The Merchant Gaekju Episode 34 Recap

The Head Merchant’s inheritance plays out it’s final act. Who wins? Who loses? 

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 34 Recap

We start with Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) , Sun Dol, Gol Dae and Wol stunned at the 10 million in promissory notes. Wol urges Bong Sam to read the Head Merchant’s note: How heavy is my heart? Money kills and saves people. My money wasn’t good for people. Now that I face death, I feel the weight of my sin. Use the money meaningfully and let it flow through the people. Bong Sam declares he cannot accept it. It’s not his money. He did not earn it. He wants to take the money but he didn’t labor for it. He can’t take money that destroyed people. Sun Dol declares this is an opportunity to protect the people and merchants they love.

The former assistants and So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) are not happy. Do they have to revert to their poor origins? So Gae is glad the money was burned instead of going to Bong Sam. Folks, this is the first time the former assistant hasn’t intuited to the truth of a situation. 

Wol urges Bong Sam to take the money. She risked her life. The Head Merchant risked his to transfer the money. Bong Sam asks if that is Wol’s true wish. Bong Sam agrees to meet with the Head Merchant. If he has a solid plan to use the money, Bong Sam will accept the cash.

mg_ep34_2a mg_ep34_2b
Team Bong Sam are relieved they escaped death from the bandits. Food and drink are ordered. So Gae and the former assistants spot the merry Team Bong Sam. They wonder how they managed to escape the bandits. Man Chi orders them to leave. They exit. But So Gae lingers and listens. He can’t believe the men are merry with Wol captured. The light bulbs go off and they all understand. Bong Sam has the money. Bong Sam is heading to see the Head Merchant.

Bo Hyun is livid the Head Merchant’s money went up in smoke.

The Queen is stunned the Head Merchant’s money went up in smoke. The Nephew doubt Bo Hyun hid the money. Mae Wol (aka Gae Dong (Kim Min Jung)) agrees with the Nephew much to his mirth. Any body else loving the love-hate vibe between these two? The Nephew declares they need to release the Head Merchant. If the people find out they killed an old sick poor man, sentiment will be negative. The Queen agrees.

mg_ep34_3a mg_ep34_3b mg_ep34_3c mg_ep34_3d
Mae Wol tells the Nephew that life and money don’t vanish easily. She states the Head Merchant’s money is sick not dead. He stares at her and then playfully says her lips should be only for kissing. Then he kisses her! Mae Wol is stunned. He laughs then leaves. She barks at him, he’s still got the curse of death of him. He chuckles and goes about his business. I’m loving it! So interesting that for a late episode character, the Nephew intrigues me.

Bong Sam and Sun Dol arrive at the Head Merchant’s home. They see the royal notice. Bong Sam tears it down declaring the Head Merchant deserves respect. The Head Merchant is surprised to see Bong Sam who shows the money that Wol brought him. Unbeknownst to them, someone watches.

So Gae bursts into the Government official’s room interrupting dinner. So Gae declares the money isn’t gone. Stunned they get up to leave. The Nephew can’t believe that Mae Wol was right. I love that he is irked by her correct prediction. He leaves with So Gae following.

Bo Hyun is also en route to the Head Merchant’s house.

mg_ep34_4a mg_ep34_4b
They all meet outside the house. The Government officials tells Bo Hyun to wait. Bo Hyun declares he should go first and literally runs past them. LOL! That rascal Bo Hyun, he’s like a child!

mg_ep34_5a mg_ep34_5b mg_ep34_5c
Bong Sam asks the Head Merchant what he should do with the money. The Head Merchant says he cannot leave people behind him. But he wants to leave evidence that his life matter. He asks Bong Sam to make that happen for him. The Bo Hyun bursts into the room and demands the money. The Government officials enter the room and demand the money. Bo Hyun begs, just give me the 500,000 you promised. He grabs the money is stunned to count 10,000,000! The Government officials demand the money. The Head Merchant declares the country is a mess. Bong Sam confirms rice prices are escalating. The Head Merchant declares bad laws created the situation for escalating prices. The Government officials declare soldiers will be called. Bong Sam is livid at their treatment of the Head Merchant. He shouts for everyone to calm down. The Head Merchant bemoans he won’t be able to leave anything behind. He starts to burn the money. His assistant blocks the officials so the money burns. The Head Merchant apologizes to Bong Sam. He tells the Government officials they should stop lusting after money and do their job if only for one day. He coughs up blood. Bong Sam and his assistant cluster around him. The Government officials leave.

