The Merchant Gaekju Episode 8 Recap

There are consequences for leaving your husband if you are a merchant…and it isn’t pleasant.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 8 Recap

mg_ep8_1a mg_ep8_1b mg_ep8_1c
Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) courageously saved So Sa (Han Chae Ah) by jumping from a cliff, diving into a river, and extracting her from a sinking pallet. She is grateful. She wants to escape her father, who sells her to the highest bidder, and follow Bong Sam to become a merchant. Bong Sam is flustered. It is moot, when her father appears and drags her away. He’s so cheap that a bow is all Bong Sam gets as a thank you.

That night Bong Sam regrets his decision and decides to go after So Sa. His decision making process…adorable.

mg_ep8_2b mg_ep8_2a
Head Merchant stares at the drawing of So Sa with longing. The assistant to the Head Merchant whines to Hak Joon. He fuels the assistant’s insecurities by saying the Head Merchant is fit enough to sire a child which would put the assistant out of the line of succession. Hak Joon recommends the assistant gather money and overthrow the Head Merchant. How could the assistant gather money without the Head Merchant’s knowledge? The answer is the old standby…become an opium dealer. That’s illegal and the assistant has the consider that as the consequences would be grave (recall Bong Sam’s father was killed for supposedly smuggling opium, though it was So Gae’s bag with the illegal opium).

Man Chi and Bang Geum meets with Hak Joon and So Rye (Park Eun Hye). The deed to the stables is offered for purchase. To everyone’s surprise, Hak Joon declines.

So Rye takes Hak Joon aside to convince him, this is the time to go big or go home. He must go outside his comfort zone and purchase the stables. Hak Joon correctly states that going into new areas shouldn’t could cost him his life. Hak Joon declares this deal is nothing like his 3 year stalk, bribe, and ruin plan for Chun Merchant Group. This deal is cattle brokers who are ignorant, violent, yet loyal only to themselves. No, Hak Joon declares, he will not lose his life. So Rye chides Hak Joon that he will never beat the Head Merchant by playing it safe. She pricks his pride when she asks how long will he cow-tow to his brother. This is the deal of lifetime. Hak Joon reverses his opinion pleasing So Rye.

mg_ep8_5 mg_ep8_5a
Hak Joon’s offer is only 10,000 coins. Man Chi is insulted. So Rye states only Hak Joon will offer for the deed to stables. This is a take or leave it moment. Man Chi ups the demands to 20,000 in the form of a promissory note and travel cash. Hak Joon agrees and writes the agreement. He giddily reads what he gets – stables and cattle. Bang Geum tells Man Chi the cattle aren’t his to sell, those belong to Teacher Bong. Man Chi declares that Teacher Bong’s cattle are a bonus. So Rye perks up as they discuss Teacher Bong. Hak Joon hands over the promissory note and travel cash. Man Chi and Bang Geum depart.

mg_ep8_6a mg_ep8_6b
So Rye is stoked. She tells faithful Deuk Gae she’s waited 18 years for this moment. Hak Joon has made the fateful decision that will lead to his death and her freedom. She orders Deuk Gae to follow Man Chi and Bang Geum, take back the promissory note and let those searching for the couple know their whereabouts.  When Hak Joon is found with the promissory note by the Head Merchant…her long awaited revenge will come to fruition. As Deuk Gae starts to leave she asks him to find out about Teacher Bong.

Bong Sam and his traveling companion catch up with So Sa’s entourage.  They are stoked.

mg_ep8_8a mg_ep8_8b
Head stable merchant Jo Sung Joon is literally sharping his knife when he learns that his thieving partner, Man Chi and his wayward wife, Bang Geum have been located. Sung Joon’s face tells you that he will extract his revenge once he finds them.

