The Merchant Gaekju Episode 7 Recap

The ladies had a strong episode. Will So Rye and Bong Sam find each other?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 7 Recap

mg_ep7_1a mg_ep7_1b
Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) leaves the stables.  The head merchants, Jo Sung Joon and Song Man Chi, have it out. Man Chi is insulted beyond belief that Sung Joon would have chosen Bong Sam as the next in line to run the stables. Man Chi rages that he is the right hand man and should be next in line. He can’t take it. He rifles through Sung Joo’s papers and takes the deed to the stable. Sung Joon’s wife, Bang Geum, finds him going through the papers.  On impulse he grabs her as he exits the stables. She tries to talk him into returning but he refuses. He asks her to stay. She is torn. In a flashback we see that Man Chi was about to propose to Bang Geum but Sung Joon beat him. Bang Geum gave Man Chi a chance to propose but he refused so she married Sung Joon.

Time makes recognizing each other harder…So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) and Gae Dong take a breather after a uphill hike with all their gear. So Rye (Park Eun Hye) walks past So Gae. She hears the voice, looks, and walk on unaware it is So Gae. He did not see her, so he is clueless about the near miss.

Bong Sam buys eggs.

mg_ep7_3a mg_ep7_3b
The stables are in disarray with the exit of Bong Sam, Man Chi and Bang Geum. Sung Joo is mad Man Chi and his wife fled together. He reports them a basically puts a bounty on their heads. Merchant fan out to look to post flyers about them to catch them. The document seemed like an early wanted poster, the circle with names around it looked cool. 

The Head Merchant visits, Hak Joon, his brother and other merchants. Hak Joon is pleased to learn that Man Chi made off with Sung Joo’s wife and the stables are on the brink. Hak Joon loves his enemies to suffer!

mg_ep7_4a mg_ep7_4b
Bong Sam searches for his sister, So Rye. He recalls her leaving him at the temple, placing a hard boiled egg in his hand and promising to return. Present day, Bong Sam rails to the sky demanding to know why So Rye has not returned as she promised. Sometimes Jang Hyuk’s solo scenes are more powerful. Nice touch that he’s eating hard boiled eggs.

So Rye finds the doctor that cared for Bong Sam. She asks about him. The doctor claims he knows where Bong Sam is. Stunned So Rye can’t believe her search may be over.

So Gae and Gae Dong happen to stop and rest at the grave sites of his father and Bong Sam’s father. So Gae can’t believe his eyes. He muses that Bong Sam’s father must have lured him to this spot to berate him for not marrying So Rye and letting Bong Sam die.

The doctor shows So Rye the basket of hard boiled eggs he says Bong Sam leaves him. He talks like Bong Sam is still a child. Horrified, So Rye realizes the doctor is not 100% right in his mind. She is crushed. Loved Deuk Gae’s head shake indicated the doctor was bit a soft in the head. As So Rye prepares to leave, she thanks the doctor for saving Bong Sam as a child. She offers him her mother’s hair pin, which she was to give to Bong Sam’s wife to show her gratitude. I would have let Deuk Gae pay the doctor with the coins and kept the heirloom that was intended for Bong Sam. I did think her gratitude to the doctor was lovely. She believed without the doctor, Bong Sam would be dead. 

So Gae wonders about So Rye. Is she a maid and miserable? He notes the grave marker costs money, so maybe So Rye isn’t poor and miserable. Gae Dong tells him she believes he will become the greatest merchant in the land.

Bong Sam visits the doctor. He tells Bong Sam that he just missed his sister. Bong Sam doesn’t believe him, at first. Then he realizes, So Rye may have visited. The doctor tells him that So Rye travels in a hand carried pallet. Before Bong Sam runs after his sister, the doctor hands him the hair pin from So Rye. Nice that Bong Sam got the hair pin. I thought he would have recognized it.

Bong Sam searches for So Rye but cannot find her. Ahead on the road he sees a hand carried pallet. He squeezes past the travelers to move closer to it. Everyone is stunned the pallet is dumped over the cliff. This was a deliberate move by the men carrying the pallet. Bong Sam believes So Rye is in the pallet. Faced with So Rye’s death before he is reunited, Bong Sam leaps from the cliff and retrieves the downing woman inside. He staggers out of the river holding the woman he believes is So Rye. The family makes their way down the cliff road to intercept them. I thought Bong Sam hurling himself off the cliff was completely in character.

mg_ep7_12a mg_ep7_12b
We learn the background on the woman Bong Sam just saved. She’s a beauty and her father shopped her around to the highest bidder. She ended up marrying a man that recently died. Her father has her back on the market again. The merchants pass a around a drawing of Jo So Sa (Han Chae Ah). The Head Merchant is particularly interested in the drawing.

So Sa tells Bong Sam that she is not his sister. He is disappointed. Jang Hyuk’s dawning realization that his sister was not found but still out of his reach was terrific.

mg_ep7_13b mg_ep7_13a
So Sa is thankful for Bong Sam saving her. She prays that Bong Sam will find his sister. Nice parallel moment with So Sa believing that Bong Sam will get what he desires just like Gae Dong told So Gae he would be a great merchant. The lighting on Jang Hyuk is fabulous, he looks great. 

mg_ep7_13f mg_ep7_13dmg_ep7_13e
So Sa tells Bong Sam that she has an unfortunate destiny. She realizes this is a chance to escape her father, her life, and the bleak path in front of her. She asks Bong Sam to take her with him. Bong Sam is stunned at the request.

My Thoughts

The seventh episode was stronger for the female characters.  Looks like Bong Sam may have a new travel companion. This would continue the ongoing parallel path between Bong Sam and So Gae. I liked this episode.

