Oh My Venus Episode 7 Recap

Our leads had a romantic moment. What’s next for them? Will they ignore or embrace the moment?

Oh My Venus Episode 7 Recap

omv_ep7_1b omv_ep7_1c
Our leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) has decided to thank our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah), for showing a day of sweetness. His treat? A lovely kiss. Joo Eun and Young Ho melt into each other. Embarrassed she covers herself in his coat during the ride home and promptly goes to her room. Young Ho finds this adorable. Joo Eun can’t get that kiss out of her mind. I don’t blame her. Young Ho is swoon worthy!

The next day Young Ho greets Joo Eun with a morning surprise weight in. Ick! She gained a bit of weight from yesterday so it is off to the treadmill they go. When she bumps up the speed, she falls back into him. Young Ho asks if this is what a back hug is.

There is an awareness between them now. Like a cat and mouse game. Young Ho is the cat and Joo Eun is the mouse.

At work a woman yells at former friend now annoying enemy and boss Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) for allowing her client to compensate without an apology. Have some human decency the woman yells and have your client apologize for what she did. Joo Eun interrupts the meeting and leads the woman away to calm down.

omv_ep7_3a omv_ep7_3b
The woman explains the settlement money isn’t the important thing, the apology is. Joo Eun remembers to when her father died in a work accident and the company only offered her mother settlement money but no culpability or apology. Her mother was outraged but stuck unable to refuse the settlement money. Joo Eun advises the woman take the settlement money and forget the apologize. Joo Eun notes some people are untouchable and never accountable. She recommends the woman draw out her acceptance of the settlement money forcing the client to tacitly apologize by increasing the settlement amount.

Afterwords Joo Eun calls her mother to touch base and get support. Nice call.

omv_ep7_5b omv_ep7_5a
Soo Jin is slightly thankful that Joo Eun helped facilitate a solution for the irate woman. Joo Eun wonders why Soo Jin who claimed she’d not wallow in the past, is doing  just that with her. Soo Jin has no answer. The power between Soo Jin and Joo Eun seemed more equal that scene.

Young Ho joins his Grandmother at the temple. Afterwords he asks if he’s forgiven. His Grandmother tells him she misses his mother so much. Young Ho tells his Grandmother she needs to stop mourning and move on. It is a sweet moment and Manager Min is touched by their simple interaction. His Grandmother tells Young Ho that reentering the company is her last wish. Major guilt trip there! Young Ho jokes what if he destroys this company that Grandmother and his mother worked hard to build. It looks like Young Ho will cave and do as his Grandmother wishes. Sweet scene. Young Ho cares deeply for his Grandmother. Even Manager Min was touched by the moment. Manager Min maxes every scene he has.

omv_ep7_7bomv_ep7_7a omv_ep7_7c Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) and Kim Ji Wong (Henry) work out hard. Joon Sung is a driven man in his zeal. Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, appears unexpectedly demanding to see Joon Sung. She shows her legs off to their best advantage in her short skirt. Why did Joon Sung renege on doing the commercial with her. Too busy is his response. Heavy training schedule. She feels rejected. She flings herself into his solid chest. Joon Sung is startled. Hee Jin complains that she’s a huge fan of his.

omv_ep7_7d omv_ep7_7e
In the dressing room, Joon Sung dresses with a poster of Hee Jin in the locker room (albeit to the side of the poster). Ji Wong mock complains to Joon Sung that he’s a huge fan and throw himself into Joon Sung’s chest. Loved it! Hee Jin also showed flair in her scene making me like her more.

Joo Eun’s favorite briefcase is ruined because food spoiled in it. Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Wong recoil at the horrible aroma. Joo Eun tries to clean it but the results are subpar. Young Ho goes out on an errand. Joo Eun and Ji Wong dance together and have fun.

Young Ho broods over his choice. Continue his life as he wants or grant his Grandmother’s wish. Manager Min calls him. Where is Young Ho? He quips his is in the Garden of Gethsemane. That references praying for guidance on decisions. Manager Min asks his Young Ho will drink the bitter cup. Young Ho says he won’t sip it, he’ll drink it in one shot. Decision made – Grandmother’s last wish wins. I’ve got a thing for broody male scenes. Ji Sub does them well. 

omv_ep7_9 omv_ep7_9a omv_ep7_9bWhen he returns home he drops off a bag at Joo Eun’s door. She opens the door as he sets it down. After the near collusion they banter. Joo Eun accepts the new briefcase. But it is Young Ho’s lips she dreams about, not his wallet. Young Ho broods, makes a life decsion, and still finds time to buy Joo Eun a new briefcase? Swoon! I love his knowing smirky smile. 

