The Merchant Gaekju Episode 13 Recap

Money and power go hand in hand. Bong Sam doesn’t have the money and must determine if he’s willing to beg for it.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 13 Recap


Gae Dong (Kim Min Jung) says she wants to marry Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk). He thinks she’s joking. With sincerity she asks him to marry her. Bong Sam realizes she is serious and is speechless. Gently he tells her he knows she saved him but he sees her as a little sister and not a woman. He confesses someone else is already in his heart.  Gae Dong pleads. Bong Sam is her destiny. Bong Sam says the other woman is his destiny. He tells her to rest and turns to leave. Gae Dong cries and tells him a loveless marriage is ok too. Bong Sam pats her shoulder, tells her to rest and leaves.  Stunned, Gae Dong cries alone. Gae Dong declares she cannot give him up.

Hak Joon’s brother, Bo Hyun, asks the Head Merchant to sell the stables for him. I stand corrected. Last episode I thought Gae Dong bought the stables.

mg_ep13_3a mg_ep13_3b mg_ep13_3c
Gae Dong straddles a sleeping Bong Sam who wakes to find a knife at his throat. Gae Dong reminds him his promise was to grant a wish or die. What does he want? To marry her or die? Holy smokes, Gae Dong has moxy! Bong Sam tells her to do what she must, but not saving the stables before he dies would be a bummer. She raises the knife but cannot kill him. Love the thunder and lightning in the background.

Gae Dong walks in the rain dumbfounded that she’s been completely rejected.

Hak Joon’s brother, his assistant and the Head Merchant’s assistant watch Gae Dong trudge through the rain. She falls to the ground. She asks the heavens why Bong Sam was sent to her. Why is his heart closed to her and open to another woman? She screams kill me and kill Bong Sam. She is struck by lightning! The men are shocked.

mg_ep13_5a mg_ep13_5b
The stables assets are being seized by the Head Merchant’s assistant acting as broker for the new owner, the Head Merchant. Bong Sam is stunned. The Head Merchant Assistant says Man Chi sold the stables. Bong Sam retorts Man Chi stole the stable’s deed. The Head Merchant’s assistant advises Bong Sam to try legal channels to get the stable back. He tells Bong Sam he has 5 days to vacate the stables.

mg_ep13_5dmg_ep13_5c Trying to figure out a solution, Bong Sam stares at So Sa’s bracelet. Sun Dol and Gol Dae listen to Bong Sam say they’ll have to get cash from another cattle broker. Sun Dol tells Bong Sam to see the obvious solution, get money from the Head Merchant. Bong Sam doesn’t want to do that. Sun Dol asks if the Head Merchant’s new wife is why Bong Sam hesitates. Bong Sam tells him to leave it alone. Sun Dol pushes Bong Sam to swallow his pride and save the stables by going to the Head Merchant. Bong Sam gets angry and grabs Sun Dol. They stare at each other. Bong Sam tells Sun Dol he can be the stable broker and go to get money from the Head Merchant. He leaves.

mg_ep13_6b mg_ep13_6a
Bong Sam gets drunk. Sun Dol and Gol Dae find him. Sun Dol says Sung Joo must be ashamed that Bong Sam refuses to take the necessary actions. Bong Sam drunkenly states he doesn’t have the skill to be the broker. Disgusted Sun Dol has the others put Bong Sam to bed.

mg_ep13_7a mg_ep13_7b mg_ep13_7c
The Head Merchant tells So Sa (Han Chae Ah) his heart flutters for her. So Sa admits she’d like to be a mother. The Head Merchant promises to raise their son to be the next god of merchants. Oops, looks like the Head Merchant has performance issues to his shame and surprise of So Sa. Her maid recommends professional help. So Sa snaps the Head Merchant has too much business on his mind. I’m confused. I assumed So Sa was pregnant with Bong Sam’s child but the time is lengthening since her marriage to the Head Merchant. Is she not pregnant?

mg_ep13_8a mg_ep13_8b
Bong Sam wakes up to find a vision of his father. He’s not happy when his father’s vision orders him to see the Head Merchant. Bong Sam says he cannot. The Head Merchant has his woman as his wife. His father doesn’t care. This is business not personal. Do what you must as a merchant and make the effort to save the stable. He disappears as Bong Sam pleads with him not to leave. Now Bong Sam really wakes up. The vision of his father was part of a dream.

The next day, Bong Sam surprises Sun Dol and Gol Dae by declaring they need to leave to see the Head Merchant straight away.

