Oh My Venus Episode 15 Recap

Sweet episode that bonds our leads with a declaration, a question and a response.

Oh My Venus Episode 15 Recap

We start the episode with a greatest hits moments of the series.

omv_ep15_1c omv_ep15_1b omv_ep15_1a
Our leading man Young Ho (So Ji Sub) tells our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) he won’t be able to let her go home tonight. She’s on board with that. They snuggle, they kiss lightly, she then makes a move. She kisses him and starts rubbing his chest. Plans change and they both decide to take it to the next level. I loved his line “you seduced me first”.  She counters that they seduced each other. He wants dark, she wants light, he wins. The clothes come off and we fade to the post event cuddle. She frets about the boys coming home. He tells her not to worry. She tells him she better to be able to see him when she likes. He agrees.

The next morning she wakes to find him staring at her. They are all smiles. They eat breakfast together. He is pleased that her health has improved so she no longer needs her medicine. They decides to spend the day together. They watch TV, exercise (much to her chagrin), start to get close but her mother calls. He drops her off at her place.

Her Mom is waiting for Joo Eun at her apartment. Her mom nags her to get married and have children. Mom wants to meet her boyfriend. Joo Eun sidesteps the request and heads to work.

Young Ho’s Grandmother gets Joo Eun’s business card. She definitely interested in meeting the girl that has captured Young Ho’s heart.

Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) and  Joo Eun meet regarding a sexual harassment case. They nail the male client to the wall. Girl power! After the meeting Joo Eun admires Soo Jin’s engagement ring. Joo Eun urges Joo Sin to eat. As Soo Jin leaves her office Joo Eun gets her to promise to get a checkup.

As Soo Jin leaves the building, she touches her belly. Woo Sik calls and she rejects the call. Is she pregnant? That doesn’t match the headaches. She calls the hospital and asks that her appointment be moved up.

Young Ho calls Joo Eun. He tells her that Ji Wong and Joon Sung are at her house. Joo Eun knows that will make her Mom happy. When she arrives home Kim Ji Wong (Henry) and Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) and Mom are playing cards and having loads of fun.

Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) calls Soo Jin who is heading to her doctor’s appointment. Little does she know he is in the parking lot. He follows her in. Soo Jin asks for the results of her test. She is at an OBGYN office. Pregnancy is the natural assumption.

omv_ep15_4b omv_ep15_4a
Joo Eun, her mom, Joon Sung and Ji Wong play cards together. Young Ho arrives with carryout food, nervous to meet her mother. Joo Eun tells him to calm down. Young Ho is cannot, he is really nervous. When Young Ho enters the room, Mom stares. Ji Wong and Joon Sung stare. They beat a hasty retreat. Ji Wong tells Mom that Young Ho is his hero.

Young Ho offers Mom flowers and introduces himself. He tells Mom he will continue to date Joo Eun. He gets the stamp of approval. Young Ho is relieved. He offers the flowers to Mom. Smiles all around.

Soo Jin is in bed when Woo Sik arrives with porridge. He brings a gift of baby booties. He admits he saw her at the hospital. She tells him she’s not pregnant. She wants to focus on her career right now. Woo Sik is surprised. He spots the engagement ring next to her not on her hand. He wants to know why. She asks him to leave. She gets upset. He leaves.

She recalls her appointment with her doctor. She will be unlikely to get pregnant. That upsets her. Woo Sik will want children. The doctor tells her she can get treated and perhaps she can get pregnant. Soo Jin is upset. Why can’t it be easy for her to get pregnant?