mg_ep34_6a mg_ep34_6b
Bong Sam walks away from the Head Merchant’s house. The Nephew meets him and introduces himself. The Nephew asks why the Head Merchant gave him the money. Bong Sam says it was to give ordinary people hope. The Nephew sees Bong Sam’s appeal and says they will meet again. Is the Nephew Bong Sam’s fairy Godmother? Sun Dol warns Bong Sam to be careful around the Nephew.

Mae Wol is shocked to hear that Bong Sam is meeting with the Head Merchant. She recalls the Head Merchant accusing her of killing So Sa. Mae Wol panics. What if the Head Merchant told Bong Sam his theory about who killed So Sa? She leaves quickly.

The Head Merchant is on his deathbed. He asks his assistant to get Bong Sam.

Mae Wol runs to the Head Merchant’s house. She falls down. Her assistant helps her up. She continues to the Head Merchant.

mg_ep34_7a mg_ep34_7b
The Head Merchant meets Bong Sam. He tells Bong Sam that So Sa taught him money doesn’t buy someone’s heart which is more valuable than money. He tells Bong Sam that money should be used justly but that went up in smoke. He gives Bong Sam a globe. Bong Sam sees how small their territory is. The Head Merchant declares everything changes and that Bong Sam has a bright future in front of him. Bong Sam thanks him.

mg_ep34_8a mg_ep34_8b
Mae Wol brushes past Sun Dol and interrupts the Head Merchant’s meeting with Bong Sam. The fear and tears on her face tips the Head Merchant to why she is there. She falls on her knees and cries begging him (to be quiet). The Head Merchant takes her hand and tells her but then he starts to cough. He waves everyone out of the room. Bong Sam leaves. The assistant leaves. Mae Wol stays.

Bong Sam tells Sun Dol the Head Merchant isn’t doing well. Sun Dol notes that Mae Wol looked upset. Bong Sam says the sun is setting.

mg_ep34_9a mg_ep34_9b
Mae Wol thanks the Head Merchant for his silence. He declares it is all meaningless. People should live in kindness. He tells her to sin no more. He pats her shoulder. He coughs and asks her to go. Crying, sweating, and generally a mess, Mae Wol leaves the room. The Head Merchant stares at So Sa’s picture and tells her to be born as his daughter in the next life to he can repay the debt he owes her.

mg_ep34_10a mg_ep34_10b mg_ep34_10c
The Head Merchant makes his way outside in the setting sun. He looks back at him house. The “greatest hits” of the Head Merchant scenes play. It’s striking how strong he was in the beginning of the show, how Bong Sam challenged him, how he loved So Sa, how Bong Sam predicted this ending for him. The Head Merchant sits in the chair and watches the sun set. He calls for his assistant. He asks for the pictures of So Sa. I don’t know why but I start crying at his love for the woman that would never be his. He asks his assistant if the sun has set. His assistant tells him almost. Teh Head Merchant says life is fleeting. He questions his greed. He again asks if the sun has set. His assistant tells him yes. The Head Merchant drops the pictures of So Sa and dies. My favorite death scene of the series. The Head Merchant was the driving force of this show. That old codger learned a lesson at the end of his life, offered Mae Wol mercy, wished for a legacy he’d never achieve and touched me. He was the one of the few characters I never thought “you idiot”.

The Government officials and So Gae learn that the Head Merchant is dead. The Nephew suggests the money may be burned but the Head Merchant’s inheritance was more than the cash.  He directs So Gae to find out what the Head Merchant could not sell before his death. So Gae leaves but eavesdrops on their conversation. He hears them discuss who should be the next Head Merchant. So Gae? Merchant Chi?

Merchant Chi meets with the Government officials. Bo Hyun interrupts. He offers another candidate for consideration. He recommends the silent former assistant. The Government officials can’t believe Bo Hyun recommended someone that needs an interrupter. The former assistant chuckles and says they’ll get used to him. The Nephew laughs. So Gae interrupts and declares he should be Head Merchant. Bo Hyun declares So Gae should be not considered. The Nephew notes So Gae’s ability to switch sides quickly has advantages.

