The Merchant Gaekju Episode 37 Recap

So Gae’s judgement day has come. Sun Dol’s past affects his future.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 37 Recap

mg_ep37_1b mg_ep37_1aSo Gae (Yu Oh Seong) is brought to merchant court and he’s not happy to be there. Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) holds up So Gae’s merchant tag. He declares he wants to convict So Gae.  Bong Sam tells So Gae he must abide by the rules of merchants. Crime – So Gae stole the rice tax rice. Crime – So Gae hid opium in his father’s backpack. Crime – So Gae tried to steal from the stables. Crime – Sung Joo’s murder. Crime – So Sa’s murder. Bong Sam declares the punishment is death. Wol stares at Mae Wol (aka Gae Dong (Kim Min Jung)) knowing she’s guilty of So Sa’s murder too. Bong Sam orders the poisonous lye prepared for So Gae to drink. The bowl of lye is placed in front of So Gae. Wol calls out that So Gae cannot die yet, they do not know how So Sa was really killed. Sun Dol requests the opportunity to question So Gae. Bong Sam grants this. Sun Dol asks the perfect question – did So Gae act alone in So Sa’s death? So Gae stares at Mae Wol. She looks away. Bong Sam demands the truth. So Gae looks to Mae Wol with tears in his eyes. So Gae declares he will tell the truth. Mae Wol can’t look at him. So Gae admits he killed So Sa and he acted alone!

Wow! This follows So Gae’s shielding of  Wol in the past couple of episodes. I am to believe that he cares for Mae Wol more than his own life? I am to believe that So Sa is protecting Mae Wol because he loves her? I have a hard time believing it even though his actions of late have indicated this. I’m rejecting this twist the writer is offering. I’ve watched So Gae be self-centered for this entire series. NOW he does something for someone else and is willing to die shielding Mae Wol’s evil actions? I see but it doesn’t feel authentic to the character of So Gae.

mg_ep37_2b mg_ep37_2aBong Sam demands to know why So Gae killed So Sa. So Gae practically sneers that he did it to destroy Bong Sam. If So Sa died, Bong Sam’s world would crash down around him. Merchants declare they should beat So Gae. He stares at Mae Wol. He remembers Bong Sam’s father decreeing his father’s punishment. So Gae tells Bong Sam that his father killed his father. Now Bong Sam will kill him. Bong Sam counters that So Gae’s father’s crime would have helped others. So Gae’s father was loved. But So Gae, his crime was selfish. What is his legacy? So Gae states he’ll drink the poisonous lye. His shaking hands grasp the bowl. He lifts it to his lips and drinks. Mae Wol clutches her heart. Bong Sam stares at So Gae whose face drips with the poison. So Gae tells Bong Sam that he didn’t win.  He was the Head Merchant not Bong Sam. He has no regrets. He rolls to his side.

mg_ep37_3b mg_ep37_3aMae Wol rushes to him and cradles him. He says he did it for her so she could live with Bong Sam – then every day will be hell for her. So Gae calls to his father and says he’s coming. So Gae dies.

Wow! They really killed So Gae. These historical dramas love the maximize the body count. So Gae’s final words to Mae Wol – he hoped she’d suffer if she got what she wanted. Is that love? I did appreciate the full circle moment. Bong Sam sentenced So Gae to death just as his father did the same to So Gae’s father. So Gae died by drinking lye just like his father. So Gae’s venomous feelings to Bong Sam were raw and real at the end.

Everyone stares at the dead So Gae cradled in Mae Wol’s arms.

At So Gae’s grave Mae Wol remembers So Gae uttering that marrying Bong Sam would be a living hell.