Man Chi and Bang Geum, find So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) and Gae Dong preparing supper. Man Chi suggests they share the food. So Gae remembers Man Chi from a less than positive childhood encounter. So Gae isn’t thrilled with sharing but Gae Dong is agreeable. When the merchants hunting Man Chi and Bang Geum arrive, they want to read the warrant.

Bong Sam and his traveling companion eat supper. Bong Sam is flustered when a woman from So Sa’s entourage walks by. He declares he will ask for her hand tonight! When the merchants hunting Man Chi and Bang Geum arrive, they want to read the warrant.

With the reaction of Man Chi and Bang Geum as the warrant is read, So Gae quickly ascertains that his supper companions are wanted. Gae Dong understands this as well. The reader states that death is the punishment for these crimes. Man Chi almost gives them away. Gae Dong suggests they exit the camp. Man Chi and Bang Geum agree they need to depart. So Gae sees the opportunity.

mg_ep8_10a mg_ep8_10b
Bong Sam is gobsmacked when he learns Man Chi and Bang Geum ran off together after taking the stable deed. He must sort out the situation. His travel companion asks if this is more important than marriage. Bong Sam the stable mess wipes his finances anyhow, he couldn’t afford So Sa. He and his travel companion switch shirts in a show of friendship. Sorry but I liked the blue shirt versus the swapped brown shirt. 

Bong Sam hopes he can reach Man Chi and Bang Geum before the situation spirals out of control.

mg_ep8_14a mg_ep8_14b mg_ep8_14c
So Gae searches Man Chi’s belongings while he sleeps. He finds the promissory note. Man Chi wakes up. They fight over the promissory note. The struggle involves So Gae squeezing Man Chi’s man parts. That went on a bit too long for my taste. So Gae has Man Chi’s surrender. Bong Sam, hidden in the trees, flings a rock and knocks out So Gae. Man Chi grabs the promissory note and hobbles away.

mg_ep8_15a mg_ep8_15b
The stables’ merchants want their money. They threaten to grab what they can to repay their debt. Bong Sam arrives and convinces the merchants to leave. The stable is part of their economic fabric. Looting it won’t help. Bong Sam declares he must leave immediately to stop Sung Joon from killing Man Chi. His friend comes with him.



So Gae is nursed back from unconsciousness by Gae Dong. So Gae bemoans that being an honest merchant hasn’t brought him the big money. He’ll never be the best merchant at this rate. He needs cash. Man Chi’s promissory note is big money. Gae Dong tells him, go big or go home. Steal the promissory note. His thievery will be on a grander scale and offers big rewards.  Nice touch Gae Dong’s advice to So Gae mirrors So Rye’s advice to Hak Joon.  Gae Dong believes Man Chi and Bang Geum are still close by. So Gae rushes out to catch them.

mg_ep8_16a mg_ep8_16b
Bong Sam finds Sung Joo. He tries to get Sung Joo to see that saving the stable is more important than fighting Man Chi.

Bong Sam finds Man Chi. Ever the hot head, Man Chi accuses Bong Sam of convincing Sung Joo to put out a warrant. Bong Sam tells him to forget that and give him the promissory note. The men fight. Man Chi nicks Bong Sam’s arm. Bong Sam disarms Man Chi and asks “how many have to die because of your temper?” He tells Man Chi that if the stables go bankrupt the ripple effect will hurt hundreds of families.  Nice that Bong Sam referenced his father in the argument.

Jung Soo’s traveling companion finds Bong Sam and Man Chi fighting. He bangs his pot which Jung Soo hears and comes running.

So Gae is tracking Man Chi.

