Yong Pal Episode 18 (Final) Recap

Will Tae Hyun realize that Yeo Jin’s opponents have her in a drug induced stranglehold? Will he save her? Will they reunite?

The players: Kim Tae Hyun (Joo Won), a gifted surgeon, incurred debt to pay for dialysis for his sister, Kim So Hyun (Park Hye Soo). He assumed the Yong Pal identity to be a doctor for cash.  Chief Surgeon Lee (Jung Woong In) blackmailed Yong Pal to tend to VIP patients. Our leading lady was once in drug induced coma as VIP patient Yeo Jin (Kim Tae Hee) on the order of her brother, Han Do Joon (Jo Hyun Jae). Do Joon’s wife Chae Young (Chae Jung An) tried to save her husband from revenge but he was killed. Now she is exacting revenge for husband’s death by drugging Yeo Jin and plotting to dethrone her as CEO.

Yong Pal Episode 18

Drugged Yeo Jin wakes to a hallucination of her dead brother Do Joon and screams. Good maid runs into her bedroom. Yeo Jin drinks drugged water. She immediately asks about Do Joon. Good maid realizes the water has something to do with Yeo Jin’s hallucinations.

Tae Hyun admits to the nun his smile is due to Yeo Jin but he’s worried about her health.

Evil Assistant Min finds the remaining genius in the war room. Genius breaks the encryption on Yeo Jin’s medical records. Now what does he do with the information?

Tae Hyun gets a letter from the court. Ah, it is the restraining order. Like clockwork he calls Chae Young. She feigns ignorance to Tae Hyun. She and the executive minions look happy. Tae Hyun asks Chae Young to help and she agrees. She warns the giddy executive minions they’ll need to stop Tae Hyun from pursing Yeo Jin on his own.

Genius goes to Tae Hyun’s clinic and asks him to explain the medical images. Tae Hyun recognizes it is stage 2 liver cancer. He sees it is a 31 year old woman from Hanshin Hospital. When genius tells Tae Hyun it is Yeo Jin’s medical imagery, he is stunned.

When Chae Young calls him to say she is enroute to speak with Yeo Jin, Tae Hyun says Yeo Jin has liver cancer. When Chae Young asks why he thinks this, the genius indicates not to implicate him, so Tae Hyun says his examination last night of Yeo Jin makes him think so. Tae Hyun asks Chae Young to tell Yeo Jin he’ll come to her on the 13th floor if she cannot come to the 1st floor.

When Chae Young arrives at the house, good maid is cool but polite. They banter about who the next master will be. Evil maid is happy to see Chae Young and stops her from drinking the drugged water. Good maid watches this with interest, finally putting it together.

yp_ep18_5b yp_ep18_5c
Chae Young visits Yeo Jin in her bedroom. Yeo Jin is non-responsive. Chae Young wonders why revenge doesn’t feel good.

She calls Tae Hyun and confirms the cancer. She lies and says Yeo Jin put the restraining order in place so he would never see him again. Last night was goodbye. Tae Hyun tears up, upset that Yeo Jin is cutting him out of her life. Chae Young lies she relayed his message but Yeo Jin “won’t go to the first floor clinic” to see him. He asks Chae Young to confirm those were Yeo Jin’s exacts words. Chae Young confirms.

First chink in the armor!

yp_ep18_6a yp_ep18_6b
Evil Assistant Min is happy to see Chae Young. Little does he know that Chae Young is thinking when she becomes the master, she will shred Assistant Min. Little does she know that Assistant Min is thinking she will never become the master.

Seeing him smile is shocking! I like that Chae Young won’t keep the traitorous Assistant Min around. She does have brains. Even better, are Assistant Min’s counter thoughts. This internal dialog is a strength of this writer. 

Tae Hyun is pondering what Chae Young said Yeo Jin told her. Tae Hyun draws the logical conclusion.

Time for our white knight to saddle up, storm the castle and save the princess!

Assistant Min can’t keep the smile off his face when the doctor says Yeo Jin doesn’t have much longer. Good maid suggests they move Yeo Jin to the guest house so the prying eyes of the staff don’t see Yeo Jin’s decline. Assistant Min agrees, that way they get rid of Yeo Jin and tonight’s meeting to write a new will be more fun without Yeo Jin in the house.

I had to laugh at the stage whispers Assistant Min used! The banter between good maid and Assistant Min was superb. 

Good maid moves Yeo Jin into the guest house. She dismisses evil maid after she sets her drugged water on the table. Good maid dramatically throws the water on the ground and begs Yeo Jin to get a grip.

