Remember Episode 11 Recap

Our leading man continues to pick at his enemy and has moments of success. But he harbors a secret. Will he continue to keep the secret or share it?

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 11 Recap

After a dreadful day in which Jin Woo lost the retrial and Jin Woo lost his father we see him at the memorial for his father. He promises his father it isn’t over yet. He will prevail. But how?

One month later…
Jin Woo visits perjury doctor who offers his condolences. Jin Woo asks how long the doctor will protect Gyoo Man. He’s in jail for 30 years plus there is an investigation underway that could make so he never leaves jail. He smiles and leave the concerned and screaming doctor in his wake. Was that me or did Jin Woo seem a bit heartless? Not that the situation doesn’t warrant it, but Jin Woo is a bit cold.  Jin Woo crosses off the doctor. 1 down.

Next up is the doctor that didn’t treat his father properly. Jin Woo exposes his illegal activities to the retrial judge (that was replaced). The doctor screams at Jin Woo as he is lead away. 2 down.

Next up is the police detective.

We see Dong Ho in court declaring the prosecutor obtained his evidence illegally. After court they meet in the parking lot and grin. Ah, they put on a show for the judge. They agree to work together in the future.

Gyoo Man interviews about his promotion to president of the company. He comes off mild and concerned about his customers. After the TV team leaves, his assistant reports that the prosecutor and Dong Ho won their case.

Dong Ho arrives at the company and see protester outside the building. Gyoo Man is surprised to see him. Dong Ho reports on the trial. Out of the blue, Gyoo Man asks why Dong Ho doesn’t keep track of Jin Woo. Dong Ho claims he’s too busy. He takes his leave.

Gyoo Man doesn’t trust Dong Ho and believe he will eventually betray him.

Il A’s mother is still unhappy she quit her job as a prosecutor. Her father tries to soothe her mother.

Gyoo Man doesn’t like the subcontractor protesters outside the building. His father doesn’t like the protesters outside the building. One of the protesters rush them and complains he has been unfairly treated. Gyoo Man and his father walk on. His father directs Gyoo Man to handle the subcontractors better to avoid these kinds of situations.

Jin Woo arrives at the office and finds Il A’s mother. She offers food for Il A and leaves. Jin Woo serves her mother’s food which Il A relishes. Il A realizes her this her mother’s food. She declares she won’t return home until she’s a successful attorney.

Dong Ho approaches the protester and offers Jin Woo’s card as someone that will help.

The prosecutor tells Il A’s former boss to stop a case. He asks if it is to shield Gyoo Man’s company. It is.

Dong Ho meets the former police officer. They discuss the accident involving his father.

The protester shows up at the Jin Woo’s office.

rem_ep11_4a rem_ep11_4b
Jin Woo sees the police detective and insults him. Jin Woo offers a tip, that betrayers always get their rewards. The police detective tells Jin Woo he can do nothing against Gyoo Man. Jin Woo tells him good news is coming. The police detective meets with his client. Little does he know a camera or microphone or something is hidden in the room (by Jin Woo I assume).

Il A’s former boss comes to the office. He mentions Jin Woo’s father’s case. He brings a related case file of the father of the girl Jin Woo’s father was wrongfully convicted of killing. Il A talks to the police and asks to see evidence (the man’s suicide note).

rem_ep11_5a rem_ep11_5b
The police detective is briefing that his client is not a criminal when Jin Woo bursts in the room holding a flash drive with evidence. The police captain agrees to look at the evidence. We see Jin Woo did plant a recording device in the room the police detective met his client.

In the hospital Jin Woo is diagnosed with stress. He wakes immediately concerned about the trial. He gets out of bed to head back to court. Dong Ho urges him to take care of himself. Dong Ho claims he wants his father to be found innocent. Jin Woo wonders what Gyoo Man would think of those words. The video shows the police detective taking a bribe from the client. The police detective calls Gyoo Man a rich loser with anger issues. Ouch! Jin Woo smiles. The police captain is angry and orders a full investigation. Jin Woo tells the police detective the truth had to be revealed. The police detective gets call that internal affairs in ransacking his office. He calls Gyoo Man.

