Cheer Up! Episode 5 Recap

Even more cheer leading moves, they watched real cheer leaders! The question of the episode – are you willing to sacrifice for what’s right even if it could cost you?

Cheer Up! Episode 5 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo Bin (Kwon Soo A), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)

Recall the cheer leading instructor, Nam Jun Ah, had the cheer leading club students go to her house. She is late, so they eat the food and drink her homemade wine with with gusto. Everyone is buzzed. Alone on the porch Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun) tells Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) he is going to kiss her and leans into her. She closes her eyes. We never see the kiss.

Cut to the cheer leading instructor returning home to find everyone drunk. She drives the students in her van, which breaks down, and the drunk students exit. She gets everyone in the van after it is fixed. Dong Jae  (Cha Hak Yeon) notices Chae Soo Bin (Kwon Soo A) is missing.  Nam Jun calls math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk) and he comes to help. They start searching for her. Seo Ha Joon (Ji Soo) remembers Soo Bin’s negative words and wonders if she’s considering suicide. He finds her as she considers walking into a lake. He lets her walk in then tells her to stop. She exits. He drapes his coat around her. Meanwhile Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are searching. When Yeon Doo’s ankle acts up, Kim Yeol gives her a piggy back ride to the van.

cu_ep5_1e cu_ep5_1f cu_ep5_1g
When they arrive at school, it is morning. The cheer leading instructor distracts the Principal, Choi Gyung Ran (Park Hae Mi) and the assistant with her cheer moves and the students sneak into school. Jum Nah and Tae Bum are relieved the returned the students without Principal Choi realizing. Unfortunately the 60 minutes TV crew knows.

The students sneaking back into the school…ridiculous. The bed check would have flagged all of them as missing.

Yeon Doo can’t get the kiss (or almost kiss) out of her mind. She takes Kim Yeol aside but he won’t confirm whether or not they kissed.

His enjoyment over her frustration of not remembering what happened is cute.

The cheer leading instructor, with the 60 minutes crew filming, has Yeon Doo act as lead for Real King and Soo Bin act as lead for the smart kids. One of these two girls will become president of the club. They both have to choreograph a routine. The twist is Yeon Doo is choreographing for the smart kids and Soo Bin is  choreographing  for Real King.

Later that afternoon, Kim Yeol smiles as he remembers what happened that night. He was learning into kiss Yeon Doo and she passed out on his shoulder.

cu_ep5_4a cu_ep5_4b
Jum Nah and Tae Bum think they succeed in getting the tape from the 60 minute reporter until he reveals he has the original on his computer.

I like their partnership this episode. They are more interesting together.

Soo Bin brings in the Korean Cheer leading squad to work with Real King. Soo Bin tells Dong Jae he’s off the team unless he can get over his touching phobia.

cu_ep5_6a cu_ep5_6b
Yeon Doo tries to the get smart kids to work on cheer leading but they’d rather study. She pleads with Ha Joon and Kim Yeol. They overhead Principal Choi and the assistant discuss firing Tae Bum who they believe to be the whistle blower. The Principal warns them not to tell anyone about what they overheard. Later Yeon Doo wants Ha Joon and Kim Yeol to help Tae Bum. They tell her to leave it alone. Principal Choi has the power not them.

Yeon Doo tells Tae Bum he will be fired. He pretends it is ok. But he’s really upset. He calls the 60 Minutes producer. He agrees to an interview and reveals he is the whistle blower.

Principal Choi order the student not to give interviews to 60 Minutes. Yeon Doo counters that telling the truth should be allowed. The Principal tells her assistant they need to find a reason to expel Yeon Doo.

Yeon Doo starts to give 60 Minute the interview but Kim Yeol drags her away. He urges her not to trust adults. She tells him looking the other way is not the right thing to do.

cu_ep5_10a cu_ep5_10b
Yeon Doo calls her mother who urges her not to get involved. Dong Jae’s father asks when she will give her an answer to his marriage proposal.

cu_ep5_11a cu_ep5_11b
Ha Joon’s father hits Ha Joon for not agreeing to go to the college he wants his son to attend. Yeon Doo sees this and calls for Ha Joon. His father stops and warns him to straighten up. Ha Joon is embarrassed Yeon Doo saw. She gives him medicine for his lip and promises not to tell anyone.

At practice, Ha Joon agrees to participate. Nice!

Yeon Doo apologizes to Tae Bum for not giving the interview. He is gracious telling her it is an adult matter. He urges her to find friends she can count on and adults that are trustworthy.

Hmm, I want to say Tae Bum is probably the only adult in the school we’ve seen that is trustworthy.

cu_ep5_13a cu_ep5_13b
Yeon Doo can’t get Tae Bum out of her mind. Kim Yeol finds her thinking about it. He urges her to do what she wants within the confines of what she can truly be responsible for. She agrees that helping Tae Bum was more fantasy than reality. Yeon Doo admits this school has made her feel small. Kim Yeol tells her to follow her passion and she’ll be happy. They smile. He gives her the umbrella and leaves saying if he walks in the rain with her under an umbrella he might kiss her.

Sweet moment and nice scene between them. They do have chemistry. 

cu_ep5_14b cu_ep5_14c cu_ep5_14d cu_ep5_15a cu_ep5_15b cu_ep5_15c

Tae Bum says goodbye to the class. The Principal and assistant escort him out. Yeon Doo can’t stand it. She runs after them blocking their path. She tells Tae Bum has friends she can count on and he is the adult that is trustworthy. She runs and finds the 60 Minutes producer. She tells him she’ll give him the interview. Ha Joon and Kim Yeol watch knowing this could be the action the Principal can use to expel Yeon Doo.

My Thoughts

Episode 5 focused on who’s the whistle blower in the school. Math teacher Tae Bum is the one willing expose the truth and it cost him.

What were the pluses this fifth episode?
* Yeon Doo – She’s willing to do what she thinks is right even if there are consequences. She found out Ha Joon’s secret and did not betray him. She listened to Kim Yeol’s counsel to not get involved but she couldn’t stay silent and see Tae Bum get fired. The moment talking in the rain with Kim Yeol seemed real, not cutesy. She does have chemistry with Kim Yeol.
* Kim Yeol – he longs for what Yeon Doo has – the ability to do what her heart tells her to do even if she’s scared of the consequences. He’s right that she’s dabbing in adult struggles and she does not have power in the situation. I see that he cares for her and does not want her to get hurt. He wants to stop her from doing things that will get her expelled. I liked how he remembered their almost kiss with a smile. Kim Yeol isn’t bold and Yeon Doo is. She can help him evolve.
* Ha Joon – The scene where he helped Soo Bin at the lake was strong. He listened without judgement and was a friend. I still don’t want romance between them. He does have chemistry with Yeon Doo but that is doomed if the writer goes him liking her. It will be unrequited.
* Dong Jae – It was cold when Soo Bin kicked him off the cheer leading squad because he can’t touch anyone. But it makes sense too. Only if he were a mascot could he be solo on that squad.
* Comradery between the teachers. Nice to see Tae Bum and Jum Nah work together to get the kids back to school and retrieve the video. They have a decent chemistry too. Jum Nah seemed more real and less caricature this episode.

The second song of the OST is released. “Shooting Star” by HanByul is upbeat. The video gives you a taste of the chemistry from episode 3 between our leads. Check it out via the embedded video or this link.

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