Bong Sam tells Man Chi to run before Jung Soo finds them. Man Chi gets angry at that. Bong Sam says that Man Chi saved his life when he was a boy. His gratitude will not end. He urges Man Chi to give him the promissory notes and flee.

mg_ep8_17e mg_ep8_17f mg_ep8_17g
Too late, Sung Joo arrives. Bong Sam tries to diffuse the situation but to no avail. Jung Soo looks at his wayward wife, Bang Geum, and draws his knife. She rushes in and tells Man Chi it’s over. Man Chi drops his weapon.

mg_ep8_18a  mg_ep8_18dmg_ep8_18c
But it’s not over. Sung Joo is set on punishing Man Chi and Bang Geum. She pays with her feet. Yuck! When Sung Joo draws his knife to punish Man Chi, Bong Sam intervenes. He tells Jung Soo to stop this. Sung Joo stares at Bong Sam and he stares back.

My Thoughts

The eighth episode could be called “Man Chi’s Folly”.  Man Chi personifies the phrase “Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.” This was a good episode.

* Bong Sam set aside his desire to marry So Sa to save the stables and his mentors. Bong Sam fell hard for So Sa but AFTER her father snatched her back. I loved the realization when he couldn’t sleep and decided to get her back. Nice touch to have him retrieve the braided item from the shrine as he left the camp. He was adorably nervous when they reached the town. But then the warrant for Man Chi and Bang Geum was read and Bong Sam’s priorities shifted away from his needs to helping his mentors. That is likely the big difference between So Gae and Bong Sam. So Gae is only thinking of himself while Bong Sam is thinking of others.

* So Rye got managed to push Hak Joon to buy the stable. She did a terrific job of subtly swaying Hak Joon’s mind to embrace not run from the deal. Best episode of the series so far for her. She appeared smart, she believes Teacher Bong could be her brother, and she sent Deuk Gae to retrieve the promissory note so she can frame Hak Joon. Bravo So Rye. I don’t know if her plan will work but it was great to see her proactive not reactive.

* So Gae immediately knew the promissory note could be his ticket to wealth and power. The fight with Man Chil was too long. So Gae didn’t appreciate Gae Dong’s tender care of him. He doesn’t seem to value Gae Dong. This does point that So Gae’s priority is his wishes, others are tools to get what he wants. Yep, that can morph into a villain.

So Sa was a mere blip in this episode before her father swept her away She has no idea that Bong Sam has fallen for her. I don’t envy her situation. It seems likely that her father will try and sell her to the Head Merchant.

Man Chi actions – taking Sung Joo’s wife Bang Geum and the deed, when he fled the stables had consequences. Man Chi’s temper has consistently been his achilles heel. He was unable to comprehend Bong Sam’s sound logic to turn over the promissory note and flee. He was unable to comprehend that Bong Sam cared for him. He was unable to comprehend the lengths that Jung Soo would go to for retribution. How can he live what his actions cost Bang Geum? Just like the fight between So Gae and Man Chi went on too long. Sung Joo’s punishment of Bang Geum went on too long and was too severe.


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22 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 8 Recap
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  2. prettysup says:

    Will BS get united with his sister? Can he help Man Chi and Sung Joon reunite? Is he going to win So Sa’s love? Is So Rye going to get her revenge? How will So Gae and Gae Dong meet Bong Sam? Things are getting exciting!

  3. Nao says:

    Ugh, I found Man Chi super annoying. Did not feel an ounce of sympathy for him. He had his chance with Bang Geum. Why didn’t he speak up then and asked her to marry him? That last scene was so intense I had to watch without sound. But loved, loved JH’s expressions as his eyes were in horror and when he finally said stop.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Jang Hyuk truly looked horrified. The situation warranted that reaction too.

    • Drama Fan says:

      I think Man Chi didn’t say anything out of respect for Sung Joon who is his superior and brother but also because he, as head of the group would be able to provide Bang Geum with a more comfortable life. I believe he alluded to in his conversation with her, when she gave him the chance to stop her from marrying Sung Joon.

      • Beez says:

        Thanks, DramaFan. This is exactly why I always try to find a recapping/discussion site – the subtitles where I’m watching the show gave none of that. (It was still a dingbat move on Man Chi’s part though.)

