The Merchant Gaekju Episode 32 Recap

The Head Merchant makes a big move – will it be his last?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 32 Recap

mg_ep32_1amg_ep32_1b Here we go, Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) arrives brandishing an ax looking for the Head Merchant, who he believes killed his wife, So Sa.  The Head Merchant comes to the porch and is shocked to see Bong Sam, the ax, and the murder in Bong Sam’s eyes. Bong Sam demands – Did you kill my wife? He raises the ax but elects not to strike the Head Merchant. Upset, the Head Merchant flees only to have Bong Sam follow him. He demands to know if the Head Merchant had his wife killed. The Head Merchant confirms he killed So Sa. Bong Sam swings the ax into So Sa’s clothing (which the Head Merchant had packed for her). The Head Merchant said he was desparate for the baby, so he had So Sa killed. Bong Sam says the Head Merchant is wealthy but he’s not jealous of that. He notes a tiger (the Head Merchant) sheds his skin when he dies but a hero leaves his name. He calls him pathetic and pitiful (echoes of So Sa’s words to the Head Merchant). Bong Sam points and declares he’ll watch the Head Merchant from now on.

mg_ep32_2Drained, Bong Sam walks away in the rain. Cue montage #1 with So Sa (Han Chae Ah) and Bong Sam. Gosh, she was a pretty crier. Bong Sam reaches out but she’s not there. Our hero is suffering big time. 

Bo Hyun feigns concern about the Head Merchant. He order him to leave. Bo Hyun takes offense, they need to kill So Gae, doesn’t he remember? Bo Hyun leaves. The Head Merchant orders So Gae to leave too. The Head Merchant coughs and is worn out from the day.

The next morning, the Head Merchant stares at the portrait of So Sa. His assistant wants to talk business but the Head Merchant cannot engage and tells him to handle it.

The Government official arrives and shows the Head Merchant the ledger So Gae gave him (of the Head Merchant’s secret assets). The Head Merchant asks what he wants. The Government official shows him a 20,000 promissory note.

So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) tells his former assistant friends the Government official will skewer the Head Merchant for them.

The Government official asks for 40,000. The Head Merchant tells him he can meet this request.

Bong Sam sits in the woods remembering So Sa. Cue montage #2. Tears flow when he realizes she’s gone, he’s alone, and life will never be the same.

What’s a guy to do? Bong Sam drinks to forget. Team Bong Sam bring the baby and try to get him to snap out of his grief. He rejects his son and tells them to leave. The baby cries and Team Bong Sam are dejected to see their leader wallowing in grief and pain.

Bong Sam asks for water. Someone gives him water.  He hallucinates So Sa. He asks if it is her. She asks why he drank too much. He tells her he doesn’t want to be separated. She tells him their memories will be with him forever, they don’t end because she’s in a different place. He admits that looking at the baby, he feels more alone. She tells him that she’s in his heart. She’s alive in his heart, his head, his world. She urges him to close his eyes and know that she’s with him…always. Practically the best scene the two actors ever delivered together…sweet, tender, forgiving, chiding, and loving. Bong Sam awakes to find that baby on his belly and Mae Wol in his room. He asks Mae Wol if she sent So Sa to him. She didn’t and tells him So Sa came because he missed her. Mae Wol says the baby is getting bigger every day. Bong Sam tells his son he’s sorry that he pushed him away.

Bong Sam visits So Sa’s grave marker with the baby. He tells So Sa that she was right. She’s in his heart. He can live without seeing her for awhile. He promises to raise their son well. He tells her not to worry about him, just wait for him. Another nice, quiet scene.

Wol tells Mae Wol (aka Gae Dong (Kim Min Jung)) that she better not pretend to be the baby’s mother. She tells her that So Sa may be gone, but the truth about her death will be revealed. She’ll find the out exactly who killed So Sa and make them suffer. Mae Wol says the Head Merchant admitted to the murder. Wol stares into Mae Wol’s eyes and declares the Head Merchant would use another method to murder.

Mae Wol cannot get Wol’s accusation out of her mind.

Bo Hyun is thrilled to see the Head Merchant. So Gae is not happy to see what the Head Merchant has brought. The Government official is not happy either. It’s the original promissory note. The Head Merchant notes that a second port was opened by the Government and now he can’t make the same money, so he cannot pay the 40,000. The Government official is furious. The Head Merchant is given 1 week to pay the 40,000.