Tae Hyun and the bodyguard discuss Yeo Jin’s restraining order. The bodyguard doesn’t understand why Yeo Jin didn’t give him a stand down order if she was breaking ties with Tae Hyun. He asks the bodyguard what that means. He explains under Yeo Jin’s order he has been operating as bodyguard. Only Yeo Jin and the butler know about this.

When the bodyguard calls good maid, she talks in riddles, hoping that the bodyguard and Tae Hyun (listening on speaker) will realize that they need to come to the house before 7pm. The bodyguard doesn’t understand but Tae Hyun does. He knows Yeo Jin is in the guest house and they have to retrieve her before 7pm. The bodyguard realizes good maid wants them to use the secret dog entrance.

Weaving in our cops, Tae Hyun calls them and asks about something that peaks their interest.

Time to storm the caste…Tae Hyun and the bodyguard enter the grounds through the secret dog entrance.

yp_ep18_12b yp_ep18_12e yp_ep18_12f yp_ep18_12g
Tae Hyun finds Yeo Jin sitting placidly in the wheelchair by the window. He grabs her hand…she focuses on his face…and recognizes him. She’s worried he is a hallucination. He assures her he is real. She throws her arms around him and cries.

yp_ep18_13a yp_ep18_13b yp_ep18_13c
The 7pm meeting guests arrive at the main house. The executive minions, Chae Young, and Assitant Min are giddy that a funeral and new CEO coronation will be forthcoming. They are stunned when the bodyguard announces Yeo Jin. Tae Hyun helps Yeo Jin down the stairs. She fires Assitant Min and orders the executive minions and Chae Young out of her house.

Yeo Jin’s steely stare is back!

yp_ep18_13e yp_ep18_13f yp_ep18_13g yp_ep18_13h yp_ep18_14a
The police arrive to raid the house…but the gates are locked. They wonder if they should ring the bell. The good maid, I stand corrected, butler, greets them. As the outraged executive minions are lead out of the house, they meet the police who arrest them for trespassing, poisoning, and forgery. Assistant Min demands a search warrant. With glee the police say a search warrant isn’t needed because a resident called them and reported intruders. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin confirm they made the report. When Chae Young exits the house, she stares at Tae Hyun.

Yeo Jin faints and it is off to the hospital. Yeo Jin doesn’t want him to leave her side. Tae Hyun sleeps next to her as the dialysis machine flushes the poison out of her system.

Nice touch to have dialysis be part of the treatment for Yeo Jin like it was for Tae Hyun’s sister.

Yeo Jin isn’t thrilled when Chief Lee enters her room. She’s shocked when he explains she’s been poisoned and now has liver cancer. He tells her a liver transplant is needed. He’ll do the surgery. He says he’s the only doctor willing to do the surgery. She thinks this is a power play. He tells her she’s the patient and he is just the doctor. She regrets the pain she’s caused Tae Hyun. Stuck, she agrees to the surgery and asks him to give her time to make Tae Hyun happy. Chief Lee promises her he’ll do his best.

I would have woken up Tae Hyun and gotten his opinion on the matter. Guess I can’t avoid a bloody surgery scene.

Wow, the butler offers her liver for the transplant. Chief Lee accepts the offer. He preps for surgery. He calls in favors but no one will help him do the surgery. Tae Hyun offers to do the surgery. He’ll take the risk. Chief Lee refuses.

Nice touch to have no surgeons for Yeo Jin like it was to Tae Hyun’s mother. 

yp_ep18_16a yp_ep18_16d
The specialist conference call initially goes well. There is hope. But once the specialists see the medical imagery, they see how difficult it will be and literally hang up. All the hospital surgeons leave the room too. Tae Hyun asks Chief Lee to do the surgery. He gets on his knees and begs.

Almost had to laugh when the specialists disconnected from the conference call. Nice touch to have Tae Hyun beg on his knees for Yeo Jin’s life like he did for his sister. 

Yeo Jin realizes that the surgery is unlikely. She tells Tae Hyun she wants the ring he bought her. He tells her she’ll get it on Windy Hill. She asks him to take her there immediately. She tells him it is her last wish.

Hey, it is Cynthia! She’s back and on her way to the hospital. There’s someone in the taxi with her.

Please tell me she’s got an expert surgeon not just some kid in a hoody.