When they arrive, the Head Merchant assistant warns them the Head Merchant probably will not see them.

mg_ep13_9a mg_ep13_9b
So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) stops Hak Joon’s brother’s entourage by kneeling in the road. The men recognize each other.

mg_ep13_10a mg_ep13_10b
So Sa’s maid recognizes Gol Dae, Sun Dol and Bong Sam among those waiting to see the Head Merchant. She drags Gol Dae off to the side and tells him to leave or her mistress could be hurt. The assistant Head Merchant sees them talking. Gol Dae pretends he was asking her for the location of the restroom. At the end of a long day, the assistant Head Merchant tells them they won’t see the Head Merchant. Bong Sam busts into the Head Merchant’s chamber and kneels as he requests 200,000 for the stables. The Head Merchant sweeps past Bong Sam and tells him a single request won’t get him to open his moneybag. He leaves.

Bong Sam follows and pleads that it takes all kinds of merchants to make the economy flow. The Head Merchant asks what collateral Bong Sam has. My life, is Bong Sam’s response. The Head Merchant laughs. He advises Bong Sam to bring him something he would want. He leaves.

They throw Bong Sam, Sun Dol and Gol Dae out. That didn’t go according to plan.

The Head Merchant tells So Sa that the stable broker forced a meeting and offered his life for 200,000. So Sa asks if he took that deal. The Head Merchant said he declined the offer.

Bong Sam wonders what the Head Merchant could possibly be interested in to make him lend the money.

mg_ep13_11a mg_ep13_11b
Hak Joon’s brother is thrilled to see the offered gold from So Gae. He reads the accompanying letter which states he saved his life. So Gae kneels before Hak Joon’s brother. He wants to know how So Gae saved him. So Gae recalls how he burned the embezzlement ledger. Hak Joon’s brother recalls. He asks why So Gae was expelled by the Head Merchant. So Gae lies and says he was not expelled. Why hand over gold? So Gae needs help to rise and become the next Head Merchant. Hak Joon’s brother laughs in his face. So Gae asks what if the Head Merchant turned on him? Does he have another benefactor? That resonates with Hak Joon’s brother. He puts him up for the night. So Gae tells himself this is the first step to going up the ladder.

mg_ep13_12Gae Dong wakes in a room and doesn’t know how she got there. A servant enters and says she’s at a shrine. She cries. Ten years of avoiding her shaman destiny and now she’s at a shrine. She declares she will break Bong Sam’s spirit, the woman he loves’ spirit, even at her own expense to avoid her shaman destiny. The servant arrives with clothing from Mae Wol, the former shaman. Gae Dong acquiesces. If this will give her what is needed to win Bong Sam, so be it. Shaman powers activate!

They are out of grain at the stables. Bong Sam can’t figure out what the Head Merchant wants. He decides to ask again. Men burst in and say the new ower of the stable has arrived.

mg_ep13_13a mg_ep13_13b mg_ep13_13c
They rush to see the Head Merchant being granted more power. So Sa and Bong Sam see each other and lock eyes. So Sa is shocked, flustered and leaves. Bong Sam longs for her. So Sa can’t believe the her maid didn’t tell her that Bong Sam was in the area. So Sa shakes her head in disbelief.

Hak Joon’s brother is not happy that the Head Merchant has more power. The Head Merchant promises to follow the King’s orders.

mg_ep13_14cmg_ep13_14b  mg_ep13_14dSo Sa’s maid passes Bong Sam a note. The assistant head merchant spots this transaction. Bong Sam heads to a location where So Sa is. He asks why she asked to see him. She asks why he came to this location. He tells her not to be confused. She cuts him off. You have to forget about our night together. Bong Sam asks So Sa if she can eradicate it from her memory. She tells him to leave and not come back. He stops her exit and tells her he isn’t here because he wants to be. They stare into each other’s eyes while the Head Merchant assistant watching from afar.

My Thoughts

This episode focused on our leads being desperate enough to beg. So Gae begged Hak Joon’s brother to help him rise in status. Bong Sam begged the Head Merchant for a loan to keep the stables. Gae Dong begged the heavens to give her Bong Sam or give her death. Finally So Sa begged Bong Sam to leave and not come back.

* Bong Sam swallowed his pride and asked the Head Merchant for a loan. The answer was a swift no. The Head Merchant was clear, bring me something I’d want in collateral then I might consider a loan. Bong Sam racked his brains but could not determine anything he could offer the Head Merchant.

* So Gae begged Hak Joon’s brother for help.  He was only in a couple of scenes. Rising from the ashes to become powerful is his goal. Handing over the gold in his possession to bribe Hak Joon’s brother to help him was part of the strategy.

* So Sa decided to sleep with the Head Merchant but he was unable to seal the deal. Much to the Head Merchant’s horror he was unable to perform. When So Sa saw Bong Sam she assumed he came to claim her or insinuate himself in her life. That is a smidge self centered. At the end of the episode, he told her she wasn’t the draw that brought him. Is So Sa pregnant? I thought she was but now I’m not so sure.