The Head Merchant tells his assistant he cannot be blackmailed by the Government official. The Head Merchant declares the Government official (who is also the Queen’s brother) will bleed him dry. Besides that, he’s in cahoots with So Gae. The Head Merchant declares he must see Bong Sam.

Team Bong Sam are upset about the news another port has been opened. They are concerned about the increase of foreigners at the port. They see “their” merchants trading with the foreigners.

The other merchants claim there is nothing to sell to Chun Merchant group. Bong Sam shows them the contract. The merchant rips it. They are outraged. The merchant is unfazed and will not stop trading with the foreigners. It’s all about whoever gives them the most money.

Bong Sam, Sun Dol and Gol Dae caucus. Bong Sam is upset he didn’t see this coming. He’s surprised to learn the Head Merchant’s assistant is there to see him.

mg_ep32_8b mg_ep32_8a
The Head Merchant’s assistant declares Bong Sam must come. Bong Sam says he won’t come. The assistant swears that the Head Merchant did NOT kill So Sa. Loving it!

mg_ep32_9amg_ep32_9b Bong Sam meets with the Head Merchant. He and Bong Sam discuss the new port and the influx of trade with the Japanese which robs the local merchants of good trade. The Head Merchant says he can let go of everything but his trading empire. The Head Merchant admits the trading empire has been a joy and a burden. He tells Bong Sam to become Head Merchant. HOLY SMOKES! Bong Sam thinks he’s nuts and laughs in his face.

So Gae can’t believe that the Head Merchant and Bong Sam are in deep discussions. The former assistant quickly ascertains that the Head Merchant is offering Bong Sam the trading empire. So Gae leaves quickly.

The Head Merchant tells Bong Sam to protect the trading empire. Bong Sam says it is too late, the empire is being flooded and drowned as they speak. The Head Merchant claims Bong Sam can find a solution. Bong Sam agrees to find a solution. He wants to save his markets and trading. He tells the Head Merchant his trading empire is done. He leaves.

So Gae asks Bong Sam what the Head Merchant talked to him about. Bong Sam warns him that the Head Merchant position may be more trouble than it is worth. So Gae is livid.

mg_ep32_10b mg_ep32_10a
Mae Wol is happy when Bong Sam spends time with her. He’s thinking. Is it a solution? He says the Head Merchant did not kill So Sa. Mae Wol chides him that no one else would have. Bong Sam is sure the Head Merchant did not kill So Sa. He asks Mae Wol who killed his wife. She tells him to eat and forget about this matter.

Mae Wol clutches her heart as she hurries away. Yep, karma is a bitch.

Bong Sam tells his team more ports will open. The rich foreigner are more dangerous than their foes in the country. He decides to take Sun Dol and Gol Dae to the port and figure out a solution.

The Head Merchant prepares the 40,000 for the Government official. Gosh he’s looking older by the minute. His assistant begs him not to make this deal with the devil.

The Government official is not happy to see the note is only for 500. The Head Merchant says profit is low, so the note is low and it’s all his fault – he opened the ports so the profit went down. The Government official bashes the Head Merchant in the head. He yells at the Head Merchant for cheating him. The Head Merchant gets dizzy and says he needs a doctor. He struggles to his feet and leaves. The Government official changes his demand to 200,000. Ouch! That’s quite the escalation factor!

The Head Merchant pushes his assistant’s ministrations away. So Gae catches up to them and tells the Head Merchant to pay. The Head merchant tells So Gae defeating a big prey requires small bites not a single big bite. He leaves. I do like the Head Merchant’s moxy. He’s crazy like a fox.

The Head Merchant stares at So Sa’s portrait. I do feel sorry for him. It was unrequited love, the loss of a dream and an heir.

The Head Merchant visits So Sa’s grave and finds Mae Wol there. He asks why is she there. Mae Wol claims she and So Sa were close. He tells regret comes too late. He asks So Sa to forgive him for his actions. Mae Wol turns to leave. The Head Merchant asks to talk. I’m loving the potential for this conversation!