The Nephew sees the merchants yelling at the Japanese merchants. So Gae, that crafty devil, send a man to throw a rock and the Nephew goes down. The merchants start throwing rocks at the Japanese merchants. The Nephew yells at them to stop. The merchants start throwing rocks at the Nephew. So Gae conveniently throws himself in front of the Nephew and shields him. He leads the Nephew away.

mg_ep34_15amg_ep34_15c mg_ep34_15b Shaken the Nephew visits Mae Wol. She refuses to give him her seat of honor. Gosh, this is when I love Mae Wol. He chuckles and sits in the guest spot. He asks if she sent the rock thrower at him. She can’t believe he’d suggest this. He says she predicted he would die and he almost did. She sweetly says it is good he did not die. He bluntly asks – do you want to be my girlfriend? So Gae face is stunned. Love it! Mae Wol chides him. He tells her to become his strategist first. He asks if So Gae is a good choice for Head Merchant. Mae Wol states So Gae and the Nephew will become like a family. The Nephew asks what So Gae would do first if he became Head Merchant. So Gae declares he’d negotiate with the foreign merchants.  So Gae says money is tight. The Nephew asks if the Japanese merchants are the path to cash. So Gae says Japan is the place to make major profit.

mg_ep34_12a mg_ep34_12b
So Gae nervously kneels in front of the Queen. She tells So Gae when the country is poor, the royal family is poor. He promises to make both of them rich. His tears of joy make me laugh. He explains his father would have been happy to see this day and apologizes for his tears. You can see the royals thinking get a grip.

Sun Dol and Gol Dae find Bong Sam and tell him that the Head Merchant doesn’t have a funeral set. Bong Sam is upset that the body of the Head Merchant isn’t being treated with respect.

Bong Sam, Sun Dol, Gol Dae, Man Chi, et al pay their respects to the Head Merchant. Sun Dol says this is pathetic. Bong Sam tells him he will send him away with his own hands. He sees the 5 promissory notes and puts it on the Head Merchant’s chest. He places the Head Merchant in the coffin. Bong Sam balances the coffin on his back and leave the Head Merchant’s home. They see the the signage has been changed to So Gae’s name. They take the remaining sign with the Head Merchant’s name and leave with the Head Merchant in the coffin.

mg_ep34_13a mg_ep34_13b
They meet So Gae along the way. Man Chi is not impressed and declares the country is ruined with So Gae as Head Merchant. So Gae tells Bong Sam he could be in trouble for taking the Head Merchant’s body. Bong Sam declares the treatment of the Head Merchant’s body shameful. So Gae says Bong Sam’s actions are only because the Head Merchant left his money to Bong Sam. He declares he’s Head merchant. Bong Sam does not offer his congratulations.  So Gae says their fathers must know he became Head Merchant. He thinks Bong Sam will want to fight him. Bong Sam says the war is between Korea and Japan, not between them.  He tells his men to follow him and they leave So Gae chuckling at Bong Sam’s arrogance.

They bury the Head Merchant. Bong Sam recalls the Head Merchant’s words about the foreigner merchants. He wonders what the solution is to stem the foreign merchant’s influence on their company. Bong Sam realizes that money has to flow through the country or it is useless. He wishes the Head Merchant goodbye. I wish him goodbye too.

So Gae relishes his new home and position. He recalls his father’s words imploring him to become Head Merchant. Mission accomplished! He calls his assistants in the room. Everyone smiles. He order them to move his father’s grave to a place of honor.

Bong Sam learns So Gae’s father’s grave has been moved.

