Cheer Up! Episode 9 Recap

Soo A starts finally cracks under the pressure.

Cheer Up! Episode 9 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo A (Chae Soo Bin), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)

Last episode  Kwon Soo A (Chae Soo Bin) stranded Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) forcing her to walk back to the campground. We ended the episode with Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun) grabbing Soo A and demanding to know where Yeon Doo was.  Ha Joon (Ji Soo) road a bike to search the road for Yeon Doo. He found her. In her relief, she cried against his chest.

We start the episode with Yeon Doo crying on Ha Joon. She’s chagrined that she lost it. Ha Joon says nothing. Ha Joon gets on the bike. Yeon Doo thinks he may leave without her. Ha Joon asks if she’s going to get the bike. With relief, Yeon Doo gets on the bike.

cu_ep9_2a cu_ep9_2b
Kim Yeol knows that Soo A stranded Yeon Doo on purpose but she refuses to admit it. Kim Yeol accuses Soo A of deserting Yeon Doo because of the video that she suspects Yeon Doo of holding over her head. Shocked Soo A’s eyes lock on Kim Yeol who warns her that Yeon Doo knows nothing about the video and he’ll hold her responsible if anything happens to Yeon Doo.

Ha Joon hits a bump they fall off the bike. The bike damaged, so Ha Joon pushes Yeon Doo. He asks how she got stranded. She doesn’t offer an explanation.

Kim Yeol and math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk) drive the road to find Yeon Doo.

The cheer leading squad searches the area to find Yeon Doo.

The cheer leading instructor, Nam Jun Ah, rips into the assistant for allowing the situation to occur under his watch. He’s concerned about Principal Choi’s reaction once she finds out. He realizes that Soo Ah is not part of the kids searching.

Soo A is in her tent fretting over Kim Yeol’s promise that he’ll hold her responsible.

Kim Yeol and Tae Bum come upon Ha Joon and Yeon Doo. Kim Yeol is not happy that her knee is injured.

Everyone is relieved when they return to the camp. Yeon Doo does not point the finger at Soo A.

cu_ep9_5a cu_ep9_5b cu_ep9_5c
Kim Yeol tells Soo A it is time to be truthful about what happened with Yeon Doo and the USB. Soo A is cornered but continues to lie that Yeon Doo told her to proceed without her. Kim Yeol reveals he found the CCTV proof that she took the USB. Yeon Doo enters the conversation and demands to know why Soo A left her behind. Soo A acts affronted at Yeon Doo’s accusation. Yeon Doo has had it.  Soo A deserted her, planted the USB on Kim Yeol but worst of all…has no remorse for her actions. Yeon Doo promises that everyone – the student, the teachers, Soo A’s mother – will learn what she did. Soo A tells Yeon Doo she cannot be hurt by the likes of her.  Kim Yeol is surprised at Yeon Doo’s attitude. Yeon Doo says she has the right to seek revenge. Kim Yeol says he’ll support her but he’s betting she doesn’t feel comfortable with revenge in her heart. He advises her not to do something that doesn’t feel right. He tells her he’ll get his own revenge against Soo A.

Soo A finally joins everyone at the camp fire. Kim Yeol suggests they play the truth game. The kids wish the teachers weren’t there. The teachers leave the kids to play without them.

The teachers share the bad side of their job with each other, one upping each other. The assistant wins when he shares all he takes and does for the Principal.

At the camp fire…

cu_ep9_7aHa Joon is asked who his first love was. He offers “no comment” and a heart is drawn on his face as punishment.

Dong Jae is asked why he is averse to physical contact. He shares he hurt Yeon Doo when they were kids and that created the aversion. He’s concerned he could hurt someone again.

Soo A is asked why she deserted Yeon Doo by Kim Yeol. Soo A sputters then Yeon Doo saves her by saying it was a communication error between the two of them.

Later Kim Yeol asks Yeon Doo if she feels better for not exposing Soo A. Yeon Doo admits that when she thought about it, humiliating Soo A wasn’t her way. Kim Yeol says that may be the last chance Soo A gets.

cu_ep9_8a cu_ep9_8b
Soo A asks Kim Yeol why he didn’t expose her at the camp fire. He wonders why she isn’t grateful to Yeon Doo. He’ll expose her when the time is right. Soo A admits her actions where wrong. She was worried about her mother’s wrath if she got 2nd place again. Tears streaming she asks Kim Yeol for time to admit her wrong doing to her mother, the teachers and Yeon Doo. Hmm, are those tears real or fake?  Kim Yeol gives her 3 days to confess and make everything right. The look Soo A give Kim Yeol when he walks away is full of venom. Yep, those were fake tears!

cu_ep9_9a cu_ep9_9b
Kim Yeol apologizes for what happened to her. His actions got her in a bind. He admits he wanted to be the one to find her, to hug her, to comfort her. He finally says “I like you”.  Yeon Doo is flustered when he asks for her response. Ha Joon interrupts, so Yeon Doo does not have to respond. I’m glad Kim Yeol told her how he feels. I hope he tells Ha Joon what he said. That would make Yeon Doo off limits for Ha Joon. 