        • Drama Fan says:

          I don’t think he said it explicitely but when he started congratulating her on her new status and how she’ll be more comfortable and benefit from being the boss’s wife I sort of infered what I mentioned before. I could’ve seen more than intended rhough. I’m not sure.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      I agree, Man Chi is reaping what he sowed. Poor Bang Geum, what a foolish choice to follow Man Chi–that boat already sailed when she agreed to marry to Sung Joo. I love that Bong Sam brought up Human empathy to bring the chaos to a halt. Sung Joo portrayed his own horror of the situation (the conflict of his friendship/family ties) by chopping of his hand. What a tragedy! I had never heard the phrase “Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.” That phrase aptly reflects this situation.

      I am REALLY ENJOYING this blog! Sometimes it is hard to catch everything between streaming delays and captions! THANK YOU kjtamusings!

  4. AidaZen says:

    Thank you for recapping this! I hope you continue. Your insight is on point! So many ways you mirror exactly what I thought in certain scenes.

    I agree, I like the build-up and pace of the story. Jang Hyuk and all other characters’ performance: spellbinding! My least liked is So Gae. After he set the Gaekju up with the opium, he became irredeemable in my eyes! And then they had to use that actor from Joseon Gunman who plays baddie all too well…

    I’m skipping with impatience for the next episode(s)!!

  5. Beez says:

    I don’t think I’m liking the writers of this show. First, they leave me nowhere to go with my feelings for Noona (even Bong Sam was like “why did you abandon me?” And So Gae,I want to feel for him because I understand his anger about thinking Chief Merchant killed his dad, but I’m not feeling him. Maybe it’s the actor? Although I love this guy playing evil do maybe once (if) So Gae turns full on evil, I’ll love to hate him).

    BTW,I guess we now know why Bong Geum was willing to run off with Craz-Mo (Man Chi). Chief Stable Merchant wasn’t just hanging back quiet cause he’s shy. He must’ve been hell to live with. That is one cold b*stard. I had forgotten that I was frustrated by him always hanging back, watching Man Chi go bat-turd crazy on innocent people when he was probably the only one that could’ve controlled him.

    I just realized I don’t like ANYBODY on the show except JH and his new traveling buddy whom he just said goodbye to. Although I am enjoying watching it tho.

    So glad this recap is here so I can vent my frustration.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I see your points about Sung Joo’s silence. But it is impossible to stop a volcano like Man Chi. Sung Joo’s revenge was chilling and I was uncomfortable.

      On the plus side, this was the first episode So Rye seemed intelligent!

      The next episode isn’t far away. Thanks for expressing your thoughts!

      • prettysup says:

        It was stipulated in ep 5 that one of the golden rules to be a merchant is No Adultery. Sung Joo being the horse stable head had to serve out the punishment for his wife, which was the reason why he reminded her that she still held a merchant licence. Though I dont approve of his action, I understand the reason behind the character.

        • Beez says:

          @prettysup. You’re right, I totally get that. But Sung Joo (stable master guy) lacked the humanity Bong Sam’s dad had when administering justice. I get that this was his cheating wife so he is seeing red, but it’s not the type of “red” I’d expect. If he was full of gone-mad self-righteous passion of the betrayed, I’d understand him better. He’s just too cold. I can’t describe it sufficiently but he’s somehow scarier than Man Chi’s lunatic tantrums. *shivers*

          Maybe Bong Geum should’ve tried appealing to Sung Joo instead of screaming for Man Chi (who was bound anyway), maybe she could’ve reached Sung Joo’s gone-missing-at-that-moment soul.

      • prettysup says:

        @Beez , Yes Bong Geum shouldnt have asked the bound Man Chi for help at all, what can he do? And why did he faint when the stable head hasnt touched him at all?

        • Beez says:

          @prettysup He took the smart route,for a change? (I hadn’t even thought about that. You’re right. He fainted and they hadn’t even touched him yet! Big Cowardly Lion without the cuteness.)

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