Remember Episode 8 Recap

Our leading man tries to extract himself from the trap but team evil thwarts him. He won’t give up and desperately tries to clear himself with the help to team good. Does he have a chance?

Remember-Poster2 Character Line Up:

1. Seo Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho), lawyer whose father is wrongly imprisoned for a crime rich heir Nam Gyoo Man committed.
2. Lee In A  (Park Min Young), prosecutor who wants reverse the unfair conviction of Jin Woo’s father.
3. Park Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong), lawyer that betrayed Jin Woo’s father in court leading to his wrongful conviction when rich heir Gyoo Man’s father offered the right incentive.
4. Nam Gyoo Man (Namgung Min), rich heir, spoiled with anger issues, is a murderer who believes wealth will get him out of any legal issue.
5. Nam Yeo Kyung (Jung Hye Seong), rich heiress and sister of Gyoo Man.

Remember (aka Remember: War of the Son) Episode 8 Recap

We begin with Il A entering the secret room, seeing the timeline, and asking Jin Woo what is going on. Jin Woo admits he fell into the trap Gyoo Man set for him. Il A hears someone enter the office. Thinking quickly, she exits to the secret room. She finds Dong Ho entering the office. Dong Ho asks her where Jin Woo is. Il A declares she’ll find those that frame Jin  Woo’s father. Dong Ho claims he will help too. Il A states she’ll never trust him again.

Gyoo Man instructs the police detective to bring him Jin Woo – dead or alive. Dong Ho arrives and asks Gyoo Man if he’s plotting against Jin Woo. Gyoo Man tells him not to worry, Joo Il helped him with Jin Woo.

Dong Ho is disappointed Joo Il helped Gyoo Man.

The police spot Jin Woo. He runs. He escapes. He ends up at a hotel. The room is bleak. He remembers every detail to his suspect diagram and the documents he read.

Gyoo Man baits Yeo Kyung that her drinking buddy JIn Woo is a murderer. He recommends she listen to him from now on. She sighs.

Jin Woo’s assistant finds him on the rooftop. Back in the day, Jin Woo saved her from an abusive husband.

The judge watches the coverage about Jin Woo. He requests the retrial request. The prosecutor chief reports this to Gyoo Man. Now they just need to catch Jin Woo.

The judge meets with Il A who pleads that the retrial continue. Il A supports Jin Woo’s innocence and shares that she believes Jin Woo’s father was wrongly convicted four years ago. The judge tells her it is over.

rem_ep8_4a rem_ep8_4b
What a sick cruel man you are Gyoo Man!
Poor defenseless Jin Woo’s father hears that his Alzheimer’s is God’s judgement on him. Gyoo Man then proceeds to tell him that Jin Woo is a murderer. Jin Woo’s father doesn’t believe it. Gyoo Man tells him to believe it. That difficult to watch. Like kicking a puppy.

Gyoo Man remarks to his assistant that he could never survive in prison. I can’t wait to see him locked up!

Il A’s mother tells her not to associate with Jin Woo. Il A defends Jin Woo’s innocence and storms off. Her father brings her a conciliatory pizza and tells her the truth is revealed in time. He encourages her not to be afraid to pursue the truth. Jin Woo calls her.

Il A meets Jin Woo who explains he went to the apartment because he received a text from the victim. He’s worried he cannot save his father if he is convicted for murder (just like his father). He vows to find the real murderer and leaves.

Jin Woo’s assistants stare at the suspect wall inside Jin Woo’s no longer secret office. The female assistant shares that Jin Woo’s father was wrongly convicted of a murder Gyoo Man committed. That shocks him.

The detective tails Il A. She confronts him. He suspects her of aiding Jin Woo. She’s pursuing justice. The detective calls the chief prosecutor and tattles on Il A’s activities. They agree she should not cause problem for Gyoo Man.

Il A searches for strangulation by fishing line cases.

rem_ep8_6a rem_ep8_6b
Jin Woo meets with his assistants. Jin Woo is surprised they both know his story. They both want to help him. He tells them he needs a cell phone and car. He suggests they hand over the slush fund information the former vice president shared.

Decked out in a baseball cap and glasses Jin Woo gets in his car. He calls a reporter and tells him he has slush fund information.

Jin Woo calls Gyoo Man and tells him that unless the real murder confesses he’ll release the slush fund details. That concerns then angers Gyoo Man. He threatens Jin Woo and his father. Jin Woo tells him he has nothing to lose. Have the real murderer confess or he will release the slush fund information.

rem_ep8_7a rem_ep8_7b
Gyoo Man complains to Dong Ho that Jin Woo is threatening to release the slush fund information. He tells Dong Ho to find Jin Woo and bring him to him.

Gyoo Man soothes his father with his business prowess. A reporter claims he will have slush fund information at 3pm. His father charges him with finding a solution and fast.