The Head Merchant notes that Mae Wol once said she had a fiancee. He asks if it was Bong Sam. Mae Wol claims she’s banished thoughts about her pre-shaman life. The Head Merchant tells her, she must have killed So Sa. Mae Wol laughs. She tells him everyone knows that he was embarrassed about his son not being his son. She tells him he should fade away gracefully. If he doesn’t he should be careful. He tells her “you can be shot by her own arrow…what goes around comes around…she should be careful”. He only tells her this because he likes her. They smiles the insincere smiles of enemies.

Mae Wol is upset. So Gae arrives. She berates him for not taking care of the Head Merchant. She has a plan. She says that the Head Merchant is cleaning up his illegal assets by divesting his assests.

So Gae and the Government official are upset about this news. Alert our cohort – Bo Hyun!

Bo Hyun doubts the Head Merchant could do this quickly. So Gae urges him to act. He gets his attention when he tells Bo Hyun that he could lose money.

The Head Merchant gives Wol a book and envelope to give to Bong Sam. He tells her it is a gift for the baby. He asks she give Bong Sam the letter. The Head Merchant coughs up blood. Not good, not good. I see another death soon. He urges Wol to leave but take a circuitous route. She offers a formal bow. She’s smart our Wol, she knows he’s not doing well. Bless her heart.

Wol leaves only to find the former assistants staring at her. They wonder why she visited.

The Head Merchant is brought before the Government official. He plays old and tired. He gives So Gae a promissory note for 5! LOVE IT! The Head Merchant feigns surprise and claims it was the wrong note. He acts confused. So Gae notes he’s heard that the Head Merchant has cleaned up his assets. The Head Merchant states he gave all his money away. Everyone looks upset.

The former assistant declares the money went to Wol. So Gae realizes the money was given to the baby. So Gae yells they must catch Wol! The Head Merchant grabs So Gae to stop him.

My Thoughts

Mae Wol is suspected by Wol and the Head Merchant. Her discomfort is my pleasure. Can’t wait until she’s discovered and publicly humiliated and pays the price.

The Head Merchant avoided the trap of his enemies. I loved it every time he brought another promissory note to the official and decreased the amount!  I loved it when he told Mae Wol that he knew she killed So Sa and what goes around comes around. I sincerely hope so. The Head Merchant is obviously dying and he knew it. He tried to rally Bong Sam but to no avail. He went to one of the smartest ladies on this show – Wol. Can Wol avoid capture so the Head Merchant’s assets will go to the baby? This was a stellar episode for the Head Merchant (Lee Deok Hwa).

* Bong Sam realized that the Head Merchant did not kill So Sa. He realized a snake would not be the method used by the Head Merchant. How interesting that the “snakes” of this series Mae Wol and So Gae, utilized that method to murder So Sa (though the assassin likely chose the method). Bong Sam didn’t give the Head Merchant’s offer to take over serious thought. His reasoning? The Head Merchant’s empire is a sinking ship, why waste energy there? It was more important to figure out a way to counter the foreign merchants. Though I’m not sure that is possible. A flood of foreign goods, merchants, once started, may not be able to be stopped.

* So Gae urged the Head Merchant to cave to blackmail by the Government official.  I loved it when the Head merchant told So Gae defeating a big prey requires small bites not a single big bite. Then when So Gae realized (after the tongueless assistant figured it out the Wol factor) that the baby was the key to the Head Merchant’s sudden divestiture of funds, he sprang to his feet to pursue Wol. What chance does the Head Merchant physically have against him?

* So Sa montages – two of them.  Pretty crier. I did like the dream scene when she told Bong Sam, she’s still with him, in his heart and head.

* Mae Wol is suspected of murdering So Sa. Love it. Want more of it. Want her caught. Want Bong Sam’s reaction to slay her.


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61 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 32 Recap
  1. Drama Fan says:

    Another great recap. I interpreted Bongsam’s speech to the Head Merchant slightly different. The way I read it was “A tiger leaves his skin, A hero leaves his name and a rich man leaves people but you are leaving nothing. You are pathetic and will die alone. I will watch you (as in watch you die alone) See? In my version Bongsam was more harsh :p What I didn’t understand is why Head Merchant said he killed SoSa? Also, I think MW’s greatest punishment will be Bongsam’s hate after he finds out what she did to SoSa.