Il A (in a stunning blue coat) visits Jin Woo’s father’s memorial.

Il A gets the handwriting analysis from the related case. The man did not write his own suicide note.

Gyoo Man is willing to see the police detective who asks for his help to clean up his mess. Gyoo Man asks why a rich loser with anger issues should help him. I knew that would bite the police detective and am glad it did! Gyoo Man claims he cannot help the police detective. The police detective kneels and begs. Gyoo Man forces his head to the floor and tells him to crawl. Gyoo Man warns him to keep his mouth shut if he values his life.

rem_ep11_6a rem_ep11_6b
Jin Woo asks Il A if the police detective will feel worse being abandoned by the police or Gyoo Man. Il A says it doesn’t matter, the police detective deserve what ever he gets. She tells Jin Woo the suicide note was a fake. Il A thinks she is close to nailing the prosecutor.

The prosecutor dines with the judge. He asks about an investigation that was improperly done. The prosecutor tells him to back off, the case is over. The judge maintains that the case bears looking at.

The protester meets with Jin Woo. He begs Jin Woo to help his father. Jin Woo walks away. He is focusing on his father’s revenge. While driving he remembers his impassioned plea to Dong Ho to help his father. He calls his assistant and direct them to look into the protester’s father’s case.

Gyoo Man meets with the prosecutor and Joo Il about a situation. The prosecutor says the police detective can handle it. He is surprised to learn Gyoo Man cut him off. He asks Joo Il to find another person to handle the situation.

rem_ep11_7b rem_ep11_7a
Jin Woo tells the protester he will take the case. He meets with the father and son. The father notices how young Jin Woo is. Jin Woo understands why other lawyers hesitated to go against Gyoo Man’s company. He states he’s not afraid.

Gyoo Man tells Dong Ho that he’s suspicious that Dong Ho’s loyalty is only lip service. Dong Ho assures him that he will beat Jin Woo.

Gyoo Man assigns Joo Il’s man to keep an eye on Jin Woo.

Jin Woo, his assistant and the protester (son) tour the factor that was deemed to produce an unsafe product.

Il A sees Jin Woo and they start walking to the office. He forgets his way and she redirects him. Jin Woo takes the medicine to slow down his brain deterioration. I feel for Jin Woo. Too much to do, too little time, to exact retribution for his father’s case. He stares at the wall wondering if he’ll get it done.

Dong Ho asks his assistant find out more about the protester’s company. The company assets are repossessed much to the father and son’s horror. Joo Il’s man reports Dong Ho isn’t doing anything suspicious. Joo Il orders him to keep watching.

Jin Woo urges the father and son to have faith that he can prove them innocent.

Gyoo Man complains to the judge that too many lawsuits are being submitted. He urges Gyoo Man to be fair to his subcontractors. It is a tense moment between the men. The judge rebukes Gyoo Man to treat his friends with kindness. That doesn’t sit well with Gyoo Man.

Il A learn that a light bulb malfunction could occur for many reasons.

rem_ep11_9a rem_ep11_9b
The protester father and son find their company (the building) repossessed. They aren’t happy. The father tries to fight back and ends up getting beaten. The son intervenes and gets beaten too. He calls Jin Woo. Oh no, father is on the roof threatening suicide. Jin Woo arrives and threatens Joo Il’s men. They leave. The police arrive. Father is still on the roof. Jin Woo arrives on the roof the son is there pleading with his father. The father tells his son he can’t take it. He’s sorry. Jin Woo asks the father not to commit suicide. The father thanks Jin Woo for helping them and starts to step off the roof. Jin Woo shares he couldn’t save his father but he wants to save them. He tells the father to consider what his actions will do to his son. That gets the father’s attention. Jin Woo swears he’ll prove his innocence. The father collapses.