Woo Sik is upset at Soo Jin’s claim that she doesn’t want children in favor of her career and that she took off the engagement ring. Weird they replay the scene we saw only moments ago. That smacks of filler. 

omv_ep15_6b omv_ep15_6a
Joo Eun and Young Ho have another texting session. He fret his family will be more difficult that her mother. Young Ho suggests they take a road trip tomorrow. They wish each other good night. I’ve grown to love these interchanges. 

omv_ep15_7b omv_ep15_7c
Young Ho examines her suitcase and is happy with the overnight gear but tells her they will not be staying over night. Young Ho takes her to the temple where his mother’s memorial is. How sweet, the pink scarf he knitted his mother is on display. Joo Eun realizes Young Ho knit her scarf. She introduces herself to Young Ho’s mother and gives a sweet speech. Young Ho appreciates it.

omv_ep15_8c omv_ep15_8b
Young Ho’s Grandmother sends a text to Joo Eun requesting they meet. She does not share this with Young Ho. They enjoy a date, holding hands walking through the holiday decorations, and generally being silly together.  Love their selfie pics! They are darling when they share the scarf and admit they are crazy for each other.

omv_ep15_9a omv_ep15_9b omv_ep15_9d omv_ep15_9iomv_ep15_9h
I am totally surprised when Young Ho unravels the ball on her scarf to reveal a ring. He asks if he can put the ring on her finger. He holds out his arms for a hug. He asks her to marry him. She accepts. “Now Joo Eun is mine” he declares . Their wish to be together forever is granted. Sweet hug and happy smiles on their faces. This proposal works! That was an awesome presentation of a ring!


My Thoughts
* Another sweet episode that moved their relationship to the next level and then some. I have never seen a ring presented like that before. I loved the novelty and the fact that he knitted the ring into the scarf while he was recovering in America knowing that he would propose to her when the time was right. The sentiment is lovely and sweet.
* Young Ho and Joo Eun click. They accept each other. They have an underlying calm and sweet way with each other that I totally enjoy. Theirs is a quiet love. But quiet doesn’t mean boring. Their interchanges are enjoyable. You get the sense you are watching a cute couple that could be real.  One more episode to go, do we get one more victory lap episode for this couple? Will his Grandmother’s approval be an obstacle?
* Joon Sung and Ji Wong were featured briefly this episode. They got limited screen time but these two are fun to watch even if it is only for a moment.
* Soo Jin has medical issues with getting pregnant.  Instead of being straight forward with her financee, she hid the truth as she was upset with the news from her doctor. I hope she comes clean in the final episode. These two are well suited. Let’s not inflict them on anyone else!
* What’s left for the final episode? Maybe the writer give us:
+ Grandmother’s approval for our couple
+ A kiss between Joon Sun and Hee Jin
+ A cute moment for Ji Wong
+ A truthful conversation between Soo Jin and Woo Sik.
+ A smile from Young Ho’s father
+ A girl for Manager Min

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4 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 15 Recap
  1. NN says:

    Thanks for the speedy recap. There’s only one episode left!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I think Joo Eun is the most flirtatious female character, except for vixenous villains, I have seen in a Kdrama! From her flirting and kissing to skinship this girl has moxy! Such a nice change from so many female leads who just stand there, with their hands limp at their sides as the male lead kisses them–come on girls, if you like him you should at the very least look at him. maybe smile after, or put your arms around him and maybe even kiss back! Those poor guys would do just as well kissing a lamppost. Yeah for Joo Eun’s flirtations and responses! I’m sure it is a cultural thing, but how refreshing to have a Korean female lead with enough confidence and/or moxy to express her feelings!

    Omo it was adorbs how nervous Yong Ho was at meeting Joon Eun’s mom. Joon Sung got a clue quickly and dragged Ji Woong out of there lickety split! Maam’s mommy ended up being a soft sell for getting approval! One side of family down, the other side of the family to go–this side just night be the hard sell…

    Soo Jin and Woo S…*YAWN* …too little, too late…why didn’t the writers give us something earlier to help us to be invested in these characters…

    Joo Eun and Young Ho’s first official date ended in a proposal 💋SQWEE!💋 I loved that she already had the ring and didn’t know it. What a unique to propose!


    • kjtamuser says:

      It was truly a lovely proposal and one I have never seen with the ring in the scarf.
      Excellent point about Joo Eun’s confidence and enjoyment of her man. It was refreshing indeed. Your lampost analogy is spot on.


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