Cheer Up! Episode 6 Recap

They performed a cheer leading routine! The question of the episode – are you willing to speak up, even against the adult agenda?

Cheer Up! Episode 6 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo Bin (Kwon Soo A), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)

cu_ep6_1a cu_ep6_1b
Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) gives the interview to 60 Minutes stating she and other students’ activities are helping enhance top students college criteria. She desperately hopes this will help  math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk), who has been providing inside information on the school’s preferential practices. Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun) and Ha Joon (Ji Soo) warn the 60 Minutes producer to protect Yeon Doo’s identity.

Later Ha Joon and Yeon Doo companionably munch gummi bears.

Yeon Doo is shocked when she learns next week’s 60 Minutes episode is NOT about the school. She tells Tae Bum who called the 60 Minutes producer who states pressure from higher ups killed the story. The producer suggests Tae Bum watch his back. Yeon Doo overhears the conversation.

cu_ep6_4a cu_ep6_4bPrincipal, Choi Gyung Ran (Park Hae Mi) and her assistant are thrilled the 60 Minutes story was cancelled and they know that Tae Bum is the whistle blower. Now they must work on firing Tae Bum without it looking like revenge for his whistle blowing.

cu_ep6_5a cu_ep6_5b cu_ep6_5c cu_ep6_5d
Recall the cheer leading instructor, Nam Jun Ah, had Chae Soo Bin (Kwon Soo A) create a routine for the Real Kings and Yeon Doo create a routine for the smart kids. Both teams perform and do well. Jun Ah and Tae Bum are impressed. Now who will be picked for President of the club – Soo Bin or Yeon Doo? Jun Ah asks Soo Bin why Dong Jae was not included. She starts to explain about his touching phobia but Jun Ah cuts her off. A leader uses all the team members. Jun Ah declares Yeon Doo is the Cheer Leading Club President.

cu_ep6_6a cu_ep6_6b
Soo Bin hurls in the bathroom. She can hear her mother voice saying she must be a club president for her college application. Two smart girls discuss how Tae Bum was the whistle blower. Soo Bin is very interested in that information.

Interesting we actually saw Soo Bin draped over the toilet and a girl popping a zit. Not sure I’ve seen that on a drama.

Soo Bin complains to her college consultant, Director Lee (Kil Hae Yeon), that Tae Bum was the whistle blower. Director Lee tells her to keep calm and let the adults handle Tae Bum.

Soo Bin overhears Tae Bum trying another path to expose the preferential treatment. She worries the adults won’t act against Tae Bum in time.

cu_ep6_8a cu_ep6_8b
Tae Bum helps Jum Nah in coaching the kids in lifts. He spots one of the smart girls and she loses her balance and falls into her arms. She accuses him of touching her chest. He is flustered. Soo Bin sees this as an opportunity to get rid of Tae Bum. She and the girls complain to the assistant principal about Tae Bum’s inappropriate touching.

The mothers march to the office complaining about Tae Bum and demanding he resign. Jum Nah interrupts and tells them that cheer leading involves touching each other. She further points out that if Tae Bum hadn’t caught the girl, she would have been injured. That shuts the mother’s up…for a minute.

Later the mothers meet with Principal Choi and urge her to fire Tae Bum sooner rather than later.

cu_ep6_9a cu_ep6_9b cu_ep6_9c
All the kids are whispering about Tae Bum. It is uncomfortable in class for Tae Bum. Fed up, Yeon Doo starts to tell the kids to stop but Kim Yeol pushes her back to her seat. Instead he tells Soo Bin and her 2 friends in his lovely 3 point rebuttal method that he knows they framed Tae Bum to get back at him for being the whistle blower and potentially affecting their college applications.

cu_ep6_10a cu_ep6_10b
Kim Yeol tells Yeon Doo that he stepped forward to stop her from getting herself in trouble. She wonders why he did that. He tells her to think about it.

Yeon Doo cheers up Tae Bum. But the wheels of retribution are in play and he is fired.

cu_ep6_11a cu_ep6_11b
At lunch no one sits with Tae Bum but Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol, Ha Joon, and Dong Jae do.

Kim Yeol organizes a petition to rehire Tae Bum. Yeon Doo is impressed. Principal Choi is horrified. She calls the education office who just happens to misplace the student’s petition.

cu_ep6_12bcu_ep6_12a  cu_ep6_12c
The education office and the mothers meet to discuss the situation. Smart girl is asked to say what happened that day. She says he touched her chest. He apologizes and takes responsibility. Tae Bum says he will resign. Hurting the students isn’t what he wants to do.

Tae Bum tells Yeon Doo, Kim Yeol, Ha Joon, and Dong Jae that he resigned.

