Oh My Venus Episode 12 Recap

Wow! The ending of this episode completely took me by surprise. Did you have an inkling or were you surprised too?

Oh My Venus Episode 12 Recap

At the company’s 61st anniversary celebration, everyone waits for our leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) to arrive. Our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah), searches and finds him. His psychosomatic knee is shooting pain. She takes his face in her hands and tells him to get it together, she’s there for him, and get to the celebration.

omv_ep12_1a omv_ep12_1b
In what has to be the shortest speech and celebration ever, Young Ho is announced. The doors open revealing Young Ho, Manager Min and his minions with Joo Eun to the side. Young Ho takes the stage, locks eyes with Joo Eun, introduces himself, then leaves. That’s it? 

omv_ep12_2a omv_ep12_2bAs Young Ho gets into the car to exit the reporters stampede and Joo Eun hurts her foot. She and Young Ho make eye contact before the car pulls away. She hobbles to the steps, grabs her ankle and waits for the calvary. Young Ho surprises her by returning. He sweetly tells her she was pretty tonight and he had to tell her personally. He examines her foot.  The calvary arrives – our favorite boxer, Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon), and manager, Kim Ji Wong (Henry). They take Joo Eun home.

omv_ep12_3a omv_ep12_3b
Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) takes Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young), Joon Eun’s boss, home. She tells him she’s a bad person. He disagrees. I beg to differ. She’s stuck in the past and jealous of Joo Eun.

omv_ep12_4a omv_ep12_4b
Joo Eun’s mother is waiting at Joo Eun’s apartment. Thrilled to see two good looking boys taking care of her daughter she cooks them dinner.

omv_ep12_5a omv_ep12_5b
In bed, Joo Eun and Young Ho text each other good night, among other things. These two have the “cute” in spades. I enjoy their texting sessions.

The next day Young Ho steals Ji Wong’s porridge that Joo Eun’s mother made him. He dashes to his first day as CEO.

omv_ep12_6a omv_ep12_6b
The meeting with the directors goes ok. Director Choi, who wants to rid the company of Young Ho, tries to play nice.

Young Ho surprises Joo Eun and arrives at her office to take her to lunch. But it’s not lunch or a romantic adventure, it is round two of the body scan. To compensate Young Ho treats her to a sweet at the coffee shop.

omv_ep12_8b omv_ep12_8a
Joo Eun tells her best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji), that her nanny is Joon Sung’s mother. They agree that Joo Eun needs to talk directly to her. Joon Sung’s mother wants to see her son but believes because she went to prison for killing her abusive husband, she’s not worthy. Joo Eun gives her the coat Joon Sung tried to give her previously. Joon Sung’s mother mentions that a nice man found her several years ago, and let her know, he was taking care of her son. Joo Eun is touched that Young Ho put Joon Sung’s mother’ mind at ease.

omv_ep12_9a omv_ep12_9b
It’s Christmas time, lights, trees, and a festive Christmas dinner with Hyun Woo, her son, Joon Sung, Ji Wong, Joo Eun and Young Ho. This unit seems likes family.

omv_ep12_11a omv_ep12_11b
Joon Sung gets the best Christmas gift of all, a call from his mother, she wants to meet. Generously, Young Ho offers his car and wallet, telling Joon Sung to treat his mother to the best eatery in town.

omv_ep12_12a omv_ep12_12b omv_ep12_12c
Young Ho’s stepmother gets the worst Christmas gift, her son overdoses on drugs and is rushed to the hospital. His stomach is pumped. When Young Ho’s stepmother arrives, Young Ho’s father and her brother, Director Choi are not far behind. The doctor tells them once he wakes they’ll know more. Young Ho’s father leaves. Livid, Director Choi confronts him. Young Ho’s father tells him they’ll work this out after the boy wakes. He leaves. Seeing his sister in tears, Director Choi decides there is only one solution – eliminate Young Ho. Why? Because Young Ho inherits everything. If he were eliminated his sister and her son would no longer be cut off and mistreated. Manager Min overhears this and calls Young Ho.

Young Ho is getting ready to go to Joo Eun’s house for some loving but that is put on hold when Manager Min tells him that Director Choi is out for blood. Young Ho quickly realizes Joon Sung is in mortal danger by driving his car which is what Director Choi will likely track.

omv_ep12_13a omv_ep12_13b
Director Choi and Young Ho track Joon Sung who is blissfully unaware that two cars are swerving through traffic to catch up to his car. Director Choi gets ready to hit Joon Sung’s car. Young Ho puts his car in the line of fire instead. Both Young Ho and Director Choi lose control of their vehicles. Young Ho’s car goes airborne after striking another car. The dust settles.

omv_ep12_13c  omv_ep12_13eomv_ep12_13d
Joon Sung stops his car to help the accident victims. He is stunned when he finds an unconsious, badly bleeding Young Ho. Terror and adrenaline coarse through Joon Sung and he opens the stuck door and move the steering wheel gouging Young Ho’s leg. Yes the leg with the scars, the psychosomatic knee is injured for real. Meanwhile Joo Eun preps her evening with Young Ho. A picture falls and breaks. Does she sense a ripple in the force?