Wol berates Sun Dol for not revealing the truth about So Sa’s murder. She declares she’ll tell Bong Sam personally.

mg_ep37_4c mg_ep37_4b mg_ep37_4aOutside Mae Wol’s home she hears Sun Dol getting past her assistant. The Nephew hides behind the screen. Love that the Nephew is the one hiding behind the screen when Sun Dol was the one that hid behind the screen last episode. Mae Wol tells Sun Dol she is grieving for So Gae. Sun Dol declares he’ll tell Bong Sam that she initiated So Gae’s killing of So Sa. Mae Wol gets angry then belligerant – tell Bong Sam. Sun Dol offers Mae Wol to opportunity to tell Bong Sam herself.  When the Nephew returns he asks if Bong Sam was her man or merely the man she lusted after. He declares he doesn’t care. He advises she break up Sun Dol and Bong Sam. He tells her men’s friendship can be easily broken by women, money, fame, etc. The Nephew states Sun Dol is noble man.  Mae Wol doesn’t believe it. The Nephew is positive. I’m loving this twist! I like Sun Dol and like learning about his past. Of course if it leads to his death (and what doesn’t on this show), I’ll be bummed.

The Queen is “dead” so the merchants have to suspend business for a short period of time. Sun Dol says business must honor the government wishes. Not all the merchants are happy about their trade respite.

mg_ep37_5Mae Wol bluffs the Nephew through the gate. He urges the Queen to go along with the fake funeral. She’s not happy. Mae Wol tells the Queen she will rise again. The Nephew wants to secure soldiers to help the Queen rise again. The Nephew wants to go to the Quin Dynasty. Hmm, is this an opportunity Mae Wol will offer Sun Dol?

Bong Sam and Sun Dol visit Mae Wol. They are surprised to see the Nephew. He shares the Queen is alive. The Nephew asks for help.

A big wig arrives at the stables and wants to see Bong Sam.

mg_ep37_6amg_ep37_6bmg_ep37_6cmg_ep37_6d  The Nephew asks for protection for the Queen and someone to get a message to the Quin dynasty. Bong Sam politely declines a quick answer. The Nephew asks Sun Dol to stay and play a game of Go. Bong Sam departs. The Nephew tells Sun Dol that he seems to be willing to help the Queen. Sun Dol counters he’ll follow Bong Sam’s decision. The Nephew remembers someone from his past, Sun Dol’s hands shake, the Nephew guesses those were his parents. Mae Wol shows Sun Dol a picture of him as a nobleman. The Nephew laughs. He’s got Sun Dol’s secret identity nailed. He tells Sun Dol he must help him because he’s noble. Sun Dol leaves without committing to anything.

mg_ep37_7amg_ep37_7bmg_ep37_7cmg_ep37_7d  Bong Sam asks Sun Dol what the Nephew said. Sun Dol lies that they just played Go. Bong Sam jokes he was worried the Nephew stole his good friend Sun Dol.  Shaken, Sun Dol asks what Bong Sam would do if the Nephew stole him. Bong Sam assures him he’d steal him back. Relieved, Sun Dol hugs Bong Sam. Gol Dae rushes up and tells them people will get the wrong idea if they hug like that. Ha! Bon Sam laughs, Sun Dol laughs. Gol Dae tells Bong Sam an important visitor has come.

The visitor is the noble man (who looks a bit like So Gae). Bong Sam and Sun Dol introduce themselves. The noble orders everyone to leave but Bong Sam and Sun Dol. The noble tells them his family used to have a relationship with the Head Merchant. He gives Bong Sam a picture. Can’t be positive but does it looks like Queen? The noble states they have to find this woman.

After the noble leaves Sun Dol tells Team Bong Sam the noble is looking for the Queen and will murder her if they find her. Sun Dol is upset. Others worry if they help the Queen, the surviving prince will be angry at them. Bong Sam worries the political situation will hurt them no matter what side they choose. Bong Sam doesn’t understand why Sun Dol is willing to support the Queen. He tells everyone to keep silent about this meeting. Everyone leaves. Bong Sam tells Sun Dol his outburst to side with the Queen surprised him. Sun Dol demands to know what Bong Sam intends to do. Bong Sam declares cannot support either side, this is the only way to save the merchants. Sun Dol disagrees. Bong Sam is firm. He declares as the leader Sun Dol must follow his direction. Sun Dol gets angry and leaves. Yes, there is fissure between our friends.