    • prettysup says:

      I also dont understand why the Head Merchant admitted killing So Sa when he didn’t? And BS didnt think the Head Merchant is not the killer because of the snake method, it is because he saw in the Head Merchant’s eyes the way he missed So Sa.

      • kjtamuser says:

        I think in that moment the Head Merchant felt guilt over his treatment of So Sa and believed his actions towards her killed her. Once he thought about it, he saw who the real killer was.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        It does seem crazy that the old goat admitted to killing So Sa, especially when we know he had nothing to do with it–I agree it must be guilt for his wrong doings towards So Sa–I think he really did love her. Dang! I want the instigator (Mae Wol) and the minion (So Gae) caught and punished. Grrrr…

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’m going to agree on your interpretation. Certainly strengthens Bong Sam’s stance, which I covet.
      Completely agree that Mae Wol will descend to the depths of hell when Bong Sam turns his back on her and cuts her out of his life.

  2. Beez says:

    Talk about anti-climatic -“I’ll watch you” after that horror-movie-type stalk-walk and yelling. What have you been doing with Head Merchant since his last 3-4 murder attempts & kidnappings until now Bong Sam?

    Btw, since we have seen some really good acting from these actors, I have to question the directing at this point as the cause of problems for this episode.

    Why did Head Merchant say he killed SoSa when he didn’t?

    And doesn’t he realize by saying that, he leaves a murderer on the loose in Bong Sam’s camp near his beloved YuSu?

    Mae Wol – I just can’t even. ..! Bong Sam KNOWS Mae Wol kidnapped his son last episode. And even if none of that had happened, the least he could do to honor his wife is not share meals or do more than say hello to that evil witch just based on the fact he knows Mae Wol caused SoSa worries and said mean things to her. And definitely not have her around YuSu because even the bug under the rock knows SoSa wouldn’t want that.

    (btw, I think those were baby clothes that Head Merchant had and which Bong Sam hit with the ax.)

    • kjtamuser says:

      Anti climatic is an excellent way to describe Bong Sam’s finger point and “watching you” statement. I do think after putting the ax through the clothes (which I agree were a mix of So Sa’s and the baby’s) Bong Sam was emotionally drained, spent, and zombie like.

      I think the Head Merchant was guilty over his treatment of So Sa which led to his admission of guilt. Red herring moment that was a bit forced by the writer. Wish the writer took a different tact in that scene.

      Yes, yes, yes. Bong Sam is still blind to Mae Wol (as he was to So Gae for too long) and it boggles the mind with the litany of things he knows she did (plus what he doesn’t know).

      • Drama Fan says:

        Lol! That’s why I think he said “I’ll watch you die, alone” not “I’m watching you” as “I’ll be watching you from now on”. But I don’t speak korean so I don’t know. I interpreted as Bongsam was saying “I won’t have to kill you, I’ll wait and watch until you die all alone” something like that.

  3. prettysup says:

    About that tonguess-ex-assistant, why does he seem to know everything so fast? He seems to be the smartest one of all here.

    And is Wol going to be MW’s next-to-kill target ?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I’ve thought that the ex-assistant must the real shaman. He’s part mind reader, part psychic.

      Wol is the next logical target on the Mae Wol “hit list”.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        That cray cray MW has done enough damage. Will MW help the old goat start his journey early since he is on to her guilt about So Sa? Pleazzzz no more Mae Wol hits! I am especially worried about Wol, who is the only nice woman with moxy left in the series.

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  5. A.D.DO! says:

    Good for you Wol for not letting up on the evil one, Mae Wol…but watch your back. You don’t seem like a good match for Gol Dae, but I am hoping, within a respectful amount of time, there will be a happy ending with Bong Sam. I mean, really, isn’t this supposed to be a historical romance/drama?

    Thanks again for the great subs…I look forward to another chance to relive the magic!

  6. A.D.DO! says:

    Sorry, kjtamuser, I meant recaps, not subs.
    Wonder what’s next on the agenda for JH? Any chance of seeing INSIDE OR OUTSIDE in the USA?

    • prettysup says:

      @A.D.DO! I heard that JH will be going to China to film a drama with Vic Chou after he wraps up Gaekju in Feb. This guy is sure a workaholic !

