Oh My Venus Episode 14 Recap

Sweet episode that showed the determination, caring and patience of our leads.

Oh My Venus Episode 14 Recap

omv_ep14_1b omv_ep14_1a
In the hospital our leading man Young Ho (So Ji Sub) dreams of his love, our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah). He misses Joo Eun terribly. But watching her cry because of him would be worse than the pain of separation. Ah, he’s knitting a pink scarf for Joo Eun. Flashback to the child Young Ho knitting a scarf for his mother. Nice side by scene of the child and adult Young Ho. Well done director.   Young Ho’s stepmother sees Manager Min outside of Young Ho’s hospital room. She’s being discharged (as well as her son, Young Joon). She apologizes for her actions and leaves with Young Joon. Young Ho rifles through Joo Eun’s dating book and remembers moments. He imagines her in the hospital room offering him comfort. In May 2015 he leaves the hospital in a wheelchair. He sees the bandage Joo Eun put on the door. Gosh, she’s terrific to do that for him, mimicking the bandages he administered to her. The fact that he finally sees it 5 months later does not lessen it’s impact. He presses his palm to the bandage and then removes it putting it on his hand. Young Ho leaves the hospital. The doctors tell his father the bones have healed but the muscles have atrophied and walking again will be a miracle. The doctors tell his father he will still have cancer treatments. Young Ho is taken to the airport. He remembers the same journey as a child. The plane with Young Ho leaves Korea.

In America Young Ho works hard rehabilitating to walk again. In his down time he looks at all the unread texts from Joo Eun but does not read them. He picks up the dating book she gave him. It now has the bandage on the cover. Young Ho thinks he wants to run to Joo Eun but cannot do it, not yet. More rehabilitation.

Kim Ji Wong (Henry) and Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) visit. They display the championship belt. Young Ho is proud of Joon Sung. More rehabilitation.

Now is it December 2015, Young Ho returns to Korea walking beautifully. Manager Min wonders if the pink scarf is too pink. Manager Min is happy Young Ho is back. Young Ho is happy to be back. Young Ho finally reads the texts and watch the videos Joo Eun sent him.

Now Young Ho stands and waits for Joo Eun to appear. She assumes he is a hallucination and doesn’t react to him until she walks into him. Then she knows he is real. Young Ho is back. He wraps the pink scarf around her neck. He says “Long time no see”. She touches his face and says “You are real.” He stamps his feet. She’s amazed. He hugs her. She hugs him back and cries. The long wait is over. Her love is back. She gets a call from work and has to go. She asks him to wait somewhere warm. He says he’ll be right there. She leaves but returns grabbing his arm to follow her (and not leave her). Lots of staring in the elevator. She leads him off the elevator. Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) sees them exit the elevator and smiles. Joo Eun seats Young Ho in her guest chair and gathers her papers. To her house they go.

omv_ep14_5b omv_ep14_5a
In her apartment she works. He relaxes and watches her. She watches him while she works. He thinks it’s a miracle they have the opportunity to reconnect. She cries overwhelmed that he’s really back. He pulls her to him. He thinks he’s sorry for their separation. The door bell rings. She thinks it is Manager Min and tells him to go see his family. They hug. He leaves the apartment and cries with relief that the woman he loves is still his. She watches him leave thankful that he’s still hers.

Joo Eun calls her best friend Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji) and cries. She tells Hyun Woo that Young Ho has returned. Hyun Woo is happy and states this a terrific gift from Santa. Her ex brings their son home from an outing. He gives her a child support check that she rejects and asks him to be a good Dad. He offers the check again telling her he must do his part. She takes it this time.

Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) has set the table for Soo Jin. She gets a headache as she enters the door. She takes medicine. They enjoy a candlelight dinner. He proposes. She accepts.

Young Ho’s father and grandmother are gobsmacked how well he walks. They are happy he is back home. Grandmother hugs him. They share a meal. After supper father and son chat. Father asks about his psychosomatic condition. Young Ho states it has not occurred since the accident. Father wants his return to the company as soon as possible.

Young Ho watches his Grandmother sleep.

The next morning Young Ho texts Joo Eun calling her “his Venus”. She texts back that she’ll see him later.

Ji Wong decorates the Christmas tree. Joo Eun arrives. They hug happy to see each other face-to-face. Joon Sung is out visiting his mother.

omv_ep14_10aomv_ep14_10b omv_ep14_10c
Joon Sung’s mother is happy his scars have healed. He gives her a new coat for Christmas. He asks if she’d like to see a movie with him. Jang Hee Jin arrives. She declares they must go eat together and spirits his mother away. Joon Sung smiles.

