Remember Episode 12 Recap

Our leading man perseveres even though the bad guy has the power advantage to circumvent his progress. His secret looms like a cloud of doom.

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 12Recap

After a bad day in court where Il A and Jin Woo score points against Gyoo company’s the everyone gathers outside the courtroom. Gyoo Man hits Dong Ho. Dong Ho stares daggers at Gyoo Man. Jin Woo and Il A are shocked. Gyoo Man threatens Dong Ho to do better and leaves. Dong Ho sees Jin Woo and Il A watching. He leaves.

Dong Ho’s assistant is angry that Gyoo Man hit him. Dong Ho feels his past actions created the moment.

The father and son are pleased that Jin Woo had a successful day in court. The father feels bad about considering suicide. His son is grateful to have his father. Jin Woo remembers telling his father he was a great dad when his father did not know who he was. The son asks Jin Woo why Dong Ho referred Jin Woo. That surprises Jin Woo.

Dong Ho is busy preparing for the next day at court. He asks to see his police friend. He sees Gyoo Man’s prosecutor worked a big explosion case in the past that pushed Gyoo Man’s father’s company forward. Joo Il’s man spys on their conversation.

rem_ep12_2a rem_ep12_2b
At the law office the assistants, Il A and Jin Woo celebrate the good day in court. The assistants leave. Nice to see Jin Woo and Il A laughing and tipsy. Il A gets Jin Woo in a head lock demanding he call her older sister “noona”.

Joo Il’s man reports on Dong Ho’s meeting. Joo Il is not happy that Dong Ho is researching his father’s car accident.

Dong Ho and Joo Il meet with Gyoo Man’s father. Dong Ho promises to do better in court the next day. Joo Il watches him and wonders if he’s lying and undermining their bosses. Over drinks Joo Il tells Dong Ho he needs to back away from investigating his father’s case. Joo Il lies that he did not know that Gyoo Man’s father was involved in the accident. He warns Dong Ho that he’ll have to go through him to get to Gyoo Man’s father. Dong Ho tells Joo Il he used to be a father figure. Joo Il counters he’s not his father. Dong Ho says they need to go their separate ways. He warns Joo Il to back off following him.

Dong Ho returns to his old office. He remembers meeting Jin Woo. Is this the rebirth of Dong Ho? He tells his assistant he’ll come out of hiding soon.

The father and son hope they win the trial and can reopen their factory. Jin Woo tells them to enjoy each other. They supply the list of employees to Jin Woo.

Jin Woo and Il A remember their first meeting. Hmm, she remembers…does he? She tells him they should work closely together going forward. Does she suspect his mind is slipping?

The police detective meets Gyoo Man’s prosecutor and asks for help resolving things with Gyoo Man. The prosecutor says he’s easily replaceable. He tells the police detective his bad choices put him in the situation, now he must live with the consequences.

The judge remembers Il A stating she became a prosecutor to right the wrong Jin Woo’s father suffered. The judge sees Yeo Kyung. First time we’ve seen her in 3 episodes! He asks about Jin Woo’s father’s case. He mentions the retrial. Yeo Kyung is confident Jin Woo’s father was guilty.

The prosecutor tells Gyoo Man that the police detective came begging. The prosecutor mentions that the judge is suspicious of the retrial verdict.

The judge visits Jin Woo and Il A at the office. Jin Woo thanks the judge for bringing the prison doctor to justice. The judge doesn’t think the retrial issues are resolved. He believes there were irregularities in how the prosecution team handled the case, the inadmissible video, not to mention the judge switch mid-trial. Il A says she’s seen the video. Jin Woo confirms he’s seen the video too. The judge asks who the murderer was. Jin Woo declares it is Gyoo Man. The judge is taken aback.

Dong Ho thinks about his father’s weird behavior on the day of the accident. Dong Ho tells his assistant that Gyoo Man is suspicious of his motives. Dong Ho sadly states he needs to beat Jin Woo this time. Ok, this is where I have a problem. Why does Dong Ho have to crush a nice father and son? Gyoo Man will NEVER trust Dong Ho.

rem_ep12_5b rem_ep12_5a
Il A’s father and mother arrive at the law firm. Her mother nags her about keeping her desk tidy. Later they share a cup of tea. Her mother wants Il A to be an attorney with a good heart. Sweet! All is well.

Dong Ho bribes the factory worker to lie in exchange for crucial medical care for his daughter.

Jin Woo video tapes light bulb testing. The expert is adamant the light bub did not cause the microwave to explode.

Gyoo Man introduces Joo Il to a powerful business associate. Joo Il is thrilled. The police detective burst in demanding Gyoo Man reverse his stance. He threatens Gyoo Man. Joo Il’s men take the police detective away. Gyoo Man is angry.

rem_ep12_6b rem_ep12_6aHanging from a rope Gyoo Man tells the police detective his time is up.

Il A acquires the dead girls final possessions, the girl Jin Woo’s father was wrongly convicted killing. In the girl’s calendar she finds the party noted on the night she died AND Gyoo Man’s assistant’s business card. That is a major break!

Dong Ho and Gyoo Man’s assistants enjoy bonding. Nice to see the be human instead of tools of their bosses.

rem_ep12_7a rem_ep12_7b
Il A asks Gyoo Man’s assistant about booking the dead girl. He feigns not knowing what she’s talking about. Of course Gyoo Man sees the interchange. When Gyoo Man asks about it, his assistant lies that Il A was trying to gather information about the current trial. Gyoo Man looks at him with doubt in his eyes.

Jin Woo opens the door…it’s the police detective. Wow, I’m surprised he is still alive!

Il A visits her former boss and shares her belief that the prosecutor is in Gyoo Man’s back pocket. He vows to help her. He’s doomed. The prosecutor sees Il A in the hall. He asks why she’s visiting her former boss. She deflects the quesion. She comments that people don’t change and stare daggers at him.