Il A sees the same report. She calls Jin Woo and tells him he’s playing a dangerous game. He hangs up on her.

The prosecutor chief tries to find out the reporter from his boss. He squeezes him until the boss provides the name. The detective shows and the chief prosecutor provides him the name of the reporter.

rem_ep8_8a rem_ep8_8b rem_ep8_8c
The reporter and his crew wait for the arrival of Jin Woo and the evidence. Jin Woo arrives at the motel. Dong Ho worries that Jin Woo will do anything as he has nothing to lose. Jin Woo calls Gyoo Man and tells him to watch and learn. That’s what we call poking the bear folks. The police arrive at the motel. But Jin Woo isn’t there. Instead he is another room broadcasting that he will reveal the illegal slush fund actives. Everyone is watching.  Dong HO and his men arrive and stop the broadcast. Dong Ho takes the slush fund document from Jin Woo. Il A calls Jin Woo but he can’t answer because he’s bound and gagged in Dong Ho’s car. I had to laugh when Dong Ho throws Jin Woo’s phone out of the car. The police detective is looking for Dong Ho. He suspects him I’m guessing. Dong Ho tells Jin Woo he’ll take him to a safe place. Gyoo Man calls Dong Ho and tells him to bring Jin Woo. What will Dong Ho do? He tells Jin Woo that he must submit to Gyoo Man this time. He takes Jin Woo to Gyoo Man. Bound and gagged Jin Woo watches Gyoo Man praise Dong Ho for saving the company from the scandal. He burns the evidence. Gyoo Man beats Jin Woo. He loves the violence. Jin Woo passes out.

Alone in his prison cell Jin Woo’s father stares at everything that is labeled. He has a flash of Jin Woo and starts to write a letter. He remembers Jin Woo’s pain when he was convicted. He remembers Jin Woo visiting him in prison. He writer “I did not kill her.” while he cries.

rem_ep8_9crem_ep8_9a rem_ep8_9b
Gyoo Man wakes Jin Woo. He tells him this is the location the police forced a false confession out of his father. Jin Woo gets upset. Gyoo Man loves it. Gyoo Man turns the knife saying his father isn’t a father since he doesn’t remember his son. Gyoo Man tells Jin Woo he must claim memory loss just like his father. He’ll join his father in prison. He tells the police detective to handle this and leaves. Jin Woo screams in agony. The police detective releases Jin Woo. The police detective prepares to shoot the “fleeing” Jin Woo. Gyoo Man tells his assistant to handle the body. A shot rings out. Gyoo Man smiles.

Dong Ho stops the police detective from killing Jin Woo and yells for Jin Woo to run. The police detective can’t believe Dong Ho saved Jin Woo. Dong Ho warns him that he is a detective first and foremost. Gosh, that seems like a weak arguement that already  has given his soul to Gyoo Man. Why wouldn’t the police detective rat on Dong Ho.

Il A finds Jin Woo. She brings him to her home and shares she’s been searching for the real killer. Jin Woo searches his memory and recalls the tatoo on the man he saw exiting the apartment. He recognizes the police photos of the man. They know the murder!

Gyoo Man’s father compliments Gyoo Man for his handling of the slush fund. Dong Ho arrives ask to speak to Gyoo Man privately. He tells Gyoo Man he cannot kill everyone he disagrees with. Dong Ho tells him Jin Woo got away. Gyoo Man says that was no one’s decision but his. Dong Ho leaves.

Il A watches an exhausted Jin Woo sleep. She covers him with a blanket. The morning Il A’s parents find her asleep. She sees a note from Jin Woo saying he’s borrowed her cell phone.

She calls the investigators to head to the hit man’s house.

Dong Ho heads to the hit man’s house.

Jin Woo is heading to the hit man’s house.

Who will get there first?

rem_ep8_11c rem_ep8_11d rem_ep8_11e rem_ep8_11f
When Il A and the investigators arrive they canvas the neighborhood for information on the hit man. As Il A watches the hit man buys snacks right next to her. She follows him. She calls Jin Woo but the hit man knocks her unconscious with a rock. Jin Woo is rightfully scared for Il A.