    • kjtamuser says:

      Good question. IMDB shows a 1/22/16 release date in China. I would love to see it in the USA.

  7. A.D.DO! says:

    Thanks for the info..glad he likes to work..need my HYUKIE fix every day!
    Where in the world are the Episode 34 English subs?? Going crazy here!

  8. A.D.DO! says:

    I don’t have the subs on Dramanice…where do you get them? Help! They always came right away before!

    • prettysup says:

      @A.DO.DO! You can try or

      • Beez says:

        @prettysup – Since you recommended it, I thought I would add myAsiantv to my list of streaming sites but it says it’s not available in my country. I’m in the U.S. I’m curious about what country you’re in?

      • Prettysup says:

        @Beez I am from Singapore

        • Beez says:

          It amazes me that I can’t find people in my own local community interested in kdrama but I meet great people from all over and even the other side of the world to share this obsession of mine!

          Btw – are you familiar with Joseph Prince? Every now and again he mentions Korean dramas and I used to not have the faintest idea what he was talking about. Now,whenever he mentions it, it makes me giggle.

  9. A.D.DO! says:

    Geez, Beez, we’re from the same country! I’m in California, and a friend told me about JH about a year ago..I watched FTLY and was hooked (line and sinker!) I’ve watched that, SHINE and ROBBERS over and over. Thorn also, and CHUNO, except it’s hard to see him die! It’s amazing to see him in so many diverse roles..he never makes a misstep.
    Finally got subs on Dramanice although it took about as long as it is taking Shin Suk-ju to die.
    Will check out Joseph Prince.
    Fun to know where everybody comes from!
    Thanks, Prettysup for info, but I can’t get those here either.

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! Just so you know, Joseph Prince is not a Kdrama blogger. lol He is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ who is based in Singapore that I’ve watched on tv daily since 2009. But every now and then in his sermons he’ll say something like “this bible story has more drama than your Korean drama!” or he’ll make a joke about a character trope. I’m guessing his wife is the real fan, based on some of his comments. 🙂

      • Prettysup says:

        @Beez no I am not familiar with Joseph Prince. And yeah it’s amazing how ppl from all over the world get together becoz of our JH obsession .. There is even a Russian fan who has a JH fan page on Instagram.

    • Prettysup says:

      @A.D.DO! Have u checked out ‘Thank you’ , ‘Tree with deep roots’ and ‘Iris-2’? Those are my favorites. And also the movie ‘The Flu’, he is superb in there!

      • A.D.DO! says:

        –Yes, seen all, especially loved THANK YOU. Those Korean child actors are so good too. Why don’t we ever see photos of his wife (unless there’s a fern in front of her face)? Loved once in an interview he said,” I’m a dandy”. He does love to dress!

      • Beez says:

        I think it’s quicker for me to list what I haven’t seen yet:

        Midas; Great Ambition;Age of Innocence (which I need to watch again when they finally put coherent English subs on it.)

        Other than the two mentioned above that I haven’t seen, I’ve seen everything from 2002 onward. I plan to watch the pre-2002 stuff if I can find them.

        I have seen Volcano High which is 2001.

        And yes, I made it through Iris2 (just recently)! Everybody says it’s bad, but I liked it. 🙂

      • prettysup says:

        @Beez I like Iris-2 too! The only thing I didn’t like about it was JH’s hairstyle in it, really feel like strangling the hairdresser while watching it lol

  10. A.D.DO! says:

    @prettysup….totally agree with you about thr JH hairstyle in Iris 2…couldn’t enjoy it because of that. The style looks similar to that in “Inside or Outside, so not loving that look either, as I mentioned before. I haven’t seen all of “Age of Innocence”, but was so turned off by the scene where he slaughters a bunch of horses. Surprised he did that, way too brutal for our HYUKIE.i

    • Beez says:

      I loved his hair in Iris2. My first reaction was “ugh” but he worked it for me so a minute later… 🙂

      What is “Inside or Outside”?

      As to JH and the horses, it was badazz (NOT that I would ever want that to happen to an animal in real life).

