Remember Episode 18 Recap

Team Good lines up to go to battle with Team Evil. They seem to have lots of weapons to win with. Conversely, Team Evil is blindsided and nervous. Love it!

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 18 Recap

Jin Woo has a memory lapse in court. The judge declares a recess. Jin Woo tells Il A he can continue, it was only a temporary lapse. Jin Woo admits he couldn’t tell Dong Ho earlier. He tells Dong Ho to replace him. Dong Ho assures Jin Woo he wants him as his attorney. I really like that Jin Woo told Dong Ho without the specifics and that Dong Ho understood without the specifics.

Gyoo Man smiles as the former prosecutor explains Jin Woo’s odd behavior in court. Gyoo Man tells his assistant to find Jin Woo’s medical records.

rem_ep18_1brem_ep18_1e rem_ep18_1arem_ep18_1d rem_ep18_1c  Back in court, the prosecutor has a witness testify that Dong Ho and Joo Il argued several days prior to the murder. Jin Woo calls the police detective that found the murder weapon. Jin Woo asks if the attacker would have marks from the brutal attack. He should. But Dong Ho does not have marks. Jin Woo asks the detective about the shaky video AFTER Dong Ho left the car. Jin Woo suggests the shaky video was during the real attack of two grown men struggling over the knife. The police detective admits Jin Woo’s assumption is a possibility. Jin Woo states all the evidence is circumstantial and asks for a not guilty verdict. Anyone else love the little smiles Jin Woo and Il A share?

Gyoo Man’s father isn’t happy Joo Il is still alive. He tells the prosecutor to wrap up this loose end.

Jin Woo tells Dong Ho’s assistant his acquittal cannot be guaranteed. He wants to find the real murderer. The assistant has an idea who it could be. Jin Woo has a plan to trap the murderer.

Gyoo Man isn’t sad to learn Jin Woo suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Jin Woo talks to someone about making the murderer come back to finish off Joo Il. The man pretends Joo Il is getting better. Gyoo Man’s fathers hears this and send the murderer to finish off Joo Il. In the hospital room, the murderer finds Dong Ho’s assistant and Jin Woo. He pulls a knife and the police arrive in time to capture the real murderer. Unfortunately this makes Jin Woo late for court.

rem_ep18_2b rem_ep18_2aIn the courtroom, the judge asks where Jin Woo is. He bursts in just like Dong Ho used to. He announces the prosecutor will have news soon. On cue, the prosecutor reads a note and states the real murderer has been arrested. The charges are withdrawn. Il A smiles, Joo Win smiles, and I smile too.

Later Dong Ho thanks Jin Woo. He asks how he can repay his debt. Jin Woo tells him he can’t repay that debt. Dong Ho admits that having Jin Woo by his side made him realize that is the mark of the good attorney is the faith the client has. Jin Woo states he’s going to ask for a retrial. Dong Ho agrees he should. Nice calm scene between these two men.

Jin Woo presents the police detective with the evidence that Gyoo Man is paying him. He asks if Gyoo Man’s father authorized Joo Il’s murder. The police detective refuses so confirm this.

rem_ep18_3Dong Ho visits Joo Il in the hospital. Dong Ho reminds Joo Il he promised to act as his father at his wedding.  Joo Il asks for a fist bump. He apologizes. He dies. Dong Ho freaks out and cries as the second most important man in his life dies.

At the memorial service, Dong Ho stares at the evidence from Jin Woo’s father’s original trial. We see in flashback that Joo Il left Dong Ho a voice recording of Gyoo Man’s father ordering Dong Ho’s death. When Jin Woo arrives, Dong Ho isn’t interested in legal justice but Jin Woo convinces him.