My Thoughts
* Balance between good and evil is a tricky thing in these types of shows. If evil Gyoo Man has the edge every time it gets annoying. Gyoo Man had every advantage this epiosde. The chief prosecutor is under his control. The police detective is under his control. Dong Ho is unwillingly under his control. The best part of the episode was Jin Woo calling Gyoo Man and telling him to watch while he aired the slush fund details. That was bold.
* Jin Woo continues to take the direct approach with Gyoo Man and it costs him again.  Jin Woo realized that his false murder charge jeopardized his father’s retrial and it killed him. Luckily Jin Woo has two assistants and Il A on his side but their combined power does not watch Gyoo Man’s power.
* In A’s best moment was searching for the real killer to clear Jin Woo. Her evidence coupled with Jin Woo’s memory lead them quickly to determine the real killler. Finding him turned out to be difficult. In A received a rock to the head for her trouble. I wouldn’t call In A brilliant but she’s willing to use the resources she has to help. Without her the real killer’s identify would not be known. Oh yes, I enjoyed it when Il A told Dong Ho she’s never trust him again.
* Dong Ho helped Jin Woo and managed to avoid a Gyoo Man beat down. Dong Ho realizes that Gyoo Man is crazy cruel but he will not break away from Gyoo Man because of Joo Il.
* Gyoo Man is violent, cruel and arrogant. He holds all the cards and has every advantage. I look forward to his downfall.
* Yeo Kyung is almost a cameo character. She continues to be ancillary to the story at this point.

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6 comments on “Remember Episode 8 Recap
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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Gyu Man is a psychotic piece of excrement! He is incredibly cruel as he tells Jin Woo’s dad that he deserves to be in prison to pay for his crime (when Psycho Crap is the murderer!) and JW is a murder too! I concur that “I can’t wait to see him locked up!”

    Why, why, why does Jin Woo keep “poking the bear”…does he not get that announcing what you are going to the enemy gives them time to prepare and defense/offence? Darn that Dong Ho for stopping Jin Woo….and then taking JW to psycho crap. Now the hidden card to gone…While I am glad Dong Ho stopped the dirty detective from killing Jin Woo, I still don’t consider him trustworthy…maybe he will become trustworthy down the road…I have hope ❤

    Thanks to In Ah’s ❤ persistent research and Jin Woo’s memory it looks like they are on the trail of the hit man. Unfortunately due to her bulldozing tendencies, she has given herself away to the hit man…eotteoke…eotteoke…


    • kjtamuser says:

      Gyu Man is cruel. I can see no redeeming qualities in this elitist conceited killer.

      I hear you on “poking the bear”. I wonder if the writer had taken the “never heard them coming” tactic if the series would have had too few obstacles for Jin Woo and therefore too tame.


  3. Mary Bethany says:

    kitamusings u said “Gyu Man is cruel. I can see no redeeming qualities”. yet, i will never forget when this show ends it airing and displayed the finale scene, *Spoiler Alert: many mourned at the demise of Gye man, Nam Gye Man with all his cruelty and inhumane treatment of what he deem as filth under his feet. Yet many mourned at the “Injustice ways” that death sentence is too harsh for him, citing that he himself a victim…. wait.. victim my foot! sorry for my vulgarity, not vocab can describe my agash at the fast to overlook NGM’s sin just because fans were overwhelmed by his weekly exposed of abs and charismatic smile… oh laud Nam Goongmin acting, but please acknowledge that serving Death sentence is even too lenient for that animal. to see the way, he rub off Jinwoo and his dad seperately like dirt under his shoe, cleansed away, and asked SOMEONE else to remove that filth… i felt i have never hated any villain that bad in all my past 20 years watching dramas from childhood… calling NGm animal, is insulting animals, seriously!

    Jane Tilly, you mentioned why poked the Bear. JW has always believed that he has nothing left to loose, that his sole aim in life is to save dad. that notion channeled him to become the youngest and msot successful attorney to date… but all his success sort of letting him off guard that there is such thing as framing for murder, and dirty cops, and there is after all something else he has that can be lost, Himself. when he lost his freedom and his rights, he cannot defends the person he seek to protect. afterall, he gained something alongthe way, before he realised it, he gain hope to save dad, and trust in Inah, and, he gain Inah. all these can be lost, if he is framed. when he found himself framed, even he knew the flush fund cannot really bring him the result he need to free dad, flush fund can only throw some mud on Nam shady business, but like cut off lizard tail. it will grow back, so he is willing to use to tempt NAMS to give up Dirty cop, hopefully dirty cop can be traced to owned up dad’s innocency. in fact if Dongho doesn’t help NGM, NGM has very little hope of finding JW mid recording of the wikileaks. he is not stupid, he is desperate, to bring in the hateful dirty cop, by using all means. just that the ever wise boy is not god, he didn’t foresee a certain person call Dongho, for once again betray him. and that USB has password coding, so he can only read, cannot write or copied out. another miscal, not Jinwoo fault, its writernim’s fault.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Your loathing of Gyu Man was articulated beautifully. I thought to myself that Gyu Man had to rely others to do the dirty work as you stated ” rub off Jin Woo and his dad separately like dirt under his shoe, cleansed away, and asked SOMEONE else to remove that filth”.

      Your poking the bear explanation was excellent.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    It is always good to see another point of view. I truly agree with you all, my poking the bear comment is a complaint in reference to the writernims…they tend to use this tactic this a lot in a variety of dramas.

    I have a bit of a concurring rant in regards to Mary Beth’s spoiler alert, but I decided to post it under the final episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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