Cheer Up! Episode 8 Recap

Kim Yeol is exonerated and returns to school. Soo A starts to crack under the pressure. 

Cheer Up! Episode 8 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo A (Chae Soo Bin), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)

Last episode  Kwon Soo A (Chae Soo Bin) got first place in the mid term exams because she framed Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun) by planting the assistant’s USB drive with the mid-term exam in Kim Yeol’s backpack. Kim Yeol went on probation and could not take the mid-term exam. Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) receives a silly video clip of herself and Kim Yeol. The video clips shows the assitant unloading his bag at the school store in front of Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol and clearly shows the USB drive. Yeon Doo exclaims “I’ve found it! The evidence that will clear Kim Yeol!”

Yeon Doo and Ha Joon (Ji Soo) decide are thrilled to have the evidence to clear their friend. They decide to sneak out of school and tell Kim Yeol the good news in person. A teacher catches them and makes them squat walk as punishment. Kim Yeol is happy his friends have his back.

cu_ep8_3a cu_ep8_3b
When Kim Yeol arrives at school, the students and the facility surprised. Kim Yeol meets with Principal Choi Gyung Ran (Park Hae Mi), the assistant and math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk). Kim Yeol is able to effectively argue that he did not commit the theft much to the Principal’s dismay.

cu_ep8_4a cu_ep8_4b cu_ep8_4c
Cute throw back to episode 1…this time Kim Yeol shakes the can of cola and threatens to spray Yeon Doo. She uses Ha Joon as a shield.

cu_ep8_5a cu_ep8_5bcu_ep8_5ccu_ep8_5d
Kim Yeol wants to take a make-up mid-term exam. Soo A freaks out at this news. She may lose her number one ranking. Kim Yeol is denied the opportunity to take a make-up mid-term exam. Principal Choi cites it would be unfair the all the students who took the exam. Kim Yeol counters it is unfair the penalize him because of a false accusation by the school. Kim Yeol’s father and his lawyers inform Principal Choi and the assistant they will be suing the school for defamation and false accusation. Kim Yeol’s father apologizes to Kim Yeol for not telling him that he trusted him implicitly versus negotiating for a reduced punishment.

Principal Choi orders the assistant to get control of the situation and not cow two to Kim Yeol. That’s easier said than done. Kim Yeol pressures the assistant to let him do things that would normally get him punishment points without consequences.

cu_ep8_6ccu_ep8_6dcu_ep8_6a cu_ep8_6b
Soo A learns the CCTV video that shows her taking the assistant’s USB drive is managed by an off-site security company. She convinces her college counselor to block access to the video. But the counselor learns that a high schoolers already has a copy of the video. The stresses Soo A. When she finds a USB drive in her locker with the video showing her taking the assitants’s USB drive, she nears the breaking point. Dong Jae finds her trying to destroy the USB drive. She asks why he’s always around when she’s stressed. She asks if he was near her locker earlier. Maybe is his response. Soo A wonders if Dong Jae is the student that has a copy of the video.

cu_ep8_7a cu_ep8_7b
The cheer leading instructor, Nam Jun Ah, decides the squad needs to go camping together. Tae Bum and Jun Ah ask Principal Choi for approval for the trip. She approval. Tae Bum and Jun Ah are stunned. Further, Soo A’s mother agrees to fund the entire trip. Tae Bum and Jun Ah are stunned.

Everyone gathers for the camping trip, even the assistant. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol are not happy to learn that Yeon Doo left earlier with Tae Bum and Dong Jae. Kim Yeol whines that Yeon Doo’s relationship with Dong Jae bothers him. Ha Joon agrees. Those two guys are cute fretting about Yeon Doo not being exclusive.

Soo A can’t relax on the camping trip. She wonders if Dong Jae or Real King member Min Hyo Sik or Kim Yeol have the video.  She finds a note in her purse and wonders if Yeon Doo is the person with the video.

Yeon Doo shares some memories of her father. Kim Yeol shares his father and mother were never around. Yeon Doo congratulates him for growing up well.

Tae Bum sends Kim Yeol and Hyo Sik to get firewood. Yeon Doo is sent to get more supplies. Soo A joins her. At the store she asks if Yeon Doo looked at the CCTV footage. Soo A is not happy to see that Yeon Doo has the same notepad. When Yeon Doo goes the the restroom, Soo A has left with the supplies and her purse. Yeon Doo is stranded at the store. Of course, the store is closed so Yeon Doo cannot get help there.

When Soo A returns to the campsite, she lies that she took a walk. Kim Yeol is worried that Yeon Doo has not returned from the store.  Ha Joon is worried that Yeon Doo has not returned from the store.

Soo A finds another note in her purse. Duh! That proves Yeon Doo is not her tormentor.

Yeon Doo walks back to the camp site along the dark road. She trips and falls, hurting her knee.

Tae Bum, Kim Yoel and Ha Joon leave the camp site to search for Yeon Doo.

Ha Joon takes off on a bike to search for Yeon Doo.

Kim Yeol and Tae Bum call the custodian. Kim Yeol is angry to hear what the custodian says. He goes striaght to Soo A and asks where Yeon Doo is.

cu_ep8_9b cu_ep8_9ccu_ep8_9a
Ha Joon finds Yeon Doo. She cries in relief. She leans into his chest. Ha Joon thinks about it. Then Ha Joon hugs her.

cu_ep8_10b cu_ep8_10ccu_ep8_10a
Kim Yeol grabs Soo A and demands to know what happened to Yeon Doo. He knows Soo A went with Yeon Doo to the store. He tries to shake the answer from Soo A.

My Thoughts

Episode 8 focused on Kim Yeol’s return to school and the fallout. The school managed not to let Kim Yeol take the make-up mid-term exam but Kim Yeol got the assistant in his power.

What were the pluses this eighth episode?
* Yeon Doo – She is cute and has chemistry with Kim Yeol and Ha Joon. Both boys are besotted with her. She has more than friend feelings for Kim Yeol but only friend feelings for Ha Joon. It was nice to see her share about her father with Kim Yeol.
* Kim Yeol – He returned and was exonerated. He traded the make-up mid term for no punishment points from the assistant. Again I’m surprised that he doesn’t suspect Soo A for framing him.
* Ha Joon – Ha Joon is sliding towards liking Yeon Doo. This particular plot point does not thrill me. I like their friendship. I like the idea of Ha Joon having another person besides Kim Yeol that knows his secret and accepts him. I will give Joo Sin props for the moment that Ha Joon found Yeon Doo walking along the side of the road. She cried and pressed against him. He struggled with his feelings then succumbed and hugged her protectively and perhaps with more feelings than a friend would have.
* Dong Jae – Cute moment when he gave Yeon Doo the milk and Ha Joon and Kim Yeol whined about it. It unnerved Soo A when he appeared when she was trying to destroy the USB drive.
* The pressure of discovery is getting to Soo A. I must be a terrible person because I like that someone has the CCTV video and is taunting her with it. Frankly, she deserve it.

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