Sun Dol he wakes from a nightmare about his former family. He remembers his Uncle urging him to flee so he could survive. Sun Dol heads to Mae Wol’s house.

Mae Wol asks Bo Hyun for a ship. He asks if the Queen is alive. Mae Wol doesn’t answer that and distracts Bo Hyun with being on the “kill” list. The assistants urge Bo Hyun to flee until things settle down. Bo Hyun offers Mae Wol a ship if he can be on it too.

Bong Sam is surprised that Sun Dol left the stables. Bong Sam says Sun Dol is acting strange.

mg_ep37_9amg_ep37_9bmg_ep37_9c mg_ep37_9d Sun Dol meets with the Nephew and Mae Wol. He’s brought soldiers disguised as Merchants. Mae Wol tells him he has chosen wisely. Sun Dol tells her this is a separate matter from So Sa’s murderer. Sun Dol meets Bo HYun and the assistants. Bo Hyun’s claims his woman is in the pallet.  At the gate, Sun Sol flashes his merchant ID and lies that the pallet has Bo Hyun’s mistress. They demand to see in the pallet. The pallet crashes open and is full of money, jewels, etc. The soldiers recognize Bo Hyun. Sun Dol and his men run leaving Bo Hyun in the solider hands. The assistants watch Bo Hyun getting beaten by the soldiers. They realize their own survival has to come first. Clutching the money, the soldiers shove it in Bo Hyuns’ mouth and leave him beaten and unconscious. Is he dead? If Bo Hyun is dead, I did enjoy this childlike selfish vain evil-ish character. He made me laugh and brought a lightness to Team Evil.

Team Bong Sam is not happy with Sun Dol’s actions who declares trying to kill the Queen is treason. That doesn’t go over. Who’s more important the Queen or us? Bong Sam tells Sun Dol to come with him.

mg_ep37_10aamg_ep37_10amg_ep37_10b Bong Sam asks why Sun Dol made that choice. Sun Dol says it was the right thing to do. Bong Sam asks for his leader badge. He cannot allow Sun Dol to endanger Team Bong Sam. Sun Dol hands of the leader badge. Bong Sam calls in Team Bong Sam. He orders Sun Dol locked up. Bong Sam declares that Sun Dol’s crime cannot be swept under the rug. Gol Dae begs Bong Sam to forgive and forget. Sun Dol declares he should be taken away per Bong Sam’s edict. He leaves for lock down. Bong Sam stares at Sun Dol’s leader badge, upset the situation forced him to strip his dear friend.

mg_ep37_11bmg_ep37_11d mg_ep37_11cmg_ep37_11e Tied to a pole, Sun Dol waits for a decision. Gol Dae urges Bong Sam to be lenient. Someone brings the picture from Sun Dol’s room. Bong Sam is shocked to see Sun Dol depicted as a noble and the death list with Sun Dol’s name circled. Bong Sam brings the picture to Sun Dol. He asks if Sun Dol rejected Team Bong Sam because he is a noble. Sun Dol is stunned. Bong Sam stares into his friends eyes.

My Thoughts

Sun Dol was put in a bad spot and elected to go against Bong Sam’s wishes. Bong Sam couldn’t let Sun Dol get away with ignoring his orders. Sun Dol was insubordinate. Bong Sam stands by the might of the Merchant’s rules. He had Sun Dol tied up like a criminal. When faced with the pictorial evidence that Sun Dol was a nobel, Bong Sam believed Sun Dol prioritized the royals over the merchants. You gotta know at this point, if the merchants are not the priority for any Team Bong Sam member, this is not acceptable. I like Sun Dol. He’s been the logical thinker when Bong Sam became a hot head or emotional. But this was the beginning of the end to Sun Dol. The Nephew advised Mae Wol to split up Bong Sam and Sun Sol then provided the mechanism when he demanded Sun Dol help him or face exposure.

