Remember Episode 14 Recap

Our leading man prepares a trap for Gyoo Man who takes the bait and walks into the trap. Does Gyoo Man finally get caught? 

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 14 Recap

Il A finds Jin Woo at his old house. He looks at her surprised to see her there. With tears in her eyes she asks why he is there. Jin Woo says his father isn’t home yet. He wonders where his father is. She hugs him. Jin Woo asks what is wrong not understanding why she is upset. She cries more realizing that Jin Woo suffers from memory lapses just like his father did.

Back at the office Il A asks the female assistant if Jin Woo has the same memory issues that his father did. The answer is yes. Il A wants to talk to Jin Woo’s doctor.

Jin Woo wakes in his room not knowing how he got there.  He remembers Gyoo Man telling him that Dong Ho’s father caused the accident that killed his mother and brother when he was a child.

The former prosecutor, now company attorney, reports he’s helping improve the image of the company. Gyoo Man and his father are pleased.

rem_ep14_1b rem_ep14_1a
Jin Woo hits Dong Ho then asks about the car accident. Jin Woo is floored the Dong Ho said nothing. Dong Ho goes on his knees. He explains the accident was an accident. Jin Woo hates himself for begging Dong Ho to represent his father. Dong Ho says there is more to the accident. Gyoo Man’s father is to blame. He’s the reason Dong Ho’s father is dead, Jin Woo’s mother is dead, and Jin Woo’s brother is dead. Dong Ho swears to make Gyoo Man’s father and Gyoo Man kneel before them.

Il A and the assistant visit the doctor who explains that Jin Woo’s decline is rapid and could be complete in 6 months. Il A grapples with the doctor’s words – Jin Woo will be difficult to work with, deal with, and live with at the end.

rem_ep14_2b rem_ep14_2a
Dong Ho’s assistant tells him Gyoo Man spoke with Jin Woo last night. Livid he goes to Gyoo Man’s office and accuses him of digging around in his past. Gyoo Man counters he’s doing that same about his father. Gyoo Man doesn’t like the warning Dong Ho issues – leave me alone or else. Gyoo Man states Dong Ho can easily dealt with. Dong Ho warns that he can make a large splatter. Nice!

Il A tells her father about Jin Woo and asks what to do. Treat him the same is his father’s advice and remember the illness is part of him.

Back at the office Il A resists the assistants request that she not tell Jin Woo she knows about his mental decline. When Jin Woo arrives she plays the part of ignorant coworker. Alone Jin Woo remembers the dinner invitation and wonders what happened. Jin Woo tells his assistant that he remembers meeting Gyoo Man last night but what happened after was a blur. She asks if his illenss is increasing.

The judge investigates the forensics of the old case (where Gyoo Man is the murderer).

rem_ep14_3arem_ep14_3b The former prosecutor visits Joo Il in prison. The attorney tells Joo Il that he will likely serve time in prison. That doesn’t make him happy.

Gyoo Man wonders if the judge is investigating him as the former prosecutor told him. When a bottle of wine is opened the judge wonders if someone could be killed with a wine opener. Gyoo Man asks if a friend committed a crime would the judge work for against the friend. The judge states he’d do what was right and in the end that would be the best think for the friend. That’s not the answer Gyoo Man wanted but it is the answer he expected.

Jin Woo visits the police detective in prison and asks for his help. He promises to put Gyoo Man in the prison cell next to him. Jin Woo meets with the drug dealer the police detective recommended. Yes the drug dealer has provided drugs for Gyoo Man. In fact there is a party coming up this weekend.

rem_ep14_4arem_ep14_4b3 Il A meets with her former boss, prosecutor Tak, and asks him to continue to pursue justice. Gyoo Man’s father calls him.

The former prosecutor reports on Jin Woo’s past. Gyoo Man asks if they can wipe about Jin Woo’s law firm. The former prosecutor recommend the indirect route of hurting Il A to hurt Jin Woo. Gyoo Man likes the idea.

The male assistant tells everyone that he went to trial – solo! Everyone is happy for him.

rem_ep14_5c rem_ep14_5b rem_ep14_45aGyoo Man’s father and the former prosecutor meet with prosecutor Tak and ask him to join team evil. He declines and tells his former boss his is only Gyoo Man’s father’s dog. He leaves. Love it!

