Remember Episode 9 Recap

Our leading man goes into his father’s retrial believing he can win. The odds are stacked against him…can he prevail?

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:

1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 9 Recap

rem_ep9_1b rem_ep9_1a
We begin with Il A calling Jin Woo that she’s found the hit man. Unfortunately he’s noticed her following him and knocks her unconscious with a rock. Jin Woo is rightfully scared for Il A. Using his super memory powers Jin Woo remembers the hit man revealing a potential location from a phone call. Il A wakes tied up. The hit man starts to strangle her.  Dong Ho finds the hit man first and gives him a smack down. Jin Woo rushes in. Il A is unhurt.

At the police station Joo Il tells the hit man to keep quiet and he’ll clean up the mess. The police detective encourages to clean it up.

Gyoo Man hears the bad news, Jin Woo was released from his set up. Gyoo Man takes out his anger on a female driver by bashing in her car. He is the poster child for anger issues!

Joo Il is angry that Dong Ho helped Jin Woo. Dong Ho is angry that Joo Il is a slave to request Gyoo Man makes.  The men are at cross purposes.

The daughter of the murdered woman brings Jin Woo a cell phone her mother gave her containing a video clip. She apologizes for her mother’s actions.

Dong Ho pays off the woman with the bashed car and sends her on her way. Dong Ho wonders what he is doing with his life.

The video clip shows the woman admitting to perjury about Jin Woo’s father. The judge watches the video. Based on that he’s forced to grant approval for the retrial.

Gyoo Man and his father watch the news clip of Jin Woo vowing to bring the real culprit to justice. Gyoo Man asks his father for another chance. His father is angry and demands Gyoo Man clean up this mess, quietly. He warns this is Gyoo Man’s last chance.

Il A’s boss is angry that she went beyond her authority investigating. She learns the police detective will make the case go away.

Jin Woo visits his father in prison. He looks older and is more timid. Jin Woo tells him the retrial has been granted. His father doesn’t want the retrial because “the man” (Gyoo Man) told him he was guilty. Jin Woo tells his father “the man” is the real murderer. His father is relieved he’s not the murderer.

Jin Woo visits the prison doctor angry his father’s medical issues are ignored. The doctor does not change his stance.

Il A visits the police detective angry the case is being closed. The police detective does not change his stance.

Jin Woo and Il A establish a link between her boss and Gyoo Doo’s family’s business.

In pain Jin Woo’s father visits the doctor who dismisses him though he is in obvious pain. That was difficult to watch. 

rem_ep9_5b rem_ep9_5a
Gyoo Man is happy when the doctor reports Jin Woo’s father’s medical issues. Gyoo Man thanks Dong Ho for handling his anger issue. But he’s not happy about Jin Woo’s sucess in getting the retrial. He warns Dong Ho not to cross him. Both men understand each other. Will Dong Ho break away from Gyoo Man’s grip?

Gyoo Man and his father meet Il A’s boss. Il A watches from afar. Gyoo Man eats with a female prosecutor. Dong Ho arrives.  Gyoo Man suggests Dong Ho can help with the retrial. Dong Ho is not receptive.  Later Dong Ho tells the prosecutor she’s changed if she meets with Gyoo Man. She counters he only works for money, so his morals are in question too. Touche!

Gyoo Man’s assistant buys off another witness much to Jin Woo’s chagrin.

Jin Woo and his assistants fret that their witness has disappeared.

Il A meets with her boss and the prosecutor that will be working the Jin Woo’s father’s retrial. He relishes her discomfort as he tells her she will be the second prosecutor.

Jin Woo upsets the doctor by listing the cases he imprisoned to help others go free. Jin Woo asks him to reverse the testimony that his father did not have Alzheimers he gave at his father’s trial.

Dong Ho realizes the accident where his father killed members of a family involved Jin Woo and his family. That upsets him. He realizes his father killed 3 of Jin Woo’s family in the accident. Dude, you’ve got a debt to repay to Jin Woo!

The prosecutor tells Il A that she better do as the boss tells her. Supporting their boss is the most important thing. Hmm, why isn’t justice the most important thing?

Dong Ho meets with Jin Woo’s father. He admits he was his original attorney. Jin Woo’s father is gracious. Dong Ho is gripped with guilt.  Dong Ho meets with the doctor who tells him he’s paying special attention to Jin Woo’s father per Gyoo Man’s instructions. That disgusts Dong Ho.

rem_ep9_9b rem_ep9_9a
Il A’s boss relishes telling Jin Woo that he will face Il A in the retrial. Jin Woo understands the position she’s in. Il A feels awful. His father is innocent. Jin Woo is positive he will win the retrial.

Dong Ho retrieves the DVD that with Gyoo Man admitting to murder from the safe deposit box. Ah, he made a copy. I like it!

