Remember Episode 17 Recap

Jin Woo is doing well juggling all the cases until he isn’t. Will his lapse cost his client? 

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 17 Recap
Dong Ho leaves his office and visits Joo Il in the hospital. He apologizes to Joo Il and promises to make Gyoo Man et al pay. When Dong Ho arrives at his office he finds Jin Woo. The police rush in with a warrant for Dong Ho. He’s stunned. Jin Woo is stunned. Dong Ho is cuffed. Dong Ho and Jin Woo stare at each other. The police search his office and conveniently find the murder weapon (that was planted there by the man in black that stabbed Joo Il).

Team Jin Woo don’t believe Dong Ho stabbed Joo Il. Jin Woo declares Dong Ho was trapped.

Gyoo Man smiles as former prosecutor explains Dong Ho’s hardships. The former prosecutor promises to get Jin Woo next.

rem_ep17_1b rem_ep17_1aIn prison Dong Ho learns most of Joo Il’s men have left him. Dong Ho says Joo Il was hurt by Gyoo Man’s father. Dong Ho asks his assistant to protect Joo Il. But who will represent Dong Ho?

Prosectutor Tak reports progress to Gyoo Man’s father, who is pleased with his tactics.  The former prosecutor reports progress to Gyoo Man’s father, who is pleased by his tactics.

Dong Ho’s assistant visits Jin Woo and asks him to defend Dong Ho. He tells Jin Woo Dong Ho was framed. Jin Woo refuses to get involved. The assistants berate the Dong Ho’s assistant coming. Il A tells him to leave.

In prison, Dong Ho remembers conversations with Joo Il.

Former prosecutor asks the former police to help clean up another mess. He promises to help.

The judge tells Yeo Kyung that he believes Gyoo Man has commited other crimes than the one he is currently on trial for. That is dumb sharing his belief with Gyoo Man’s sister. He won’t share all he knows but wants to talk to Gyoo Man.

rem_ep17_2arem_ep17_2b Yeo Kyung goes to her father and tells him she can’t close her eyes if Gyoo Man committed murder. Father slaps her and says she must protect her brother. She’s stunned he struck her. He orders her to leave.

Gyoo Man bemoans that his sister has fallen from their Father’s grace. He had planned to use her.

Gyoo Man visits Dong Ho. Gyoo Man relishes seeing Dong Ho in prison. Gyoo Man tells Dong Ho he created this mess by making trouble for the family. Dong Ho tells Gyoo Man he was set up his father. Dong Ho says father is a user and so is the son. He warns Gyoo Man he will pierce the family armor soon. He declares Gyoo Man will switch places with him soon. He states Jin Woo will kill Gyoo Man. He smiles and leaves. Wow! That statement surprised me. Finally Dong Ho is getting his groove back.

Gyoo Man demands to meet Dong Ho’s prosecutor.

rem_ep17_3b rem_ep17_3a
The judge agrees that the video evidence of Gyoo Man attacking the woman WILL be admitted in court. The former prosecutor delivers that bad news the video will be admitted. He asks Gyoo Man…are there other women? Could other videos surface?

Il A asks the accusing woman if she knows anyone else that Gyoo Man attacked. She mentions someone that might have been attacked like she was.

Jin Woo arrives at the office to find Dong Ho’s assistant there to beg for Jin Woo to represent Dong Ho. He stops Jin Woo’s exit when he tells him that Dong Ho took the damning video to court to exonerate Jin Woo’s father but Gyoo Man’s father interfered.  The assistant assures Jin Woo that Dong Ho knows he owes Jin Woo a terrible debt. Jin Woo still walks away without agreeing to help Dong Ho.

In the secret room Jin Woo stares at Dong Ho’s picture. He remembers Dong Ho admitting his father caused the accident. He remembers Dong Ho wishing him well in the retrial.

The former prosecutor gets a warning from Gyoo Man to find him innocent. Gyoo Man is pleased that Dong Ho does not have an attorney yet. A prosecutor arrives. Gyoo Man flatters him. Gyoo Man asks the prosecutor what happens in Joo Il dies. The answer…murder is the charge.

rem_ep17_4b rem_ep17_4a
The woman accuser returns to her building to find men waiting for her. She calls Il A who invites her to stay with her until the trial is over.  They arrive at her parents home. Il A’s parents welcome her. Sweet!

The former prosecutor meets with the imprisoned police detective who seems to have found religion. The former prosecutor warns him that Gyoo Man can reach him, even in prison. The police detective intones “Amen”. Ha!

Gyoo man’s assistant tells Gyoo Man their friend, the judge, is presiding over Dong Ho’s case.

rem_ep17_5b rem_ep17_5aIl A tells Jin Woo the judge is presiding over Dong Ho’s case. To break the heavy thoughts, Il A takes him to a pretty lite park to relax their minds. Jin Woo wonders why Dong Ho keeps appearing in his life. He wonders if he should represent Dong Ho. Il A asks if he thinks Dong Ho is innocent. Jin Woo believes this. Il A trusts Jin Woo will make the right choice.

The assistant discuss their challenges. Gyoo Man’s assistant worries that Gyoo Man would kill him if he knew what he’d done.

Dong Ho can’t get Joo Il out of his mind.

Gyoo Man visits the second woman. She asks him to leave. He yells at her to be polite. He offers her money. She cries. He puts the envelope in her hand.

Il A tries to convince the  second women to testify. The woman tells her to leave.