      I liked Thank You a lot, but I’m a JH Robbers girl myself. *swooning just thinking about it”

      Oh,and he had the cutest scenes with the little girl in Robbers and at the same time, without ever taking his eyes off her and never stops playing with her,he exerts his alpha-ness with her mom about the second lead coming to their door. *sighing and kerplunking*

      • Prettysup says:

        @Beez “Inside or outside” is his latest movie just released in China

        @A.D.DO! I find his hair in “Inside or outside” better than the one in Iris2, at least I can bear to lol at it haha

      • Prettysup says:

        Sorry I mean I can bear to look at it

      • Drama Fan says:

        He needs to do another drama like Robbers and/or Thank You and make us swooooooon!!!!!

    • Prettysup says:

      As to the Age of innocence, I saw the first scene and found it too X-rated so I gave it up

      • Beez says:

        Yeah, the first 10 minutes is nothing but sex and violence (not in the same scene) And that was the “tamer” of many scenes to follow. Alas, white that guest scene is His Royal Hyukness, none of the rest of them included JH.

        But from what I could put together (from what had to be computer generated subtitles) it’s an interesting story. And the story isn’t about the male leads at all!

  11. A.D.DO! says:

    @Prettsup…relooked at trailer of INSIDE OR OUTSIDE, & you are right, he looks good, including the hair. Hope we can see it someday in the USA, Beez
    Will be crossing EMPIRE OF LUST off my list.

    My Big 3 are: ROBBERS, FATED, & SHINE
    whichever one Iam watching at that time is my fave! And so on…
    And in between I watch my favorite scenes on YouTube…
    No other Korean actor has captured my interest ..JH just has that certain Je ne sais quoi

    Loved the WinWin segment where he told his wife how much he loved her..Swoon
    Don’t like anything in which he dies!
    He was super sexy in FATED
    Loved SHINE scenes with Oh Yeon-seo (what a doll)
    And also Lee da-hae in ROBBERS (tour de force acting by JH, as usual)

    So that’s my story (and I’m sticking to it!)
    Is there anyone else out there as OBSESSED as I am???

    • Beez says:

      I would raise my arm and say “I am! Me, me, me!” But I don’t know if my obsession really counts because it’s not pure devotion. It’s divided amongst Hyukie, Song Seung Heon,Joo Jin Mo, Rain, and my latest bias – Ji Chang Wook (although I have serious Noona guilt about Wookie).

      I was going to say “How can you leave Chuno off your list?” but then you said if he dies… But Chuno has everything as far as JH being able to show us soooo much (acting and *ahem* physically). I was watching a scene from ep. 3 yesterday. He was riding a horse and I think he’s technically riding it incorrectly but everything about his position on the horse allowed him to be sexy, beautiful, and just poetry in motion! A person who hasn’t seen Chuno would think I’m crazy describing that, but if they’ve seen it,they’ll understand. lol

      • prettysup says:

        @Beez Oh yeah I love Chuno! Be it horse-riding, sword-wielding or just swaggering in that abs-revealing outfit haha. It doesnt matter to me if he dies or not, but somehow it just happen that he dies in all my favourite shows hehe

        @A.D.DO! Where can I see that WinWIn segment that he praises his wife? I love him in Healing Camp episode.

        • Drama Fan says:

          What? I thought I had that in my blog…*scratches head* maybe I thought of posting it and didn’t?

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan That is where I saw the WinWin clips. When A.D.DO! mentioned it, I don’t think the rest if us remembered that the name of the show was “WinWin” but we knew we saw it on your site. (Thank you, big time, for those clips, by the way.)

        • Drama Fan says:

          He always praises his wife thouh

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan And I appreciate that he acknowledges his wife and I especially appreciate that he is respectful (somewhat formal) with his female costars which also equates showing respect for his wife, too. (You can see that when Lee Dae Hee comes on one of the WinWin clips and says she has tried to insist that he drop the formal speech but he doesn’t. An actor with common sense and wisdom. ..who’d a thunk?)

    • Drama Fan says:

      Meeeeeeee! Obsessed enough to have a blog dedicated to the guy! But I have been neglecting my baby! You guys are making want to post again 🙂

      • Beez says:

        @DramaFan – how old is your little one?

        By all means, take care of the baby first but then…BLOG! BLOG! POST SOME MORE!