Gyoo Man (I thought he was banned from business) learns that Jin Woo has filed for a retrial. Gyoo Man starts trashing his office. He tells the business men to leave. They run. Gyoo Man demands to see Jin Woo.

rem_ep18_4Dong Ho visits Gyoo Man’s father who has expected the visit. He tells Dong Ho small people have to be sacrificed for the greater good. Dong Ho laughs at the absurd statement. He tells Gyoo Man’s father to be prepared for what comes next.

rem_ep18_5c rem_ep18_5b Gyoo Man asks Jin Woo if he can remember his face now that he’s in the grasp of Alzheimer’s. Jin Woo counters at least he doesn’t have anger issues. He has people around him he trusts implicitly. Jin Woo asks if Gyoo Man has anyone on his side. He tells Gyoo Man he’ll make him disappear into prison before his memory disappears. Wow! Terrific scene. Both actors made it subtle and that made the quiet threats and words more powerful.

Dong Ho is surprised when the police detective visits his office. Dong Ho learns that Jin Woo visited him with proof he’s on the take. Dong Ho orders him to leave. The police detective has interesting news, the president (key witness) was not sent abroad.

Gyoo Man tells the former prosecutor he better get him off.

Gyoo Man’s father tells the former prosecutor he better get Gyoo Man off. Prosecutor Tak suggest switching prosecutors to make it easier by providing a lessor opponent in the courtroom.

The doctor visits Gyoo Man. They discuss his anger explosion is medical. The doctor tells Gyoo Man to remain calm. Gyoo Man freaks out and tries to strangle the doctor.  I don’t like the “medical anger” diagnosis. That would allow Gyoo Man to shrug his shoulders and say he can’t control himself. All the more reason so be locked away from society.

The Vice Minister visits Gyoo Man’s father who asks that he help with Gyoo Man’s trial. The Vice minister agrees to help. He is given a gift that includes cold hard cash.

Prosecutor Tak declines to take a meeting with the former prosecutor. Prosecutor Tak laughs that the former prosecutor thinks he can tell him what to do.

Dong Ho finds the president at his safe house. Dong Ho tells the president it may all be over soon. The president tells Dong Ho his father was a good person but had stated he could never kill anyone. He promises to testify to this in court.

Jin Woo and Il A prep at the office. Il A remembers what the doctor said, that all these things will get harder for Jin Woo. She grabs Jin Woo’s phone and takes a picture of her business card. She invites him and the rest of Team Jin Woo for dinner at her parent’s pizza place. Jin Woo comments his father would love the pizza. He asks for a pizza to go for his father. Il A covers for the lapse. Il A’s mother asks Jin Woo if he thinks his father is still alive. He stares at Il A. He realizes what he’s done and leaves. Il A follows.

Jin Woo drives upset at his actions. He ignores the call from Il A. Her parents can’t believe that Jin Woo suffers Alzheimer’s  just like his father. Il A’s mother orders her not to throw her life away on Jin Woo. Il A won’t walk away from her friend.

rem_ep18_7arem_ep18_7b Gyoo Man orders his assistant to take care of Jin Woo. His assistant refuses. He tells Gyoo Man the time for retribution has come. Gyoo Man isn’t happy with the suggestion. Gyoo Man grabs his golf club and tries to hit him. The assistant blocks him and yells he is done cleaning up Gyoo Man’s messes. He leaves.

Team Jin Woo can’t find Jin Woo. The male assistant worries too (now that he knows about the Alzheimer’s). The judge appears.

rem_ep18_8b rem_ep18_8aGyoo Man recalls the text on his assistant’s phone about the evidence. Gyoo Man recalls Jin Woo’s calm assurance he could get him. Gyoo Man recalls the judge asking if someone could be killed by a wine opener. Gyoo Man calls his father’s hit man and asks for a favor. His assistant is tied up and in a storage room. Gyoo Man arrives tells the assistant he has committed a sin. Gyoo Man asks about the text from the judge. Gyoo Man asks if the knife was given to the judge. Gyoo Man can’t believe his assistant betrayed him. His assistant asks if they ever trusted each other. Gyoo Man chokes him while saying he must get the evidence back. Gyoo Man tells him to think about it. He leaves him tied to the chair and closes the door.