So Gae tells his father to look at the country that he now is the Head Merchant of.

mg_ep34_14a mg_ep34_14b mg_ep34_14c
Bong Sam arrives and sees So Gae offer drink to his father.  So Gae asks if his father is proud. He’s done as his father wished. He’s Head Merchant. The grudge against the Chun family is won. A light bulb goes off in Bong Sam’s head. He drops his drink offering for So Gae’s father. So Gae turns and stands surprised to see Bong Sam. Bong Sam demands to know if it was So Gae that framed his father. Both men stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Fine send off for the Head Merchant. He was the pivotal driving force of this show. I enjoyed the crafty old devil who used his influence, money and wiles to great effect on all the characters of this show. Who didn’t he touch with his actions?
* He had the position and money that So Gae lusted after. Instead he left no money behind for So Gae to mine but the position and power was granted giving So Gae the goal he’d lived his life for…to obtain his father’s final wish to become Head Merchant.
* He had the merchant network and wife that Bong Sam wanted. Bong Sam won So Sa when she left the Head Merchant for the man she loved. Bong Sam won the merchants through opening the mountain trading, the Chun Fish company, etc.
* He had the 500,000 that Bo Hyun waited for the repayment of. Fittingly, Bo Hyun never saw the money.
* He had the power and stacks of cash that the royal family would kill for. Fittingly, the royal family never saw the money.
* He guessed the truth in who killed So Sa that Mae Wol might have killed for. Instead he offered her mercy and did not tell Bong Sam that she killed So Sa. Even more important was that the Head Merchant never even considered telling Bong Sam. He was focused on leaving something of value behind with his life and imploding Mae Wol’s world never even occurred to him.

* Bong Sam took the money to the Head Merchant and saw it burn for real.  He didn’t want the Head Merchant’s money. He would only take it IF the Head Merchant offered a plan to do good with money. Was Bong Sam smart to take the money with him to the meeting with the Head Merchant? Bong Sam’s humanity was evident in the respect he gave the Head Merchant during his life and after he died. Finally, will So Gae admit to Bong Sam that he framed his father? In a weird way, I’d almost forgotten this plot point.

* So Gae became Head Merchant.  So Gae finally achieved the goal his father set for him before he died. So Gae really doesn’t care that Bong Sam doesn’t respect him. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He has the power and Head Merchant position, that’s all that matters. You know what they say…prides goes before a fall.

* Mae Wol received a kiss from the Nephew and mercy from the Head Merchant. She has lively interactions with the Nephew. That kiss was a surprise. I would love it if they became a couple and Bong Sam could finally escape her obsessive ways.  Mae Wol’s pleading eyes begged for mercy from the Head Merchant and he granted it. She never knew he wasn’t going to tell Bong Sam.


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48 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 34 Recap
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  2. prettysup says:

    Haha I doubt that the writer let BS off that easily by pairing that obsessive MW with the nephew. MW will surely fight to the end for her man.

  3. Beez says:

    “You can see the royals thinking get a grip.” lolololol

    Despite my misgivings about the directing of this show (which really show negatively in the next episode), the Head Merchant’s death scene and the lighting as he sat in the chair was absolutely beautiful.

    These actors are amazing. And Mae Wol’s silent pleading – just – Wow. (Although I was pleading too – “pleeeassse bust on her, Head Merchant, puhleeeze”.)

    btw – does anybody know what backed the paper promissory notes? Is it similar to our US dollar being backed by gold in the government’s treasury? If so,isn’t the kingdom’s treasury empty at this point in our story?

    If the notes are worth trade goods, didn’t the Head Merchant sell off all his goods for the paper notes so they’d be worthless, right?

    • Prettysup says:

      I think the promissory notes are something like cashier’s order? Equivalent to cash?

      • Beez says:

        @prettysup Right. Like cash, but cash is nothing without something backing it – it’s just paper too. And since the nation’s coffers are empty, and so are Head Merchant’s…I’m still wondering how the paper notes work?

        • kjtamuser says:

          I found one reference that stated promissory notes were used because the large coils of coin were difficult to carry. Another reference stated promissory notes of goldsmiths became a convenient predecessor of money for the merchants and tradesmen.
          My take away is that the promissory notes were backed by the cash the creator of the promissory note had. Someone like the Head Merchant had tons of cash and generated promissory notes instead of having to carry coins.

          • Beez says:

            Thanks you guys, I’m getting closer to understanding a little bit, but I still don’t get it because Head Merchant disposed of everything, covering it into the notes.

            @A.D.DO! You have to scroll past where you enter your screen name and email under each of your posts. You’ll see a box that says “notify me of new comments”.

            I usually post from my phone & my keyboard covers that option up so i have to remember to scroll down before I hit “post”

  4. Drama Fan says:

    Head Merchant’s death was a beautiful scene. I’m glad the character was allowed to go with dignity after having his regrets.