* Bong Sam watched So Gae die and seems ready to punish Sun Dol for his insubordination.  Bong Sam shed tears but knew So Gae had to die. Once Bong Sam makes up his mind, if you aren’t with him, you are against him. Bong Sam determined that So Gae’s list of crimes demanded punishment with death as the appropriate sentence. Now Sun Dol is in Bong Sam’s field of view as the next person that did something that hurt or would hurt the merchants.

* So Gae paid the ultimate price.  I was wrong thinking the writer would not kill him. Historical dramas have high body counts. Will Bong Sam even survive this series? But back to So Gae. This guy was a narcissist unable to see anything or anyone as important unless it supported his goal to become the Head Merchant. I was taken aback at So Gae NOT telling that Mae Wol was part of So Sa’s murder. I disagree with the writer’s choice to have So Gae not betray Mae Wol, not tell everyone that Mae Wol instigated So Sa’s death. I know that So Gae supposedly loved Mae Wol, but I take issue with this plot point. It was not true to So Gae. He’s selfish, this character would not sacrifice himself for Mae Wol. So Gae was a villian but was more a pawn to more powerful characters willing do to their evil bidding without blinking an eye. In that regard So Gae was not as impactful as I would have hoped. He was not stand alone evil, but an evil arm for others. When he finally achieved Head Merchant status, it was so brief, we never got to see this character wield power.

* Mae Wol had the Head Merchant keep silent about her crimes and now So Gae joins the club. By the way, if you are a member of the “keep Mae Wol’s secrets” club, you die. I disagree with the writer’s choice to have two strong character elect NOT to tell the truth about Mae Wol. What did it gain them to keep silent? Why did they lie by omission or directly? Too bad Sun Dol’s problems stopped Mae Wol from being exposed.


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60 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 37 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    I have been waiting to say this – about SG’s last words… Did he really take the blame of So Sa’s death because of his love for MW? I don’t think so.. He said it will be living hell for MW after she marries BS, and I guess he also wanted it to be living hell for BS too, coz even when BS and MW share a blanket, they are thinking of different things. So SG not revealing the truth is in fact his last weapon towards BS.

    • Drama Fan says:

      Hmm yeah! So Gae keeping MWs secret might be his last act of revenge on Bongsam and even MW, since she betrayed him. Interesting! And this would be very fitting of SoGae, who was always a mess of a human being.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree that So Gae was not being magnanimous to Mae Wol. But if Mae Wol never marries Bong Sam (fingers crossed on that), then he wasted the opportunity to take her down with him. For a selfish guy like So Gae, not going down alone is the path I expected him to take..

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Keeping Mae Wol’s secret as an act of revenge…that thought never crossed my mind. That certainly seems more in line with his character…

        We finished the series last weekend with marathon viewing, but had not had time to comment.

        I can’t tell you how much we appreciate this blog as a forum to discuss this drama, Not only that but DramaCool only had episode 40 after ep. 36 and Viki had from 3% to 27% of captions available for each of these episodes. We could not stop watching and my unni and I relied on your awesome recaps to get a better grasp of these episodes! Of course the day after we finished DramaCool had all the episodes available.

        I have a subscription to DramaFever; are there any other good websites to see these dramas with good English captions?

        • kjtamuser says:

          This drama, in fact unique in my watching history, was a challenge to find websites with complete english subs. Like you I abandonded the typical websites and googled until I found one.