        (I know I’m being greedy, but started checking your blog for new stuff almost everyday about 2 months ago. But I recognize real life and the baby must come first. That’s an acceptable excuse. *hee hee*)

        • Drama Fan says:

          Lol Beez omg! By baby I meant my little blog :p I’m not a mom *sigh* I wish! But no ahaha. Still, life is pretty busy with work and stuff. I promise to get back in the game with the blog! You guys are great inspiration.

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan – And here I thought I had to tap down my greediness and take a step back to respect your real life. Girrrrrrrl,you better get busy and feed the masses!

            I need my Hyuk-crack! lolololol

  12. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez…I do watch CHUNO, but just for the ‘abs’! Too sad for me, I like happy endings. I find these dramas a bit morbid at times, (our hero with a deadly generic disease, or brain trauma, multiple bloody beatings, hacking off of limbs,) and man do they go in for the big crying scene(s)..American actors don’t do that very often, so it’s kinda shocking..but I do like the Korean actors vulnerability. (My husband is also an actor, so I feel I have a little bit of a right to comment!) And the background music is fantastic…really pumps up the emotion!

    @Prettysup…You must have watched WinWin because you made a ‘comment’ on July 17, 2015…(says the drama detective!) but here is the info anyway and for anyone who hasn’t seen this, you MUST! He is at his most gorgeous, so relaxed and happy. I think, his best look ever.,and I’ve never seen him quite like this before…there are 4 segments…at the end of the first he shakes his adorbs, (new favorite word) , he sings in English (??)!, and at the end of Segment 4 he reads a poem to his wife…to die! All you guys , I mean gals, must have seen this, but here is the info

    Posted March 5, 2014 by Gumi

    I hope you can find it, I don’t know how to pass it on any other way
    Enjoy it again if you’ve seen it…a classic!!

    • Beez says:

      Are you talking about the 4 talk show segments posted on StuckonHyuk? If you are, I did see that but I had forgotten it was called WinWin.

      • A.D.DO! says:

        Yes, that’s the one..isn’t he a cutie-patutie?
        Would love to seeDANCE OF THE DRAGON, but nowhere to be found..with subs
        There should be some press soon on that Chinese drama with Vic Chou they plan to do. Wonder what that will be about!

        With GAEKJU, I am getting frustrated with Mae Wol always getting off the hook…how blind can they be? Should be a good scene tho, when it does happen…if it ever does.

        • Beez says:

          I watched Dance of the Dragon online. Hyukie speaks English throughout. Let me see if I can find out where I watched it and I’ll post a link.

  13. Beez says:

    I was pretty sure I watched this in one full uninterrupted stream,but couldn’t find it on my usual places. I did find it here only you have to watch it in sections. This is my go-to place after I can’t find it anywhere else. It’s an iphone site so it works best on my iPad (I don’t have an Iphone but it works well on my Android devices too. But once in awhile it will get stuck reloading. That never happens when I use it with my iPad though.)

    Now I want to rewatch it. So little time to squeeze it in amongst my other shows.

    Let us know what you think. (Love the way Hyukie moves in this -very unconventional but it has it’s own gracefulness but doesn’t fit traditional dance moves. He commits to it and it works.)

    Btw I misspoke – he speaks Korean in the early part of the movie. When the locale changes, then he speaks English.

    • A.D.DO! says:

      @Beez….thank you so much! Just finished watching Dance of the Dragon…It was fun to see him in another different and unique role, and to hear him speak English. unlike his Korean persona.. So soft and almost feminine. It’s too bad he didn’t perfect the English accent more, I think he could have been a huge star in the U.S. , but then, he would probably prefer to be a big star in Asia anyway. I presume he is up there with the biggies, right? In the top 10 or so? If not, he should be. It sounds like he has a wonderful life and adores his family. Bravo!

      I will definitely keep that link handy..I see they also have FTLY, which they’ve taken off of NETFLIX.

      Think the name of the new proposed drama with Vic Chou is CHINESE DREAM, although these things don’t always come to fruition unfortunately.

      So enjoy ‘networking’ with you all!

      BTW, I zoomed right through all 7 segments of Dragon, but on 8 they wanted me to cough up some dough or wait 60 minutes…I opted to wait and saw the end!

      Now waiting patiently for more recaps of GAEKJU and more new episodes!