    The Head Merchant position is not all that powerful anymore which meams SoGae killed and fought for nothing. I find this ironic and I like it.

    I wouldn’t want MW to move on after all the pain she caused. She better die obsessed and rejected. She doesn’t deserve to be happy or even at peace.

    • Prettysup says:

      @Drama Fan, the scriptwriter seems eager to show MW’s inner conflicts whenever she committed crimes. So my guess is even if she dies in the end, they will let her have some sort of redemption first.

      • Beez says:

        Noooooooooooooooo! No redemption for Mae Wol from my corner. I don’t care if they show me she had the most horriblest of horrible childhoods devoid of love or any kindness. She and Sol Gae…just NO! They must show them rotting in hell fighting each other to get to the last drop of tepid water that evaporates the moment they get near it after they both scratched each others’eyes out and it starts over and over again.

      • kjtamuser says:

        I concur, the writer makes Mae Wol more nuanced than So Gae. She has feelings though she chooses to hurt others and do wrong. So Gae couldn’t care less about anybody but himself and feels no guilt when he hurts others.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Good point that So Gae inherited a weaker position than what the Head Merchant had. I don’t think he cares. He fulfilled his father’s request. He imagines everyone fears or respects him. He is wrong about that as Bong Sam showed.
      Ouch on Mae Wol dying obsessed and miserable! May she’ll hook up with the Nephew then he’ll die leaving her miserable.

      • Drama Fan says:

        I don’t know! I’d find it extremely annoying if she went as far as killing SoLyn only to fall in love with some other guy?

        • kjtamuser says:

          I see the cruelty of life stripping the Nephew from her (if she fell in love with him) being justified for the way she literally killed So Sa. I’m all for Mae Wol paying for her numerous and inexcusable sins but wonder if the writer is leaning toward some kind of redemption for her.

          • Drama Fan says:

            Better kill Bongsam lol! My point is, her obsession would feel really insufferable if she went and fell for another guy. It already is highly toxic and annoying, let’s not make it also pointless? She better obsessed with Bongsam and die for it or else! Imo :p

      • prettysup says:

        @Dramafan, good idea to kill off Bong Sam! Then MW will truly be sad at the loss of her loved one.

        • Beez says:

          Omo!Omo!Omo! I’ve only been gone from the blog for 12 hours and I come back and you guys have gone absolutely CRAY!CRAY!

          • Drama Fan says:

            Lol! Hyukie dies in most sageuk! One more won’t make a difference? 😀 I mean poor Bongsam had lost almost everything. He doesn’t smile much lately although he has YuSu so take care of so we should let him live lolol awww (we are cruel!)

    • Jane Tilly says:

      The old goat death was a beautiful and fitting analogy of the sun going down–not only was he going down, but it seemed like a sun down for his Gaekju as well with So Gae taking over.

      I love that the promissory notes burned since Bong Sam was not able to keep them. Serves the greedy, grasping S.O.B.s right!. How awesome that even though So Gae met his goal of becoming head merchant, no money, which means a lot less power to do the job.

      I’m so glad Bong Sam finally got to hear So Gae’s confession. I don’t know anyone who confesses their misdoings, or crimes in this case, out loud to the dead. Do drama writers think this is the only way misdoings can be discovered? Anyway, I’m glad the cat is out of the bag and wonder how much of the real story Bong Sam will get?

      • kjtamuser says:

        Excellent point about writers using confessions to the dead.
        You are right about the analogy, when the Head Merchant died, the sun set on his empire too.

  5. A.D.DO! says:

    Wow, I am way behind…just got my recaps of 33 & 34 today…
    Beez, I left you a note after episode 32 recap…do you ever check back? Wanted to thank you for the DANCE OF THE DRAGON info!!

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! Yup. Everytime someone comments,I get an email notification. Prettysup and I both responded to your last comment on episode 32 (mine is quite lengthy – sorry 🙂 Hey, don’t judge! I’m retired-disabled and had recently moved to a new state away from family and friends just before I got sick so kdrama has basically taken over my life. Thank God, I discovered it when I did 🙂

    • Beez says:

      Oh, and you’re welcome. But that’s what we kdrama fans do – share where to feed our addiction. 🙂

  6. A.D.DO! says:

    Thanks, saw your comments…how does one get that email notification…I just signed up for ‘amusings’ to notify me when there are new recaps, maybe that will do it.
    So sorry about your troubles. No one has a perfect life for sure…JH has brought me such pleasure, ..never thought I would become an obsessed fan, but there you have it, totally addicted. iVe checked out some of the other Korean actors, but nope, he’s the only one for me, like in GREASE, “Hopelessly devoted”.

