Oh My Venus Episode 16 (Final) Recap

There is no stopping our couple in this sweet and satisfying final episode.

Oh My Venus Episode 16 Recap

We start the episode with a replay of the lovely proposal with the ring knitted as part of the scarf, unraveled by Young Ho, Joo Eun accepting his proposal, and Young Ho slipping the ring on her finger as they grant their mutual wish that they be together forever.

omv_ep16_1a omv_ep16_1b
Our leading man Young Ho (So Ji Sub) drops our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) off at her best friend’s apartment, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji). Joo Eun tells Young Ho they’ll live together forever. Young Ho declares the man that dates Joo Eun is a lucky man. Joo Eun can only agree.

omv_ep16_2b omv_ep16_2a
Hyun Woo is appropriately stoked when she spots the ring Young Ho gave Joo Eun. Darling when Joo Eun declares “Mr. Sexy proposed to me.” The meeting with Young Ho’s Grandmother concerns Joo Eun. They role play the potential conversation between Joo Eun and Young Ho’s Grandmother. Hyun Woo offers Joo Eun a hideous outfit to wear to meet Young Ho’s Grandmother. Thank goodness, Joo Eun rejects the outfit.

The next day at work, Joon Sung’s mother stops by to thank Joo Eun for her help.  Joo Eun comments that Joon Sung is happy. His mother declares she’s got a wonderful son, who has a cute girlfriend, and wonders if she should be so blessed.

Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) is surprised when Young Ho stops by his office. Young Ho asks Woo Sik to support his plan to build a  rehab center. While Young Ho doesn’t necessarily trust Woo Sik, he trusts his understanding of the need for such a facility due to the injuries caused by swimming.

Young Ho texts Director Choi to meet him at the company.

omv_ep16_6a omv_ep16_6b
Oh no, Joo Eun is wearing the hideous outfit. She’s nervous to meet Young Ho’s Grandmother. Joo Eun offers Grandmother an envelop with her health results. Joo Eun declares no amount of money could sway her to leave Young Ho. Grandmother tells Joo Eun other than her hideous outfit, she does not object to Joo Eun in any way. Her only condition, an extravagant wedding gift.

In the car Grandmother recalls hearing Joo Eun’s pleas to Young Ho at the hospital when she poured out her heart to Young Ho.

omv_ep16_7a omv_ep16_7b omv_ep16_7c omv_ep16_7d
Kim Ji Wong (Henry) tells Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) that Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, won a popular star award. Joon Sung doesn’t seem impressed. At the locker room, Hee Jin puts a Samsung Gear S2 watch on Joon Sung.  Love the couple picture she put on his watch face. Ah, they have matching watches. Joon Sung doesn’t seem impressed. Frustrated, she says she’s been following him for a year. She likes him, where is the crime in that? Joon Sung tells her he’s interested in her. Hee Jin is thrilled. He kisses her.

omv_ep16_8a omv_ep16_8b omv_ep16_8c
Young Ho arrives at Joo Eun’s house and finds her in bed. She tells him she met his Grandmother. He is concerned. Joo Eun tells him his Grandmother wants an extravagant wedding gift. Joo Eun suggests they procreate and provide a grandchild. I loved the baby “Arrogant Bastard” stuffed animals she flung at him, too cute! He tries to leave but she deftly pins him. He flips her and says they need to express their love with training. He states once she gets 4 stripes, they will make love. Joon Sung and Ji Wong watch baffled by their method of flirting. Joo Eun is seductive, he refrains from taking her up on her offer though it kills him. When Joo Eun presents him with the 4 stripes belt, he  agrees to make love.

omv_ep16_9b omv_ep16_9c omv_ep16_9d omv_ep16_9eJoo Eun and Young Ho formally meet Grandmother and Young Ho’s father. Their formal greeting is cut short by Grandmother. Manager Min confirms that Joo Eun overdid the historical greeting and outfit a bit.  Joo Eun is nervous and thinks she has indigestion. Young Ho helps her calm down. Joo Eun is baffled that his Grandmother and father are in their respective room and not socializing. She gathers them and sings for them. Young Ho begs her not to. Manager Min cues the music and Joo Eun dances and sings. A record executive is not going sign her to cut a record anytime soon. Young Ho interrupts her performance. Grandmother laughs. Father SMILES!! Father LAUGHS! Joo Eun takes a selfie of the group.

At home, Young Ho congratulations her on her weird but effective tactics. He loved watching his Grandmother and Father laugh like that. He tells her she’s amazing. Joo Eun asks if he is hesitating about children because of his childhood disease. He blamed his Father as a child. He doesn’t want his children to blame him. Joo Eun tells him the chances of inheriting the disease are low. Young Ho is concerned that their children and they, as parents, will suffer. Joo Eun urges him to try and work through whatever life gives them. Don’t live in fear, live. Joo Eun is straightforward, she wants his son and his daughter, she wants them to raise their children together. Young Ho caves stating he can never win against her. They hug happy they will move forward together despite uncertainties life might bring.

Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) returns home and stares at the baby booties and engagement ring. Woo Sik stands outside her door but decides not to enter. He recalls his conversation with the doctor, that Soo Jin could have problems conceiving.

omv_ep16_10a omv_ep16_10b omv_ep16_10c omv_ep16_10d
Young Ho’s Father is at the hospital for his treatments when Young Ho surprises him by visiting and putting away the reports. Father is surprised that Young Ho knew about his condition. Young Ho reviews the reports for his Father and stays with him. His Father thanks him for coming. Father’s wife and other child, Yoon Joon, arrive. Young Ho greets them. Young Ho tells Yoon Joon to call him brother and jokes that he needs to work out. He leaves. I appreciated that Yoon Joon finally got some acknowledgement and kindness from Young Ho. Father tells Yoon Joon to major in medicine. Yoon Joon is stoked to have a crumb of interest from his father and agrees.

Young Ho works on Joo Eun’s Mother’s wrist. He recommends she see a doctor. Mother agrees. She tells him with Joo Eun by his side he won’t have a lonely life. They are thankful that Joo Eun is important to both of them.

Soo Jin recalls moments with Woo Sik. He in turn is thinking about their past moments too. Woo Sik tracks down Soo Jin. He declares he will say sorry this last time for only thinking about himself. He declares he loves her and asks her to marry him. She cries. They hug. Interesting location for those scenes. I liked the golden hour lighting.

Joo Eun and Young Ho job together.  She concerned about the photo shoot. He tells her this will help. They decide to race.

omv_ep16_12a omv_ep16_12b omv_ep16_12d omv_ep16_12e
Joo Eun floors the boys, Manager Min and Young Ho with her red poka dot dress and crown for their engagement photo. How fun, the photo shoot is all of them, of course with couple photos too. This is fun filler! We get greatest hit moments for all our characters.

6 months later…

omv_ep16_13b omv_ep16_13c omv_ep16_13d
Joo Eun arrives at the airport. Marine Ji Wong greets her. Young Ho and Joon Sung greet her. He is stunned to find out she is expecting. He hugs her thrilled. She’s three month along. He’s concerned about the amount of weight she’s gain. TWINS! He declares they need to exercise. He tells her she needs to slim down to fit into her wedding gown. She tells him not to worry, this is what she looks like now. Her face is fuller so her dimple isn’t there. He tells her they must exercise. Joo Eun and Young Ho depart together.

Flashback to the wheelchair Young Ho as a child and the youth Joo Eun putting a bandage on his cast and encouraging him to fight and get stronger. Ah…they met at a young age and connected then too.

We end the series with flashbacks of their best moments ending with them hugging.

My Thoughts
* Another sweet episode that provided the closure and a happily every after for our couple. I’ve used the word sweet many times in my recaps of this series. But that word applies to many of the characters. Joo Eun is sweet, Young Ho is sweet, Joon Sung is sweet, Ji Wong is sweet, etc. This series had a soft, fun, vibe. There was little doubt that our couple was right for each other. Once they realized it, they were all in. I appreciated the lack of typical obstacles to our couple’s happiness. The single episode Young Ho accident and solo recovery was their biggest obstacle, and they handled it better than I did. While I enjoyed that last two episodes, they were clearly victory laps, full of filler. This series could have been shortened by at least 1 if not 2 episodes.
* Young Ho and Joo Eun supported and cared for each other. They were fun to watch. Their banter was superb. I’m a sucker for fun banter between a couple, and they had many wonderful moments. They had a playful aspect to their relationship that was created and sustained throughout the series by the lead actors. They are an enjoyable couple.
* Joon Sung and Ji Wong had closure too. Ji Wong was finally a marine and Joon Sung finally admitted he liked Hee Jin and kissed her. These two were superb secondary characters. The writer could have given them more screen time and story, they were charming, kind, and lots of fun. Bravo to the actors that made these characters sparkle.
* Soo Jin and Woo Sik resolved their issues and decided to marry.  I’ve been upfront that this couple was a bore in the first half of the series. Once Joo Eun and Soo Jin talked about and dealt with their issues, that allowed Soo Jin to drop the jealously and bitchy treatment of Joo Eun. That was the turning point for Soo Jin with me. Woo Sik came along for the ride. He never did much for me.
* How did the writer do with my final episode wishes?
+ Grandmother’s approval for our couple – GRANTED
+ A kiss between Joon Sun and Hee Jin – GRANTED
+ A cute moment for Ji Wong – GRANTED
+ A truthful conversation between Soo Jin and Woo Sik. – GRANTED, kinda
+ A smile from Young Ho’s father -GRANTED, with a bonus laugh
+ A girl for Manager Min – NO, but I’ll accept the cute photo shoot he participated in as a substitute.

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14 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 16 (Final) Recap
  1. chistarr says:

    lol.. i feel like the writer was reading wish lists of the viewers she was so on point with tying up practically every loose end: the abusive husband, the connection between the brothers, the father smiling and connecting, grandma approving and smiling, babies (or at least the potential for babies since she was only pregnant but still…..twins!!!!!). I loved this series and have already watched it a gazillion times this holiday. This and Splash Splash love were the best way to end 2015 for me. I look forward to another collaboration between SMA and SJS as they are great together! Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Winifred Brown says:

    I wish they would do a spin off drama or comedy with the characters joon sung and Ji wong. They would also show young ho and joo eun with their marriage life with twins.