        • Beez says:

          Since dramacool began having legal issues which has resulted in them hopping domain names and half the time videos won’t load, I’ve recently started watching at these sites:

 Note that ondemandKorea only English subs certain series but the HD clarity is amazing.

 has new and hard to find older series but each episode is divided up into sections so they’re my last resort (and it works best on an iphone or ipad but it will work on all devices but sometimes will freeze and you have to reload the section to continue watching).

          Drama Fever is slow to put episodes up and I don’t care for their subs which are designed to give you only the gist of what’s being said.

          Viki is slow and the English translating can have rough grammar but I don’t mind because you get the full flavor of what’s being said (yes, sometimes I’ll have to Google what a colloquialism means but it’s better than when on DF you get a translation that is not literal (verbatim) and then the next person talking responds and I’m like “why did he say something about carrots?” That is an example that actually happened because the character was using a play on words but I would’ve missed the humor had I not stopped and checked the scene on Viki. Another one is DF translated a woman saying something about her heart leaping in her breasts as “I was so afraid”. That’s not inaccurate, however, it made the guy responding with “your breasts are so small anyway…” (or something like that) seem like he was a pervert for bringing up her breasts out of the blue. I am probably not explaining this right but another example of the flavor I’m talking about is in Chuno. Everybody in town is talking about the rich girl running off with a commoner and how they’ve been “rubbing bellies”. So colorful and it fits the saguek times. DF translates it as “they’ve been having sex”. 😦

          Anyway, hope this has been helpful. Happy marathoning.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Thanks for the tips Beez. I’ve often thought the translation with modern colloquialisms slightly annoying–I prefer the more colorful meaning translations

  2. prettysup says:

    About the body count – yes Bo Hyun is dead. Who else will die before the end of the show? Sun Dol? Mae Wol?

    Can’t believe that this is going to be the last week we get to see Bong Sammie after 5 months………

    • Drama Fan says:

      Omg the withdrawals will be strong 😳

      • Beez says:

        I’ve been having withdrawals ever since Fated to Love You cause that’s the last good look I’ve had of JH’s abs. (I don’t count the one episode in Merchant cause he was playing 15-16 years old. I know he’s always slim, but I hope he goes back to his regular weight so I can drool. Until then, it’s me and rewatches of Chuno.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m so used to recapping this show, I will miss it. I have no idea what I will watch next because I haven’t paid much attention to upcoming shows.

  3. prettysup says:

    Oh and I must add that the artist did a better job at drawing Sun Dol as compared to drawing Bong Sam earlier.

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  5. Beez says:

    @ktjamuser I really appreciate that you write your recaps in real time, meaning as the show unfolds. You’ll reflect your puzzlement as things unfold and then your “ohhh,that’s why” moment later on. Unlike some recappers whom you can tell watched the entire episode,then recap. I enjoy seeing that you had the same thoughts as the rest of us during a shocking or unbelievable moment.

    Does anyone know the rules about the gat (wide brim, tall hat)? Old Head Merchant Shik wore one and Bong Sam wore one in this episode. But I thought only the nobles could wear it?

    • prettysup says:

      @Beez I believe the gat is worn mainly by the top class people (yangban) in those days. However being a merchant, you are usually in the commoner class (sangmin). But there is a middle class which includes wealthy merchants, known as the Joong-in class. So I guess once you are a successful/wealthy merchant and in the joong-in class, you get to wear the gat too. If you guys remember, Jang Hyuk wrote “joong-in” in his instagram post long long ago when he uploaded the Gaekju poster picture for the first time, though I wonder when will he wear that pretty attire in this drama.

      • Beez says:

        Thanks for the info, prettysup.

        That’s why I ignore all trailers, posters and teasers – because I’ll be expecting a certain vibe from a show and then get something else. I do better just reading a summary and picking my dramas based if the subject matter is something I’m interested in and based on the actors/actresses that I like.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve tried all different kinds of recap methods but the one that keeps me interested is the “live recap”. I like the conscience stream of thoughts that flow. Glad you like it too!