The judge asks about Jin Woo. The judge states he hopes the truth will be revealed at the retrial. The assistant tells Il A she thinks she knows where Jin Woo went. Il A rushes out. I like her smart sweater dress and coat.

Jin Woo goes to the wishing tree where his father left him wishes. Jin Woo tears up thinking about special times with his father.  Il A finds him. Jin Woo tells her he doesn’t want to be burden anymore. Jin Woo tells her to stop sacrificing for him. He tells her to return to a normal life. Il A counters she has her own mind and will decide what to do for herself. She says she’s not doing this for pity. She wants to help him. She can help him. She must help him. She asks they take this journey together. Jin Woo states he won’t remember her soon. Il A says it’s ok. She’ll be his memory. Jin Woo softly kisses her. Another sweet and powerful moment in this episode. 

Gyoo Man dines listening to calming classical music. He realizes Jin Woo was right. He is alone. He has no one by his side.

rem_ep18_10c rem_ep18_10bAt breakfast Gyoo Man gives Yeo Kyung a plane ticket so she can go abroad to study art. She wants to know why he is offering this now. He urges her to go to France. Yeo Kyung gets angry. Father won’t stand for her banishment. Gyoo Man stuns her by stating France was Father’s idea. He tells her good bye.  He laughs as he leaves. He is a cold guy.

Yeo Kyung shows up at Jin Woo’s office. Yeo Kyung tells Jin Woo and Il A that she remembers Gyoo Man’s original trial. Il A tells Yeo Kyung to tell Gyoo Man to admit his crime. Yeo Kyung says nothing. We all know that is futile.

Gyoo Man compliments Prosecutor Tak.

rem_ep18_11arem_ep18_11b Prosecutor Tak meets with his boss. They both laugh at the arrogance of Gyoo Man’s father requesting a new prosecutor. Prosecutor Tak is relieved his temporary assignment to Team Evil is about over. I knew it! He recalls strategizing with Il A and Jin Woo about becoming a mole. He assures his boss he’ll put a competent prosecutor for Gyoo Man. His boss asks who he has in mind. Prosecutor Tak smiles.

Dong Ho visits Jin Woo. He’s worried if they have solid evidence. Jin Woo pulls the murder weapon from his desk drawer. Good grief! The desk drawer! Not a safe! Dong Ho is stunned to see the murder weapon. Is it real? Where did you get it? Jin Woo assures him the National Foresnics verified the weapon. Dong Ho vows to help Jin Woo until the end. Jin Woo kinda smiles at that.

rem_ep18_12c rem_ep18_12bJin Woo and Dong Ho talk about the next step. Jin Woo suggests they leak the video of Gyoo Man confessing to the crime outside the courtroom. Jin Woo reasons it won’t be allowed inside the courtroom, so they’ll have to use it outside. He states the trial isn’t only fought inside the courtroom. Dong Ho states the video will be sensation. Dong Ho states they will spam everyone with the video. They upload the video. The video is shown everywhere. Everyone sees it, talks about it, and forms a judgement.

Prosecutor Tak assures Gyoo Man’s father the new prosecutor will be perfect for the trial. The former prosecutor wants to know who will be his opposing counsel for the trial. He jokes the opposition will work for him. They feel hopeful they will win. The former prosecutor gets a call.

rem_ep18_13brem_ep18_13c Gyoo Man watches the video of himself admitting to the murder. He throws the computer on the floor and has a fit. Jin Woo walks in the office with a big smile. Jin Woo asks if Gyoo Man got his video gift. Gyoo Man tells him he will die for that. Jin Woo smiles that Gyoo Man enjoyed the video as he intended. Gyoo Man stamps on his computer and looks at Jin Woo with hatred.

