Remember Episode 10 Recap

Our leading man suffers bitter disappointment and grief…can he bounce back?

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:
1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 10 Recap

We begin with the female prosecutor telling Dong Ho that it appears he was rooting for Jin Woo. Dong Ho plays it off stating he felt sorry for the kid who has waited 4 years for the retrial.

In the hospital Jin Woo is diagnosed with stress. He wakes immediately concerned about the trial. He gets out of bed to head back to court. Dong Ho urges him to take care of himself. Dong Ho claims he wants his father to be found innocent. Jin Woo wonders what Gyoo Man would think of those words.

rem_ep10_1b rem_ep10_1a
Back in court, the doctor admits to giving false testimony 4 years ago. Jin Woo’s father did have Alzheimers. Jin Woo asks who pressured the doctor to lie 4 years ago. The doctor claims there was no one that pressured him. Jin Woo doesn’t believe it but the doctor will not point the finger at anyone but himself.

Gyoo Man visits the doctor (locking the door as he enters). The doctor begs for mercy from Gyoo Man. His answer is to break the doctor’s glass nameplate and make him eat it and crawl. We didn’t actually see the doctor do it thank goodness.

Jin Woo thinks about all the little ways Dong Ho has helped him. His assistant worries about his condition. Jin Woo admits that Dong Ho may need to help him if he falters. Good plan Jin Woo, redemption for Dong Ho, who I like. 

rem_ep10_2b rem_ep10_2a
Jin Woo’s father has a good day and recognizes him. They remember some good times. Nice moment for father and son. They deserve it.

Il A’s boss visits her office. She notes he spends time on Gyoo Man’s company’s cases. He reassigns her, smiles and leaves. Il A is not happy.

Gyoo Man’s father offers support to the female prosecutor. He tells Gyoo Man that he will hand the company to him.  That makes Gyoo Man very happy. Gyoo Man tells his assistant to take care of the police detective.

Jin Woo tells his team they need to go after the police detective. Jin Woo meets the police detective who is working traffic (much to his chagrin).  Jin Woo offers him the chance to tell the truth.

Il A quits. She promises her boss he will pay for his crimes. As she leaves she sees the female prosecutor who isn’t sorry to see her leave. Il A shudders at the corruption in the prosecutor’s office.

Il A arrives home and tells her parents she quit. Mom is NOT excited. Mom tells her to leave the home. Il A leaves.

Gyoo Man’s idea of good time? Hanging out with with Joo Il and Dong Ho. To their relief Gyoo Man leaves. Dong Ho tells Joo Il his father was the one that hit Jin Woo’s family in the accident. He asks Joo Il if he knows more about the accident. Joo Il denies knowing more. We all know he’s lying. Dong Ho declares he must pay his debt to Jin Woo. Joo Il does not look happy about that.

Il A tells Jin Woo she quit. Back at the law firm. Jin Woo offers his couch. Il A tells him she realizes the prosecuting career just didn’t work out. She’s grateful he’s offered his couch and friendship.

Jin Woo’s father is in pain. The guards don’t care.

Jin Woo’s assistants are surprised to find him asleep on the couch. They are even more surprised to to Il A. She declares she wants to join their team and help with the trial.  A the newest member of the law firm is established. Jin Woo gets a call and he leaves.

Jin Woo finds his father in the hospital.

Joo Il and Gyoo Man’s assistant plan to off the detective that evening. Little do they know that Jin Woo’s assistant is eavesdropping.

Il A’s father visits her. He sees she’s found a job with Jin Woo that makes her happy. He tells her to do her best. Nice Dad!

Looks like the plan is to crush the police detective at the junkyard. Joo Il tells the police detective it is time to go to the afterlife. He leaves. The claw to lift the detective stops and Jin Woo takes over. His assistant unties the detective and they leave. Joo Il’s men try and stop them but to no avail. The police detective declares Gyoo Man is rotten. Takes one to know one.

rem_ep10_7b rem_ep10_7a
Dong Ho learns that Jin Woo’s father did not receive proper medical treatment in prison. Dong Ho presses money into the doctor’s hands and begs him to give the best car to Jin Woo’s father. Dong Ho tells the sleeping man to not give up and fight. Jin Woo is surprised to see Dong Ho at the hospital. Dong Ho promises to right the wrong he did to his father.

Dong Ho stares the DVD. Jin Woo sits by his father’s bed. He promises he’ll win the retrial. Dong HO walks with purpose. His assistant his concerned that Dong Ho will put himself at risk if he uses the DVD. Dong Ho tells him to step aside. The assistant texts someone.

The police detective apologizes to Jin Woo for what he’s done to him.

Jin Woo and Il A face the prosecuting team at the retrial. A head judge arrives. The prosecutor smiles. The former judge is livid. Why was he replaced? His boss tells him he was too young. The new head judge throws out the doctor’s testimony. Jin Woo and Il A are not happy. The female prosecutor is thrilled.

rem_ep10_8b rem_ep10_8a
Dong Ho arrives at the courtyard. A gaggle of guys grab and beat him. Joo Il arrives. He takes the DVD from Dong Ho’s briefcase. Joo Il tells Dong Ho he won’t let him do this. He leaves with the DVD. Why Joo Il’s men beat him up after Joo Il leaves makes no sense to me. 

rem_ep10_9b rem_ep10_9a
Jin Woo questions the police detective. He asks if his father was illegally coercised into confessing. The detective denies any wrong doing. Jin Woo is stunned. The female prosecutor is thrilled. Flashback to Gyoo Man telling the police detective to fool Jin Woo into believing he’d testify for the defense. It’s not going well for team Jin Woo! In closing arguments the prosecutor tells the judge a harsher punishment is deserved. Jin Woo talks about his father’s disease. His assistant calls and says his father has died. Ouch! And he gets the call during closing argument! Jim Woo tells the court his father has died. He declares that people without power are mistreated and this caused his father’s death. Jin Woo sobs only the truth can console him. The verdict? The evidence in the retrial was not compelling. The original verdict stands. Jin Woo rushes from the courtroom.

