The Merchant Gaekju Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Yes, yes, yes, Jang Hyuk enters the series midway through the 4th episode.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Episode 3 centers around Chung Bong Sam’s father’s death after being caught smuggling opium. We know he did not smuggle the opium, rather Gil So Gae did. In fact, So Gae is happy to see Bong Sam’s father in deadly trouble, for the opium he hid in his bag. So Gae’s perspective is simple. His father slaved for Bong Sam’s father only wanting the Chun Merchant Group to rise in status. Bong Sam’s father didn’t give his father enough credit. Bong Sam’s father sentenced his father to death. Bong Sam’s father watched his father drink the poisonous lye. Bong Sam’s father knifed his father who was writhing in agony from the lye. Because of all this So Gae believes Bong Sam’s father deserves to die.

Bong Sam’s father cannot reveal So Gae is the real opium smuggler. So gae is young, his father just died and So Gae is filled with bitter anger. Instead he asserts he smuggled the opium. He ignores the pleas of his own children, Bong Sam and So Rye, to recant his confession. Before he is killed, he tells Bong Sam to become whatever he wants to be. He tells So Gae to marry So Rye and take over Chun Merchant Group.

So Gae deserts Bong Sam and So Gae. He does not want to be reminded of their father and how his father died.

Bong Sam becomes gravely ill. The doctor says it is smallpox and without a cure. He stashes Bong Sam behind an alter to die. So Rye nurses Bong Sam until she feels she must return to Chun Merchant Group and assume control. She leaves Bong Sam with his father’s identification tag and a hard boiled egg in his hand then leaves.

Bong Sam is discovered by traveling merchants introduced in episode 1 and taken to the doctor.

mg_ep4_1a mg_ep4_1b
So Rye is appalled when she returns to Chun Merchant Group and finds it in the hands of Kim Hak Joon. You have to give Hak Joon credit for doing whatever he could to possess Chun Merchant Group – he loaned money to So Gae’s father, then blackmailed him into smuggling opium, he goaded Bong Sam’s father not to reveal So Gae was the opium smuggler, all so he could gain control. So Rye demands as the eldest daughter that she should control Chun Merchant Group. With a slap and a tongue lashing Hak Joon sends her packing.

mg_ep3_1c mg_ep3_1d mg_ep3_1b
So Gae heads to the head merchant, Shin Suk Joo, to become an apprentice. A little groveling and he’s in…as a lackey. But it’s one step forward in So Gae’s plan to fulfill his father’s dying words of becoming the most powerful and rich merchant of them all.

So Rye decides to become a geisha to earn money to be able to reestablish Chun Merchant Group. One night Hak Joon gets very drunk and So Rye is forthright that whining about his misfortunes won’t do a darn thing, he needs to take action. Why is Hak Joon drunk? Because the head merchant, Suk Joo, understood his brother’s secret desire for a lucrative political position, and acquired the Chun Merchant Group for the price of his loan to So Gae’s father (30,000) not the 900,000+ from the auction that was disbanded after his brother and Suk Joo struck the deal. The next morning Hak Joon takes So Rye with him to his home where he promises to wait 5 years to have an adult relationship with her. She’s happy to be out of the geisha house.

So Gae continues to work for Suk Joo with the goal to surpass him one day. He is pleased with Suk Joo purchases Chun Merchant Group. The company of his father’s killer is destroyed. So Gae vows to forget about Chun Merchant Group, So Rye and Bong Sam.

Bong Sam recovers from his illness. He is upset to learn his sister was banned from their home town and Chun Merchant Group is dissolved. He wants to leave with the traveling merchants but they deny his request feeling it is better for him to stay and train with the doctor. Unfortunately Bong Sam is more or a servant than apprentice. Tired of being a servant, Bong Sam leaves the doctor and finds the training spot for merchants. A kind wanna be merchant helps himself and Bong Sam get approved for merchant training.

Episode 4 finishes the young story mid-way through the episode. Finally the moment we’ve wait for…the switch to the adult actors….

Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) loses his identification tag in the river and a teacher finds it and returns it. We are treated to a toned and shirtless and wet Jung Hyuk as he yells his name.

mg_ep4_6a mg_ep4_6bThe traveling merchants, Jo Sung Joon and Song Man Chi, that left Bong Sam with the doctor arrive at the merchant training house. Bong Sam is loud and rude. They challenge Bong Sam to take 20 coins and return with exactly 50 coins. He takes that challenge.

mg_ep4_7b mg_ep4_7c mg_ep4_7a
Bong Sam and his merchant in training friend manage to get a chicken dealer to sell them a rooster for 100 coins. The magistrate is livid to hear that the chicken dealer overcharged and he gets a whipping. Man Chi watches it all happen.

mg_ep4_7g mg_ep4_7fmg_ep4_7h
Bong Sam returns victorious but Sung Joon and Man Chi tell him his methodology did not follow the merchants code of doing things honestly. Bong Sam retorts they deal in illegal cow leather, they should know all about swindling. Astonished at the accusation they demand to know their accuser’s name. Bong Sam stands and proudly proclaims he is Chun Bong Sam!

My Thoughts

The third episode was about Bong Sam’s father death and the aftermath for Bong Sam, So Rye and So Gae. Bong Sam was near death but So Rye nursed him until she left him. It struck me odd that So Rye abandoned Bong Sam when she did. I would have thought she would finish what she started and not leave Bong Sam to struggle alone. I understand this was necessary to create the situation where the she spreads the news that Bong Sam was dead (or so she assumed). It also created physical separation between brother and sister. Hak Joon openly coveted the Chun Merchant Group and was willing to do whatever he must to acquire the object of his desire. I thought it was a little too easy for So Gae to be taken in by the head merchant. I understand this was necessary to create the situation of So Gae’s tutoring by the head merchant.

The fourth episode gave me what I’ve waited for…the adult actor, Jang Hyuk, for Bong Sam to take center stage.  I liked the fourth episode. Bong Sam being left by the traveling merchants and then deciding to train as a merchant made his choice to follow in his father’s merchant path real, not an obligation to a dead father. I had to laugh at Jang Hyuk’s crisp flick of the fan at the magistrate and chicken dealer scene. Jang Hyuk has flair! We ended the episode with Bong Sam revealing his identity to the traveling merchants scolding them for not practicing the honorable tactics they were preaching.

Perhaps you could argue that the background young actors episodes went on a bit long but this is a 36 episode series. We’ll get Jang Hyuk for 32 episodes. I’m good with that, I’m not going to get greedy.

Now I’m interested in this story. I want to meet So Rye and So Gae as adults. Does So Rye realize Hak Joon is the mastermind behind her father’s downfall? Will So Gae have elevated himself to important worker for the head merchant Suk Joo? Will Bong Sam join the traveling merchants and begin his search for So Rye as an adult? Where will Bong Sam end up and start his career as a merchant?

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12 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 3 & 4 Recap
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  2. prettysup says:

    I also find it weird that the sister would abandon a sick brother in that manner. But then if its for the sake of plot advancement I will take it.. Oh btw the subs are out faster now, both ep 5 and 6 already subbed woohoo..


  3. Drama Fan says:

    Hi! Im so happy you are recapping this one 🙂 Honestly, while the drama had quality from the beginning I wasn’t emotionally hooked but Ep6 won me completely. I hope you love it too! I’ll wait for your recap to comment.


  4. Drama Fan says:

    Reblogged this on Stuck on Hyuk.


  5. Beez says:

    A dumb way to write in the sibling split because now I won’t like the sister no matter what she says, does, cries, whatever. Also,she did not know the hostile take over was happening which means she would think loyal employees are running things as usual so she could have waited so as not to leave her DYING 6 year old brother to face it alone. And if she did think the hostile takeover was happening, what could she do anyway? They could have easily written that mini-me Jang Hyuk passed out from fever and she THOUGHT he was dead so she left.


  6. Nao says:

    Just caught up tonight. I’m not unsympathetic to the sister. The doctor said he had smallpox and it would be contagious for her. Rather than letting both of them die I think she chose to survive so she can fulfill her father’s dying wish. But if that truly is the case then it’s weird in episode 5 when she’s still looking for Bong Sam.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, she assumed he died but hoped he lived.


    • Beez says:

      I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree. She could have refrained from touching him bit been in the room to offer comforting words or worn a scarf-mask in order to bring him water until the end. I just can’t see leaving a small child to face the fear of death alone.And she had zero power to do anything anyway.Her leaving at that time didn’t matter for the company no matter what state it was in. And her “revenge” looks like nothing but benefits for the evil toad to me.
      I wonder will Bong Sam be happy or bitter to see her?


      • kjtamuser says:

        Yes, her choice made in youth was not a good one. I would imagine that brother and sister will be happy to see each other again. They miss the grounding anchors of family.


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