Remember Episode 13 Recap

Our leading man’s secret looms is unearthed. How long does he have to continue to fight the good fight?

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 13 Recap

Il A works alone in the office. Gyoo Man and his assistant enter the office. They hear Il A working in the secret room. Gyoo Man enters the secret room. He sees the wall. He sees Il A alone. He realizes he is being targeted. He compliments her on the wall decor. He tells her she may know him better than he knows himself. He gets close to her and looks menacing. Il A asks why he’s there. Gyoo Man say he’s the target. Il A confirms he’s the target. Gyoo Man doesn’t think the latest video is a big threat. Boldly, Il A agrees, this video is nothing compared to the original video where he admitted to killing the girl. Gyoo Man raises his hand to hit her. Holding her ground, Il A tells Gyoo Man he knows what he did. He lowers his hand and warns her he’ll ruin her and everyone she cares about.   Not flinching, Il A calmly tells him they will defeat him with the law.

Meanwhile Jin Woo is outside the law office bummed at the the news his doctor gave him – 6 months to 1 year before his brain melts down.

Il A tells Jin Woo that Gyoo Man visited the office and saw the secret room. Jin Woo feels it is for the best. Now the fight will begin.

Gyoo Man can’t believe Il A and Jin Woo are a team against him.

rem_ep13_1a rem_ep13_1b
Jin Woo meets the police detective. He warns Jin Woo that Gyoo Man cannot be easily defeated. He offers a gift to help Jin Woo. Is it the video confession implicating Gyoo Man putting him on the payroll?

Il A’s former boss tells her the prosecutor that Gyoo Man controls (aka the payroll prosecutor) has voluntarily resigned. He promises to work hard for the weak. That’s a laugh!  As payroll prosecutor leaves he meets Il A and her former boss. They accuse him of crocodile tears and resigning to avoid prosecution. He laughs and tells them he’ll see them on the golf course.

Gyoo Man, Joo Il, et al meet the police detective who once again tells Gyoo Man he’s a loser with anger issues. I’ll never get tired of that statement – so on point! Joo Il’s goons grab the police detective when the police rush in. The police detective called them to arrest him. Ah, that saves him. He laughs in Gyoo Man’s face. Soon he’ll know what it is like to be arrested for his crimes.

rem_ep13_2a rem_ep13_2b
Jin Woo looks at the video confession from the police detective. His assistant asks if his memory is deteriorating too fast. Shouldn’t he slow down? He refuses and pushes on with his mission…take Gyoo Man to trial…before his memory is gone…before he forgets who Gyoo Man is.

The payroll prosecutor tells Gyoo Man’s father the internal investigation is extensive. Yeo Kyung arrive home (yes that is back to back episodes with her) and hears her father ask about the college student murder. The payroll prosecutor assures father that Gyoo Man will not be implicated. Yeo Kyung remembers Il A telling her that a video of Gyoo Man admitting to killing the college student exists and she’s seen it. Yeo Kyung remembers the judge ask about the case.

Jin Woo’s team plans for their next move at trial. Jin Woo remembers that the manufacture of the potentially faulty wire took bribe money from Gyoo Man.

Dong Ho meets the payroll prosecutor in the elevator. Turns out he’s a lawyer now. In fact he’s Dong Ho’s boss! Dong Ho plays it off claiming Gyoo Man must care about him to send the payroll prosecutor to look after him.

Il A’s former boss may be in the running to become the next chief prosecutor.

Jin Woo tells the police detective he doesn’t fully turst him. The police detective maintains that Jin Woo needs him to bring Gyoo Man down.

rem_ep13_4a rem_ep13_4b
Jin Woo’s male assistant that stutters at trial practices his opening remarks. Il A and Jin Woo tells him he sounds great and are happy he is improving.

Jin Woo and Il A hope that soon the assistant will be able to make his own statements in court. We learn that Jin Woo decided to help and work with him. Jin Woo admits his assistants are like family to him.

At the trial Jin Woo plays the video from the expert who explains the bulb did not cause the microwave to explode. Dong Ho counters the if the bulb was defective that could be the cause. He calls the manager to the stand. Recall this is the man that Dong Ho paid for his daughter’s surgery. The manager states they company made defective bulbs. The father and son are horrified. The father calls him a liar in court and is removed from the courtroom.  Jin Woo tries to decide whether or not to expose the manager’s dealings with Dong Ho. Inexplicably, he does not bring this bribe to light.

Gyoo Man tells the payroll prosecutor to carefully watch Dong Ho. He’s doing that and promises to report to Gyoo Man often.