      • Beez says:

        WHAT!!! “…they wanted me to cough up some dough or wait 60 minutes…”

        That has never happened to me before with that site! Wow. I did notice they had new features and depending on how you choose to watch – you have to download if you direct HD.

        Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video are the worst for streaming kdrama. Netflix because they don’t keep them long. Amazon because I don’t trust them ever since I purchased a full hard copy DVD that had scenes missing from my favorite Korean movie (I know that buying a dvd is different from streaming but the streaming movies have scenes cut too! For one that I could name is Hyuk’s Searching for the Elephant”).

        I use and, both of which are free and for small amounts ($1.99 and $4.99 a month respectively) you can watch with limited or no commercials depending on how much you want to pay. I also have Hulu instead of cable and they have a lot of Drama Fever’s catalogue, provided to Hulu through a contract with DF.

        But my most reliable (meaning they have almost everything) is (hurry and bookmark them because they have changed the name of their site 5 times in the last 2 weeks but usually it redirects you to the new location on the web.)

        The shows are up there almost immediately after they air in Korea although it takes about another 5-8 hours for the subtitles to be added.

        As to Hyuk’s ranking as a star,I would guess he’s huge because he works non-stop (I actually worry that he should break for his health and for his family’s quality time’s sake). But he does dramas and movies, unlike some who only do one or the other. I don’t know if Korea is like the U.S. where once a star is really huge, it’s beneath them to return to tv. Maybe DramaFan can weigh in with more insight on that.

        But I note that internationally (throughout Asia) Hyuk is always labelled as “Korean heartthrob Jang Hyuk”. I smile every time I see that. “Yeah, baby!” *my Austin Powers’ voice*

      • Prettysup says:

        @A.D.DO! So I guessed I did watched WinWin before but like Beez I forgot that’s the title.

        Yeah the title for the Chinese drama is called 梦非梦 in Chinese which means a dream but not a dream? I have seen some synopsis of the character he will be playing there but not sure if it’s accurate or not.

  14. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez….very interesting..I usually start with the raw at because I can’t wait…then wait a day or two at least for the eng subs on Dramanice. (Although sometimes it says Dramacool when it’s playing)! I am going to see how long it takes on Dramacool this time.

    I think JH has had so much flack about his hair that he has decided not to show it at all in GAEKJU..mostly headbands or hats. (Wonder what those white balls stand for on the straw hats?)

    It used to be taboo to do television if you starred in films here in the US, (the theory being why pay big bucks for something you can get free on TV?). However, that has dramatically changed in the last few years…with all the cable, Internet , etc..

    Yes, I hope DramaFan weighs in on ANY JH star advice she has! Love to know what they get paid for these dramas. As for him being a Korean heartthrob, I’m down for that!!

    So now I’m waiting for the shiitake to hit the fan with MaeWol and SoGae…getting impatient!

    @Prettysup… Love to know what the synopsis said about JH’s character in the new you think think it will be a romance, I hope, I hope??? Where do you go for that kind of info?

    Time to read the new recaps
    And have a cup of tea

    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! A lot of videos have the logo “DRAMACOOL, up in the right hand corner, even if I’m viewing them on an entirely different Web site. So I don’t know if that is the same people running the streaming site or not; or if the other sites snurched it from Before had certain dramas,I would see the words/logo on a drama while viewing it on DF or Vicki or Drama247, but then I’d search’s Web site and they didn’t even have the drama. Which made me think the streaming site and the company with the logo on dramas are two different entities. has very recently added a LOT of content including older dramas. What I’m trying to say is that, since the logo appears on some really older dramas like Hyukie’s Successful Story of A Bright Girl,but that drama was only recently added in 2014 but when I watched it in early 2014,it wasn’t on that site yet it had the logo on it while I watched on other sites. I’m probably not explaining this very well. 😦

    • prettysup says:

      @A.D.DO! Someone told me that those white balls on the hat are dust-busters. And about the new Chinese drama, I get the info from the Baidu forum. Do you understand Chinese? If yes you can just search for JH’s name in Chinese + tieba, Otherwise I can give you the link. Anyway I dont think that show is romance-centric, it is more of a corporate world kind of show. JH plays an ex-military character who ventures into the corporate world.

      I dont get email notifications on this website too so if I do not reply your questions, pls find me in the latest episode recap coz I may forget to come back here to check.

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