Cheer Up! Episode 7 Recap

The number one student, Kim Yeol, falls from grace after being accused of stealing. Will anyone support and believe in him?

Cheer Up! Episode 7 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo A (Chae Soo Bin), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)


At the school assembly with parents, teachers and education officials, the cheer leading squad performs their routine. Everyone cheers. They hold up signs of cheer at the end of the routine. The lying girls flip their signs that read “We lied. Teacher did not touch us. Please reinstate Teacher.” The resigned math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk) has tears in his eyes. The audience chants for his reinstatement.  The cheer leading squad looks at him with support.

cu_ep7_3a cu_ep7_3b
At the after performance party everyone is happy Tae Bum has joined them. The girls, except Kwon Soo A (Chae Soo Bin), apologize for putting him through the false sexual harassement charges. Principal Choi Gyung Ran (Park Hae Mi)  interrupts the celebration and takes Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) and the two girls away with the intent to transfer them to another school. Ha Joon (Ji Soo) can not let Yeon Doo be transferred unfairly. He tells Principal Choi was part of the show of support for Tae Bum.  Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun)  adds his name to the participation list. Then the rest of the team, except Soo A, add their names to the participation list. The Principal is stuck. She can not transfer all of them. She lets it go much to the happiness of the cheer leading squad.

Ha Joon smiles when he remembers Yeon Doo’s gift of bandages. Kim Yeol asked Ha Joon why he risked punishment by standing up for Yeon Doon. It was the right thing to do is his response.

Principal Choi reinstates Tae Bum. She asks that he keep a low profile that last two months of his contract. She won’t renew it. Tae Bum says when he cared about the contract renewal he was timid, but now, he’s feeling bold.

The two girls admit to lying to the education investigator. Soo A does not change her story. The charges againt Tae Bum are dropped. He celebrates by eating take out with Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol and Ha Joon. Yeon Doo and Kim Yeol are kinda cute eating together.

Everyone studies for the mid term exams. Soo A studies long hours and suffers frequent nose bleeds. When Tae Bum offers a handkerchief she scoffs that she’s not sorry for her actions and is irritated she’s punished for them. Tae Bum sees she’s lonely and assures her if she ever needs anyone to talk to, he’s there for her.

Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo study together. She falls asleep often. Kim Yeol sweetly shields her from the sun and leaves a sticky asking her for a date on her forehead while she naps. In class he texts her for a answer to his date invitation. She starts to reply but Tae Bum take the cell phone away from her. She frets that her lucky cat charm is necessary to take her exams. Kim Yeol manages to swipe the lucky cat charm for Kim Yeol.

cu_ep7_6a cu_ep7_6b
Soo A takes the assistant Principal’s USB drive, it was dropped on the floor, which has the mid term exam questions.  The assistant is upset it is lost. When another teacher says she saw Kim Yeol near his desk (hiding when he was there to retrieve Yeon Doo’s lucky cat charm), the assistant jumps to the erroneous conclusion that Kim Yeol stole the USB.  Soo A copies the contents of the USB to her hard drive. She overhears teachers talking about Kim Yeol stealing the USB drive. Seizing the opportunity she plants the USB drive in Kim Yeol’s bag. When the  assistant searches the bag, he finds the USB. Kim Yeol denies knowing about the USB. The assistant calls him a theif. Kim Yeol denies it and says he wouldn’t be stupid enough keep the USB.

Everyone whispers about Kim Yeol. Even the cheer leading squad thinks he’s guilty. Only Yeon Doo and Ha Joon proclaim his innocence and disgust at their lack of faith. At the investigation, Kim Yeol’s father, who is in love with Yeon Doo’s mother, suggests 30 days probation and he’ll fund additional projects for the school. Kim Yeol is disgusted that no one asks him what happened, they all talk about him but ignore him. Kim Yeol is on probation for 30 days. As he leaves the school, Yeon Doo tells him she knows he was in the office for her, to retrieve her cell phone. He smiles, hands her the lucky cat charm and tells her to do well on her exams.

At home he recalls being a child and listening to his parents argue about his mother’s affair culminating with her leaving the home. That was the “trust no one” turning point for Kim Yeol.

Yeon Doo’s mother tells Kim Yeol’s father he didn’t support Kim Yeol the right way. He chose to lessen his son’s punishment versus fight for his innocence.

While doing community service Yeon Doo shows up. She asks why Kim Yeol didn’t fight for his innocence. Too late now is his take. But he appreciates her support.

Yeon Doo and Ha Joon have the same idea, get a copy of the CCTV video. They almost get caught. They study the video until Yeon Doo drifts asleep. Ha Joon is memorisized by the sleeping Yeon Don just like Kim Yeol was. They eat noodles together and battle over the yellow radish. Cute!

cu_ep7_10a cu_ep7_10b cu_ep7_10c
Soo A gets first place in the mid term exams. She is thrilled. Her mother is thrilled. An expensive purchase is the reward. The 2 girls tells Soo A that Yeon Doo is stating the CCTV footage proves Kim Yeol was framed. That worries her. In their room, Yeon Doo receives a silly video clip of herself and Kim Yeol. The video clips shows the assitant unloading his bag and clearly shows the USB drive. Yeon Doo exclaims “I’ve found it! The evidence that will clear Kim Yeol!” Yep, this is Soo A’s nightmare come true.

My Thoughts

Episode 7 focused on supporting unfairly accused Kim Yeol. What was special is how the Yeon Doo and Ha Joon stepped up and were willing to support him. Really nice to see.

What were the pluses this seventh episode?
* Yeon Doo – She’s willing to fight and put herself out there for what she believes in. She is loyal. She never believed for an instance that Kim Yeol stole the USB. I liked the sweet chemistry between her and Kim Yeol during their study session. I liked the sweet friendship between her and Ha Joon during their time eating together after watching the CCTV footage.
* Kim Yeol – He didn’t fight too much about the USB drive but he was at a disadvantage. I was surprised he didn’t voice a suspicion of Soo A. He’s assumed (correctly) that she’s been behind everything else, why not this? Nice to get some background on his childhood and why he is a solo person that doesn’t trust easily. He was sweet when he shielded Yeon Doo from the sun and when she visited him during community service when he gave her the lucky cat charm for the upcoming mid term exams.
* Ha Joon – Yes, they are inching towards Ha Joon liking Yeon Doo which is  cliche. They are friends. I appreciated Yeon Doo’s willingness to be caught searching for proof of Kim Yeol’s innocence so Ha Joon would not be implicated. He’s cute and needs a girl, but not Yeon Doo.
* Dong Jae – Nothing this episode.
* Why wasn’t Soo A suspected? She’s been at the center of most of the bad stuff happening to other students. Why didn’t Kim Yeol suggest Soo A was part of the plot? Why didn’t Ha Joon suspect her too? I’m assuming at some point in this series Soo A will have an epiphany and feel bad for all her misdeeds. But will I care enough to forgive and forget? Yes, she has a demanding mother. But Soo A pushes herself into doing bad things to be number 1. She only cares for herself. She’s unlikable at this point.

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