Dong Ho remembers Jin Woo’s father in prison. Gyoo Man calls him and asks him to stop by.

rem_ep9_10b rem_ep9_10a
Gyoo Man visits Jin Woo at his office. Jin Woo is not happy to see him. Gyoo Man offers money. Jin Woo is not tempted. Dong Ho arrives. Gyoo Man advises him to not be like Dong Ho and lose the trial. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo the retrial cannot be won. Gyoo Man tells Jin Woo he will suffer if he continues with the retrial. He leaves. Jin Woo tells Dong Ho to leave too. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo he hopes he can get the job done. He leaves.

Jin Woo goes meets the prosecutor before the trial. Jin Woo states he won’t lose. She wishes him well.

rem_ep9_11arem_ep9_11c rem_ep9_11b
The retrial begins. Jin Woo stares at the prosecutor and see the empty chair for Il A next to her. Dong Ho arrives. Il A walks the hallway not wanting to join in the trial. She arrives in the courtroom. She stares at the prosecutor. She stares at Jin Woo. She sits on the front bench refusing to join. Love it!

The video tape from the witness who gave false testimony is played. Jin Woo states this is proof the original witness lied. The prosecutor states the evidence cannot be admitted because it was given under duress.

Gyoo Man hears the prosecutor is doing well. He smiles.

The prosecutor finds another witness to prove Jin Woo threatened the false witness in the parking lot. She states the threat was made for Jin Woo’s father. She presents evidence the voice recording was made under stress. Jin Woo calls the witness daughter to the stand. She admits she recorded her mother’s video tape. She states her mother wanted to right the wrong from 4 years ago. Nice!

Jin Woo calls the original doctor. Wait a minute…he tries to access his memory but falters. Yes, I knew it! The show will go there! Memories flood Jin Woo. He doubles over then falls to the ground. Il A rushes to his side. The prosecutor is stoked to see her opponent fall down.


My Thoughts
* I thought I had read this was the twist of the show when the show was in the promotion phase.  We will learn more next episode.
* The pacing of this show is good. Lots of short scenes so you never lose interest. Plenty of confrontation scenes and reveals every episode.
* Jin Woo keeps working hard to free his father.  Jin Woo is out gunned by Gyoo Man’s power and willingness to do anything to save himself. But Jin Woo has truth on his side.
* In A’s boss put her in the terrible position of working against Jin Woo at the retrial. Her decision to NOT work against Jin Woo was terrific.
* Dong Ho found out his father was responsible for the car accident Jin Woo’s family was in years ago. Dong Ho realizes that he owes Jin Woo a debt. Can he break free from Gyoo Man
* Gyoo Man is evil. He has every advantage. His father is a loser too.
* Yeo Kyung was a no show this episode. She is ancillary to the story.

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3 comments on “Remember Episode 9 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    So why does a hit man known for strangulation use a rock to knock out his victim instead of a more permanent solution with that handy garrote retracted in his watch? It’s not like he asked her any questions once her got her back to the watch store. Come on writers…have the hit man ask a question or two to justify not killing her in the alley.

    It is a good thing that Dong Ho came to the rescue; I don’t think Jin Woo could have handled this killer…which side is Dong Ho on? At times it seems Dong Ho really wants to help Jin Woo, but ends up capitulating to Psycho Crap. Does Dong Ho do this for his own preservation or to protect his mentor Joo Il? He discovered that his dad caused the accident that kill Jon Woo’s family members, I want the Asian guilt to smother him, so he can turn his bad-self around. 😛

    The repulsive prison doctor is more concerned with lining his pockets than the Hippocratic Oath he took as a doctor. Unbelievable! Not only does this poor excuse of a human being, let alone a doctor, let Jin Woo’s dad suffer in pain, but has been withholding Alzheimer’s medication, not giving him any relief of his symptoms! 😦

    YEAH Jin Woo’s name is cleared and the retrial can begin. What is up with these rotten prosecutors who are in Il Ho Group’s pocket. This new lady prosecutor (Chae) thinks she is all that and a bag of chips—in reality she is no different than Dong Ho—they are both Il Ho Group’s dogs.

    Well, looks like the evil prosecutors (Hong & Chae) found In Ah’s kryptonite, but overall I am glad she decided to sit out this trial—although it doesn’t seem like the best career move. Oh my goodness, is Jin Woo losing his photographic memory or is he getting a case of early onset Alzheimer’s? Is this why the writers haven’t given us a romance 💋 between our Jin Woo and In Ah?

    • kjtamuser says:

      Excellent point many are “Il Ho Group’s dogs”. It does seem like EVERY character’s ethics can be set aside for the right price. What a sad commentary about people in this series.

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