  7. Prettysup says:

    Wow ep 36 subbed is out! Just aired in Korea last night!

  8. A.D.DO! says:

    @Prettysup…yay, I got my ep. 36 too…so early this time…both on (thanks, Beez, and as well.
    Interesting info on the white balls, knew they had some purpose.

    I don’t speak a word of Chinese unfortunately…maybe you could send that link you mentioned. I hope JH starts that drama soon so we don’t have to go HYUKIE hungry too long. I don’t mind a corporate setting, (there’s always a little hanky panky going on there anyway!). Sorry, I’m not a pervert, just like a bit of romance now and then. So, as long as he doesn’t have short, straight across bangs, I am a happy camper.Please God!

  9. Beez says:

    Just how did we end up with each week ending on an odd numbered episode anyway?

  10. A.D.DO! says:

    @Prettysup…oh, sorry, I thought that link was going to be in English…can’t read Chinese.

  11. A.D.DO! says:

    @Prettysup….so nice of you to suggest that, but I don’t think it’s necessary…just if you hear anything about upcoming projects you could pass it on…guess all of us would be interested in that!
    Still no subs here for ep. 37

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! I needed some Jang Hyuk fix so I was actually going to go to the WinWin video on StuckonHyuk to see him singing again, but came across him really committing to that same song here:

      He seemed a little shy while singing in the WinWin video but here, he is so serious (probably because of nervousness) but he all out goes for it. It is so terribly hilariously bad that it’s endearing. lol

      • prettysup says:

        Thanks for the video, its the first time I have seen this and its really so fun to watch Hyukie being so serious yet so cute at the same time haha

        • Beez says:

          I just watched Running Man Ep 44. I’ll probably watch Ep 45 today. I didn’t know that Jang Hyuk and SpartaKooks are good friends. Although it looks like there’s an even earlier episode or an episode from another variety show (they showed flashbacks in ep. 44) of Hyukie and ‘Kooks facing off so they kept referring to Ep. 44 as Hyuk’s revenge.

          You know the same cast of Running Man have appeared in older shows and, I’m not sure but I think they have another variety show on concurrently with RM. So I have to find what other show or what that episode is that JH was on before ep. 44 of RM.

      • Prettysup says:

        @Beez yes JH, Kim Jong Kook and Cha Tae Hyun are good friends in real life. All three of them are borned in the same dragon year so they are dubbed the Dragon brothers.

    • prettysup says:

      @A.D.DO! Ep 37 subbed is out

  12. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez. OMG, what a riot! Everyone was having so much fun & there was Hyuckie hovering in the back (unusual for him)…and then, oh dear, he just can’t sing…but he thinks he can I am sure. Loved it, thanks!

    • prettysup says:

      Yes he made a wise choice to stick to acting haha….

      • Beez says:

        When he sings the song on the WinWin clip, it comes across kind of sexy. Not that he sings any better (lol) but he stays in the lower register and it’s kinda moody and shivery (can’t explain “shivery” but that’s how it made me feel).

        I think it’s because you get the feeling in that video that he really didn’t want to do it but it seems like he promised his friend (the talk show host) that he’s game for anything and would cooperate for him.

    • Drama Fan says:

      In real life he is shy. So its actually the usual for him :p Sho cute!

  13. A.D.DO! says:

    Just dawned on me how sad I will be when GAEKJU is over! Love looking forward to the new episodes each week. Wonder how long it takes to get a new drama up and running?? Guess it will be time again to rewatch ROBBERS, just finished FATED.. Again! Or go into some kind of HYUKIE rehab to get back to normal. No thanks to my dear friend in Minnesota who got me hooked!

    • Prettysup says:

      Oh yeah I guess there will be serous withdrawal symptoms once Gaekju is over in 2 weeks time. Maybe I have to rewatch Chuno or Iris-2

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