Remember Episode 16 Recap

Team “Get Gyoo Man” has a strong day in court. Is Gyoo Man starting to get worried? 

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 16 Recap

The police and the female prosecutor arrest Gyoo Man and leads him away. Jin Woo and Il A meet him in the lobby. Jin Woo tells Gyoo Man he will now pay for his crimes. Gyoo Man tells him to bring it.

Dong Ho plays a recording of Gyoo Man’s father threatening his former witness. Dong Ho tells Gyoo Man’s father he’s got a great son. The former prosecutor tells Gyoo Man’s father his son has been arrested.

Team Jin Woo discuss the tactics Gyoo Man’s lawyers will use. Gyoo Man is humbled when his father visits him in prison. His father is not happy with his son’s actions. Gyoo Man feigns surprise at the outrage of this situation. His father leaves telling him to handle the situation. Gyoo Man’s father is not happy to learn the female prosecutor he thought he had under control will be prosecuting his son. What is this world coming to? Gyoo Man’s family doesn’t control everyone!

rem_ep16_1b rem_ep16_1a
Jin Woo still doubts Dong Ho’s trustworthiness. Dong Ho says he’ll spend the rest of his life making amends to Jin Woo. When Dong Ho produces the bill that sealed the original contract between Jin Woo and Dong Ho, Jin Woo doesn’t know what it is. Dong Ho is stunned and puzzled.

Gyoo Man’s assistant tells the accusing woman’s former manager to zip his lips. The man assures him he will.

The female prosecutor has the former prosecutor visit her office. He claims his decision where always thorough. He tells her he’ll trust her. She tells him she’ll do as her conscience dictates. That’s not what he wanted to hear!

Gyoo Man enters the prison infirmary. The doctor tells him to buck up and get out. Hmm, Gyoo Man isn’t used to that kind of lip service.

Dong Ho asks Il A if Jin Woo is having issues with his memory. Il A claims Jin Woo is overworked and has no memory issues.

Dong Ho can’t believe Jin Woo doesn’t remember the bill contract they signed so many years ago.

rem_ep16_2b Jin Woo tells Il A that Gyoo Man might be release before the trial. Il A tells him that Dong Ho suspects memory issues. Jin Woo tells Il A not to reveal his issues.

Jin Woo visits the party planner and asks for more information on Gyoo Man. The party planner names another man that handled the drugs. Jin Woo and the man stake out a club that the rich play in and woman hoping to become stars actually become indentured in. They watch women and men arrive at the club.

The judge gets the results from the forensics run on the murder weapon Gyoo Man’s assistant gave him. The fingerprints match and the victim’s blood is on the knife. The judge believes he now was the real murder weapon.

rem_ep16_3arem_ep16_3b The judge visits Gyoo Man in prison. He tells Gyoo Man he knows he killed the woman. He urges Gyoo Man to confess. Gyoo Man denies this. Gyoo Man calls him names. The judge says he never knew the real Gyoo Man. That doesn’t bother Gyoo Man. The judge claims he cannot be silent anymore. Gyoo Man is mad but doesn’t know what this really means.

The former prosecutor tells Gyoo Man’s father with the assault charge and the drug party, it may be difficult to get his son released from prison. What’s an influence wielding father to do but dine with the men that hold his son’s release in their hands? Father spins the tale as a woman that wants to get Gyoo Man because of his social status. Father requests the men look kindly on his son. Prosecutor Tak and Gyoo Man’s father seem to be bonding too much for the former prosecutor’s taste.

Il A meets with the woman accuser. They discuss her wish to be an actress. That was a soft scene.

rem_ep16_4brem_ep16_4aThe former prosecutor tells the head judge that Gyoo Man’s case was dismissed for lack of evidence last time and should be dismissed again. The judge points out there is new evidence. The head judge states Gyoo Man is not a flight risk and wants to release him prior to trial. The former prosecutor and the head judge smile at each other.
Yes, Gyoo Man’s father’s influence has worked like a charm.

As Gyoo Man leaves the prison he demands the prison doctor bow to him.  He smiles as he swaggers away. Gyoo Man is thrilled to be out of jail. His assistant tells him his father worked hard to get him out of prison. Gyoo Man demands to be taken to see Jin Woo.

Jin Woo is triumph at his release. Jin Woo isn’t surprised at all. Jin Woo tells him to wait for the trial and enjoy freedom while he has it. Jin Woo steps closer to Gyoo Man and in a low almost menacing voice tells Gyoo Man he will die. Gyoo Man tells him Jin Woo will be the one to die. They stare at each other.

