gyoo man to watch his behavior.

Gyoo Man’s father holds a press conference and apologizes for his son’s behavior. He asks for forgiveness and offers to take the blame. He promises to strip his son from all business power. Dong Ho smiles. Gyoo Man fumes.

Dong Ho (snappy in his red coat) compliments their crisis management press conference.  Dong Ho comments that father and son are a package deal. He promises they will be sent to prison by Jin Woo and him. Dong Ho tells the former prosecutor he’s merely the lap dog of Gyoo Man’s father.

Il A returns home to find her mother not happy that she’s returned to the prosecutor office. She grabs her mother’s arm. Mom refuses to let her get involved with the declining Jin Woo. Her father tells her to give her mother a break.

rem_ep19_3b rem_ep19_3aThe former prosecutor notes the Gyoo Man’s sentence will likely be 20 years. He assures Father that he’ll get him out by special order after the public’s interest wanes. Gyoo Man enters not happy that Father stripped him from the business. Father states the business had to be protected. Gyoo Man says the trial’s outcome isn’t known. Father yells that the videos are damning. He’s looking at the worst case scenarios. Father says the separation from business was to appease the public.

The former prosecutor visits the police detective in prison. He wants the police detective to admits the video is a fake. Hmm, will the police detective jump at the chance to help Gyoo Man?

The judge demands to know where Gyoo Man’s assistant is. Gyoo Man states the guy resigned and moved to the states. The judge doubts it. Gyoo Man smiles as the judge leaves.

The judge reports the to Il A that Gyoo Man told him his assistant left for the states. Neither of them believe it.

Jin Woo learns that Gyoo Man’s assistant is missing. He asks his male assistant to shadow Gyoo Man.

Dong Ho’s assistant tells Dong Ho he can’t reach Gyoo Man’s assistant. Dong Ho’s assistant notes that Gyoo Man’s assistant worried that Gyoo Man would kill him. Dong Ho decides to find him.

He goes to his super sleuth tracker and asks him to find the location of Gyoo Man’s assistant’s cell phone.

rem_ep19_4arem_ep19_4b Gyoo Man visits his assistant and feigns concern. He begs for his life. Gyoo Man tells him to retrieve the evidence. He refuses. Gyoo Man says he’ll bring Jin Woo to him then.  Gyoo Man leaves with at least 20 men and who drives up on his white horse (okay white car). Dong Ho tells Gyoo Man to give him his assistant. Dong Ho happens to have some fighting skills and takes on Gyoo Man’s posse.  But there are two many men and Dong Ho is overwhelmed. Gyoo Man joins in the fun. Dong Ho tells Gyoo Man the law will win. Gyoo Man says he will win and grabs a pipe. Dong Ho’s assistant arrives with his posse. It is a posse to posse combat! Gyoo Man watches his men and yells that they suck. He leaves.

Gyoo Man’s assistant is grateful to Dong Ho and his assistant for being saved. Dong Ho quips the two assistants seem very close.

Gyoo Man hears it is game over if his assistant testifies. Gyoo Man asks the former prosecutor to help. He has an idea but he’ll be doing this rouge without approval from Gyoo Man’s father. Yeo Kyung overhears them talking. The former prosecutor states before Gyoo Man is killed in court, he must die.

Dong Ho arrives and tells Jin Woo he’s got Gyoo Man’s assistant under his care.

Jin Woo visits the assistant and asks him to be a witness at the trial. The assistant can’t handle it. He knows that if you cross Gyoo Man, you die. As long as Gyoo man’s lives, he will not testify.

Gyoo Man recalls the former prosecutor recommending that he assume a new identify in China, then return to Korea later. He tells Gyoo Man that people forget quickly and his crimes will be forgotten.

Jin Woo prepares for the retrial.  He remembers his father fretting about forgetting his son. He promises his father he’ll do well at the trial.

Outside the courtroom Il A and Jin Woo meet. He thanks her for her help. She hugs him. Dong Ho smiles when he sees them hugging. Il A says it is time for the world to hear the truth. Dong Ho wishes Jin Woo well.

rem_ep19_7b rem_ep19_7arem_ep19_7c
The former police detective is the first witness. Jin Woo asks the police detective if he coerced his father into making a confession. The police detective admits he coerced Jin Woo’s father into writing a confession. The police detective admits he’s ready for his punishment for perjury. The police detective states the wine opener did not have Gyoo Man’s fingerprints. Jin Woo tells the court that he has the real murder weapon. He admits the real wine opener as evidence along with the National Forensics report – the fingerprints are Gyoo Man’s. The judge asks where he got the real weapon. Gyoo Man will not reveal Gyoo Man’s assistant gave him the real weapon. The judge states the evidence will be dismissed. The assistant walks into the courtroom. Jin Woo states he provided the evidence. The assistant confirms he provided the evidence. We hear the story, Gyoo Man murdered the college student and his assistant found him and her body. He switched the real wine opener with the fake wine opener. Why did you do that Jin Woo asks? The assistant admits he switched the weapon so Jin Woo would not frame him for the murder.

Gyoo Man is livid that his assistant testified against him. He, with the former prosecutor’s help, decides to flee the country.

