Remember Episode 15 Recap

Team “Get Gyoo Man” scores a victory. Can they make it stick or will Gyoo Man continue to be like Teflon? 

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 15 Recap

Jin Woo’s male assistant records Gyoo Man insulting the party planner after they drank drinks laced with drugs. The police arrive. Everyone scatters. Gyoo Man meets his assistant in the kitchen. They switch cars and coats. In the parking lot Jin Woo sees Gyoo Man get into a car. The police intercept the car. It isn’t Gyoo Man but his assistant. Thwarted Team Jin Woo stare at each other. Jin Woo drives away in his assistant’s car and smiles – he got away again!

A blurry stumbling Gyoo Man arrives home and finds Dong Ho exiting his father’s study. Gyoo Man tells him to go to the police station and help his assistant. Dong Ho tells him to get his act together. He warns that the day of retribution is coming. Gyoo Man is too blitzed to grasp the warning.

rem_ep15_1brem_ep15_1a Jin Woo watches Gyoo Man’s assistant leave the police station. He finds him at a bar and they share a drink. Jin Woo guesses that Gyoo Man called the assistant on the day he killed the student so many years ago. Jin Woo states that forever Gyoo Man will commit crimes and leave the burden to the assistant.

The male assistant shares the recording of Gyoo Man drinking and talking to the party planner. Frankly the snippet does not look like compelling evidence.

Yeo Kyung slams the door to waken a passed out Gyoo Man. He thanks her for letting him escape. She wonders if she must cover his crimes. She bluntly asks if he killed the student. She states that is what Jin Woo believes. She demands to know if he did it. “Yes, I killed her, I just killer her” is his response. Holy Smokes! That took me by surprise. He must be admitting to flaunt the crime while believing his sister would never turn him in. Yeo Kyung is stunned. Gyoo Man becomes belligerent. He gets dizzy and asks her to leave. Yeo Kyung dashes from the room, still in shock.

At the evil company, Dong Ho runs into the former prosecutor now company lawyer as he leaves for good. Dong Ho calls him a loyal lap dog for Gyoo Man. Takes one to know one!

The male assistant tells Jin Woo that Dong Ho left Gyoo Man’s employ. He wonders if Dong Ho could be moving to their side.

Gyoo Man “thanks” his assistant for saving him but insults him with a cash reward. He tells him to continue to live as his lap dog. The assistant eyes the statue that contains the murder weapon as he leaves the office.

Team “Get Gyoo Man” meets. Dong Ho tells Prosecutor Tak he has a witness. Dong Ho’s assistant stashes the president in a safe house. But someone watches them.

Gyoo Man visits the party planner in prison. He claims he’s sad to see him in prison (while smiling broadly). The party planner says the police want him to identify one high profile party guest. Gyoo Man calmly states if the party planner identifies him, the party planner’s father will be destroyed.

rem_ep15_3a rem_ep15_3b
Yeo Kyung gets a visit from Jin Woo. He tells her he created the situation but she’s the one that let her brother escape. He holds up the camera pen. He tells her the contents are either her brother at the party OR her letting her brother escape OR both. Yeo Kyung looks worried. Jin Woo states he’ll give the camera pen to her boss since she cannot function as impartial prosecutor.

Prosecutor Tak, Il A, and Jin Woo watch the camera pen video. Prosecutor Tak is not happy. Jin Woo recommends breaking the party planner to point the finger at Gyoo Man.

Gyoo Man’s father thanks Yeo Kyung for saving her brother. He says she may have to do it again. He tells her to leave. Gyoo Man’s father slaps Gyoo Man and berates him for his foolish behavior. Gyoo Man assures in that the party planner won’t point the finger at him.

Yeo Kyung tells Gyoo Man that Jin Woo was the whistle blower for the party. Good grief, Yeo Kyung, you just handed your psycho brother another reason to hurt someone that threatens him. Shame on you!

Jin Woo meets Il A outside the office. Yep, she’s waiting to make sure he can find his way home. He hesitates. He realizes she knows that he’s losing his memory. She tries to joke about it.

rem_ep15_4a rem_ep15_4b rem_ep15_4c
In the office she admits she’s know for a while. He admits his memory was amazing when he was young but it also brought pain when he couldn’t forget painful memories. Il A takes his hand and tell him he’s special and this illness is just part of his reality. She promises to help him. She’ll help him remember. She’ll stay by his side. She smiles. Wow! Nice declaration! He hugs her, lucky to have someone like her by his side.

Prosecutor Tak looks at Dong Ho’s evidence against Gyoo Man’s father.

Prosecutor Tak meets with Gyoo Man’s father and former prosecutor. He’s brought Dong Ho’s evidence AND Jin Woo’s evidence. Gyoo Man’s father offer money. Prosecutor Tak doesn’t want the cash, but the position of power next to Gyoo Man’s father. Former prosecutor does not like this turn of events.  I don’t believe that Prosecutor Tak joined Team Evil. He is an ethical man. This must a set up.