  6. A.D.DO! says:

    Ditto…love the ‘real time’ recaps also.
    Glad to see the last of that scumbag SoGae, but SunDol’s transformation from faithful friend to plotting royalist really bothers me. Not believable (too quick of a character change)…I don’t buy it, I don’t like It! Will miss his sweet friendship with BS and the rest of the squad. BS won’t have anyone to share the “good times” with,(if they ever come)…they’re all getting knocked off one by one…probably Bad Teeth will be the only one left to hang with..EEEK..It seems too late in the series to get anything going with Wol….what kind of life is left for BS? Just little YuSu. With the way this is going, I won’t be surprised if BS dies too…SOB.

    At least we have the last of MaeWol to look forward to…and it better be a big send off after all this!

    But, please writers, let our Bong Sami live…we love him so!

    • Beez says:

      No Sun Dol,Noooooo! The episode stayed out great with the bromance – “I’ll steal you back!” and the hug. And I understood Sun Dol’s conflict about his family name being restored (based on empathizing with how they thought back then). So I can believe he and Bong Sam would split over it, that’s believable. What’s not believable is the animosity they show Sun Dol having toward Bong Sam and the zest he’s about to come against him with by the end of the episode. I’m supposed to believe that Sun Dol would agessively participate against Bong Sam? Maybe participate (because of his family name) but aggressively and antagonistically? Can’t believe they wrote/directed it that way based on what they established as existing between these two friends.

      • Drama Fan says:

        Exactly!!!!! This is what I’ve been screaming at my TV during these episodes!!! Where is this animosity coming from? Why aren’t you more conflicted about hurting Bongsam Sundol whyyyy??? It is NOT logical at all! Even if Bongsam was harsh in his punishment but it’s not like Sundol had not made a mistake. So where is that resentment coming from? P.S I love the real time recaps too. In fact I’ll wait for the next recaps to rant some more about this.

        • Beez says:

          @DramaFan. Right? I know. Especially since Sun Dol took on the role of merchant and identity in all sincerity so he would understand that Bong Sam HAD to enforce disciplinary action,just as Merchants Gil and Chun willingly (and with pride even, in their organization’s righteous ways) drank lye. So I can’t see MERCHANT Sun Dol holding a grudge over the beating (which I’m sure was as lenient a punishment as Bong Sam could dole out without starting discontent/rebellion among the merchants.

      • kjtamuser says:

        I loved watching our threesome – Bong Sam, Sun Dol and Gol Dae – smile and enjoy each other’s friendship in that brief scene. Even Gol Dae’s joke about people getting the wrong idea about Bong Sam and Sun Dol was cute.

        I felt the Nephew forced Sun Dol to help him and go counter to Bong Sam’s wishes. What surprised me was Sun Dol’s anger in the scene with Bong Sam. I thought Sun Dol’s arm had been twisted by the Nephew so I expected him to hang his head when Bong Sam yelled at Sun Dol. I was surprised to see Sun Dol yell back and seem unapologetic.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I was less upset that Sun Dol had a secret past and it drove his willingness to counter Bong Sam than I expected. The Nephew seemed to put the clamps on Sun Dol…help me or else your secret is revealed. Interesting how the loyalty issue erased any mention of the eye issues that Sun Dol had been regularly having.

  7. Beez says:

    I’ve become totally disheartened and heartsick over this show. Maybe that means it’s actually good because I care (but I think it’s more that I feel like my time was wasted what with no pretty Hyuk cause that whole head-rig does nothing for him PLUS no abs at least once per episode).

    But I’m mainly disheartened because I just know Bong Sam is going to marry Mae Wol and make me physically nauseous. Evidence or no, I don’t see why Wol can’t at least tell Bong Sam her suspicious because there are plenty of other women in the world he could marry rather than even chance marrying his wife’s murderer.