Dong Ho calls prosecutor Tak. When they meet prosecutor Tak tells him about rejecting Gyoo Man’s father’s request to join team evil. Dong Ho tells him he has a witness that can bring Gyoo Man’s father down. Prosecutor Tak is excited at the prospect.

rem_ep14_6b rem_ep14_6aThe male assistant frets he’ll stutter in court. Everyone gives him a pep talk. Jin Woo tells him to focus on his client who needs him. In court, he struggles a bit but then gets his act together and delivers his words with reduced to no stuttering as he argues for his client. Nice! The client gets a small sentence – victory!

The drug dealer meets with Gyoo Man’s party planner and the man that Gyoo Man confessed murder to. Jin Woo tells his team he will strike at Gyoo Man through the party planner / friend.

rem_ep14_7arem_ep14_7b The friend/party planner meets with Gyoo Man. Jin Woo meets him in the parking lot. Jin Woo tells him he has the video. The man pretends not to know what he’s talking about, so Jin Woo details the video. The party planner acts tough and refuses to turn on Gyoo Man. Jin Woo tells him he’s a good friend to Gyoo Man. The man leaves.

Gyoo Man asks his assistant to help with a problem. He declines. Gyoo Man threatens then chokes his assistant. His assistant pulls his hands away and tells him he is his friend and should not be treated that way. Gyoo Man can’t believe his assistant has that much moxy.

Gyoo Man’s assistant meets Dong Ho’s assistant and complains about all the ugly things he must deal with because of Gyoo Man. Dong Ho’s assistant recommends he talk to Dong hO.

Dong Ho meets with Gyoo Man’s father who assures him that Joo Il will be released. Then he gets to the point. He advises Dong Ho not to dwell in the past.

rem_ep14_8b rem_ep14_8a
Dong Ho listens to the evidence the former president had on Gyoo Man’s father.

Gyoo Man’s father frets about Dong Ho. The former prosecutor says locating the former president is the key.

Yeo Kyung is next to a coworker who receives a call from Jin Woo about Gyoo Man’s upcoming drug party. He asks Yeo Kyung to check out the party.

Gyoo Man’s assistant searches the office and finds the blood stained knife from the long ago murder. Gyoo Man calls him to meet him. They meet and Gyoo Man apologizes for mistreating him. He blames Jin Woo for putting him on edge. He asks for understanding and loyalty. He offers a cash bonus.

rem_ep14_9arem_ep14_9b Dong Ho visits Joo Il who report prison isn’t that bad. Dong Ho tells him that by the time he leaves prison only Gyoo Man or he will be alive but not both. Joo Il is not happy. Dong Ho asks for luck as he enters his last battle. He bows to his former mentor, friend, and father fiture. Joo Il can’t believe Dong Ho is going head to head with Gyoo Man and fears failure is the only outcome.

Team Jin Woo discuss their next moves with Gyoo Man. The male assistant get a recording device and camera to use at the party. They will all play their parts to get evidence on Gyoo Man.

Yeo Kyung argues with prosecutor Tak.

The former prosecutor tells Jo Ill he can leave prison IF he takes care of Dong Ho. Jo Ill does not like the request. The former prosecutor states his freedom depends on his willingness to bring Dong Ho down.

In his office Dong Ho recalls Gyoo Man’s father telling him to forget the past. He looks at the evidence he’s gathered against Gyoo Man’s father. He dresses to take on the devil.

rem_ep14_11b rem_ep14_11d rem_ep14_11e rem_ep14_11f
Team Jin Woo take their positions outside the party. Jin Woo will wait in the basement for the investigators Yeo Kyung will bring. The male assistant waits for Gyoo Man’s arrival. Ah, Gyoo Man arrives. Drugs are put into drinks and Gyoo Man drinks while the assistant records. The party planner asks about Jin Woo. Gyoo Man does not like that and gets angry. The party planner doesn’t like Gyoo Man’s high handed ways. Gyoo Man insults him and laughs in his face. The party planner grabs Gyoo Man’s lapels. The police arrive. Il A notifies Jin Woo. Gyoo Man punches his party planner friend. He laughs. The police arrive. Everyone scatters. Gyoo Man heads upstairs with the male assitant in pursuit. Gyoo Man encounters his sister Yeo Kyung who is horrified her brother is there and drunk. The male assistant records their encounter. Gyoo Man pleads with Yeo Kyung to let him escape. She grabs his arm. He pulls away and leaves. Gyoo Man returns to the main room and the male assistant follows. Gyoo Man makes his way to a back room and calls his assistant to retrieve him.

