Oh My Venus Episode 4 Recap

Our leading lady is willing to commit. Our leading man is willing to commit too…to training and getting her in shape.

Oh My Venus Episode 4 Recap

Our leading man, Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is surprised when our our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) does not know she has hyperthyroidism. She tells him don’t worry. She’s the one that put her body in danger with her lifestyle. She thanks him for driving her home from the hospital. As she exits the car, Young Ho decides he must come clean. He grabs Joo Eun and tells her he is John Kim. He tells her the hyperthyroidism is likely the cause of her not losing weight. She’s not happy that the hard workouts were boxing workouts. He doesn’t understand why she fell for his hard core training. Infuriated she tells him her desire to lose weight made her want to believe in him. He is just like a scammer. She walks away.

Young Ho recalls speaking to the doctor and finding out that Joo Eun has hyperthyroidism. When her ex-boyfriend, Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon), came to the hospital he asked Young Ho what his relationship was to Joo Eun. Young Ho told him he was the guy that has been saving her over and over lately. Young Ho feels badly that he and his friends over taxed Joo Eun with the hard training. He is convinced that the hyperthyroidism is why she isn’t losing weight and his over taxing training why she fainted on TV.

Young Ho works out part of his guilt with a grueling session with boxer Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon). He admits his guilt with the hard workouts for Joo Eun. He notices the Joon Sung is favoring his shoulder and orders him to get a physical.

omv_ep4_2a omv_ep4_2b
Young tells Jang Joon and his manager Kim Ji Wong (Henry) that he told Joo Eun that he is John Kim. They are stunned. He further states she has hyperthyroidism and their hard workouts were too much for her. They feel guilty too.  Henry can steal any scene he is in!

omv_ep4_3a omv_ep4_3b
The next day at work former friend now annoying enemy Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) lies to Joo Eun that Woo Sik slept with her as she shows up to work in the same outfit as the previous day. Her jealousy that Woo Sik still has concern over Joo Eun is petty. Soo Jin tells Joo Eun the fainting on TV isn’t good publicity for the law firm and tells her to stay home for a week. Joon Sung and Ji Wong arrive at Joo Eun’s office contrite and bearing a huge green plant (Ji Wong’s choice) to produce healthy air for Joo Eun. She can’t stay mad at these two cuties and they take her for coffee. I couldn’t stay mad at them either. Once again Henry steals the scene!

It’s a bait and switch because once they settle her at the table they leave and Young Ho appears. She asks why being John Kim is a secret. Young Ho tells her he is a rich heir and his family would not be happy if they found out who he was. She doesn’t believe him. He reads her physical results, which she has by mistake, that confirms the hyperthyroidism and overweight situation. Young Ho is clear. He will train her now. He will tell her what to do. Her body is his. She can’t tell him no. Joo Eun agrees to leave herself in his capable hands.

Young Ho’s family situation unfolds a bit more. His mother is thrilled her other son, Young Joon, is arriving in Korea. Grandmother tells her to cook a nice meal.

Woo Sik investigates the branch manager Kim Young Ho that will be taking over the company. He is shocked to see Joo Eun’s perpetual savior’s face is Young Ho. He tries to pump Joo Eun for information via text.

omv_ep4_6a omv_ep4_6b
Joon Sung gets a physical at the hospital. There some scars on his chest. Jang Hee Jin, star of commercials, appears irritated that he turned down the chance to do a commercial with her. Joon Sung tells her he’ll think about it. She wonders about the scars on his chest.

omv_ep4_7a omv_ep4_7b
Young Ho takes Joo Eun to be scanned for precise body measurements. Though embarrassed, she does it.

Manager Min calls Young Ho with summons for dinner. Young Ho is driving Joo Eun home (she’s sleeping) and declines.

omv_ep4_8b omv_ep4_8c omv_ep4_8d
The dinner with Young Ho’s brother is strained. Turns out Young Ho’s father isn’t just cold to him, he is cold to his brother too. It is cold when the first thing your father asks about is when you will leave to return to school. Ouch! Things don’t improve when Grandmother tells Young Ho’s father his job is to make her final wish come true…bring Young Ho into the company.

omv_ep4_9a omv_ep4_9b
Young Ho, Joon Sung, and Ji Wong arrive at Joo Eun’s house and toss out almost all of her food. They replace it with healthy food. I totally love it when Ji Wong calls Joo Eun “Ma’am” and his statement “they are all dead”. Throw in a Michael Jackson move and I’m amused. He cracks me up!

Young Ho tells Joo Eun it is time to reboot her habits and start fresh. He spots the bandage he gave her. That registers with him and me.

Later Young Ho works out intently. He has a scar on his knee. He hangs out in the oxygen chamber. Yes I want to know his backstory.