    Oh! And subsidy tell me puhleeze – what happened when Wol stormed off after telling Sun Dol that she was going right then to tell Bong Sam her suspicions? Did they never show her attempting to tell him? Did I fall asleep and miss that scene? (I tend to do that.)

    • Drama Fan says:

      Don’t be disheartened! Here *hugs*.

      • Beez says:

        Thanks, DramaFan. I’m sure I’ll need many more when they show the wedding scene and heaven forbid *gasp* a blanket scene. *better head to CVS to stock up on tranquilizers*

        *Never thought the day would come when I’d be begging for a Korean drama to be as prudish as possible…but…MY EYYYYES…please NO!

    • prettysup says:

      @Beez actually I love the head-rig or whatever you call it , I much prefer BS’s look here over his look in SOGC. He just looks so young and cute here haha… And about abs every episode? Kind of not possible since they are filming in winter now… and being a merchant doesnt warrant taking his shirt off everyday, unlike in Chuno where it is part of the script that the slave hunters run around everyday relying on their physique,

      • Drama Fan says:

        I thought JH didn’t look his best at the beginning of SoGC but he became increasingly beautiful with each episode. The White Tiger look was super sexy and by the end that camera had fallen jn love with him or something cause it was giving so many swoon worthy close ups on his pretty/handsome face *sigh*. Good times!

      • Beez says:

        @prettysup – regarding the cold and Jang Hyuk’s abs: But, you know, serious actors suffer for their art. And since Hyukie is a serious actor… *wink wink*.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I don’t think Bong Sam will marry Mae Wol. I think it will explode in her face. I can’t ever see Bong Sam romantically loving Mae Wol. At least that’s what I want to happen!
      Good point, the writer did drop the ball on Wol telling Bong Sam about her suspicions.

  8. A.D.DO! says:

    I never saw Wol attempting to tell BS…the whole mess about SunDol erupted and that part was forgotten, at least in this episode I think. Things are heating up tho, hoping for some kind of satisfactory ending.
    In the meantime, I’ve racked up “Shine or go Crazy” so I won’t have to go cold turkey when GAEKJU is over. I really love JH and OhYeonSeo together and the music is fantastic…sorry to get off the beaten track with that!

    • Drama Fan says:

      Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo have awesome chemistry! The reason to love SoGC was mainly them.

    • Beez says:

      Who is Oh Yeong Seo? Which character did he/she play?

    • prettysup says:

      And about Sun Dol – after watching ep 39 already, I am still skeptical over whether he has crossed over to the ‘dark side’ really … can’t wait to find out soon

      • Drama Fan says:

        I’m not sure he has “crossed over” but he has done enough to ruin him for me and qualify as an absolute jerk. His behavior towards Bongsam is totally uncalled for and out of character, even if he regrets it later. But I’m waiting to comment on that recap not to spoil anyone over here.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more, Shine or Go Crazy had romance and passion between the leads!

  9. A.D.DO! says:

    Bong Sam will NEVER marry MaeWol. Didn’t you see that look of hatred in his eyes? He’s waiting for the right time to get his revenge. I’m holding on to hope that SunDol will come to his senses but it may be too late.
    Loved the way JH looked in SOGC! Yummy!

    • prettysup says:

      Am I the only one who doesnt like his look in SOGC? Haha..

      • Beez says:

        @pretysup I LOVED JH with his “main/ponytail of glory” in SOGC. He exuded sexyness in that show. Does anybody know which episode it was where he was undressing, and he and Oh Yeong So are sitting on the bench and he is messing with her-him by sliding ever closer to her? It’s such a funny and sexy moment – I feel a need to rewatch it coming on.

        Oh, and also which episode where he treated himself on his guard-friend to see if he’s turned on by just any man?

        I don’t want to rewatch the whole thing, just those sepsis.

      • Drama Fan says:

        It you are talking about the beginning, I agree, he looked tired and the makeup they were putting on him wasn’t flattering but later, when they allowed him to keep his own skin color, he looked beautiful imo.