At the woman accuser’s building her former manager shows up. He tells her she was to keep quiet. He tells her the trial will destroy her dream to become an actress. She owes him money. He has damming video of her behavior at his club. He’ll post it IF she continues with the trial. The woman cries and collapses onto the floor. A man watches from afar.

rem_ep16_5b rem_ep16_5a
Gyoo Man’s father gives Joo Il a gift to celebrate his release. It’s wine with a side of cash. Joo Il is thrilled. Later he stares at the picture of himself and Dong Ho’s father. He asks the picture if it wouldn’t be better if he killed Dong Ho himself. Dong Ho arrives. Joo Il asks him to stop working against Gyoo Man. Dong Ho declares their ties are severed. Joo Il confesses he befriended Dong Ho because he cared about his father. Dong Ho tells him to get out.

The woman accuser is spooked and departs for the bus terminal. A man follows her. The man is Jin Woo’s assistant.

The female prosecutor tells her boss Gyoo Man’s trial will be worth it. Prosecutor Tak asks how her preparation is coming. She wonders why he is there.

Joo Il and his gang break into JIn Woo’s office. Il A is in the secret room. The man trash the place. Joo Il finds the handle to open the secret room. Just as he’s about to open the door his man distracts him. I found that a weak distraction for Joo Il not to pursue what the handle opened. He and his men where there to find evidence for Gyoo Man. Il A calls Jin Woo and reports the office is being trashed. He speeds to the office. The men leave the office.

rem_ep16_6b rem_ep16_6a
The judge meets Gyoo Man’s assistant. The judge believes they should be cautious with their next move. The judge believes the evidence needs to go in the right hands. His caution is warranted. Don’t waste the biggest evidence against Gyoo Man until you have a plan.

Jin Woo finds Il A in the secret room. Il A tells him the men were headed to the former manager next. He calls the man who can’t believe Gyoo Man would betray him. Believe it buddy! Joo Il and his horde of men arrive. The former manager watches the men enter the building and calls someone.

Gyoo Man meets Prosecutor Tak. Gyoo Man introduces himself as a man that was anger management issues. You have to laugh when Gyoo Man tags himself properly. He asks is the female prosecutor can be replaced. Prosecutor Tak tells him to be patient. Gyoo Man asks if Prosecutor Tak will betray him and his father like Dong Ho did. Prosecutor Tak states he’s chosen the side he will be loyal to.

The former manager gives Jin Woo the flash drive with the videos (I’m assuming). Jin Woo tells him to stop harassing the woman.

rem_ep16_7arem_ep16_7c Jin Woo boldly calls Gyoo Man to tell him the videos of Gyoo Man are piling up. He tells him a new one will be released soon. Jin Woo hands up on Gyoo Man who cannot believe the audacity of Jin Woo. Nice!

Il A is worried that the woman accuser is not answer her phone. The male assistant tells her the woman accuser is safe.

Outside the court room Gyoo Ma and the former prosecutor meet Jin Woo and Dong Ho. Gyoo Man states he feels strong with the former prosecutor as his attorney. Gyoo Man tells them something interesting will happen soon.

Il A meets the woman accuser. She tells Il A she cannot testify at the trial. Il A urges her to gather her courage. The woman cries that she cannot. She shares she was threatened with a damming video. She can’t let the video be released. Il A asks the woman accuser to trust her. She has the video and promises it will not be released.

rem_ep16_8c rem_ep16_8b rem_ep16_8a
In the courtroom everyone gathers and stares at each other. Gyoo Man gives a friendly wave to Jin Woo who stares daggers to Gyoo Man. The trial starts. The woman accuser arrives with Il A. Gyoo Man stares at her. The woman accuser is afraid but goes to the witness stand to testify. The female prosecutor questions the woman who tells the story of meeting Gyoo Man and being date raped by Gyoo Man.  The female prosecutor submits the video (that Jin Woo and his assistant provided) showing Gyoo Man and the former manager moving the inert woman. The former prosecutor claims it was consensual sex. Now the female prosecutor shows the evidence (that Jin Woo and Il A provided) that Gyoo Man invested in the former manager’s company as part of the slush fund. The former prosecutor provides further evidence (that Jin Woo and Il A provided) that is too sensitive to show in court. The former prosecutor claims the evidence is not admissible. Because the female prosecutor just found the evidence in a search that day, the judge allows it. He declares he’ll watch the video and if he finds it compelling the trial will continue.

rem_ep16_9b rem_ep16_9a
At the end of the day in court, Gyoo Man stares at Jin Woo who stares at Gyoo Man. I love a good stare down and this show does too!

Outside the courtroom Il A tells the woman accuser she did well on the witness stand. Team Jin Woo feels good about their day in court.

Later at the office Jin Woo watches Il A sleep on the couch. He covers he with a blanket and watches her sleep. He tells the sleeping Il A she did a good job. Nice!