Jin Woo visits Dong Ho in prison. He asks if Dong Ho tried to kill the Joo Il. Jin Woo must know the truth. Dong Ho assures him he did not try to kill Joo Il. Jin Woo says he’ll take the case but only to put the screws to Gyoo Man and his father.

Team Jin Woo worries about Jin Woo’s choice to defend Dong Ho.

Jin Woo meets with the on-the-Gyoo Man-payroll police officer.  The police officer calls the former prosecutor who reports Jin Woo will defend Dong Ho. Gyoo Man believes this is a plot by Jin Woo.

rem_ep17_8b rem_ep17_8aProsecutor Tak and the former prosecutor compliment each other. The female prosecutor notes they are hanging out because they both serve Gyoo Man. Nice!

Gyoo Man’s assistant is nervous when Gyoo Man reads a text about the evidence going to the person that needs it the most.

rem_ep17_9c rem_ep17_9b rem_ep17_9a
Any the winner that receives the real murder weapon is Jin Woo. The judge gives Jin Woo and Il A the real murder weapon. Jin Woo is stunned. The judge says the other one was fake. He assures them that Gyoo Man’s blood and fingerprints are on the weapon. He also provides the foresnics report. Jin Woo thanks him. The judge states even though Gyoo Man is his friend, this was the right choice to make. Jin Woo plans for a retrial. Team “Get Gyoo Man” just got a big boost!

At the trial, the second woman appears as a witness for Gyoo Man. The female prosecutor is upset. Gyoo Man smirks. The witness can’t destroy her friend. We see that Il A returned with the woman accuser in tow. The second woman wants to avoid the trial. Il A points out she can stop Gyoo Man. Her friend asks her to do this with her.  The second woman declares Gyoo Man raped her too. She states he tried to pay her off. She produces the envelope of cash. She tells Gyoo Man she doesn’t want his money. The former prosecutor is not happy.

rem_ep17_10The two women are relieved their day in court is done. Girl Power – it’s a beautiful thing!

Jin Woo takes pictures at Joo Il’s car. He notices the in car camera. He notices the footprints by the car. The forensics report indicates that Joo Il fought and the assailant should have a mark. The car video rocks after showing Dong Ho leaving.

Gyoo Man’s father is not happy with the events in the courtroom. Gyoo Man tries to assuage his father. Instead father tells him to stay away from business while he’s at trial. Gyoo Man is taken aback but must acquiescence.

Jin Woo makes a video for his father and apologies for defending Dong Ho.

At the courtroom, Dong Ho is brought in and sees Jin Woo waiting for him. As he sits Jin Woo tells him he will fight to the end for Dong Ho.

rem_ep17_13d rem_ep17_13crem_ep17_13erem_ep17_13fThe judge (our ethical judge) enters the courtroom. The defense declares Dong Ho is not guilty. The prosecutor shows the black box video which proves Dong Ho was at the secne of the crime. Jin Woo notes there could have been another person at the scene. Jin Woo presents the pictures of the crime scene which proves another person was a the scene of the crime.  The car mat also shows 2 passengers were in the car that night. The prosecutor notes that the knife was found at Dong Ho’s office. Jin Woo notes Dong Ho’s fingerprints were not on the knife. He has a memory lapse. He declares the weapon is fake. His having a memory lapse. He declares the defendant has Alzheimer. Ah, he’s confusing his father’s case with Dong Ho’s case.  Jin Woo declares the defendant did not kill the woman. Everyone stares at Jin Woo. Il A has tears in her eyes. Jin Woo looks confused. Not good, not good!

My Thoughts
* Gyoo Man tried and failed to intimidate the second woman to abort her testimony against him.  I like that at first it appeared the woman would testify for Gyoo Man but she changed her mind. Thank goodness. Watching Gyoo Man barred from the business by his father was terrific.
* Jin Woo had a memory lapse in the courtroom. You could argue that the memory lapses are strategically placed, but why not? This memory lapse had impact. Jin Woo faltered defending Dong Ho. I liked that the writer had Jin Woo struggle with the decision to defend Dong Ho. He should have struggled with the choice. Dong Ho put his father in prison when he cow-towed to Gyoo Man’s father. That is not easy to ignore.
* Il A worked the second woman accuser perfectly.   Il A was smart to bring the first woman accuser to visit her friend who did not want to testify against Gyoo Man out of fear. That did the trick. The woman decided her testimony was necessary and the right thing to do.
* Dong Ho went to trial. Dong Ho’s can’t get Joo Il out of his mind.
* Gyoo Man trial did not go as planned. Loved it when the second woman stated Gyoo Man had raped her too.
* Yeo Kyung got slapped by her father. Will she ever realize her personal ethics should take priority over her family?

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Dong Ho got his groove back! ❤ Yeo Kyung is so irrelevant that she is dissed by her own family during her short air time…why is she listed as a main character and appearing on the poster???

    So glad Ha Young doesn’t get victimized by having her rape video shown in court, but it will be admitted as evidence. In Ah was even persuasive enough to get the second victim to testify…what is it going to take to get a guilty verdict for Psycho Crap?

    It sure seems weird that Prosecutors Tak and Chae have had a reversal of teams. Is there any court official beside Judge Kang who is trustworthy? I know we keep hoping Prosecutor Tak is playing a game, but I’m not getting my hopes too high.

    I am very pleased that Jin Woo took on Dong Ho’s case…Holy Crap! Jin Woo has an Alzheimer’s slip—looks like the cat is out of the bag! Will he be able to successfully defend Dong Ho? What about another retrial for his dad's case? Not liking this turn of events 😦


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