When Young Ho arrives home, everyone is there to celebrate his birthday. Manager Min sings “My Way” in English and offers an encore too. Ji Wong, Joon Sung and Hyun Woo do a musical number complete with dancing.

Joo Eun calls her mother who is watching her grandson while her son and daughter in law cook for her. Joo Eun is happy that her mother is happy.

Joon Sung meets Hee Jin and his mother for a movie.

Soo Jin and Woo Sik enjoy a movie together.

omv_ep14_15a omv_ep14_15b omv_ep14_15cYoung Ho tells Joo Eun that he can’t send her home tonight. She tells him wasn’t planning on leaving. They stare at each other in bed. Young Ho shows her the bandage he took from the door. They both think positive things about each other. They hug. Young Ho hopes they can have a relaxing night together. Joo Eun is on board with that. She kisses him. Hmmm, she may want to ratchet the evening up a notch. She makes the move on him.

My Thoughts
* Sweet and tender episode that showed their journey apart and acceptance of that separation and each other. Joo Eun supported Young Ho’s solo journey of rehab. Young Ho missed her terribly but wouldn’t engage her until he was 100% well and sexy. This is exactly what she asked him to do.
* I enjoyed the scenes with the child Young Ho and the adult Young Ho. The director and camera team did a nice job in those scenes.
* Young Ho worked long and hard to return to form so he could return to Joo Eun. There were no doubts he was working to return to her. When she saw him there were no doubts she was waiting for him to return to her. This is a well matched couple. Two more episodes to go, do we get two victory lap episodes for this couple? Have they conquered every obstacle?
* Joon Sung has a relationship with his mother. They are sweet to watch. Hee Jin popped up and whisked his mother away for an evening out together. This has been a nicely developed story for Joon Sung that I’ve enjoyed.
* Soo Jin and Woo Sik got engaged.  What’s with the headaches? Is Soo Jin pregnant or sick?

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4 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 14 Recap
  1. NN says:

    Thanks for the recap. I found the segment which shows us Joo Eun trying to get on with her life but bursting into tears at inappropriate times quite heartbreaking. One scene that had me laughing and crying was when she started sobbing in front of a female client. The client was wonderfully comforting and even sweetly told Joo Eun they can discuss her divorce case another day since she’s already been stuck in the marriage so long it some delay won’t make a difference – lol. As for the stepmom and step brother, I wish we could see Young Ho reaching out to them and bringing the family closer together.


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I concur with NN it was touching and uplifting to see Joo Eun getting on with her life–the interaction with the client was sweet. I’m not sure if Joo Eun’s tears of happiness or fear that Young Ho won’t stay next to her.

      I so want there to be interaction between Young Ho and at least his little bro! Adding step-mom would be fine. So it is clear step-mom no longer lives with dad–are they divorced? I would like some clarity, will I get my response in the last episode?

      I don’t think I could be happier that Young Ho worked so hard to have such a complete recovery. I adored the repeat of Joo Eun walking into him, thinking he was yet again another hallucination. I thought the scene showing young and current Young Ho knitting as part of the recovery was a nice touch. I love that he hand knit the scarf. So Ji Sub was actually knitting! I wondered if he already knew how to knit or if he learned for this scene…I loved that our lovebirds finally got to spend some time together.

      Woo Sik and Soo Jin got enga…*YAWN*…okay at least SJ isn’t picking on JE.

      I love, love, love, that Joon Sung finally met his mom and used the year to build a relationship with her. I am delighted to see Hee Jin buttering up mom as her ally. I’m slightly concerned that moms hasn’t divorced the abusive husband, who is apparently in jail over his abuse. I like to be optimistic, but I haven’t seen many if any abusive people truly make a life change…well, I guess when step-dad gets out of prison we can give him the benefit of the doubt…If step-dad fails in his recovery, Joon Sung can protect his mom and if all else fails, beat the snot out of him as a last resort. 🙂

      Christmas – Joon Eun’s mom is no longer lonely as she now has a grandchild *YEAH* What is up with Ji Woong hanging stockings on the tree–I’ve never seen this before…is this a Korean thing or does this happen other places? just curious… Loved the Christmas party–boatloads of fun. Manager Min’s jacket was literally the “highlight” of the evening while Eun Joon’s pastel pink dress totally washed her out.

      Well…we didn’t have to worry about the pink dress for too long as Young Ho and Joo Eun finally got their 💋comfy and erotic💋 night.


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