Ah, Jin Woo makes a video to Il A. That really is sweet and sad.

rem_ep16_11a rem_ep16_11b rem_ep16_11cJoo Il remembers Gyoo Man’s father asking him to personally kill Dong Ho. Dong Ho approaches Joo Il’s car and gets in. Joo Il asks him to stop. Gyoo Man’s father is mad. Joo Il says he cannot extract himself from Gyoo Man’s father. Joo Il urges him to stop and live a life. Joo Il says he’ll stop being a puppet for Gyoo Man’s father. Dong Ho does not believe that. Joo Il asks why Dong Ho doesn’t have a wife and kids. He tells Dong Ho he’ll play his fater at the wedding. Joo Il asks Dong Ho to call him father. Dong Ho won’t. Joo Il laughs. He tells Dong Ho to go home. Dong Ho exits the car. He looks back at Joo Il. Both men smile. Joo Il puts the knife on the seat glad he didn’t use it. A man in black enters the car, takes the knife, and stabs Joo Il. The man leaves with the knife in his hand. Joo Il passes out.

Dong Ho and his assistant rush to the hospital and find Joo Il in critical condition. Dong Ho remembers Joo Il when he was a young boy. Dong Ho cries. His assistant cries. Dong Ho tells his assistant those responsible will now pay for this. Joo Il choose Team Evil again and again and again. Joo Il almost killed Dong Ho. I realize Dong Ho doesn’t know this but Dong Ho swearing revenge to man that betrayed him countless times may be a bit much.

rem_ep16_13a rem_ep16_13b rem_ep16_13cWhen Dong Ho arrives at his office he finds Jin Woo. The police rush in with a warrant for Dong Ho. He’s stunned. Jin Woo is stunned. Dong Ho is cuffed. Dong Ho and Jin Woo stare at each other.

My Thoughts
* Gyoo Man finally went to trial.   I liked that the trial did not go Gyoo Man’s way in this episode. Gyoo Man must be sweating because the evidence stacked up against him.
* Jin Woo finally saw Gyoo Man as a defendant. Terrific team work between Jin Woo and Il A feeding the prosecution evidence against Gyoo Man. The writer selectively uses Jin Woo’s memory loss and I’m ok with that. I prefer Jin Woo with a memory than without one.
* Il A denied Jin Woo’s condition to Dong Ho.   Il A is brave and loyal and crucial to Jin Woo. This character that was once just silly girl has evolved into a strong woman. I still take issue with the supporting role our leading lady has in the series, but it is what it is. This show is all about the guys.
* Dong Ho was arrested for attacking Joo Il. Gyoo Man’s father hiring someone to stab Joo Il and frame Dong Ho for the murder…not surprising but should be an effective distraction for Team “Get Gyoo Man”. I keep expecting Dong Ho to become crucial but not yet. He must play big in the last act of this series. I did like that Dong Ho suspected Jin Woo’s memory loss though Il A denied the truth.
* Gyoo Man went to trial. Loved it when the prison doctor did not cow-tow to him.
* Yeo Kyung was a no show this episode. No loss.

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5 comments on “Remember Episode 16 Recap
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  2. IA to Song Ha Young; “I’m sorry, I was fixated, in the thought that I need to win this trial…. could you trust me once again, like the first time you came to find me? Actually I beg to differ from people who still think that IA is not playing important role enough to JW’s cause. In fact she may not have stand as attorney, but she on many fronts made the right guess on evidences, and her best gift is in persuading witnesses to come forth. Because she uses her heart, she is fast to recognized her mistake of overly rush in trying to fix the trial and overlook Ha young is vulnerable to NGM’s crutches.
    Later while submitting her evidence to her team, she emphasized herself made a promise to HaYoung directly, that she will not make public the crucial video clip on the rape scene. Loved that scene, when InAh came out of that courtroom, holding Song Hayoung’s hand, silent speaks louder thru’ these teary eyes, HaYoung need not even to thank Inah for not giving up on her, go all the way to her village home to dig her out, encouraging her to take that huge step to stand witness. Neither Inah needs to thank her for willing to face whatever danger that NGM throw at her at aftermath. InAh finally can go back and face her mom, proven that she has become an attorney with hearts. Background, Ms Yeon and Att. Song looked on as ‘proud parents’ touched…. Best of the Bests, Jinwoo beamed with such pride and comfort… the beautiful part of all this story, is not just about the OTP, but also the way the OTP motivated and help and changed the people around them. And InAh no doubt played an important role as the emotional pillar beside JW, someone that he mentioned as the ONLY ONE that trusted him, to Yeon.
    this is my take on IA been one of the most awesome female leads I ever watched.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You make some excellent points regarding Il A. This character has evolved into an ethical measuring stick for the show. I like her. If Jin Woo drastically declines, she will need to step in. I’d like to see her in the courtroom showing her attorney skills. My observation is that she is relegated to support role even though this is a lead role. Maybe she’ll really get more screen time in the final episodes. Thanks for sharing your opinions!


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    Great perspective on In Ah–I do hope she will play a more critical role as we wind down the series. The rape trial has been going well, you would think with the evidence, they would consider keeping PC Gyu Man locked up. I love that he got a small taste of prison life.

    Scummy Team Il Ho once again dispensing with used tool, Joo Il, is not surprising and they even did a decent job of framing Dong Ho. As a side note, I am pleased Joo Il did not go through killing Dong Ho…will we ever see justice?


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