Prosecutor Tak tells the former prosecutor he’ll fly higher than he did.

Team Jin Woo meets and wonders why Prosecutor Tak has not acted on their evidence. They are worried.

Dong Ho bursts into Prosecutor Tak’s office angry that the evidence as been given to Gyoo Man’s father. Prosecutor Tak is too busy to talk and orders him to leave.

rem_ep15_5a rem_ep15_6a
Jin Woo meets party planner in prison. Party planner asks if Jin Woo was the whistle blower. Jin Woo laughs that party planner feels wronged. Jin Woo knows that Gyoo Man would retaliate. He suggests he can nail Gyoo Man without involving the party planner. Jin Woo asks party planner to consider if Gyoo Man is friend or foe. Party planner tells Jin Woo about another person Gyoo Man wronged, a woman.

Il A goes to the establishment where the woman works and asks about Gyoo Man. In the past, the prosecutor did not believe her. She tells Il A to leave her alone. Il A tells her that Gyoo Man killed another woman. She asks the woman to call her if she changes her mind.

Jin Woo and Il A discuss the woman and how the case against Gyoo Man fizzles when she asked the judge for leniency for Gyoo Man in exchange for money. That made everything she claimed suspect.

The woman is not excited to be man handled by a customer. She remembers being raped by Gyoo Man. She leaves.

Joo Il leaves prison and heads to Team Evil. Gyoo Man’s father tells Joo Il his release is because of Prosecutor Tak.

Team Jin Woo think that Dong Ho needs to be involved if the woman agrees to testify against Gyoo Man.

The female prosecutor meets Dong Ho. He asks for help in going after Gyoo Man. She’s surprised. She owes him, Dong Ho states. She’s impressed that he’s sure he can bring down Gyoo Man.

Joo Il’s men trash Dong Ho’s place looking for evidence. Dong Ho arrives and is livid. Joo Il tells him he’s the fool to attack Gyoo Man. He warns him he will die if he continues down this path. Joo Il wants to know where the president is. Dong Ho won’t tell.

Gyoo Man tells the former prosecutor to shut down the party planner’s father’s company. Joo Il meets Gyoo Man. The prosecutor states Joo Il has to show his gratitude by taking care of the party planner and one more person…

rem_ep15_8a rem_ep15_8b
Dong Ho goes to Jin Woo’s office. He offers a deal. Dong Ho declares he’s going after Gyoo Man’s father. He shows the evidence. He asks Jin Woo if he wants to join Team “Get Gyoo Man”. Jim Woo brings up the woman Gyoo Man raped years earlier. Dong Ho assures him he can help with the case. Jin Woo asks if Dong Ho will will betray him again. Dong Ho promises his actions will prove he can be trusted.

Dong Ho’s assistant leaves the president unattended at the safe house. The man in black enters. The president is started. Dong Ho’s assistant returns to find the safe house empty.

Joo Il celebrates his return with his gangster boys. Dong Ho enters and asks where he took the president. Joo Il won’t talk. Dong Ho asks if this is Joo Il’s final decision. Joo Il says Dong Ho is the one that crossed the line that made them enemies. Joo Il remembers Gyoo Man asking him to kill Dong Ho. What’s a bad guy with a remnant of caring for Dong Ho to do?

Dong Ho bursts into Gyoo Man’s father’s study. Dong Ho demands to know where the president is. Dong Ho wonders if the president has been murdered. On no, the man in black was the former police. Dong Ho is livid and demands to know where the president is.  He’s told the president has been sent abroad. Dong Ho is angry at the betrayal.

rem_ep15_10a rem_ep15_10b
The woman comes to the law office. She asks why Il A cares about her case. Il A details the wrongs done to her. She promises that Gyoo Man will pay for his crimes. The woman wants to believe her. Il A says if they don’t stop him there will be more victims like her. The woman details the rape and how Gyoo Man paid her as he left. She offers her former manager’s card saying that’s how she was introduced to Gyoo Man. Il A promises to right the wrong done to her.

Dong Ho meets with the female prosecutor who doesn’t think he has enough evidence. He thinks by going after Gyoo Man he can make inroads with Gyoo Man’s father.

Jin Woo and Il A meets with the woman’s former manager. They ask about the woman. He tells them the woman got a rich sugar daddy and that she loved money above all. He gets a call and leaves.

Jin Woo meets the former police detective. He asks if he knows the former manager. The police detective says his a high paid pimp.

Gyoo Man’s assistant remembers all the insults, violence, and bribery Gyoo Man has inflected on him. He stares at the statue that contains the murder weapon.

rem_ep15_11a rem_ep15_11b rem_ep15_11c
The judge has a surprise visitor. Is it Gyoo Man’s assistant. He tells the judge that he has evidence in the student murder. He offers the murder weapon! He tells the judge the murder weapon at the trial was fake. He stashed the murder weapon when Gyoo Man left is and put the wine opener (smeared with blood) in it’s place. He tells the judge this is the real murder weapon. He believes no one will go after the judge. Calmly the judge tells him he’s made the right choice. The assistant puts his faith in the judge.