rem_ep14_12a rem_ep14_12bDong Ho meets with Gyoo Man’s father. He offers his resignation. Dong Ho says he can no longer turn a blind eye to his misdeeds. Dong Ho says that his father died for him. Gyoo Man’s father tells Dong Ho that he must separate the past from the present. Dong Ho states he can no longer serve the man responsible for his father’s death. That sounds like a declaration of war.

rem_ep14_13a rem_ep14_13bJin Woo sees Gyoo Man get into a car. The police intercept the car. It isn’t Gyoo Man but his assistant. Thwarted Team Jin Woo stare at each other.

rem_ep14_13cJin Woo drives away in his assistant’s car and smiles – he got away scott free again!

My Thoughts
* This episode focused on setting up Gyoo Man and Dong Ho deciding to go after Gyoo Man’s father.   This episode had a feeling of hope, that maybe, just maybe, good could take down evil. I like that Jin Woo’s memory issues, while important, don’t stop the primary story line – get Gyoo Man and make him pay for his crimes. Jin Woo is dogged determined and Team Jin Woo has his back. I’m glad that Dong Ho finally decided to go after Gyoo Man’s father much to the horror of Joo Il.
* Jin Woo decided to use the Gyoo Man’s party planner friend to set the trap for Gyoo Man. It was a good trap but Gyoo Man managed to escape. I liked that Jin Woo decided to go the indirect route to take down Gyoo Man. Litlle does he know that Gyoo Man is planning a similar stragety to rid himself of Jin Woo by hurting Il A. I like that Jin Woo confides in his female assistant about his memory loss from the previous evening but pushes forward undeetered knowing the clock is ticking on his brain.
* Il A agreed to keep quiet about Jin Woo’s condition.   The female assistant requested her silence for Jin Woo’s dignity and Il A could not deny the request. As part of Team Jin Woo Il A worked to bring down Gyoo Man.
* Dong Ho decided to make Gyoo Man’s father pay. Finally, he makes the choice to leave Team Evil. Gyoo Man’s father is as loathsome as Gyoo Man but has a better control on his anger so he isn’t as repulsive as his son. I look forward to Dong Ho taking Gyoo Man’s father down.
* Gyoo Man ind his father are evil. They know they are being pursued and will fight back again Jin Woo and Dong Ho.
* Yeo Kyung let her brother escape from the raid at the drug party. She doesn’t know how loathsome Gyoo Man is. One day she’ll find out and it will be a rude shock.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I can understand Jin Woo is upset 😡 about the car accident that took his brother and mom, but I just don’t get how he sees it as Dong Ho fault (see my rant with the last episode recap)—why doesn’t Dong Ho let him know that he only recently found out himself? Maybe it would not make a difference. I am glad that Dong Ho confronted Psycho Crap about revealing the past (hello pot, meet my friend the kettle) as he takes one step closer to severing the link with Il Ho Group.

    How is it In Ah got the scoop on Jin Woo from his doctor—don’t they have a HIPPA type law there for patient privacy? Maybe Jin Woo’s trusted assistant has the power of attorney for his medical issues. At least In Ah knows the truth and will be better prepared to protect Jin Woo.

    Oh…I was so worried Prosecutor Tak would take sides with Il Ho Group and $$$. So it looks like he and Judge Kang are the only ones NOT on Il Ho Group’s payroll.

    I was so pleased to see attorney Song not only take on a case by himself, but succeeded with minimal stuttering. He even looked kind of cool, sans glasses, going undercover at the club, except for practically broadcasting his intent to everyone, the way he was holding the camera pen—luckily they were all too stoned to notice.

    I don’t know how much longer the Psycho Crap’s battered assistant is going to take the degrading treatment he receives. He looks like he is ready to break…then he goes and covers for Psycho Crap yet again. 😦 When will the battered assistant ever learn…get OUT before it gets even worse. Yeo Kyung was gob smacked by catching her Psycho Crap oppa at the club; for just a tiny moment, I thought she might turn him in. Family loyalty won. The video of her letting oppa go, may very well come back to haunt her.


  3. kjtamuser says:

    I agree with all your salient well stated points. The HIPPA thing doesn’t seem to work in Kdramas. Doctors consistently share details with friends, enemies, or seemingly anyone that asks. I felt like a proud parent when Attorney Song was able to function in court.


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