In court Jin Woo asserts the faulty wire from the subcontractor is the issue not the faulty bulbs. He provides evidence. Dong Ho doubt the evidence. Jin Woo confirms the evidence.

rem_ep13_6a rem_ep13_6b
Il A texts Jin Woo that the broadcast will start soon. He smiles. He asserts in court the faulty wire subcontractor was associated with Gyoo Man’s company. Jin Woo asserts this information is being broadcast as they speak. The judge allows the TV to go on. The prosecutor (Il A’s former boss) is holding a press conference that the subcontractor made faulty wire and Gyoo Man’s company paid them. Gyoo Man is not happy. I‘ll never get tired of that! His father calls Gyoo Man to come over. In the courtroom, Dong Ho loses and Jin Woo wins. The son is happy. Jin Woo is happy. And you what, Dong Ho is happy too. Nice! The son is grateful. Jin Woo urges him to take care of his father.

Dong Ho is thrilled Jin Woo is getting stronger. The judge asks to speak with Dong Ho. He asks about the murdered student. He asks for the truth. Dong Ho walks away from the conversation. Judge, that should tell you something!

At the office celebration, Jin Woo declares they need to get the payroll prosecutor bounced from office. Everyone looks at each other. They tell Jin Woo that has already happened.  The female assistant plays off the moment as Jin Woo kidding around. Il A asks her about Jin Woo’s odd behavior. The female assistant pretends not to understand.

In the secret room Jin Woo recalls the doctor’s timeline – 6 months to a 1 year before his memory disappears.

rem_ep13_7a rem_ep13_7b
Gyoo Man’s father yells at him to take care of Jin Woo. Team evil gathers. The prosecutor assures father this will be dealt with. Joo Il looks at the DVD of Gyoo Man’s confession. He has it ready to be released if anything happens to him. Gyoo Man asks his father about his past because Dong Ho is investigating father. His father tells Gyoo Man not to worry but looks worried himself.

The judge calls Gyoo Man’s assistant for a drink. The judge asks about the murdered student and Gyoo Man. The assistant declares Gyoo Man wouldn’t kill anyone. The judge warns if it is true, he should not hid it from him.

Dong Ho apologizes to Gyoo Man for losing the trial. Gyoo Man accuses of him of losing on purpose. Dong Ho denies it. Gyoo Man warns him he’s prepared a surprise for him.

Dong Ho meets with prosecutor (Il A’s former boss) and detective.

Jin Woo gives Il A her new business card. He tells her take tomorrow off. He takes her to a purse store to give her a gift for winning the trial. Sweetly he remember the first day they met and how her purse was involved. They shop for the perfect purse. He asks her to dinner. She asks why he’s moving so fast. He tells her he wants to remember his time with her. She agress to dinner, as his sister. He laughs.

rem_ep13_8a rem_ep13_8b
Joo Il is met by the prosecutor who reveals he knows that Joo Il is the owner of the faulty wire company. The payroll prosecutor stares at the prosecutor.

Il A  tells Jin Woo they need to pick off Gyoo Man’s associates. Jin Woo says they don’t have the time for that approach.

Dong Ho finds a man that knows about his father’s accident. He yells that the man lived a good life base on his father’s sacrifice. He flips his card at the man and leaves. The man calls Jin Woo’s father. He’s not happy. I’ll never get tired of that! 

Dong Ho visits Joo Il in prison. Joo Il is unconcerned. Dong Ho is worried for him. Joo Il remembers Gyoo Man’s father promising to help him. Dong Ho tells Joo Il he’s going to destroy Gyoo Man. That was dumb. Of course Joo Il will get on the phone to Gyoo Man ASAP.  Joo Il tells Dong Ho to walk his own path while he walks his own too. Dong Ho give up on Joo Il.

Jin Woo sees Yeo Kyung and asks if she saw the report about the faulty wire company being paid by her brother’s company. She tells Yeo Kyung his brother isn’t a murderer. She accuses him of slandering her family. He tells her if she’d use her connections as a prosecutor she’s soon find out about her family’s illegal activities.

Gyoo Man is not happy to learn the faulty wire company is going to cost money and bring bad publicity. Gyoo Man accuses him of not properly doing his job. The tense moment is broken when Joo Il’s man brings details about the accident years ago.

The man who knows about this is being pursued. He calls Dong Ho for help. The man tells Dong Ho that Gyoo Man’s father is trying to kill him. Dong Ho urges him to tell him everyting.

Il A calls Jin Woo to remind him about dinner. She’s looking lovely. How many coats does she own? The assistants joke she must be going on a date.

rem_ep13_10a rem_ep13_10b
Gyoo Man calls Jin Woo. He wants to give him a gift. Dude, don’t do it. It’s a trap. Jin Woo arrives. Gyoo Man notes that he liked the decoration in the secret room of his office. Jin Woo asks why he is here. Gyoo Man brings up the car accident. He tells Jin Woo that this accident was caused by Dong Ho’s father. Jin Woo is stunned. Gyoo Man provides proof. Jin Woo scans the proof and realizes it is true. He recalls the accident that killed his mother and brother. Gyoo Man claims that Jin Woo and Dong Ho are ill fated. He twists the knife saying Dong Ho’s father massacred his family.