My Thoughts
* Family isn’t blood as Joo Eun, Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Wong demonstrate. Family is caring and concern, being there for each other, whether you are related by blood or not. This is a strong message of this show and well received.
* The ending took me by surprise. I did not expect Director Choi to immediately ratchet it up to try to kill Young Ho when his nephew ended up in the hospital. Director Choi isn’t wrong that the terrible treatment his sister and nephew receive is unacceptable. But his first attempt at eliminating Young Ho was revealing he was John Kim. He went full throttle when he escalated to attempted murder.
* Joo Eun and Young Ho work as a couple. I love how they they have evolved to equals. I am a sucker for when the girl saves the guy. Joo Eun has done that for Young Ho. When he came back to tell her she was pretty, I loved it. He took her to the body scan and her health is greatly improved. I liked how Young Ho stated that while he liked Joo Eun’s slimmed down shell, it was her internal health that was important to him. It looked like Young Ho and Joo Eun were ready to take it to the next level….but that is on hold now. Will Young Ho need to get surgery on the knee?
* Joon Sung’s joy at his mother’s call was touching. He was thrilled to finally have his mother reach out. I liked that Joo Eun had texted Joon Sung’s mother his cell phone number. Joon Sung and Ji Wong’s support of Joo Eun after the anniversary dinner and interacting with her mother are sweet. These two are cuties that enhance this series.
Soo Jin told Woo Sik she was a bad person.  He sees the good in her. That’s nice, because I don’t.
* The OST is six songs. Listen to them via the playlist at this link or the embedded playlist below:

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11 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 12 Recap
  1. NN says:

    Thanks for the recap. Yes, I don’t know where that murdering rage from Director Choi came from – it was totally from left field. I’m also confused about why the nephew was in town – I thought he was abroad studying. It seems that he came back for the company’s 61st anniversary but as to why he didn’t show himself and go home and why he OD, I don’t have a clue.


    • kjtamuser says:

      The nephew is in a terrible position. Limited power mother, father that ignores him, Uncle that touts him which rankles his father. I concur it was unclear why he was still in Korea, and his drug issue was thrown out there without explanation (other than the family issues).


      • Beez says:

        I think (but am not sure) that I remember Yong Moon (half brother’s name?) walking up with flowers and overhearing somebody’s (uncle’s) phone conversation (which I can’t remember what that was about either but I do remember it was more of the usual “mom not even valued as a housekeeper much less as a daughter-in-law, etc.) I didn’t think it was enough to set him off as we,the audience, have seen it every episode, but maybe it was a shock to him or maybe he’s heard it so often it was a last straw.

        It bothers me that Yong Ho seems to have ZERO relationship with his little brother – not good or bad. Have we even seen them in the same room together? Have they spoken on the phone? Have they ever even mentioned each other?


        • kjtamuser says:

          Each point you make is spot on. The pressure of his mother position, and his unacknowledged existence in his family are bitter pills. And no, Young Ho has never mentioned his half brother.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        The whole family dynamic is weird. Grandma’s deceased daughter is Young Ho’s mom. So his dad isn’t related to Granny, but Granny allows YH’s data to work for the company. I recall in an earlier episode Granny arranged for YH’s dad to marry YH’s step-mom and Granny is the one who let dad stay in the house and brought the step-mom in. You would think that between Granny arranging the marriage and bring step-mom in the house, she would be more accepting, especially since step-mom does so many things with the intention of pleasing Granny.

        Granny has even been cantankerous with YH as she refused to take YH’s phone calls. Except for his mom, step-bro is really left in the lurch. You would think that YH would reach out the step-bro, as he has been in a weak position–you know, his soft spot for the weak. The writers have never put them in the same scene.

        I am disgusted by Granny and Dad–neither one has been warm and fuzzy with anyone else.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        Now step-mom’s oppa is another piece of work. Granny has been magnanimous about giving another unrelated person a pretty high position in the company. Dir. Choi loves his sister and nephew, but when nephew overheard him at the Gahong’s anniversary was the final straw that drove him to drugs.

        How in the world can he think that his nephew, who is unrelated to Granny, is entitled to be the heir of the company if YH were out of the picture? He is a greedy grasping nasty excuse of a human being. I can understand him being upset at the treatment of his sister and nephew and the nephew drug OD, but jumping to murder?


  2. Beverly says:

    WooShik is as nasty and rude as Soo Jin so they’re perfect together.


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  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I loved the sidekicks being introduced to Maam’s mom. The interaction was sweet, you could tell JW & JS were basking in the maternal attention and food YH won’t let them eat! I can’t believe YH though eating chicken was bad–it’s not like it was encrusted in carbs and deep fried.

    I felt so bad for JE waiting with her bow on for YH oppa, who wasn’t going to make it, at least that night…💋


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