Smart girl tells her mother that she wants to recant her story. Her mother says she cannot recant her story. What’s done is done.

cu_ep6_14b cu_ep6_14a
Smart girl is mad at Soo Bin who knew that this story would cause Tae Bum to be fired. She calls her stupid for not realizing this story could only end in Tae Bum’s dismissal.

cu_ep6_15a cu_ep6_15b
Dong Jae practices his cheer leading moves infront of Soo Bin. She is surprised he’s practicing since he won’t touch anyone. She asks if he’s mad at her for getting him kicked off the basketball team. Dong Jae asks if she is apologizing for her actions. Soo Bin is amazed he’d think that.

Kim Yeol and Ha Joon fret about how upset Yeon Doo is.

cu_ep6_17a cu_ep6_17b
Ha Joon visits his father at work. He asks for his father’s help to reinstate Tae Bum. He gets on his knees. His father admits he’s the one that got student’s petition pulled. Ha Joon is stunned at his father’s actions.

cu_ep6_18a cu_ep6_18b
Yeon Doo’s Mom visits her at school. They laugh how the regret theirs only after the fact. Her mom encourages her to follow her heart. Kim Yeol meets her mother who thinks he is handsome.

The cheer leading practice is difficult for Yeon Doo as she is distracted.

Yeon Doo gives Tae Bum an invitation to attend the cheer leading performance tomorrow. He agrees to come.

cu_ep6_19a cu_ep6_19b
Yeon Doo asks the 2 girls that accused Tae Bum for a favor. She tells them this mess isn’t entirely their fault but they need to make it right. It’s too late the girls say.

Kim Yeol asks if Yeon Doo is nervous before the performance. He offers her vanilla milk. So cute! He tells her she makes him scared, mad, and nervous. She apologizes. He hugs her. He tells her to cheer up. So cute! A Real King member catches them hugging. So cute!

cu_ep6_20b cu_ep6_20c cu_ep6_20d cu_ep6_20e
Tae Bum attends the performance and Juh Nah has him sit next to her. The cheer leading club is thrilled he is there. The school officials are not.

cu_ep6_21a cu_ep6_21f cu_ep6_21g
The cheer leading squad performs their routine. It is a mix of the two routines Soo Bin and Yeon Doo created. Everyone cheers. They hold up signs of cheer at the end of the routine. The lying girls flip their signs that read “We lied. Teacher did not touch us. Please reinstate Teacher.” It is bold and touching.

Tae Bum has tears in his eyes. The audience chants for his reinstatement.  The cheer leading squad looks at him with support.

Terrific way to the end the episode!

My Thoughts

Episode 6 focused on supporting unfairly accused Math teacher Tae Bum. What was special is how the student stepped up and were all willing to support him. Really nice to see.

What were the pluses this sixth episode?
* Yeon Doo – She’s willing to fight and put herself out their for what she believes in. Her chat with her mother confirmed, like mother like daughter. I liked that Yeon Doo is inspirational to the other students to change their behavior. More cute moments between Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo. I loved her confusion about why he was being bold so she wouldn’t have to be. The hug was darling too.
* Kim Yeol – Last episode I said Km Yeol isn’t bold and Yeon Doo is but she could help him evolve. That came to fruition this episode. From his protection of Yeon Doo to the 60 Minute reporters (with Ha Joon too), to his willingness to confront the girls with his 3 point methodology which I adore, to his concern to Yeon Doo’s reaction when Tae Bum was fired, Kim Yeol stepped it up. He was darling when he challenged Yeon Doo to figure out why he was going to bat for her. He was darling when he hugged Yeon Do to cheer her up. He was darling when he told the Real King guy that timing is everything. Yep, I loved Kim Yeol this episode.
* Ha Joon – The scene when he went to his father for help reinstating Tae Bum only to find out that his father suppressed the student petition was terrific. He knows his father is a subpar human but he was surprised by his father’s actions, and not in a good way. I liked the way he and Kim Yeol clearly told the 60 Minute reporters not to hurt Yeon Doo. I was relieved that he did not seem to develop romantic feelings for Yeon Doo.
* Dong Jae – Best scene was his calm interaction with a riled up Soo Bin who was riddled with guilt for her treatment to Tae Bum and Dong Jae. When he asked if she was apologizing, that was a good moment.
* Forces can join for good or evil. Jum Nah’s support of Tae Bum was nice to see. She is no nonsense about supporting him. The mothers, the principal they worked together to fire Tae Bum and they managed to get him to resign. What they didn’t count on was for the students to strike back and admit to lying and asking for Tae Bum’s reinstatement. Loved the apology and admission through the signs at the cheer leading contest. Well done moment and it touched me.

The third song of the OST is released. “Flower” by Lizzy of After School is pretty with rap by Kanto. Check it out via the embedded video or this link.

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