Jin Woo is turned away by a key witness. Dong Ho approaches him. Jin Woo asks why he gave his business card to his current clients. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo he must beat him in court. The lines are drawn.

Jin Woo sees the plant manager caring for his daughter in the hospital. He asks the man if Dong Ho paid for the surgery. The man does not want to admit this. Jin Woo urges him do the right thing and stand by his client instead of abandoning him for money.

Gyoo Man tells his assisant he needs to bow properly and jokes he knows his place.

Upset his assistant gets drunk. The judge is concerned about his friend. The assistant says he only need to share Gyoo Man’s secrets and Gyoo Man would be ruined. The judge remembers Jin Woo telling him Gyoo Man killed the girl long ago.

rem_ep12_9a rem_ep12_9b
At the law office the assistants and Il A hang out. When Jin Woo arrives he says there is a another subcontractor they should investigate.  Il A takes the task.

Gyoo Man serves food at a food line. Gyoo Man receive a video showing him threatening the police detective. Videos are the ban of Gyoo Man’s existence! Jin Woo calls Gyoo Man and asks if he likes the video. He promises this is only the beginning. Gyoo Man up ends the food table and leaves.

Jin Woo looks at the wall and remember the police detective turning over the damming video. The police detective says he was only a dog to be kicked by Gyoo Man. He says Gyoo Man deserve to pay. He tells Jin Woo they both want Gyoo Man to go down and should band together.

Il A learns it was a faulty wire not the light bulb that caused the explosion. The man’s company was also ruined by Gyoo Man.

rem_ep12_10a rem_ep12_10b
Il A’s former boss seizes the prosecutor’s record. The prosecutor tells him that getting nosy will have a penalty. Il A’s former boss says he can take the consequences of his actions and turns away.

Il A asks the wire company’s president questions but he brushes her off.

The prosecutor tells Gyoo Man that he’s being investigated. Gyoo Man tells him he’ll handle it. Gyoo Man isn’t happy at the issues Jin Woo and Il A are generating in his life.

Dong Ho drives with Joo Il’s man right behind him. Dong Ho stops his car suddenly and confronts the man. Dong Ho tells him not to follow him anymore and tell Joo Il.

rem_ep12_11a rem_ep12_11b
Jin Woo learns his brain is deteriorating. His doctors order rest. He warns him that his super memory is burden to his body.  Jin Woo asks how much time he has left. The doctor gives him 6 months to 1 year to retain memories. Ouch! That is harsh!

Bummed Jin Woo looks at the city lights and remembers another moment with his father when he did not remember him. Jin Woo cries and yells at life’s cruelty.

rem_ep12_13a rem_ep12_13b rem_ep12_13c
Il A works alone in the office. Gyoo Man and his assistant enter the office. They hear Il A working in the secret room. Gyoo Man enters the secret room. He sees the wall. He sees Il A alone. He realizes he is being targeted. He compliments her on the wall decor. He tells her she may know him better than he knows himself. A gets close to her and looks menacing.

Jin Woo is outside the law office bummed at the fate life has dealt him.

My Thoughts
* Jin Woo’s  life kinda sucks.  He is battling memory loss that will wipe his brain in 6 months to a year. He’s fighting a case in court that Gyoo Man is applying his considerable resources to undermining his chances. All he can do right now is irritate Gyoo Man but he cannot strike a decisive blow.
* Il A is competent and brave.  It was nice to see Il A and Jin Woo have a happy moment being silly together. There is no hint of romance at this point. Wouldn’t it be cruel if he did get romantically involved with her only to slip away from him? Jin Woo knows how horrible it is to watch the person you love not remember you. I liked Il A’s investigation of the prosecutor and how she told her former boss. Would you want to be trapped in a secret room with Gyoo Man? I didn’t think so.
* Dong Ho decides he must beat Jin Woo to keep Gyoo Man’s trust in him. Dong Ho is being stupid in this matter. He said himself that Gyoo Man doesn’t trust him. That tells him everything he needs to know. Why destroy more innocent people so Gyoo Man will pretend he trusts you when they both know he doesn’t? Bad plot point there. Dong Ho is not using his head. I was glad the Dong Ho finally saw the Joo Il was NOT his friend and father figure anymore. One day he’ll learn that Joo Il was never a friend.
* Gyoo Man is a mean man. Nothing redeeming about him.
* Yeo Kyung was in a single scene. If the actress is paid by the scene, she’s not making much money on this series.

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Smile Bulb case seems to be going well for Team Jin Woo. I was so impressed that Jin Woo didn’t end up badgering the lying witness…Jin Woo has had so many moments when he has seemed to be so cold, it was refreshing to see him go easy on the guy who was coerced into lying to get medical care for this daughter (although the age difference made me think she was a granddaughter). So happy Team Jin Woo found enough evidence and witnesses to vindicate Smile Bulb.

    While Dong Ho seems to be ready make a break for Team Jin Woo, he still uses all his power and tricks in attempt to crush Smile Bulb…@kjtamuser, you are so right in your observation “Gyoo Man will NEVER trust Dong Ho”. Why does Dong Ho try to put up a pretense to be on Il Ho Group’s side? There is too much doubt about Dong Ho at Il Ho Group for Dong Ho to gather more information or make any progress there, especially now he knows Joo Il is not on your side…time to go buddy…go towards the light ❤

    I loved the playful interaction between Jin Woo and In Ah—there is no romance, but joyful memories being made and amazingly I am content without romance—but, how long will Jin Woo remember those good memories?


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree Dong Ho needs to “go towards the light”.

      I concur that friendship between Jin Woo and In Ah is sufficient and perhaps the kinder path for In Ah.


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