rem_ep18_14b rem_ep18_14crem_ep18_14d rem_ep18_14e  The former prosecutor puts down the phone. We see a woman walking down the hall. Yes, yes, yes!!!! The prosecutor looks at Gyoo Man’s father and says Gyoo Man’s confession video has been released. Gyoo Man’s father is stunned. The door slides open revealing Il A. Yes, yes, yes!!!! She bows to Gyoo Man’s father and the former prosecutor. They stare at her confused. She introduces herself as Prosecutor Lee. Father is dumbstruck. The former prosecutor looks at Prosecutor Tak who offers a “gotcha” smile. Il A smiles. Yes, yes, yes!!!! 

My Thoughts
* Superb episode that starts the payoff for Team Good. Team Evil realizes they are in trouble.  So many terrific scenes this episode:
* My favorite – Il A’s reveal as the prosecutor. You know I have been wasting for her to take a bigger role. My wish is granted.
* Runner up – the two scenes between Jin Woo and Gyoo Man. The first was controlled but powerful. The second had Gyoo Man losing his grip and Jin Woo relishing his advantage.
* Second runner up – Il A and Jin Woo’s sweet scene at the wishing tree. You’ve got admire Il A’s staunch support of Jin Woo. She took her father’s advice to heart and accepts Jin Woo’s illness as part of him, not something to dispise.
* Jin Woo had another memory lapse with Il A’s parents. I like how Jin Woo realizes he is battling time with the rapid advance of the Alzheimer’s. He knows he has limited time to complete his mission of a success retrial and clearing his father’s name. He knows he won’t know Il A much longer. He’s determined to fight and win. He is inspirational.
* Il A will take center stage as the prosecutor against Gyoo Man.   Il A gets to nail Gyoo Man to the wall and send him to prison. I’ve noted several times that Il A’s role has been more of a support role versus lead role. Il A just got an upgrade to lead role…FINALLY. The strength of Il A is her ethics, empathy and ability to call it the way it is. We’ve seen her support Jin Woo and the women accusing Gyoo Man, now she can be more front and center helping Jin Woo’s father be cleared.
* Dong Ho was acquitted. Dong Ho got to be with Joo Il when he died. Dong Ho promised Jin Woo he’d help nail Gyoo Man. I’m imagining if Jin Woo should falter during the trial Dong Ho could be his second.
* Gyoo Man is livid the video was released. Loved it. Can’t wait for his downfall. Can’t wait for his father’s downfall.
* Yeo Kyung got a plane ticket. Nothing says love like a father that sends you abroad so you don’t make problems for the important sibling – Gyoo Man. Will she ever realize her personal ethics should take priority over her family that sees her only as a pawn?

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I do ❤ love ❤ the smiles between In Ah and Jin Woo. I am surprised at their kiss° as everything has been platonic up till now.

    Dong Ho’s attempted murder case got dismissed rather quickly by finding the culprit. I’m sad for Dong Ho mourning the loss of his father figure, but frankly I glad there is one less bad guy stumping for Team Evil. With Dong Ho in the clear legally, he really does have his groove back, as well as his Seowang explosion witness. Meanwhile, what happened with the rape trial? In Ah was a Dong Ho’s trial…what is going on with the rape trial?

    Psycho Crap rubs Alzheimer’s in Jin Woos face, but ends up getting it back in the face—you are right “quiet threats and words are more powerful”—it was a good scene. Later when he is dining along, I think they should have been playing a symphonic version of “All By Myself” it would have been more fitting!

    Words cannot express how grateful I am that you were correct in your wishful thinking about Prosecutor Tak! I am in awe (pun intended) of turn of the tables to replace Prosecutor Chae with In Ah! What a great way to end the episode! ❤ ❤ ❤


    • kjtamuser says:

      Symphonic version of “All By Myself” would have resonated with me too!

      I was relieved the Prosecutor Tak was good all along as I’d hoped. The ending was satisfying!


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