At the hospital he finds his father’s dead body. He cries. Il A cries. The assistants cry. He promise his father it isn’t over yet.

Gyoo Man is happy with the verdict.

Il A, Jin Woo and the assistants grieve for his father.

rem_ep10_10arem_ep10_10b Gyoo Man’s father presides over the merger dinner. He declares his son was key to the successful merger. Everyone claps for the son. His father announces that Gyoo Man is now promoted to President. Everyone claps. Gyoo Man feels validated and proud.

Joo Il offers his congratulations. Gyoo Man asks where Dong Ho is. He doesn’t buy the lame excuse Joo Il offers. Gyoo Man threatens Dong Ho. Joo Il hears the threat loud and clear.

rem_ep10_11arem_ep10_11b Dong Ho attends the memorial. Jin Woo tells Dong Ho he killed his father. Dong Ho apologizes. Jin Woo cries and declares he will have his day! Il A cries and watches.

Gyoo Man thrives on the praise. His father thanks the prosecutors for ridding him of the thorn in his side. They all drink to the victory.

rem_ep10_12aJin Woo returns home. He looks at pictures of his father. Jin Woo finds a note from his father “My son, I miss you. I have many question. You only showed me the positvie face. Even if I lose my memory my heart is with you forever. A person should have more happy memories than sad”. Jin Woo cries.

My Thoughts
* The deck was completely stacked against Jin Woo.  The poor guy never had a chance to win the retrial. The prosecutors, the doctor not naming Gyoo Man, the police detective denying the coercive tactics to force his father’s original confession, the judge switch, the new judge throwing out evidence…could have been any worse than that?
* Jin Woo lost the retrial and lost his father.  I was a bit surprised but not really surprised that his father died at this point. Now there will not be a happy reunion for father and son outside of prison. Glad Jin Woo had the moment in prison when his father was lucid. Now what will Jin Woo do to even the score with Gyoo Man?
* In A quit her job and joined Jin Woo’s team. Her decision to walk away from a corrupt group of prosecutors was commendable. She’s still not much of a leading character at this point. It’s all about the male characters.
* Dong Ho told Joo Il his father kill Jin Woo’s mother and brother. Dong Ho does not realize that Joo Il is holding back the truth. Joo Il’s grab of the DVD should teach Dong Ho that he cannot trust his assistant who tattled to Joo Il that Dong Ho was going to use the DVD in court.
* Gyoo Man win the retrial and presidency of this father’s company. He is loathesome. His only glimmer of humanity was the happiness his father’s vote of confidence gave him.
* Yeo Kyung was a no show this episode. Is she even in the story anymore?
* I realized I’ve not paid attention to the OST for this show yet. Songs so far:
OST 1 – K .Will “Cold”

OST 2 – Joo Young “Can you hear me?”

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4 comments on “Remember Episode 10 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Retrial +’s..Things were initially looking up for Team Jin Woo
    • Jin Woo is back on his feet, ready to roll into court and not lose the momentum
    • In Ah resigns as a prosecutor (I kind of wish she would remain as a thorn for evil prosecutors Hong and Chae) and officially joins the Jon Woo’s legal team
    • Dead witness already left a video testimony, retracting her earlier testimony
    • Dr. “I lied about Alzheimer’s” reveals the truth
    • Dad has spurt of lucidity, so father and son could happily take a stroll down memory lane
    • Unbeknownst to Jin Woo, Dong Ho does have the incriminating DVD

    Retrial –’s…no kidding “The deck was completely stacked against Jin Woo”
    • Jin Woo’s dad is hospitalized
    • Fair judge is replaced with one who is in the pocket of Il Ho Group. Is there no end to the reach of the Nam family?
    • Corrupt judge throws out the testimony of Dr. “I lied about Alzheimers”’
    • Dong Ho has DVD forcibly taken from him
    • After being rescued by Team Jin Woo, Detective Scumbag lies and upholds his old testimony—all part of Psycho Crap’s plan 3:)
    • Team Jin Woo loses and there is no vindication for Jin Woo’s dad, who tragically passes away—but on the bright side, in a moment of lucidity left Jin Woo a heartfelt letter. O:)

    I keep wanting redemption for Dong Ho, but that 3:) stinkin’ father figure, Joo Il, keeps standing in the way—from playing the guilt card coercing Dong Ho into doing things he would rather not to having Dong Ho beat up. I strongly suspect the night Dong Ho’s dad caused the accident that not only killed himself, but Jin Woo’s mom and brother, had something to do with illegal activity that at the very least involved Joo Il and quite likely it was a dirty deed for Il Ho Group. 😡 I think that truth being revealed down the road about this event will be the catalyst for Dong Ho to turn his bad-self around and ditching Joo Il for good.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I loved Dong Ho’s flamboyant self assurance in the initial episodes but the character is a shadow of his former self now.

      I like your retrial pluses and minuses list!


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree Dong Ho is a shadow of his former self…I still have hope he will come back to the light!

    Liked by 1 person

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