      • Drama Fan says:

        I’m told by a fan who saw him in person that he looked majestic in real life. Strangely he always looks much better on fan cameras than on the screen! Maybe fans catch the best angles? :p I don’t know.

        • Beez says:

          I think when it comes to his looks, he’s not very vain (at least not as vain as most extremely good looking people/actors are). He’s human and has a mirror after all so he has to know). Back to the subject – he doesn’t care how he looks when the drama/movie cameras are rolling because he’ll give the character everything he thinks it needs. But it seems to me the one area where he may be quite a bit vain is his physical prowess. I’m basing that on watching Real Men and variety shows. And since I’m not all that enamored of his facial features (although I know he’s good looking so are a lot of the “flower” pretty boys), it’s that machismo that makes him so attractive to me. *jumping rope*chopping wood* sawing down trees* handstands*one thumbed push ups* YEAH BABY!

    • Beez says:

      @AD.D.O. but Bong Sam doesn’t suspect butter-won’t-melt-in-her-mouth-Mae-Wol. Or did I miss something when you say “hatred in his eyes”? Plus, you must not have watched all the available episodes yet?

  10. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez….my humble apologies, I got way ahead of myself and lost track what episode we were in…really sorry about that. (No hatred in eyes yet for BS). To make up for that, as I am watching SOGC, I will fill you in on those scenes you were wondering about. Not sure exactly where they were, but remember them too as being just darling. Also the scene where he keeps her running back and forth changing clothes(boy to girl)…right before he tosses her in the bath…my favorite scene in all HYUKIEDOM! 💋

    • Beez says:

      @AD.DO! Ohhhhh. So I’m the one whose behind on episodes. Yay! No worries about spoiling because you’ve given me hope!

  11. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez. Thanks for letting me off the HYUKIE hook!

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! As if you could ever “unhook” yourself from Hyuknim! lol

      What do your initials stand for? (If it’s your real name, you don’t need to say but it sends like it might be an acronym for something cute?

  12. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez…My initials are A.D.,and a friend calls me A.D.DO for some odd reason…ok, so what’s your story with Beez? And what about Prettysup?
    Getting excited for the last two GAEKJU episodes. I hope it ends on a happy note., but better not get ahead of myself again!
    Just started episode 4 of is so wonderful, I think you should watch the whole thing again! Haven’t come to the scenes you mentioned, but some really fun ones, like when they have to share a room and become drinking buddies..hilarious. His playfulness combined with deadly serious swordplay, etc..make for a delicious combination. Have you noticed how young he can look, like in FTLY, and in the beginning of SOGC where he starts out 5 years younger. Some of you didn’t like that look, but when he added the facial hair later on, zowee, so gorge! And Shin Yool is as cute as a button, bopping her head around. I’ve probably seen it 3 times or so before, but getting such a kick out of it again. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, but have a great idea…they should make a sequel where they can live happily ever after. I am just a Pollyanna at heart.

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! That is so cute. (I’m assuming the “do” is pronounced like “dough”? As in “What up do?” lol)

      Beez is my screen name. I used to love romance novels but can’t remember the paragraph I just read long enough to finish a book so when I discovered kdramas they fulfilled that thing that I can’t enjoy any longer. I do best with marathoning a series. I have a bit harder time with watching week to week during the on-air run like this. Discussing the show like this helps me to remember what’s happening on it week to week though.

      So I’ve enjoyed you guys immensely. It has also been nice that it’s a small community so I feel like I’ve gotten to know you guys (at least as far as your opinions on kdtama characters are concerned) somewhat.

    • prettysup says:

      @A.D.DO! My prettysup name was actually thought of by my younger daughter .. one day she said she wanted to play a game on my new iphone so we needed to create a game center account. So I asked her what name did she want to use? So she said ‘prettysup’ which I have no idea where it came from at all lol.. So since then I am prettysup haha..

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