Young Ho arrives and takes Joo Eun under cover to his house to train. Young Ho does not believe Joo Eun when she tells him she used to be hot when she was younger. She is instructed to sleep in her bed (not the couch), drink warm water with her medicine, stretching for 20 minutes in the morning and eating right. She imagines Young Ho there guiding her.

They all take turns training her at Young Ho’s house. They hide her in the car so no one knows they are training her. Young Ho doesn’t want Manager Min and his family to know either.

omv_ep4_12a omv_ep4_12b
When Young Ho finishes his workout, Joo Eun is there plugging away at the treadmill. He has to respect her efforts. He drives her home. She falls asleep in the car. He smiles. He wakes her. She says good night and enters her apartment.

omv_ep4_13  omv_ep4_14aomv_ep4_14comv_ep4_14b
In her apartment, the door rings. Joo Eun asks who it is but gets no response. Young Ho stops the car, he’s got a sixth sense about Joo Eun. He calls her but she doesn’t answer the phone because she’s opening the front door. It’s creepy guy. Is this the guy from the first episode that chased her in the rain? He enters the apartment stunning her. He tells her not to be afraid. Too late for that! He tosses the umbrella she holds up and it wedges the door open. He thinks she knows him. She’s clueless and afraid. She utters her magic phrase to summon Young Ho “please save me”. Like a genie from a bottle, Young Ho bursts into the apartment.

My Thoughts

* Joo Eun warmed up with her interaction with the training trio – Young Ho, Joon Sung, and Ji Wong. Tons of cute moments in this episode between Joo Eun and Young Ho, Joo Eun and Ji Wong & Joon Sung, Ji Wong, etc.
* Joo Eun has to be respected for applying herself. No hissy fit when her food was pitched by our training trio. No whining about the exercising. No complaining about staying under cover (literally in the car). Joo Eun is a trooper and taking this seriously.
+ The fact that she kept the bandage Young Ho put on her was noticed by him. I’m still uninterested in work or her family, but that isn’t Joo Eun’s issue, that lies with the writer.
+ Soo Jin continues to be irritating. I’ve taken to only mentioning her when she directly interacts with Joo Eun. Otherwise, I don’t care about Soo Jin.
+ How many times will Young Ho save Joo Eun this series? The airplane, the rainy night, the hotel lobby, her apartment. I don’t mind Young Ho’s knight in shining amour fixation but perhaps the writer should use it sparingly from now on. I was surprised when the strange man visited her apartment and came in unwelcome believing she knew him. Is he someone from her past?
* Young Ho interests me more and more. Young Ho was honest with Joo Eun who he is. She didn’t believe him, but that’s not his problem. There were several moments when he leaned into Joo Eun or grabbed her labels that the romantic chemistry between them amped up. I’m sold on Young Ho. I’m interested in his family – controlling Grandmother, cold fish Father, nice wimpy mother, long distance brother, all watched by Manager Min.
* I’m loving Joon Sung and Ji Wong. What’s with Joon Sung’s chest scars? Will he have more of a story with the starlet that wanted him to be in a commercial with her? I’m all for that. I like this character and am happy to for his story line to expand. Ji Wong, Ji Wong, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. The way you say “Ma’am”, 2. You bought Joo Eun a massive green plant to improve air quality (forget flowers, it is all about air quality), 3. The way you told Young Ho he was a rascal with historical dialog flair, 4. The way you declared the items in the bag were “All dead” in your excellent American accent. Ji Wong is the perfect funny man for this show.
* The second song of the OST is released. The upbeat “Only You” by Kim Tae Woo and Ben is a fun listen. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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7 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 4 Recap
  1. NN says:

    Thanks again for the speedy recap and keen insights. One part that really tickled me was when Joo Eun told imaginery Young Ho to “go gio” or get lost – a meta reference to the fave saying of Soo Ji Sub’s character in Master’s Sun. Btw you might already know this but for those who don’t- Henry Lau, the guy acting as Ji Wong is a born and bred Canadian – hence his perfect American accent.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I did not get the meta reference as I have not watched Master’s Sun. Do you recommend it? I had read Henry was Canadian so it computes his American accent would be perfect!


      • NN says:

        Soo Ji Sub’s character is the typical cold, rude chaebol but the ghost premise is interesting and his chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin was delicious. I also found the ghost mysteries peppered throughout the drama fun. Throw in Seo In Guk and it’s definitely a very watchable drama though maybe not on my top 5.


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  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I love the dynamics between the 3 guys and Joo Eun. She was pretty compliant when they went through her house–I would like to have these guys on my life change team!

    I think Master’s Sun was worth watching, it did not hit my gotta buy list, like this drama did.


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