Dong Ho, the female prosecutor meet with Jin Woo and Il A.  Jin Woo shows her the evidence on the woman’s rape case. The female prosecutor believes the evidence is sufficient.

rem_ep15_12a rem_ep15_12b rem_ep15_12c rem_ep15_12d
The police, the female prosecutor arrive at Gyoo Man’s office and arrests him. The former prosecutor is stunned. Gyoo Man is cuffed. He gets angry and is led away. The former prosecutor warns her that she better be ready for what will happen next. Gyoo Man is lead away. Jin Woo and Il A meet him in the lobby. Jin Woo tells Gyoo Man he will now pay for his crimes. Gyoo Man tells him to bring it.

My Thoughts
* Gyoo Man is finally arrested.   The pacing of this series has been slow and it isn’t building to a compelling crescendo. Trust me I want Gyoo Man to pay but that’s because he’s evil incarnate. I’m not sure Jin Woo or Il A or Dong Ho can really put him behind bars. Gyoo Man (and his father too) seems to be able to break the ethics of anyone through cash or coercion. I was surprised to see Gyoo Man’s assistant deliver the incriminating knife to the judge. It felt almost too early for this moment to happen when both Jin Woo and Dong Ho are attacking Gyoo Man straight on. You have to wonder if the judge will do the right thing. I hope so.
* Jin Woo will finally see Gyoo Man as a defendant. I like that Jin Woo will live to see the day with his brain intact. I was glad that Jin Woo realized Il A knew his secret. That was a sweet moment between them.
* Il A admitted to Jin Woo she knew about his condition.   The best scene of the show was Il A’s tender understanding and support of Jin Woo. She took her father’ advice and told him, the illness was part of him and that didn’t stop her from being his friend and supporter till the end. Lovely scene with feeling between our leads. There haven’t been many, so this was a treat.
* Dong Ho lost ground on his case when the president (his key witness) was taken by the detective who joined team evil. You have to wonder if there is anyone on this show that won’t support Gyoo Man or his father for money?  was surprised how little fanfare there was when Dong Ho asked to join the team. This should have been a big moment but it was downplayed. Weird how last episode Joo Il seemed to care that Dong Ho was going to attack Gyoo Man’s father directly but this episode he worked to thwart his efforts returning his loyalty to Gyoo Man’s father.
* Gyoo Man was arrested and hand cuffed. He got mad.I got glad.
* Yeo Kyung told Gyoo Man that Jin Woo set up the raid. That was a loathsome thing to tell Gyoo Man. It appears her morale fiber is limited too. I really thought Gyoo Man would immediately retaliate against Il A.
* If you are interested in listening to the six songs of the OST released so far, check out this playlist:

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    The reach of the Nam family is incredible:
    • Psycho Crap escapes from the club and drug charges.
    • Druggie party pal coerced into not ratting out Psycho Crap.
    • Psycho Crap plans to take down druggie party pal’s dad’s company.
    • Prosecutor Tak, seems to be going to the dark side—I’m afraid it is wishful thinking that this is a setup.
    • Joo Il is released from jail/prison and his lackeys trash Dong Ho’s office looking for evidence and the witness.
    • Dong Ho’s country police detective buddy was paid off to kidnap the safe house witness—yeah right, I’m sure the witness was sent abroad…mmmhuh

    Yeo Kyung has no more illusions her oppa as he blatantly confessed to her—quite frankly, I was surprised he was honest with her. I don’t think she is too pleased to be wrangled into the Nam family cover-ups. Now her career is in jeopardy with Jin Woo turning over the evidence about her letting her oppa escape the drug party. I agree @kjtamuser “Shame on you!” for ratting out Jin Woo as the whistle blower, she now know what he is capable of and still divulges the fact. It would be a pity if she is the only one in the family to take responsibility for illegal activities.

    Dong Ho has another “hello pot, meet my friend the kettle” moment calling attorney Hong a lap dog. Now that it looks like Prosecutor Tak may have turned to the dark side, who is there to trust? I just don’t have confidence that Prosecutor Chae will stay on the light side, earlier it didn’t seem like she had any problems covering Il Ho Group. Even having the evil chairman disparage her doesn’t convince me she will stay on the light/right side. On the plus side, she is the one who finally gets Psycho Crap indicted. IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!

    Despite setbacks, Team Jin Woo seems to be making progress: Psycho Crap in jail, assistant Soo Beom turning over the weapon that killed Jung Ah to good judge Kang, assistance from Dong Ho, Detective Scumbag and Prosecutor Chae (all of these have sketchy trustworthiness, but time and their actions will tell which side they are on)

    Through all the cruelty Jin Woo has had to deal with, it is a relief that he has ❤ In Ah ❤ to stand by his side.


  3. kjtamuser says:

    You hit the nail on the head with your observations. “pot meet kettle” definitely came into play between the two attorneys. I found it surprising that anyone even thought to trust Prosecutor Chae when she was obviously on Team Il Ho Group in the previous trial.


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