* Bong Sam’s focus was finding his sister. He was bold jumping off the cliff, but it made total sense. Separated for 18 years, the sister he has longed for is drowning below him…trying to save her was logical under those circumstances. My favorite Jang Hyuk moment? I liked the solo scene when he asked the heavens why So Rye had not returned as she promised him as a child. You got the feeling that Bong Sam does not harbor ill will towards his sister for being left behind. I had to laugh when Bong Sam waved his hands in front of So Sa when she asked him to take her with him. Jang Hyuk sold me on the shock and disbelief she’d suggest this. Their chemistry was good. That makes me happy.

* So Rye got closer to Bong Sam than I expected. She and the faithful Deuk Gae talked to the doctor and for a moment, she thought the doctor was her conduit to Bong Sam. But the doctor’s talk made him appear senile and So Rye left disappointed. What a near miss as Bong Sam was there just moments after she left. So Rye’s other near miss was standing close to So Gae but not recognizing him.

* So Gae was stunned to find his father’s and Bong Sam’s father’s grave markers. He spent a moment by his father’s grave but once Gae Dong found Bong Sam’s father’s marker, he quickly shoved her aside. I liked the internal dialog knowing that Bong Sam’s father would be disappointed that he did not fulfill his final wishes to marry So Rye and take care of Bong Sam. I find So Gae likable with a terrific smile.

So Sa’s statement that she had an unfortunate life was an understatement. A father that literally sells her to the highest bidder, not once but twice. Being beautiful doesn’t solve everything. I liked the initial chemistry with Bong Sam. I was glad she told him she was not So Rye. I wondered for a second if she would lie.

Man Chi took Sung Joo’s wife Bang Geum when he fled the stables. That was interesting along with the back story between the three characters. We’d seen them traveling together but romance between the characters had not been a plot point. I liked the rivalry between Sung Joo and Man Chi over Bang Geum. I especially liked the scene where she wanted Man Chi to propose but he refused. Her frustration at his lack of action in the past and her frustration at his present day actions was well done. Sung Joo was a man of action when he sent men to look for them.


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14 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 7 Recap
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  2. Drama Fan says:

    What a great episode. Im liking every character! I love the Man Chi Sung Joo and Bang Geum drama but I fear it will end tragically. I love Bongsam and So Lyn already and Im anxious for him to reunite with So Rye although I guess it’ll be much later? I felt sorry for So Lyn and I found the old men perving over her utterly disgusting. In contrast, we have Bongsam being sweet and shy with her. I loved it when he pulled his ears nervously 😀 And yes I worry that So Gae and Gae Dong and too likable because they are supposed to be antagonists so if they turn “evil” they’ll break my heart. They are likable so far.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I get the feeling that the writer is taking time developing the story. I’m not feeling rushed and am getting more vested in the characters every episode. I was surprised that Man Chi, Sung Joo, and Bang Geum took center stage, but it makes sense as another experience and evolution point for Bong Sam. The ear pull was cute!

    • Beez says:

      Gae Dong, I like so far but they really haven’t shown me much of her. Even though I abhor a thief for any reason other than hunger/survival in societies like this, I liked her speech to So Gae about “if you’re going to do it, DO IT BIG! [my paraphrasing]. But that’s me giving her the benefit of the doubt. I mean, there’s got to be a good reason she’s disguised and considering the treatment of women and the poor…so I’ll go along with her mindset, for now.

      But So Gae – I just want to slap both his grubby cheeks…real hard…at the same time…really, really hard. (And if he was going to be a disgusting thief, why couldn’t he do it right and rid me of Man Chi once and for all?!)

  3. Prettysup says:

    Is Han Chae Ah’s character’s name So Sa or So Lyn?

  4. Beez says:

    Did my eyes see what I think they saw? Did that crazy Man Chi hit Bang Geum in the stomach just before hoisting her over his shoulder? Bang Geum has got to be a little bit crazy herself to go off with a maniac like Man Chi. Either that or there’s some dark to Head Stablemaster Merchant that we haven’t been shown yet. Honestly, Man Chi just makes me wish someone would put him and everybody else out of their misery by getting hit on the head with a well placed rock during one of his wild attacks. He is a murderer waiting to happen. It’s purely luck that he hasn’t killed someone already.

    I am sick over So Gae. He made a huge mistake in his youth but I thought that by Bong Sam’s dad taking the blame for him that he would grow into something better. Hopefull there’s still time for him to change but, if seeing Bong Sam’s dad’s sacrifice doesn’t clue him in that something else was going on during his own dad’s death, I don’t hold out much hope. 😒

    • kjtamuser says:

      I re-watched the scene when Man Chi hoisted Bang Geum over his shoulder and yes, he punched her in the stomach before putting her over his shoulder. I concur that Man Chi is a ticking bomb.

      I’m assuming So Gae will to evolve into the villain that thwarts Bong Sam. He’s likable now, but I expect that to change.

    • Drama Fan says:

      You know what? Despite the fact that at times I like So Gae,you are absolutely right about him regarding Bong Sam’s dad. It’s alnost like he refuses to see reality which is I believe what being “stupid” really means. Truth is is your face and you choose to ignore it. Its probably more painful for him to admit his father was the one who made a mistake than to blame Bong Sam’s dad. And to think that in every other aspect So Gae is a smart guy, but this misplaced anger has poisoned him.

      • Beez says:

        Yeah, I want to forgive So Gae because his bitterness is understandable but…

        And you’re sweet to want to give Man Chi some love and b understanding. Thanks, cause now I can just hate him freely with every fiber of my soul and know that he has someone that cares.

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