Cheer Up! Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

The show gets closer to the cheerleading club doing a cheerleading move. But these episodes were more about the positive and negatives of team building.

Cheer Up! Episodes 3 & 4 Recap


Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji), Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun), Soo Bin (Kwon Soo A), Ha Joon (Ji Soo)

The cheer leading club becomes more real. The mothers get outraged their children are being used to get Chae Soo Bin (Kwon Soo A) into an ivy league school. Soo Bin’s mother is able to soothe them. The cheer leading instructor has a rocking body. The math teacher, Yang Tae Bum (Kim Ji Suk), notices. He gets assigned to help the cheer leading club by Principal, Choi Gyung Ran (Park Hae Mi). The cheer leading instructor focuses on team building. She learns the threat of punishment point will get the student to do the phsyical workout she wants them to do. The first move she shows them is a power lift. She pairs the students off. You guessed it Kim Yeol (Lee Won Geun) and Kang Yeon Doo (Jung Eun Ji) are partners. The student go to her house and find a feast. They eat with gusto. When they find the homemade wine, they drink with gusto.

Soo Bin doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Yeon Doo saves Soo Bin from getting caught with cigarettes in class. Kim Yeol is disappointed he wanted to put Soo Bin in a bad situation to lessen her power. Soo Bin wrongly thinks Yeon Doo made moves against her. To retaliate she had the opposing basketball team amp up physical contact with Dong Jae (Cha Hak Yeon), who freaks out. Soo Bin tells Yeon Doo she’ll continue to retaliate against those that are important to Yeon Doo.  Kim Yeol is livid when Soo Bin tells Seo Ha Joon (Ji Soo) the truth. Ha Joon freaks out and considers suicide. Kim Yeol is beside himself searching for Ha Joon. At the end of the episode Soo Bin, under the influence of alcohol, cries that no one understand how hard she has it. Ha Joon tosses her a handkerchief to cry into.

Park Sun Young (Kim Yeo Jin), Yeon Doo’s mother rejects a marriage proposal.

Ha Joon considers suicide. He is livid that Kim Yeol made a deal with the Principal to NOT tell his father about his outbursts and attempted suicide. Both boys kneel in front of the Principal and ask for mercy. Ha Joon sees the Kim Yeol likes Yeon Doo. His friend is happy and enjoying life.

cu_ep4_2a cu_ep4_2b
After Kim Yeol explains that he has a friend in danger and the cheer leading club is demand from the Principal to keep his friend out of trouble. Yeon Doo gathers the Real Kings and asks them to join the cheer leading club. Yeon Doo is saved by Kim Yeol from falling glass from a broken window. They play hookey after the hospital visit. They end up dancing and winning a rice cooker. They fall asleep resting their heads on each other’s shoulders on the bus ride home.

Dong Jae is bullied by the other team’s basketball players getting physical with him. It is all Soo Bin’s doing and she doesn’t care it hurts him. Dong Jae sees Soo Bin retrieve her secret stash of cigrattes she uses when things get too stressful. He hands them to her but she denies they are hers. Dong Jae is upset that he was unable to save Yeon Doo from the falling glass. He has a flashback to Yeon Doo being injured when they were kids on the playground. He feels responsible for that incident. Dong Jae decides he must join the cheer leading club to protect her.

Kim Yeol tries to protect Ha Joon from Soo Bin but she upsets Ha Joon driving him to the edge. Ha Joon recovers and Kim Yeol tells his friend, they should live now and not be meek and quiet like the adults want them to be. He is envious of the Real Kings commardery. He is drawn to Yeon Doo. Kim Yeol covers Yeon Doo so he is hit by falling glass not her. He talks her into playing hooking. He is surprised when he has fun as she talks him into dancing on stage. At cheer leading club, Kim Yeol announces there is someone he’d like to kiss. Yeon Doo turns red from embarrassment.

cu_ep4_7a cu_ep4_7b
At the end of the episode, both Kim Yeol and Yeon Doo are a little tipsy. Kim Yeol tells Yeon Doo he is going to kiss her and leans into her. She closes her eyes. The episode ends.

My Thoughts

Episode 3 set the stage for the more interesting Episode 4. The writer, Yoon Soo Jung, has weaker odd episodes and strong even episodes. The story line is not exactly compelling. What works is the relationships of certain characters I like.

What were the pluses these two episodes?
* Yeon Doo – she’s a decent girl stuck with insecure, uncaring, and mean Soo Bin who is willing to torture Yeon Doo or her friends. She does have chemistry with Kim Yeol. They have a cute factor.
* Kim Yeol – he longs for what Yeon Doo has – the ability to live with relish and have real friends. He talked her into hookey, where they had fun. He protected her because he cares about her. He smiles just thinking about Yeon Doo. He was making his move for the first kiss. They have a cute factor.
* Ha Joon – He’s quick to anger, and also lost it when Soo Bin told him what Kim Yeol did for him. He got it together and they apologized to the Principal. Are they thinking about pairing him with Soo Bin when he gave her the handkerchief? She one cruel girl. I don’t like the pairing.
* Dong Jae – It was difficult to watch Soo Bin’s plan to freak him out through excessive touching in a basket ball game work. He’s kind to Soo Bin. She doesn’t deserve it. He joins the cheer leading club to protect Yeon Doo. That seems silly with his aversion to touch. Will he be the mascot so he doesn’t have to touch anyone?
* Mother Park (Yeon Doo’s mother) why did she reject the marriage proposal?
* Comradery builds in the cheer leading club. All the physical workouts, the eating together, the partying together. They are starting to see each other as people. They’ve yet to do any cheer leading and the contest isn’t far away. That part is ridiculous.

The first song of the OST is released. “Turtles Fly” Jadu is perky. The video gives you a taste of the chemistry from episode 1 between our leads. Check it out via the embedded video or this link.

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  2. BlondeRJ says:

    Her name is Soo Ha, not Soo Bin.

    And Kim Yeol is not tipsy. He and his friend realize it’s wine and stop drinking. 🙂


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