As the camp ends, Soo Ah rifles through Kim Yeol’s stuff but doesn’t find what she’s looking for. He realizes what she’s done and smiles at her.

Soo A tries to tell her mother about how she become number 1, but her mother interrupts and the flow of the conversation is diverted. Soo A’s college counselor says she found out Kim Yeol took the CCTV video. She guesses Kim Yeol is blackmailing her and that Soo A framed him. Soo A says Kim Yeol wants her to confess. The college counselor orders her not to confess or her future will be ruined. Soo A says she’s got 3 days to handle Kim Yeol.

Kim Yeol’s father presses Yeon Doo’s mother to accept his marriage proposal. She prefer to continue dating each other. She agrees to dine together with the kids when they come home for the weekend.

Soo A looks for the video in Kim Yeol’s but can’t find it. He enters an smiles knowingly. Yeon Doo presses Soo A to practice with the squad.

After practice Kim Yeol tells Yeon Doo other guys can’t touch her and she shouldn’t flirt with other guys. She laughs in his face and leaves. She giggles over his jealousy.

Soo A warns Yeon Doo to keep her mouth shut for the next 2 days. Yeon Doo warns her to consider how she will confess.

Soo A slips out of class and searches Kim Yeol’s room. Tae Bum sees her and follows her. Soo A finds the USB drive.  Tae Bum enters and asks why she’s there. He spots the video on the computer. They grab for the computer. The USB drive falls out and onto the bed. When Tae Bum opens the computer the video is no longer there. But she’s forced to leave the room without the USB.

Scared, Soo A goes to her college counselor and confesses another person now knows about the video, and it is Teacher Yang. She advises Soo A beg for Teacher Yang’s mercy and bribe the others with money.

cu_ep9_16 cu_ep9_16a
Ha Joon asks Hyo Sik to teach him some cheerleading moves. When Yeon Doo calls he quickly leaves. When Hyo Sik lays on his bed, he finds the USB drive. He wonders what’s on the drive and watches the video. He realizes what it is. He shows the video to Da Mi (using Yeon Doo’s computer). She realizes what it is and that Soo A framed Kim Yeol.  They wonder why Kim Yeol didn’t expose Soo A. Da Mi grabs the computer.

cu_ep9_17a cu_ep9_17b
Soo A begs for understanding from Teacher Yang. She overhears student talking about her while looking at their computers. Yep, you guessed right, Da Mi has emailed the video to everyone (from Yeon Doo’s email account). Soo A freaks out when she sees the video and that the email was sent by Yeon Doo.

cu_ep9_18a cu_ep9_18b
Yeon Doo is not happy to learn that the video was distributed under her name. She leaves the room.

cu_ep9_19a cu_ep9_19b cu_ep9_19dcu_ep9_19c  cu_ep9_19e
At the stop of the stairs, Yeon Doo encounters Soo A, who is livid that Yeon Doo distributed the video. She slaps Yeon Doo. She grabs Yeon Doo. She shakes Yeon Doo. She threatens Yeon Doo with death. Kim Yeol and Ha Joon start up the stairs. Soo A pushes Yeon Doo down the stair. Kim Yeol breaks her fall and they tumble down the stairs. Yeon Doo pushes herself off Kim Yeol. He doesn’t move. There is blood on his head. Ha Joon stares at his inert friend. Yeon Doo yells for someone to call an ambulance.

My Thoughts

Episode 9 focused on Soo A trying wriggle out of admitting the truth. For a moment, she might have wanted to confess, but saving her own skin and avoiding her mother’s wrath was more important than the truth. The search for the USB drive was silly. The video is electronic media. Soo A’s all black sweat outfit was the perfect breaking and entering outfit. What is Soo A’s redeeming quality? Why do people keep giving her chances only to have her continue to wreak further havoc?

What were the pluses this episode?
* Yeon Doo – She decided she wouldn’t let Soo A be exposed for leaving her stranded. Not her style she said. I was fine with her non-answer to Kim Yeol’s declaration that he liked her. They both have fabulous smiles.
* Kim Yeol – He did suspect Soo A for framing him and got the video to prove it. He hung it over her head with glee but caved when she cried and asked for 3 days to confess. Then he proceeded to watch her search his stuff. He must have suspected she’d never confess. I guess he didn’t realize Soo A was a ticking time bomb. I liked his confession to Yeon Doo about his feelings. Cards on the table. That effectively calls dibs on Yeon Doo.
* Ha Joon – Ha Joon saved Yeon Doo and is willing to drop everything to eat ramen with her.
* Dong Jae – He opened up at the camp fire about why he is averse to touching.

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