Jin Woo visits the son and father in the hospital. He tells the son his father will be fine. The son considers dropping the law suit. Jin Woo says the law can be cruel but the son must be strong and protect his father. He leaves to prepare for the trial.

In the hallway Jin Woo meets Dong Ho who comments he knew they’d face off in court. They agree to fight in the courtroom. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo the law may not always be trustworthy but it is all he’s got. Wow, that is not satisfying.

rem_ep11_11a rem_ep11_11b
Dong Ho and Gyoo Man meet Jin Woo and Il A outside the courtroom. Dong Ho tells them to fight the good fight. Jin Woo states dirty tricks won’t work anymore. They glare and leave. Gyoo Man states Jin Woo is irritating.

rem_ep11_12a rem_ep11_12b rem_ep11_13a rem_ep11_13b
The protester father and son arrive in the courtroom. During the trial Dong Ho asks the investigator if the faulty light bulb was the cause of the explosion. During cross examination Il A gets the investigator to admit there were other explanations to why the light bulb exploded. Il A points out that the investigator is a subcontractor for Gyoo Man. Dong Ho objects. Il A presses this is a critical point. The judge allows her questioning. The investigator admits Gyoo Man pays him. This point his testimony in jeopardy. Jin Woo points out that not only the subcontractor but the prime company must now be looked at. He quotes Gyoo Man’s statement that subcontractors are part of his company’s family. Score! Gyoo Man stares daggers at Jin Woo.

rem_ep11_14a rem_ep11_14b rem_ep11_14c
After court Gyoo Man hits Dong Ho. Dong Ho stares daggers at Gyoo Man. Jin Woo and Il A see it happen. Everyone wonders what Dong Ho will do.

My Thoughts
* Jin Woo’s  life is not filled with fun.  He is picking off all the people that helped convict his father. I liked watching the police detective get his. That guy was a total jerk. But still Jin Woo’s life is focused on getting back at Gyoo Man. His brain is disintegrating but he soldiers on keeping that a secret.  I don’t see a happy ending for Jin Woo.
* Il A is doing a decent job as a attorney for Jin Woo.  I like that she’s coming into her own. She matters more but is not critical to the story yet. Maybe as Jin Woo declines she’ll step into the lead attorney role.
* Dong Ho is still Gyoo Man’s attorney but how long can he stand working for this horrible human? Dong Ho wants to help Jin Woo but he doesn’t want to be obvious and arouse Gyoo Man’s suspicions. I want to tell him Gyoo Man doesn’t trust him and never will. When will Dong Ho figure out his “father figure friend” Joo Il is not a friend at all? I can’t wait for Dong Ho to turn on Gyoo Man and take him down.
* Gyoo Man is coldly cruel. He enjoys crushing others. His Achilles heel is his father’s opinion of him.
* Yeo Kyung was a no show again this episode, that’s 3 episodes without her. Is she even in the story anymore?

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Il Ho Group’s lackeys are starting to get their due: • Dr. “I lied about Alzheimers” will be indicted for his other crimes; • Prison Dr. will be indicted for his crimes; • Detective Scumbag gets recorded doing dirty deals and dissing Psycho Crap…will he meet justice in prison or by the hand of Psycho Crap…Who will be next on Jin Woo’s justice list?

    It looks like Judge Kang and Prosecutor Tak are the only court officials in this drama who have concern about justice.

    Interesting how Jin Woo reminds Dong Ho of himself and now the son of Smile Bulb reminds Jin Woo of himself. A whole lot of self reflection going on ❤

    I keep wondering why Yeo Kyung is on the poster? She had hardly been relevant since JW's dad's original trial (jury foreman for Jin Woo’s dad’s original trial, Psycho Craps’ sister and crushing on Judge Kang) or even present in the last few episodes. I hope the writers have something in store for her…wouldn't be great if she helped take down her brother?

    Does Jin Woo has Alzheimers too? What is going on with him?

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