omv_ep7_10a omv_ep7_10b omv_ep7_10c
Joo Eun’s best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji), calls her to recruit her to attend her son’s bring your parents day at school. Joo Eun agrees to attend and calls Joon Sung to attend. Ji Wong and Young Ho are also at the gym when she calls. Hyun Woo’s son gets 4 gets on this day! Joon Sung and Ji Wong provide an example wrestling match. The kids love it. Young Ho and Joo Eun are happy.

omv_ep7_11b omv_ep7_11c omv_ep7_11d
After school Joo Eun and Young Ho take Hyun Woo’s son to a cartoon character display. Lots of posing ensues. Then they take him home. Young Ho can’t help but soften looking at the sleeping Joo Eun and child.

Lest we forget, Hyun Woo is taking care of her beaten mother in law who refuses to press charges. Could it be? Is Hyun Woo’s mother in law Joon Sung’s mother?

Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) takes Joo Sin home. It’s obvious there is a disconnect between them.

omv_ep7_13b omv_ep7_13c
Cute texting between Young Ho and Joo Eun as the evening ends. Yep, they are digging each other. Is Ji Sub’s body fat 0%? He is lean and muscled! The episode is rich with tension between our leads. She wonders why he doesn’t make another move. He kissed her first after all. It is his move to make.

omv_ep7_14comv_ep7_14domv_ep7_14b omv_ep7_14aWe end the episode with Joo Eun joining Joo Sin and the law firm’s President for a meeting with a high powered executive. Joo Eun and Young Ho are stunned to come face to face at the meeting.

omv_ep7_15b omv_ep7_15domv_ep7_15c Joo Eun flinches first and leaves the meeting. Walking down the hall she recalls Young Ho telling her his family disapproved of training profession, that he was a rich man, etc. She can’t believe his words were true. Young Ho catches up with her. Hurt, Joo Eun tells Young Ho he’s on a different level of society, one that excludes her.

My Thoughts

Our leads dance around the building tension between them during this enjoyable episode.  Joo Eun was confused that Young Ho did not engage in more direct contact after their first kiss. Young Ho thoroughly enjoyed Joo Eun’s reaction every time he got in close proximity. Yep, she’s digging. But his eyes let us know that he not only wants her physically but emotionally too. That is much more appealing than the physical.
* Joo Eun was flustered and continued to draw Young Ho closer. She only has to be herself and he is like a moth to her flame. She was cute when she called Joon Sung for his help at parents day. Joon Sung and Ji Wong were adorably nervous in front of the children and relieved when their wrestling went over well. Joo Eun and Young Ho looked like proud parents as they performed. Joo Eun also shone when she gave realistic advice to the woman insulted by the settlement money. Nicely woven backstory moment.
* Young Ho grappled with the choice of giving into to his Grandmother, who he adores, or living the life he wanted. Tough to ignore his beloved Grandmother’s statement that his step back into the company was her last wish. That statement ripped into Young Ho’s  guilt for living away from her for so long. He was toast and caved. The question is – will his choice cost him Joo Eun? Will she be able to accept his status? I liked how Young Ho had told her but had not fully explained his situation so Joo Eun could not claim total ignorance. Besides the family obligations, may I say that Young Ho is dynamite in his playful innuendo laden interactions with Joo Eun. Who wouldn’t be flustered?
* Joon Sung and Ji Wong continue enhance this show. Joon Sung’s mother is connected to Joo Eun’s best friend. Ji Wong makes me smile every time he calls Joo Eun “Ma’am”. He was darling when he teased Joon Sung about Hee Jin’s confession of fan girl status. It certainly made Hee Jin more likable – now she and I have something in common.
Soo Jin and Woo Sik didn’t do much. That’s ok by me.
* The third song of the OST has been released. That Person sung by LYn featuring Shin Yong Jae is ballad.  Check out the song via the link or the embedded video below:

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  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m with you about not missing Soo Jin & Woo Sik in this episode. Who cares about the cheater and nasty ex-friend?

    Loving the flirting between the leads, even if the mixed signals are confusing..I have hope for a budding romance 💋

    I’m liking the dynamics with the addition of the Korean Snake’s fan girl.

    Joo Eun seems to be gobsmacked with the revelation of Young Ho’s corporate position…what will her reaction be???


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