Cheer Up! Episode 11 Recap

Ha Joon’s growing feelings for his best friend’s girl causes problems.

Cheer Up! Episode 11 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo A (Chae Soo Bin), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)


cu_ep11_1bcu_ep11_1c cu_ep11_1d
Everyone makes cute videos sending them to Kwon Soo A (Chae Soo Bin) asking her to return. Soo A is touched at the slew of videos. She tells her mother that she wants to return to school and accept punishment for her actions. Her mother is flabbergasted. Obviously Soo A prevails because Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) find her outside the cheer leading practice room. Yeon Doo takes her in the practice room and everyone is surprised that Soo A has returned. Soo A apologizes to Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Dong Jae and Yeon Doo. The cheer leading instructor, Nam Jun Ah, and Math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk) are impressed that Soo A is admitting what she has done and is sincerely sorry.

Soo A’s punishment isn’t that heavy and other students grouse about it.

Yeon Doo accepts Kim Yeol’s movie invitation by pressing a sticky with her response to his head. Recall he made the invitation in the same manner. He doesn’t say anything worrying Yeon Doo. She talks to Ha Joon (Ji Soo) about her friend that likes a guy but he isn’t responding to her invitation acceptance. Ha Joon doesn’t offer much advice but Yeon Doo feels better getting it off her chest.

Kim Yeol gets Ha Joon’s help in setting up the movie night. He admits to his friend that he likes Yeon Doo. Ha Joon’s response is minimal which bother Kim Yeol.

cu_ep11_2cKim Yeol invites Yeon Do to movie night by pressing a sticky on her head.

cu_ep11_3a cu_ep11_3bThe movie date is darling. The room is decked out. Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo hold hands. She rests her head on his shoulder. Sweet!

cu_ep11_4Ha Joon tries to delete the picture of Yeon Doo from his phone but can’t.

cu_ep11_6It’s time for everyone to leave for a weekend at home. Everyone except Ha Joon. His grades are not as good as his father would want and he knows that will earn him a beating if he goes home. He ignore a phone call from home.

cu_ep11_5a cu_ep11_5bKim Yeol wants Yeon Doo all to himself but Dong Jae joins them as they head to Yeon Doo’s house. Kim Yeol gets exasperated when they stop for snacks. Yeon Doo loves it.

cu_ep11_7acu_ep11_7bcu_ep11_7dcu_ep11_7c Once Dong Jae is enters his house, our couple holds hands and begins the trek to her house. Little do they know their parents are holding hands enroute to the same location. When both couples run into each other, they are all startled. The parents pull their hands away from each other first, then Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo. At their respective houses both parents downplay their relationship. Both Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are horrified they would become siblings if their parents marry.

cu_ep11_8Upset, they both return to school. Kim Yeol in surprised but not surprised to find Ha Joon in the room. Yeon Doo explains to Ha Joon the dilemma her friend is in with her boyfriend’s father liking her mother. Once again Ha Joon’s advice is minimal but his willingness to listen is all Yeon Doo needs.

cu_ep11_9a cu_ep11_9b
Kim Yeol tells Yeon Doo they need to devise a plan to nip their parent’s relationship in the bud. To that end they decide to meet with their parents, or so their parents think, but they switch parents. Yeon Doo meets with Kim Yeol’s father and Kim Yeol meets with Yeon Doo’s mother. Both tell the respective parent they are dating. This puts their parents in a sticky situation.

The parents wonder what they can do. They can’t force their dating children to become siblings. Do they have to stop seeing each other?

Ha Joon’s father hears the school will be under investigation and the cheer leading squad will be a major point of inquiry. Recall it was formed to give Soo A better credentials for her college applications.

cu_ep11_10a cu_ep11_10b
Ha Joon’s father meets him in the school parking lot. Quit the cheer leading squad. Ha Joon tells his father the regional contest is in 2 weeks. If he quits the squad, they’ll be in a world of hurt. His father doesn’t take kindly to Ha Joon not quietly agreeing to his edict and beats him.

cu_ep11_10d cu_ep11_10cYeon Doo finds a bruised Ha Joon. She wants to tend him but he pushes her away. When she walks away he comes up behind her, gives her a back hug, and crying asks for her support, like this, just for a moment.

cu_ep11_11a cu_ep11_11b
Yeon Doo takes Ha Joon to the infirmary. Kim Yeol finds them there. He tells Yeon Doo he will tend Ha Joon. She leaves. Kim Yeol is appalled at the bruise marks on Ha Joon’s back.


cu_ep11_12Kim Yeol remembers seeing the back hug Ha Joon gave Yeon Doo. He’s jealous and upset his friend did that.

Ha Joon meets with Principal Choi and the assistant. The principal tells him that if he wants Teacher Yang and Teacher Nam NOT to get fired, he must quit the cheer leading squad. He tells Teacher Nam he’s quitting. Everyone is upset.

cu_ep11_13a cu_ep11_13b cu_ep11_13cAngry Kim Yeol asks Ha Joon if he’s quitting the cheer leading squad because of his feelings to Yeon Doo.

My Thoughts

Episode 11 was a three chapter story. Chapter 1 – Soo A’s return to school, Chapter 2 – Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo solidify their relationship only to find their parents are dating, Chapter 3 – Ha Joon’s father demands he quit the cheer leading squad and his feelings for Yeon Doo were hard not to act upon.

What were the pluses this episode?
* Yeon Doo – She was supportive of Soo A. She let bygones be bygones. Her movie date with Kim Yeol was a highlight. They are cute together. She does not realize that Ha Joon has feelings for her. She treats him like a friend not a potential love interest.
* Kim Yeol – His movie date with Yeon Doo was darling. They have terrific smiles and are sweet together. His plan to thwart becoming Yeon Doo’s sibling was good. Divide and conquer the parents. Now the parents are stuck while Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are a known couple. He truly supports Ha Joon but couldn’t help but be jealous when he saw the back hug Ha Joon gave Yeon Doo. I was a bit surprised he accused Ha Joon quitting because of Yeon Doo especially with the recent beating from his father.
* Ha Joon – He’s got the cruel, power starved father who beats him methodically. Ha Joon chastised himself for not acting on his feelings for Yeon Doo but as Kim Yeol’s friend that was his only option if he was to remain loyal. It came down to priorities and the need for comfort from Yeon Doo.
* Dong Jae – He wanted to walk home with Yeon Doo like normal. Kim Yeol wasn’t happy about that but Dong Jae was oblivious, or was he?

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