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  4. chistarr says:

    I actually thought that the ending scene with the kids was just a reflection of their internal states i.e. state of mind after they met each other….. I really did not see it as a flashback to when they were kids……


  5. NN says:

    I thought the final episode had too much filler. I wished there was more interaction between Young Ho and Yoon Joon. @kjtamuser – Thanks for recapping every episode so speedily!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yep, they easily could have combined episodes 15 and 16 into a single episode. Yoon Joon (like his mother) just didn’t seem to matter much to the writer.


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    FORGIVENESS: First of all I was impressed with Young Ho’s forgiving nature for those who previously not only undermined him at Gahong but put the lives of his friend and himself in jeopardy. 1) Woo Sik: who actually became somewhat relevant by YH getting him on board with his rehab center. 2) Directory Choi: Who received the greater gob smacking—me or Dir. Choi? YH is very magnanimous in his forgiving gesture to welcoming Dir. Choi back to Gahong. Looks like YH is also interested in emotional rehab of Gahong and his “extended” family.

    ANTAGONIST LOVEBIRDS: I like that Soo Jin and JE became friend once Soo Jin got over herself. They really socked it to the pervert! Yeah teamwork!

    Since I don’t hate Soo Jin anymore, I won’t begrudge her some happiness. The antagonist lovebirds hug ° and…*YAWN*…Woo Sik’s oversized plaid suit has got to be one of the most hideous suits I have seen in Kdramas—okay I know there is some pretty stiff competition out there—what’s up the Koreans and oversized plaids? My unni really hated YH’s oversized plaid comeback overcoat.

    YOUNG HO’S FAMILY: The conservative suit JE wore to meet Granny looked like a 1990’s sofa fabric. JE’s preemptive move in handing Granny an envelope (with a health report) with an emphatic I will NEVER leave YH was awesome! I was so pleased that Granny was already on board with the marriage as she had already determined JE’s value and the only thing she objected to was JE’s suit. ROFL! Note to self: if it looks it could be on a sofa or chair, do NOT wear it!!!

    Didn’t JE learn to be herself after the hideous sofa suit incident, but no she decides to wear a traditional hanbok to meet the family—it was pretty, but she soon found out this family is not traditional. What a surprise that the response to her traditional song was laughter…for the FIRST time we are seeing some humanity in this family.

    Dad finds out his cancer isn’t such a secret, as Young Ho catches him mid-treatment. We learned in a previous episode that his wife already knew about it. Step-mom and Young Joon get acknowledgement from Young Ho AND Dad. This was the first scene with Young Ho and Young Joon—I think there could have been some meaningful interactions with Young Joon which would have made the story richer and would have given us reasons to be invested in Young Ho’s family despite their shortfalls.

    SIDE KICKS: Joon Sung became the champion! I simply loved that Joon Sung had not only reconnected with his mom, but finally warmed up to Hee Jin…Nice kissing 💋 oppa! Ji Woong finally made it into the Marines. I like Winifred’s idea of a side kick spin-off. We could see all the boys happily settled including Dir. Min 💋. Getting an update on JE and YH would be great.

    JOO EUN & YOUNG HO COUPLE: The way JE used the baby stuffed animals to cajole YH cracked me up! I thought the stuffed animal was some sort of bear, but after seeing the baby version, I’m pretty sure it is a sloth (http://www.enchanting-costarica.com/activities/sloths-in-costa-rica/ ). JE addresses YH fear of their kids inheriting his disease—don’t worry about something that hasn’t happened.

    I enjoyed the photoshoot from JE’s sassy red polka dot dress and tiara to including the side kicks and flashbacks of some of the greatest moments of the drama. It reiterated the importance of these sidekicks to the story—Nice moments!

    Flash forward 6 months—is it wrong of me to like the fact that JE gained weight? It was a Dream High flashback to IU gaining back her weight after having babies. We are fallible human beings—but seriously, gaining 26 kilos in one month? That is 57 pounds folks! She doesn’t look THAT much bigger. Baby weight gain and overeating aside, you would have to have some major water retention or something seriously wrong with you to gain that much weight in that period of time! Feasibility rant over.

    I love that once we got past the noble idiocy, we did not see any of the typical Kdrama obstacles to relationships— love triangle, family opposition, a breakup, etc. Our JE and YH are resilient, deeply in love and soon to be parents of TWINS! Our sidekicks are happy and YH will whip JE back into shape in no time. What more can I say (I know, I already wrote a book), but I 💋love💋 a happy ending that is not ambiguous! 💋


  7. kjtamuser says:

    What an awesome consolidation of this series. You had me laughing at “oversized plaids” and “if it looks it could be on a sofa or chair, do NOT wear it!!!” What the Korean stylists do to their male actors…it can leave one speechless. Your conclusion is spot on – a unambiguous happy ending…sometimes rare treat in kdramas.


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