* Gae Dong bared her heart to Bong Sam but was rejected. I must say she was bold to straddle and threaten to kill Bong Sam if he didn’t marry her. Bold play, but it fell flat. I felt sorry for Gae Dong. Her desperation at seeing her ordered future snatched from her when Bong Sam said he loved another felt honest and raw. She railed to the heavens and received a bolt of lightning as her answer. When she woke at the temple and was brought the former shaman’s outfit, she realized running away from her destiny might stop her from getting the man of her dreams. If she can’t win his heart, why not invoke some magic?


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19 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 13 Recap
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  2. prettysup says:

    My guess is So-Sa is indeed pregnant with Bong Sam’s child. And since the old lecherous goat cannot perform, things will get complicated once the pregnancy is discovered. Maybe So Sa will lie to him that the child belongs to her ex-husband the mentally handicapped one who died? In that case she may be able to convince the old goat that to raise the child as his own so as to hide from the outside world about his impotency. I dont think he will be willing to raise another man’s child if he knows that the father is still alive and So Sa cheated on him before their marriage.

    • kjtamuser says:

      You make me smile when you call the Head Merchant the old goat.

      Did you feel sorry for him when he was unable to seal the deal?

      I agree that the Head Merchant will not accept the child if he hasn’t been with So Sa.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        My first impression of the Head Merchant was that he was a lecherous old goat. However, I thought he was sweet and tender to So Sa, giving her space and time. I was surprised he was not a total letch, but he still is an old goat–I do not find him to be attractive (it doesn’t help everything I have seen this actor in has him being varying degrees of not nice to evil). My older sister thinks he is not bad looking for an old Korean dude (some of those Korean men do not age very well).

        I did feel bad that the old goat could not seal the deal.

        I am worried that So Sa may be pregnant with Bong Sam’s child and if the deal is not sealed soon, So Sa could be in real peril. The old goat’s #1 lackey, Goo Bum, is keeping his evil eye on her just looking for anything he can use against her.

        • kjtamuser says:

          The Head Merchant did show tenderness to So Sa allowing her to be willing before he attempted to seal the deal. I never did learn the lackey (I called assistant) name of Goo Bum. Don’t know why but it seems fitting.

          • Beez says:

            Hmmmm. Was the ol’ goat not lecherous out of kindness or because viagra wasn’t invented yet?

            I’m kidding because he did seem to have a soft spot for SoSa. (no pun intended but I’m laughing anyway)

  3. prettysup says:

    One question, who is the owner of the Songpa stable now? Is it Kim Hak Joon’s brother or is it the Head Merchant ?

    • kjtamuser says:

      That was a point of confusion for me too. I believe Hak Joon’s brother sold or transferred ownership to the Head Merchant.

      • prettysup says:

        Then isnt it weird that BS tries to borrow money from the old goat to buy over his own stable?

        • kjtamuser says:

          I concur that it is a point of confusion. Either Hak Joon’s brother or the Head Merchant own the stables. But it seemed that during the episode they were shocked that Hak Joon’s brother no longer owned the stables, therefore I assumed the Head Merchant. Hopefully this will be clarified the next episode.

      • prettysup says:

        if it belongs to the head merchant, wont it be rather ironic that BS is borrowing money from him to buy his own stable?

      • Beez says:


        I agree about Bong Ssm having to buy back his own stables.

        I know there wasn’t a lot of justice for the common man back then, but since EVERYBODY acknowledges the So Pa Stables was stolen, can’t they go to magistrates or police or something?

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I believe that Kim Hak Joon’s brother owns the stable, but he turned it over the control to the Head Merchant to broker a deal to sell the stable. Neither of them will keep ownership of it long term, they just want to flip it for a huge profit–like 900% profit Like Bong Sam said only a cattleman would know how to run a stable.

      Ironic how these money grubbing merchants that want to snap up all these profitable businesses (Chun Family Gaekju and Songpa Stables), yet they fail to recognize a large part of what makes these enterprises profitable is the ethics and principles of the their owners–the first thing they do when they gobble up (hostile takeover) these businesses is get rid of the people who knew how to make the business profitable. hmmm…I believe this happens today too.

  4. 2manytears says:

    Poor Gae Dong ! She confesses her love to Bong Sam, only to be rejected and then she is hit by lightening !

  5. Beez says:

    Current psychopath count is at three:
    So Gae
    Man Chi
    Gal Dong

    I thought I signed up for all of your posts yet, I missed this Ep.13 post and Ep. 14 only cane to me by way of StuckonHyuk blog. I also see you’re
    recapping Oh My Venus but it didn’t notify me.

    How do I start receiving email notices directly from your site?

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