Our couple makes it to Windy hill. Tae Hyun slips the ring on Yeo Jin’s finger. She cries. He cries. They kiss.

yp_ep18_19a yp_ep18_19b yp_ep18_19c
Back at the hospital Cynthia surprises Chief Lee with her friend…Yong Pal. They’ve come to make an illegal house call. Chief Lee calls Tae Hyun with the good news. They have a surgeon.

yp_ep18_20a yp_ep18_20b
Tae Hyun meets Yong Pal. Chief Lee says he has experience in the surgery. Tae Hyun tells Yong Pal to suit up, it’s surgery time.

Ah the blood, the tension, I’m almost nostalgic for it…almost. Again we’ve come full circle, with the surgery.

yp_ep18_21b yp_ep18_21c
Yeo Jin wakes to Tae Hyun calling her name. She opens her eyes. Tae Hyun is there. He asks if she knows who he is. She smiles as she thinks “Yong Pal”.

My thoughts

1. Back to the beginning the story line went.  Writer Jang went full circle on quite a few elements in this episode. Many of them worked.
What I liked about this final episode:
1. Tae Hyun figured it out and saved Yeo Jin.
2. Yeo Jin kicked out the conniving executive minions and fired traitorous Assitant Min.
3. Yeo Jin was willing to risk it all to be with Tae Hyun and make him happy.
4. Cynthia came back. I liked this character from the get-go. Perfect that she brought her own Yong Pal to save Yeo Jin.
5. The final line between our couple “do you know who I am”…”Yong Pal”. Perfect.
What I didn’t like about this final episode:
1. After Yong Pal saved Yeo Jin there was too much time left in the episode so the search for a surgeon was too long and drawn out.
2. I know they had to give us one more bloody surgery…but I’ve never liked that aspect to this show.

2. Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin are a lovely couple. I like this couple. He’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. They wanted to protect each other. Call me crazy but enroute to Windy Hill when she was in pain I wondered for a second if they’d kill her off. I knew they would not.

3. How did the final episode do against my checklist?
a. Tae Hyun saves Yeo Jin. YES, he stormed the castle and saved Yeo Jin.
b. Yeo Jin finds her brain again. YES, she managed to shock the minions when she and Tae Hyun came down the stairs. She also decided to believe in Chief Lee.
c. Yeo Jin’s enemies are flushed from the company. YES, the executive minions, Assistant Min, and Chae Young were arrested and kicked to the curb.
d. The good maid and bodyguard are not compromised into joining team evil. YES, I stand corrected it was the butler, she never waivered in her support of Yeo Jin and even offered her liver. The bodyguard was true to Yeo Jin and Tae Hyun too.
e. The successor of the company is resolved so it does not put Yeo Jin or Tae Hyun in danger. UNKNOWN. This did not matter in the end.
f. No blood or operating scenes. NO, they had to give us one final surgery.
g. The show ends with Tae Hyun and Yeo Jin happy and together. YES, Yeo Jin waking in a hospital bed after surviving major surgery to find Tae Hyun waiting for her…that qualifies as happy and together for this couple.

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10 comments on “Yong Pal Episode 18 (Final) Recap
  1. Diva says:

    I dont understand the last minute….
    Why did yojin said yongpal??
    Is that mean she lost her memory??
    And dont remember tae hyun as her husband..but remember him as yongpal??


    • kjtamuser says:

      Tae Hyun saved Yeo Jin many times. She loved him with everything she had. Just like when she was in the coma, she heard his voice and hoped he could help her wake and come to consciousness. The writer does another full circle moment in this scene when Yeo Jin thinks again the only way to escape her nightmare is to wake. But she only wants to wake if the man she loves is there. When she hears Tae Hyun speak to her, she realizes she is safe to wake knowing he’s there. She open her eyes, smiles and thinks “Yong Pal”. Yeo Jin did not call him during the series so it could be considering jarring. I think the writer had Yeo Jin think “Yong Pal” versus “Tae Hyun” to drive home the series title.


  2. Woozzy says:

    First to comment!! Wow.. As if I knew what would happen this last episode… Kim tae hee’s acting has improved so much from before.. Though I always loved her as an actress… Young pal saranghae-yeo!!


    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree with you on Kim Tae Hee. She was superb. Terrific comeback series for her. Often comeback series don’t provide the relaunch an actor wants. Yong Pal gave her the opportunity and she created a compelling complex character. Thanks for commenting.


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  4. sasha says:

    do you know who plays yong pal (whom cindy brought) on the final eps?


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  6. idastravels says:

    Nice recap. Did you catch what poison they used to cause liver cancer? Someone said epinine, but I can’t find that it is real.


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