Jin Woo gives a heartfelt final argument. He asks the judge to clear his father’s name.

rem_ep19_9b rem_ep19_9aLater, the judge announces the verdict. Jin Woo’s father is acquitted. Nice touch when the judge expressed his regret that his father passed before the retrial. Jin Woo cries.  He looks to Dong Ho who offers a supportive stare. In the empty courtroom, Dong Ho congratulates Jin Woo for proving his father’s innocence. Dong Ho admits he feels better now that Jin Woo’s father has been acquitted. The two lawyers smile at each other.

rem_ep19_10b rem_ep19_10aJin Woo returns to his father’s house. He retrieves the last letter his father wrote him. Jin Woo apologizes for taking too long to clear his father’s name. He cries in relief.

rem_ep19_11b rem_ep19_11aYeo Kyung searches her brother’s room and finds a fake passport. Gyoo Man enters the room and asks what she’s doing. She demands to know what he’s planning. Gyoo Man states he won’t go to prison. He will save himself. He takes the fake passport. He tells her she’s knows nothing, she saw nothing. He leaves.

The police and Il A arrive at Gyoo Man’s office but he is not there. She call Jin Woo and tells him that Gyoo Man is missing.

Meanwhile Gyoo Man is fleeing.

The police arrive to search the house. Yeo Kyung asks where Il A is.

Il A and Jin Woo are in pursuit of Gyoo Man’s car.

rem_ep19_12b rem_ep19_12aGyoo Man’s father realizes Gyoo Man is fleeing to China. The former prosecutor claims he knew nothing about this. Gyoo Man’s father freaks out. He curses his son.

Gyoo Man runs the police barricade. Gyoo Man laughs.

Il A arrives at the house. Yeo Kyung tells Il A that Gyoo Man is fleeing to China. That stuns Il A. Yeo Kyung apologizes for her family’s behavior.

rem_ep19_13c  rem_ep19_13arem_ep19_13drem_ep19_13b Il A calls Jin Woo about Gyoo Man’s plans. Jin Woo believes Gyoo Man is heading to the docks. Dong Ho and police catch up to Gyoo Man’s car, but Gyoo Man isn’t there. Instead Gyoo Man is heading to the helicopter. Jin Woo arrives (his green car is darling). Gyoo Man dares him to catch him. The helicopter flies away! Awesome! Gyoo Man yells at the helicoper. Il A and the police arrive. Gotcha Gyoo Man! 


My Thoughts
* I love it when good wins over evil. Nice to see Jin Woo finally clear his father’s name. Nice to see Gyoo Man’s assistant testify against Gyoo Man. Nice to see Gyoo Man’s plan to leave the country thwarted. Yep, it was a good episode for Team Jin Woo.
* Jin Woo suffered no memory lapses and relished the moment of capture and relief at clearing his father name. I like how advance of the Alzheimer’s wasn’t a big factor this episode. It was nice to see Jin Woo have a solid episode where he was on it mentally and accomplished the acquittal.
* Il A is ready to prosecute Gyoo Man.  So glad that Gyoo Man did not escape so we can see Il A rip him in court.
* Dong Ho supported Jin Woo in court. Dong Ho was relieved when Jin Woo won the retrial. That is a burden off his shoulders.
* Gyoo Man’s anger when the helicopter flew away was great. Loved it. You can taste the courtroom for Gyoo Man. You can taste prison for Gyoo Man.
* Yeo Kyung finally put her ethics first. She told Il A her brother was fleeing the country. Atta girl!
* One more episode to go. My wish list:
* Il A rocks prosecuting Gyoo Man
* Gyoo Man goes to prison
* Gyoo Man’s father goes to prison
* I don’t think Jin Woo’s memory loss will be averted but I hope we don’t end the series with Il A tending Jin Woo who no longer knows who she is.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Psycho Crap’s temper is getting the best of him with the release of the video. I love that other people are taking videos of his further violet outbursts. Loved your comment “What part of banning Gyoo Man from business was adhered to?”

    Dong Ho does look “snappy” in his red coat, meanwhile Gyu Man looks like the devil he is in his red suit! 😡

    Just when assistant Soo Beom’s guilty conscience was giving him courage to leave, Psycho Crap has him tracked down and tied up. Despite his evil doings, I do feel sorry for Soo Beom and I think fear kept him from switching sides. Snappy Dong Ho to the rescue! I was very pleased that both Detective Scumbag and Soo Beom truthfully testified in the retrial. Sooo…what happened with Ha Young’s rape trial? We haven’t heard a verdict and it seems like Psycho Crap is on the run for being arrested for Jung Ah’s murder.

    Yeo Kyung had a moment of relevance ratting out her brother. I LOVE ❤ LOVE ❤ LOVE ❤ that the escape helicopter for Mr. “Catch Me if You Can” left without him—did his dad finally quit supporting him?

    My wish list matches yours! I’m off the watch the last episode!


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I was so fulfilling to see his escape fly away.

    By the way, have you noticed how the actor playing Dong Ho has a strong resemblance with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I especially noticed it when they smile


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