Dong Ho meets with the prosecutor. They discuss the case of Jin Woo’s family’s accident. Dong Ho claims it was a contract kill.

Il A waits for Jin Woo to arrive. He’s late.

Jin Woo walks alone. He struggles with processing that his mother and brother were killed by Dong Ho’s father, his father’s death, Gyoo Man’s evil actions, etc. He remembers something and runs.

rem_ep13_11a rem_ep13_11b
Il A is still waiting for Jin Woo. She calls him. Jin Woo answers asking HIS FATHER where he is. Dead Jin Woo, your father is dead. Il A is taken aback. She asks where he is. He says he’s in front of his house. She dashes to a cab to find him. She remembers the slips in his memory.

rem_ep13_12a rem_ep13_12b
She finds him at his old house. He looks at her surprised to see her there. With tears in her eyes she asks why he is there. Jin Woo says his father isn’t home yet. He wonders where his father is. She hugs him. Jin Woo asks what is wrong not understanding why she is upset. She cries more. The music swell. Life is cruel to Jin Woo, too cruel if you ask me.

My Thoughts
* Jin Woo’s life is hard to watch.  The bad – He is battling memory loss that is wiping his brain in 6 months to a year. He’s fighting to beat Gyoo Man but doesn’t have the ability to beat him alone anymore.  He’s found out that Dong Ho’s father killed his mother and brother in the car accident. The good – Il A will step up and help him. His assistants will step up and help him. Dong Ho will step up and help him. The bad – Jin Woo’s mind may be gone before they defeat Gyoo Man.
* Il A is knows Jin Woo’s mind is deteriorating.  The way she stood up to Gyoo Man in the secret room was awesome. The way she gave her former boss the ammunition to defeat the payroll prosecutor was great. The way she got her hopes up when Jin Woo wanted date was sad. This relationship is doomed. I don’t see a miracle at the end of this series. I see Jin Woo just like his father and Il A in love but unable to have the relationship with Jin Woo she wants. That is a bummer.
* Dong Ho realizes his father was paid by Gyoo Man’s father to kill Jin Woo’s family. Why? I want to know and look forward to the reveal about Gyoo Man’s father’s equally shady past as his son. Dong Ho told Joo Il he was going to take down Gyoo Man. That is dumb to tell Joo Il who in turn will tell Gyoo Man. I did enjoy the moment when Dong Ho was pleased Jin Woo beat him in court. And Dong Ho didn’t throw the case, Jin Woo won fair and square. I look forward to Dong Ho getting his groove back and beating Gyoo Man.
* Gyoo Man is a mean man and his father is just as bad. Nothing redeeming about them.
* Yeo Kyung doesn’t want to believe her brother is a killer. Il A challenged her to investigate her family. Will she?

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3 comments on “Remember Episode 13 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I love that Detective Scumbag calls Psycho Crap “a loser with anger issues” to his face. I’m glad he is not going quietly and wants to take down Il Ho Group—although this guy is not trustworthy.

    At last, legal vindication for Smile Bulb! 🙂 Despite Team Il Ho’s attempts to thwart justice have NOT been successful! While this is not the end game for Team Jin Woo, it is a nice start at getting Il Ho Group where it counts—costing them $$$ and reputation. At least prosecutor Hong resigning takes him out of the prosecutor’s office. It looks like prosecutor Tak is willing to take on the bad buys…although didn’t he help out the Nam family in an early episode? The practically irrelevant Yeo Kyung is in denial about her brother and father’s illegal activities—she truly could be that sheltered, but I think she strongly suspects the truth.

    I just don’t get Jin Woo’s vitriol toward Dong Ho about the car accident—it was an accident! I didn’t not see it as a contract killing, it was the Seogwang explosion that was the contract killing. I do think whatever Dong Ho’s dad was up to that day was illegal and associated with Il Ho Group, even if he was simply running away from Il Ho Group or Joo Il because he no longer wanted to be associated with dirty deeds. While Dong Ho was a passenger, he was also young. 😡 RANT ALERT 😡 Do Koreans really take out their anger on family members of criminal perpetrators? We saw this early in this series when Jin Woo’s dad was arrested as an accused murder suspect and high schooler Jin Woo was egged by a crowd of adults and hateful graffiti was written on the yard walls. I’ve seen this in so many Kdrama—I don’t get it—taking out anger on the accused’s family—they are not the ones who committed the crime.

    Jin Woo’s prognosis is not good and it seems the cat is out of the bag. I thought it looked like In Ah is the one who reminisced about the day she and Jin Woo met—it seemed like Jin Woo could not remember a thing…another clue for In Ah about what is going on with Jin Woo. The last scene was ❤ heart ❤ wrenching as In Ah comes to realize Jin Woo is losing his memory.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “a loser with anger issues” was my favorite description of Gyoo Man. The writer kept using it throughout the series. I loved it!

      In Ah has proven her friendship to Jin Woo again and again. But the memory issue is a cruel blow.


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